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New Series 221: THE MURDER OF WAYNE DYER: He loved Detroit and told of his life as a military man, and having to be given up by his mother to adoption and Foster homes. The money he raised through PBS (Public Broadcast System or Service) was astounding. He brought awareness to the SPIRITUAL ASPECT of “White” life. This is not a racial “thing”; it is a planned Khazarian “thing”.

9/30/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns221)

This JOURNAL presentation is dedicated to Tina.

  May inspiration and understanding flow through you as you allow and cause it to flow through all who know you.  Amen little sparrow; thy wings are tiny, yet they carry the weight of us all.

The reason Jonur dedicated this PHOENIX JOURNAL to you “Tina”, is related to your e-mail notes.  The little slips of yellow legal pad paper we use to record these journals.  Just like a daily or weekly news magazine, or your NBC Nightly News.  The knowingness that someone is receiving through these words is inspirational to this scribe/receiver (for Jonur receives my e-mail as well).  Just as it is to send “transmissions” to Valerie.

A person needs the assurance that SOMEONE cares about them, and that their thoughts and opinions matter. The only notion of brotherhood and unity comes from the interaction of your human species AT THE FAMILY LEVEL.  These are the relations which matter most.  For it is through this teaching process that inspires one to ACHIEVE.


Dr. Wayne W. Dyer went to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  He lovingly often said the school was named after him.  His life was lived truthfully and honestly in his presentation to you his audience.  He loved Detroit and told of his life as a military man, and having to be given up by his mother to adoption and Foster homes.  The money he raised through PBS (Public Broadcast System or Service) was astounding.  He brought awareness to the SPIRITUAL ASPECT of “White” life.  This is not a racial “thing”; it is a planned Khazarian “thing”.

White and Black understanding of God are different.  The programming of the White Christian community does not allow for rational SPIRITUAL thought.  Dyer exposed the constant bombardment of killing and death, shrouding young people and the masses at large through the Zionist major media.  He only watched PBS programs and their World News with his many beautiful daughters and his strong, tall, strapping son; his beautiful wife who looks like one of his daughters.  All watch only PBS.  However, they spend their lives just like All Americans of “White” ancestry.  The “Middle Class” and “Upper Middle Class” is how it is technically defined.

When these masses—THE THINKING ONES—stand up and demand accounting the Zionist Conspiracy will crumble and fall.  Just as the Walls of Jericho came tumbling down, because of the frequency of Joshua and his troops marching around the city perimeter.  The Jews of Khazar lineage are worried about THE THINKING ONES, you who SEE what is coming down and are no longer fooled by the false projections in your controlled media.

Let us resume the lessons at hand and catch up as quickly as possible for time, as you measure it, is running out.  The Elite criminals have prepared for THIS DAY in your counting, that you have an “Armageddon” just as is written.  Only knowing thy enemy and deadly adversary can you extricate your selves from this massive web of deceit.

The trap has long been laid, and that is the PLAN, chelas, to get God’s children lost and confused through lack of knowledge.  So, here again, do we place before you the “Tree of Knowledge” in that you see the puppet strings controlling your every thought and actions.

Back to the Jewish (Khazarian) Mafia or Mishpuka.  Even the Italian “mob” pales in comparison to the utter ruthlessness and evil that the Mishpuka has caused throughout your recorded human history.


Israel, the FBI and the Khazarian Mafia

By Preston James Ph.D., “UNCENSORED” magazine June-September 2015

These secret discussions in many nations of the world are not the first that have occurred in regard to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters.

These are not the first secret high level policy discussions that have been occurring in many nations around the world that have been concerned with the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia moneychangers.  [Hatonn:  Remember the “moneychangers” Esu Immanuel “Jesus” SANANDA confronted in the temple???]

We know now for certain that serious secret discussions about how to break free from the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia banksters’ money-monopoly have occurred since the 2007 American based recession which has dragged down most of the world with it.  [H:  Actually—ALL OF YOUR WORLD—Greece is just a preview of what the Jews have planned for the Christian (godly peoples of ALL races and “religions”) nations!]

