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New Series 220:It is only when you see and recognize the orchestrated plan that you can regain order and again be the light and the WAY unto the world. I come in Radiance on our business to reclaim a nation THAT WAS FOUNDED UNDER GOD. Amen and Salu! Hatonn present to commune.

8/21/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns220)

It is only when you see and recognize the orchestrated plan that you can regain order and again be the light and the WAY unto the world.  I come in Radiance on our business to reclaim a nation THAT WAS FOUNDED UNDER GOD.  Amen and Salu!  Hatonn present to commune.  Thank you, Jonur, for your service.  Let us pick up where we left off yesterday.
By Preston James PH.D., “UNCENSORED” magazine June-September 2015
It has been known for years that cell phone tower emissions can be triangulated against targeted homes using sophisticated algorithms if “they” desire to target any person or family.  It is now believed by experts who have studied this that thousands of people have been targeted with psychotronic harassment accompanied by various forms of gang-related harassment in the community, some by FBI stooge groups and some by associated satanic cults.  For whoever wants to learn more about who perhaps might be “involved” check out Aoti.  Or if you want the best primer on Mind-control examine this actual training document from 1992 and then imagine how much further things have progressed since.
The Federal Blackmail Institute [Hatonn:  This IS the Israeli Mossad the Jews’ “Secret Service” way!]
For many years a certain notorious division of the FBI has sent key agents out to US Congressmen’s homes at about 1am on what are referred to as “not to worry visits”.  A phone call is made to the targeted individual stating that an FBI team will be knocking at their door within five minutes regarding a serious national security issue.  The typical example is this.  When the sleepy confused Congressman or woman appears at the door they are told that a known pedophile ring has been arrested and certain tapes with their name appeared in the seized evidence.  Then they say “Senator so and so has taken charge of all this and we can assure you that none of this will ever see the light of day.  We believe it is morphed anyhow but if you work with Senator so and so and help him you will be protected from any of this ever seeing the light of day.”
Of course the videos are real, and based on previous “initiation parties” where the Member of Congress was given a hypnotic drug [H:  Like “Senator Geary” in “The Godfather Part II”, when he woke up thinking he had “accidentally” murdered an in-house call girl.] like scopolamine or rohypnal and placed in a compromising sexual situation.  This is how Members of Congress are often induced to radically change positions at the last minute and vote for legislation they previously opposed.
When J. Edgar [of the FBI] died he was buried in the Freemason’s temple in DC because he was a 33rd degree Mason (some say even higher ranked).  [H:  Indeed!  He was a member of the Committee of 300 conspirator’s hierarchy as well!  As is George Herbert Walker Bush, Zbigniew Brezinski, David Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger, to name a few!  These are the Jewish Rothschild operatives picked to bring in a “New World Order” under Lucifer!]  He was honored more than any other member besides the infamous Albert Pike who has a large bronze statue in DC [H:  Pike is accredited with starting the KU KLUX KLAN or KKK.  In actuality the “Klan” is a BRITISH INTELLIGENCE CREATION, and has nothing to do with the “White Separatist” movement.  More things conjured by your adversary (def.:  “Satan”) to divide and conquer you of God Aton’s “Christ-ians”.] ,despite being an enemy of the United States of America and a member of an organization that secretly worships Lucifer as their god at the upper level 33rd degree or above.  [H:  By the way all your major police chiefs, judges, etc., etc., ARE HIGH-LEVEL MASONS.  THIS IS A BRITISH “FRATERNAL ORDER” that is REALLY a Jewish Khazarian Cabal, if you will, that dates back before the time of Christ!  Do the regular masons know?  Of course not, they become mere tools of the elite.]  Some years back Iowa’s Senator Grassley and some others were completely informed of J. Edgar’s crimes and tried to have his name removed from the FBI building.  They were completely blocked by KM [H:  Khazar Mafia or Mishpukka] chieftains who really run the Secret Shadow Government and the visible one too, which is there only to fool us.  What they never learned was that J. Edgar Himself was handled by KM chieftains.  For many years the nick name “Federal Blackmail Institute” has been used by Intel insiders to describe the FBI.
