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New Series 217: Khazars are real :The enemy of the planet—and the REAL CAUSE of all your global conflicts is a satanic bunch of evil criminal terrorists, who delight in war, causing God’s people to kill themselves on the battlefield, and stripping the lands of wealth and natural resources, is what the so-called Jew does best.

8/06/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns217)

Good evening, Jonur, let us deal with this “Jewish Question” once more.  There is so much confusion as to who these people are, and what they have done to Christians and America.
There is much to cover and continue regarding present and past lessons, and documents needing urgent attention.  This is a new JOURNAL in our Phoenix series of books #23617 “KHAZARS ARE REAL!”
When we speak of “Jews” and Hebrews and Judeans it must be totally understood that what you are told about this “religion” is not correct.  
The enemy of the planet—and the REAL CAUSE of all your global conflicts is a satanic bunch of evil criminal terrorists, who delight in war, causing God’s people to kill themselves on the battlefield, and stripping the lands of wealth and natural resources, is what the so-called Jew does best.  I must use the word “Jew”, because it has been taught to you to mean something.  “Jew” does not mean Jew; it is a made-up word conjured to hide the criminals of your Holy Bible.
That word was created in the 1600s; it is not from “Biblical times”.  You have been trained and PROGRAMMED TO BELIEVE JEW means what you now think of as “Jews”.  Those who call themselves Jew are not Jews.  This is what Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 is trying to tell you.  The “synagogue of Satan” is these Turkish converted Khazars.  This was (and still is today) the tribe of barbarians, who first “Taxed” your world, and pillaged and plundered your “Christian nations”.
Anti-Semitism is the word Khazars use to scare off Christians who start to ask questions.  Since Jews/Khazars ARE NOT real “Jews”, they cannot be Semites.  A Semite is Hebrew, Judah’s followers were known as Judeans.  They came from Shem (or “Sem”, as the Khazars changed the word to throw you off the trail of the lie) the father of the White race.  
Khazars do not come from the “Semite” (should be “Shemite”) tribe, they descend from the linage of Japheth.
So, the lie of lies began at the beginning.  This is why Satan captured “the church” first.  How better to destroy Christianity than destroying the mind of the Christian.  If you know not who YOU are, then you can be led astray, if you will.  The anti-Christ adversary has maintained an iron-clad grip on The MEDIA, also called The PRESS, and nothing you are taught or see on television will tell you this ancient secret.  The Khazars have taken over your law enforcement agencies, too.  Think I jest?  How could a little tribe of barbarians from “back-in-the-day” pull off such a seemingly impossible WORLD cover-up?  How could they infiltrate an entire society and no one notice?  Goodness, it surely would have come out centuries before now.  It did, and it was quickly buried and all talkers silenced.  As your writings were translated and passed down through the ages, the scribes and “printers” PRECENSORED what would go into the books and tablets.  The “Devil”, if you will, had to be covered up.  Spend whatever amount of gold (money) is necessary—the Christians must never learn of “our evil plot”!
Since the days of parchment scrolls the Khazar tribe of false Judean Hebrews has surpassed anything in your wildest imaginings, as to their control over you bothersome Christians.  Let us keep in mind:  Khazars are real.  This is no phantom make believe “ISIS” or “Al Qaida”, these Khazar peoples ARE THOSE “TERRORISTS” YOU THINK YOU’RE FIGHTING.
Just like you had an Italian “mafia” that no one believed existed you have a “Jewish Mafia”, also.  However, this Khazar mafia is far, far worse and is also where the Italians learned about “organized crime”, and “secret brotherhoods”.  However, it is the Jew-Khazar who is at the head of it all.
Let us just take one of your many gestapo “alphabet agencies” and see just how far the Jewish Khazarian cancer has infected your nation.  The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation is an example of the level of penetration the Khazar (also, they are the “Zionist Jews”) mafia, called “Mishpukka”, has in your justice system.  Your courts, laws, foreign policy, even the economics of your own money system is run by Jews.
Israel, the FBI and the Khazarian Mafia
By Preston James PH.D., “UNCENSORED” magazine June-September 2015
Much of the World is now secretly turning against the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and their main action agent Israel which has infiltrated and hijacked America.
In almost every major nation of the world during the last three months including America, a series of secret high level advisory meetings have been held between certain select top active and retired military and Intel [Intelligence] officials to discuss certain hard realities about infiltration and espionage by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and its main action-agent Israel.
This endemic infiltration and espionage [spying] against most nations of the world has now become an issue after the historic disclosure by Gordon Duff and the Veterans Today top directors at the Damascus Conference in December 2014.
This Israeli espionage on behalf of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters [Hatonn:  Just because this 13th tribe (There were only 12 tribes of Judah—the Khazars “Jews” are the imposter 13th tribe) of ancient barbarians wear suits today, their evil ways of war and conquest over the Christians has NEVER CHANGED!  They masquerade as philanthropists and helpers of the people with their “foundations” and “cancer centers”.  However, it is the best manner in which to rule over and finally destroy Christianity and CHRISTIANS!  The ultimate in sheep’s clothing!] has been known for years by most top military and Intel, but was not considered a key issue because many at that level were either bribed and bought-off, owned, blackmailed or actually part of the Israeli covert espionage front system.
A new focus has arisen toward the covert espionage fronts of Israel in America, especially among some certain top active and former US military and Intel, who are dedicated and hardcore America-firsters who learned that Israel nuked America on 9/11.
These folks now realize that the US money manufacturing and distribution has been infiltrated and hijacked unconstitutionally by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and is destroying the American economy at many levels.  They also now realize that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and the Israelis have been using the “Samson Option” nuclear blackmail trafficking in nukes stolen from America, and destabilizing the World with staged Gladio-style false-flag terror.  [H:  Israel’s biggest, and literally only, industry export is ARMS.  The Israeli secret service—THE MOSSAD—ships every type of weapon to any and all nations.  The wars and “conflicts” throughout your globe are all generated and maintained by Khazar Jewish spies, who hide among the people and continually plot your destruction.  By pretending to be your ally the Zionist Khazars have led America into all your wars, and they have bankrupted your nation—spiritually, as well as financially.]
They realize that the Federal Reserve System must be abolished after declaring it an Organized Crime RICO Crime Syndicate.  It must be 100% audited [H:  Which it never was] and all its buildings and assets seized, and every single dollar of pernicious usury “clawed-back”.  And a real US Central Bank, owned by WE The People, which issues real money based on gold, silver and commodities and charges us no interest for using our own money must be immediately instituted.
They also realize that Israel attacked America on 9/11using nukes and this has led many to believe that unless Israel is stopped in its nuclear terror and trafficking of nuclear pits from America all around the World, there will be a future WW3 [World War III] set off by the Israelis which will involve nukes being detonated all over the world, destroying all societies and most of mankind.  This is the central part of Israel’s strange anti-society and anti-human agenda.
They also realize that the whole US Congress has also been infiltrated and hijacked by Israeli espionage fronts like...
[To be continued …]
Jonur, you are needed immediately.  Close this document here and continue with the upcoming paragraph on the Jewish “Lobby” groups, who have invaded your capital city WASHINGTON, D.C.!
Hatonn moving to stand-by, Salu! 

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