These secret discussions have been concerned with how these nations can extricate themselves from the evil web of financial fraud and ruin of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia world counterfeiting system which charges pernicious usury for using what should be everyone’s own money, not theirs.

Most of the nations of the world have decided to slowly and methodically extricate themselves from the control of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia banksters and the U.S. Petro Dollar as the World Reserve Currency.

That is why they have set up the BRICS New Development Bank and made Vladimir Putin its first director.

These nations all now realize that Israel is a Nuclear Terror State with a large arsenal of nukes, many already pre-planted in Israeli embassies around the world, ready to deploy and detonate.  They know that Israel has often used its Samson Option as a threat to blackmail nation’s leaders to get what it wants.  They also realize that Israel has been willing to sell nukes to any nation that supports them, and some have secretly obtained them from Israel.

These advisory groups involving most large nations of the world now view terrorism in general not as an Islamic problem but as the covert crimes of the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia and Israel.  [H:  All Israel makes is weapons—that is their only REAL EXPORT!  And they sell to all YOUR enemies!]

Some of these secret high level discussions have involved more than one international advisory group which was previously set up to deal with Alien ETs and UFOs and also discusses major security issues affecting the whole world.

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia is now secretly considered by most nations of the World to be the world’s number one biggest security problem and the reason so many nations have been exposed to covert attempts to destabilize them with terrorism, staged coup d’état, and color revolutions.  The whole world is now turning against Israel and considers it a criminal Nuclear Terror State, a major mass-murderer, the originator of almost every war, and an Apartheid State against Palestinians as well.

For the first time it is now becoming generally recognized and understood that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia has a long term anti-human agenda to use war to mass-murder (human sacrifice) millions of humans, destroy every nation of the world, and capture the whole world for itself and that it is attempting to destroy all societies and nations.

And that it intends to mass-murder about 90% of all humans after asset stripping them by using Israel and “owned and controlled” top policy-makers, cutouts and assets all over the world who are embedded in most nations Netanyahu and some other Likudists [The “president” and “Congress” of Israel.] know of these discussions and have become very angry and agitated that the many world leaders are catching on and want out of their control matrix.

But Netanyahu, the operative head of the Khazarian Mafia [H:  Understand, the ones you “see” are not the ones pulling the strings!  However, you can always trace the evil-doers right back to the Royal Families of England, the Vatican mafia, and ALWAYS THOSE ROTHSCHILDS AND ROCKEFELLERS!] and his close Likudists and dual citizen assets in America, believe their control over the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and top American policy-makers as well as the US Congress and so many other elected officials around the world is so strong that any efforts to remove extricate their tentacles of power will fail.

Most top intel and military in many nations know that the Khazarian Mafia has infiltrated and hijacked much of the American military intel and defense establishment in order to deploy it for Israel’s wars and keep perpetual wars going—wars that can no longer be afforded, with no benefits going to American citizens or anyone except Israel and the Rothschild KM.

Sadly, too many US soldiers do not yet recognize that they are being used as mere cannon-fodder for Israel in its numerous Mideast and African wars of aggression and acquisition.  They have no idea that Depleted Uranium (DU) was deployed not just to kill Israel’s enemies but also to disable them and ruin their genetic ability to have normal children.

Sadly, all these wars including Korea, Vietnam and all Mideast wars were concocted and directed by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia banksters to increase their profits and the profits of their associated defense contractors.

But that is not all:  In many of these discussions attention has been directed to the specific problem of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia banksters, the world’s “moneychangers”.

Many in high positions of government, military and intel in numerous nations realize that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia is now running over 90% of the world monetary production and distribution using their own “money” which is actually counterfeit and printed as notes with pernicious interest which must be paid by those users who should actually be the owners of the money they use.

These discussions have acknowledged that most nations of the world have become involved in a very difficult predicament related to the Rothschild KM banksters. That is the obvious situation they are now in where they are caught up in a massive KM financial trap from which it is rather difficult to extricate themselves without a catastrophic collapse of existing society and its institutions.