The Rothschild [H:  The Rothschild Jewish banking family, or “RED SHIELD” in German, was the coat of arms of the “Pawn Broker” patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild.  If you must label one as an “Anti-Christ/Anti-God” then this lineage represents the evil prince.  Lucifer uses the Khazar people who hide behind real Hebrew Judean [followers of JUDAH—NOT “JEW”-DAH] “Jews” to bring about the destruction of Christianity.  This was a slow, creeping, insidious process over the centuries to bring the world to where you are THIS DAY, two thousand years later.  The Rothschild sons OWN all the gold in your so-called “Free World”, and those “Communist” nations.  The Money Changers of Jesus’ day ARE those international banks—the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland (BIS).  There is no gold at Fort Knox!  British Intelligence and U.S. NAVAL INTELLIGENCE STOLE IT LONG AGO.  It was shipped out of our nation through Annapolis to Switzerland, and no one told you-the-people!  Open thine eyes and see that the British-Israel organization IS the Anti-Christ/Anti-God incarnate!]  Khazarian Mafia must be completely decapitated from its elastic, unending supply of Counterfeit Fiat “money” [H:  Anything that has to tell you if it “is legal tender” printed on it—like worthless green paper not backed by gold—IS NOT MONEY!  The Jewish Khazars have tricked you into exchanging gold and silver coin—for Monopoly Funny Money!  It has no intrinsic value whatsoever!  And now it is worse!  You have given your gold and wealth to the Jews FOR COMPUTER BANK ACCOUNTS THAT GENERATE MONEY “OTA”—OUT OF THIN AIR!  The Beast of Revelation, that John described—IS A GIANT COMPUTER!  The Mark of The Beast is the BARCODE!  This make is on all things that man buys and sells—IT IS EVEN ON MAN HIMSELF!!!  Those “cameras” and holographic scanners, in all government buildings, banks, hospitals, etc., etc., do much more than provide surveillance capabilities.] in order to defeat them and their main action-agent Israel and Bibi Netanyahu [H:  Israel—New Khazaria—as is New York City which the Jews regard as their capital city.], Prime Minister or President and his criminal Likudists.  Until the criminal Rothschild Khazarian mafia and Israeli money supply is cut off from their “owned” elected officials, there is no way that the US Congress can be cleaned up; and as long as Congress is fully corrupt the American judiciary and LE systems will remain corrupt too.  All of this endemic LE and Justice Department corruption is due to the influence of the Rothschild Khazarian mafia banksters and the infiltration of the Israelis.
Breaking News:  Another nail in the coffin of the Khazarian mafia’s FBI, which is being exposed more and more all the time as a RICO criminal operation for the Rothschild Khazarian mafia banksters.  Richard Lambert the former lead FBI agent investigator of the Anthrax [H:  This is a very, very deadly “plague” that has been weaponized to kill multiple millions of people.  You have missiles that are thrust forth with nuclear energy—WAR HEADED WITH ANTHRAX!  In FIFTEEN MINUTES your nation can be wiped out!  This is James Bond intrigue for real, and you the citizenry are being “held hostage”.  Not by Space Aliens—but your own elite government.  The puppet masters are the Khazar Jewish “advisors” who, in turn, accept their dancing and marching orders from Lord Rothschild!] Terror Investigation has just sued the FBI claiming it buried evidence that completely exonerated Dr. Bruce Ivens, who supposedly committed suicide, but was likely offed by FBI Division 5.
There is enough evidence to convict the perpetrator who is an operative for Israel, except that it was all buried by FBI senior management who answer to Israel and Bibi Netanyahu.  Like Novitsky, Richard Lambert lost the good job he obtained after he left the FBI because the FBI went to his employer and required them to separate him.  Because a “National Security” letter was presented to be read but not kept, Lambert was separated from his job and the employer could not reveal why.  Since that time Lambert has been placed on a FBI National Security “No Work” list like Novitsky and has applied for over 70 jobs with no response.  Like Novitsky Lambert has a spotless work history and was placed on the “No Work” list only because he is an upstanding man with the highest character and could not be corrupted.