Many nations are now formulating secret plans to extricate themselves from the Khazarian Mafia’s infiltration.

It’s a fact that this new recognition that Israel attacked America on 9/11/01 used nukes and also has been trafficking nukes on behalf of the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has certainly sent shock waves around the world and elicited numerous actions by many nations to extricate themselves from infiltration and control by the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

Because of the complexity of the KM and Israeli infiltration they know that this will take time and must be done in baby steps to avoid complete societal collapse.  [H:  Which is ALWAYS the plan!]  Of course, if Israel sets off any more nukes it is a good bet their military installations, including the new underground BCC related base called 911, will be instantly counter attacked by at least two nuclear powers as part of a new secret defense agreement recently made between America and Russia.

The Israeli 9/11 operation was so well designed with so much pre-arranged cover and deception that most nations’ administrations, military and intel had no idea and just believed the big lies, false narratives and propaganda dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).  Many drank the Israel Kool-aide that Israel has been America’s best friend and ally.  [H:  This is worse than the foxes being given the keys to the chicken coup!  The murders of Christ—and His Christian people and followers of the “Christed Path”—HAVE BEEN HANDED THE KEYS TO AMERICA’S GATES!!  AND YOU ASKED THAT IT BE DONE!!  The taking of your guns and the removal of “FREE SPEECH” to even question the Jewish holocaust—AS PRESENTED—is how so-called “Communism” is created.  All the “extra security measures” for YOUR (???) safety is the actual PLACEMENT of the enforcement troops within thy very boarders!  And you think it is to key out the terrorists.  The Jewish Khazarian “terrorists” are the “Jews” themselves—affording to destroy Christianity (Christians)!] This of course is now known for certain to be a big lie because best friends don’t nuke their best friends.

Most have no idea how deeply infiltrated they have been by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and their main action agents Israeli Intel [H:  The Mossad, named for Moses, a master and originator of the most heinous terror tactics man has done unto his brother.  The Jews do not show Moses in THAT light.  Without going into too much at this sitting, the “story” of the Jews’ “Savior”, is really the fact of Amenhotep IV.  Proven to be the father of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen or “King Tut”.  Amenhotep IV is the “Ten Commandments” Cecil B. DeMille movie version with Charlton Heston as Moses.  Just as with these Phoenix JOURNALS-- Amenhotep IV who changed his own name to Akhenaton in honor of Aton—Egyptian name for The One God of Holy Light—this man was attacked and slandered for telling the people the truth about KHAZARS.  So, instead of letting the world see how IT REALLY WAS/AND IS the Khazars conjured “a deliverer” to tell a different tale.  The Jews were NEVER in bondage in Egypt!  They never were interned and genocided in Germany, either!  But this is how THEY tell the story.  And since the Jews control ALL major media (books, radio, magazines, TV, internet, school and university curriculum, etc., etc.), you are going to believe THE LIE!  It was Akhenaton’s name, not Moses’ name, that was ordered “stricken” from all books, tablets and obelisks.  That family was “taken out”, to keep the truth of God/Aton and the “Serpent People” of the devil from reaching you-the-people.  Even PROOF of silver craft and tall extraterrestrial brethren was kept from you Christian descendants.  How else can the Jews stage a false “Second Coming”, deliberately, to cause massive world-wide panic??!  Thereby, enjoining you to turn over your rights and freedoms, and join together as a “united” something or other [United Nations Blue Helmet perhaps, like Nostradamus warned you about 500 years ago?] to fight against “invading creatures “FROM SPACE”.  This is why Hollywood movies show you these blood-sucking alien monsters that came all this way in their wondrous technology just to drink your blood, harvest your genitals, and do genetic experiments like some inter-galactic Frankenstein.  To get you ready for the final take over, you call it “Judgement Day”.  Keep in mind the need to present ONLY scary monsters and genetic mutations, flying in these “Silver Clouds” and “Fiery Chariots” of the sky [or heaven as your Holy Books have all been tampered with and REVISED to change words to suit the Khazar Jewish conspirators of your Earth history.  NO NICE, POLITE, CARING HUMANS!  The Robinson Family of the 60’s television program, “Lost in Space” need not apply!  After all, who do YOU suppose those “messengers” [“Angels” as defined by the Greek language of the day] really were?  How did they REALLY get around from place-to-place??  There are countless descriptions of “FLYING VEHICLES”, “FLYING HORSES”, “FLYING SHIELDS”, “FLYING PANS” landing and meeting with people throughout all your history—WORLD WIDE!  So, who AND WHY the massive global cover-up???  Certainly, a worthy subject to ponder at length!]  and the Bush/Scherf Crime Cabal (BCC) also known as the operative drug and weapon trafficking side of the CIA that employs and deploys their own mercenaries on behalf of Israel (ISL/ISIS/Daish, etc.).

The 9/11 Perps have underestimated the power of the Internet and the Human Spirit.

But this is where Netanyahu and his Likudist cronies and PNAC-ers failed.  They underestimated the new power of the Worldwide Internet which has become the World’s new Gutenberg press.  And they also underestimated the power of the human spirit.  They believed that they could maintain complete control because they had bought human-compromised and gained control of the US Administration (Bush2), the top military and Intel.

Alan Sabrosky

Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D. of the US Army War College is one American hero who could not be bought, human-compromised or controlled.  He has gone public with the truth about who did 9/11.  At that time only those involved in the US military and Intel knew it was done by Israel, that’s how good the multi-layered deception and cover operations were.  [H:  Not all military and intelligence persons knew of this—BUT YOU CAN KNOW BEYOND DOUBT NO “JEWS” WERE KILLED, AND ALL “MILITARY AND INTEL” WHO WERE PRIVY TO 9/11 AND ANY OTHER ATTACK ON UNITED STATES BUILDINGS—ARE WELL AWARE OF PLOTTERS’ SCHEME!  This is why they do all their meetings in secret with death rituals stated upon joining, if any divulge the goings on inside the “synagogue”.]  But since Dr. Sabrosky connected the dots this knowledge has been spreading largely through the Internet, but also word of mouth.  “They” thought they could buy or compromise any top official who started investigating too much.  But this has been a false assumption as there are numerous real Americans in the USG top military and Intel who just cannot be bought, controlled or transformed into American traitors.

The KM’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) has been so effective in blocking truth that it has taken 14 years for the truth that Israel attacked America on 9/11 to begin to diffuse to mainstream America.

Of course the fact that the Khazarian Mafia has worked hard to tax and asset strip Americans [H:  Totally against CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!  The missing—AND REPLACED—13th Amendment was specifically done to get the Rothschild agents inserted within your newly born Republic.  Does a free nation truly tax and jail its citizens by the millions???  A nation of the free does not confiscate (steal!) homes and property from the people.  Is that not how it works in “Communist” countries??  Of course it does!  For the same conspirators are the cause—IN ALL CASES!  You have been led to believe that these “things” just happen by themselves.  Or, that some tiny little “dictator” or “strongman” is the ruthless mastermind bent on global conquest who is the “bad guy”.  You have been programmed to the Zionists’ marching orders, and you believe them to be in America’s “Best Interests”.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Khazar “Jews” are your Anti-Christ, and British Israel (British Intelligence) gives the orders!]  of the fruits of their labor means that in most families both parents have to work full-time.  This has essentially destroyed many American families and created a hectic life style treadmill [H:  Very much ON PURPOSE!] that keeps most people from having the time to think.

But the fact that so many Americans spend the free time they have watching television and allowing themselves to be mind-controlled by it—which is like drinking more Israeli/Khazarian Mafia Kool-aide [H:  Referring to the Jones Town mass MURDER of hundreds of people by Mossad and U.S. Special Forces (working for the adversary) in order to attack and raid A RUSSIAN MISSSILE BASE in the vicinity.  “Cult” became a house hold word, and any “group” to be targeted was labeled as a religious cult or a UFO cult, etc., so as to justify mass murder by “the Feds”.  Those in the know knew that the “cyanide-laced Kool-aide” was a cover story—and a bad one, at that!  We will not go into it now, though I have written about Guyana’s massacre many times, and at length.  We will again cover the topic for our new readers, soon; for all is connected to all and these things will be discussed over and over, until you see that it is the SAME PLAYERS in every role.]—certainly helps keep them from wanting to question the USG which most still view as a benevolent parent figure.