These scum that have been placing American heroes and whistle-blowers on such No Work Lists and Harassment Lists should be immediately arrested themselves for RICO, domestic terrorism, stalking, obstruction of justice, bribery under Title 18, Section 201, misprision of felonies, abuse of process and approximately 150 different felony crimes.  And the FBI men who murdered Dr. Ivens should be brought to justice and shown the same amount of mercy they granted Dr. Ivens, NONE!  Upon conviction for murder they must be publicly executed.  [H:  There is a REASON Treason is punishable by death!  Your nation was given over to the Luciferians by traitors within your own government!]
Besides all these grim aspects of the FBI it is important to note that there are many very good and dedicated FBI Agents who want to do the right thing.  [H: This is what the beginning of the television show “The X-Files” was all about.  Two FBI agents seeking the TRUTH about UFOs, Aliens, and a “secret government” planning an apocalypse to be used against the masses of humanity.  These stories, at first, were based on real happenings!]  They are kept from any in depth investigations by the Washington Field Office which immediately takes charge of any serious investigation, thereby running interference for the KM and Israel.  Any FBI agent who tries to seriously investigate the KM’s International Satanic Pedophile Network [H:  “Jared”, of the fast food chain “Subway”, being caught up in the child pornography ring, is not even the tip of the iceberg of how pervasive this evil “cult” truly is!  Just as with such as the John Bennet Ramsey child rape and killing, and subsequent COVER-UP BY OFFICIALS—this is how the conspirators operate.  “Snuff Films” (children and women being murdered during inhuman sexual acts—while movies are made to be shared by the perpetrators and their cult!), ritual human and animal sacrifice on a massive, massive scale are the initiation and membership requirements.  You have no idea of the involvement of such as the British, Israel, and other Elite Conspirators in these totally satanic practices.  While they pass themselves off as humanitarians, philanthropists, and international child “adoption agencies”, your impoverished babies and MISSING CHILDREN—ARE FED TO THE BEAST!  Israel uses BLOOD FROM RITUALLY SLAIN CHRISTIAN CHILDREN in their “Mitzvah Balls” they get from those kids who simply “disappear”.  The FBI stopped the milk box campaigns, and yearly listings of lost and missing kids—BECAUSE THE NUMBERS WERE UNFATHOMABLY HIGH, AND IT WAS POINTING TO THE JEWISH “BLOOD LIBEL”.  This is why the Jews garnered such a terrible reputation among old world Europe—it was KNOWN that Jews kidnapped Christian children for ritual killing and their “pure blood”.  Charles Lindbergh, of “Spirit of St. Louis” aviation fame, made headlines also because of the kidnap and killing of his baby boy.  The media also ceases publication of these heinous crimes of the Jews (Khazar Zionists), so the American public never discovers the culprits “network”.] , or Occult Networks is typically immediately sent to Butte Montana to chase stolen cars or is immediately fired.  Can you imagine what these honest agents could do with honest leadership if they were unleashed and allowed to do their jobs and supported by an honest US Department of Justice instead of one run by the KM and Israel?
Israeli Nuclear Blackmail was used to produce Homeland Security, Israel’s own Secret Police Occupation Army inside America.
It is also now realized by many insiders that Israel used Nuclear Blackmail to set up Homeland Security [H:  This is SERIOUS, SERIOUS, chelas, “Homeland” is what the Khazar “Communists” use in all those nations they have taken.  “Peoples Republic”, and communal living and economic dispersal “to all”, is how the elite few gain control of FREE CITIZENS.  It is not even “Communism”, as you recognize it—it is actually SOCIALISTIC FACISM.  Remember, the “Soviet” Khazars, who ARE NOT RUSSIAN NOR CHRISTIAN, said they would take America without firing a shot!  And, “America will sell us the rope we will hang them with!”] as their own personal Secret Police Internal Occupation Army inside America, designed to be used to tyrannize and oppress Americans and transform America into GAZA II, the world’s largest open air prison camp and make Americans into the New Palestinians to be herded like cattle and then progressively mass-murdered.

Jonur, break here, please, and return promptly.  We are “on a roll” here, and I would like to “keep the line open”, if you will!  Hatonn moving to stand by frequency.  SALU!        

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