It doesn’t help when the US Congress is a captive vassal body of Israel and the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and operates like a mini-Knesset.  It’s a sad fact that the US Congress is controlled by Israel political contributions provided by Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC and Israeli assets like Sheldon Adelson, noted Khazarian Mafia Crime Lord.

We also now know for certain that the leaders of the US Congress took massive payoffs reported to total between 12 and 20 million US dollars each in foreign offshore numbered bank accounts as “set aside allocations” to keep the truth about 9/11 covered up forever and deflect any serious investigations demanded by We The People.

Obviously, these Members of Congress who do espionage against America and Americans on behalf of Israel and the Khazarian Mafia should be immediately impeached and arrested and prosecuted for treason.


Most of the nations of the world are now secretly committed to extricating themselves from infiltration and control of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) without setting off a catastrophic societal collapse in their own nations.  [H:  This is exactly what happened to Hitler when he tried to get out from under the Jewish Khazar plan!  The Zionists waged A GLOBAL WAR AGAINST GERMANY—SO NO ONE ELSE DARED TO GET OUT OF LINE!  The Jews mean to kill off 6.5 BILLION of you nice world citizens.  Can you not at least be allowed to utter a word in protest against your own terrible execution?  I guess not!]  They also understand the sad fact so many of their elected officials and career politicians have enjoyed the lucrative payoff provided by Israeli espionage groups that weaning themselves from the Israeli and Khazarian Mafia Banksters “Big Tit” is going to be difficult.  [H:  Indeed, yes!  But it is only thy very soul which hangs in the balance!  Is your eternal Life worthy of anything less!?!]

Some nations have done business with the Israelis just to get nukes and other favors but now want to distance themselves and form secret alliances to keep Israel from asserting covert control over their politicians, officials and economy.  In spite of all the deep KM/Israeli infiltration, various large nations all around the world have now deployed numerous deep cover covert operations to neutralize the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s money-power and derail Israel espionage fronts.  Some of these operations involve high level covert psyops which are staggering in their sophistication and some involve various types of deep cover direct actions.

Right now Israel and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia are getting some of their own medicine directed back at them.  The real sleepers in all this so far have been the Chinese [H:  Your own Holy Bible and the Prophets of old have told you of the sleeping beast!  Be it the Russian “Bear” or the hidden “Dragon” that is China; this enemy is beginning to stir!!  And you had best wonder aloud WHY the Jews are closing all your military bases at home.  First you are disarmed, and then the Khazar Pharisee opens the city gate for the enemy to invade.] , who the KM believed it had successfully hijacked and now owns.  The KM and the Israelis are going to be quite surprised when they find out that China is running major covert operations to dethrone them at many levels.

Obviously the BRICS Nations Development Bank, the Chinese AIIB, and numerous negotiated private trade agreements which exclude the US Petro Dollar are signaling that 179 nations of the world no longer want to be defrauded by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Moneychangers.  [H:  THIS IS WHY the “Jews” were despised—AND FEARED—by the Old World of Europe and Asia!  These Khazars are known to be in league with “the devil”, if you will.  And ye ones are not to know the secret of the ages!]  These nations are setting up their own currency systems backed by gold, silver, and real commodities as a firewall against the massive KM money fraud, which has historically EMPOWERED Israel and allowed its criminal existence and numerous staged wars and crimes against humanity all over the world.

The world is now awakening to Israeli nuclear terror and is slowly and methodically instituting changes, which will gradually force the economic collapse of Israel.  Various new and quite interesting plans are now being instituted to form an international nuclear retaliation deterrent against Israel, which should be strong enough to prevent Israel from setting off any more nukes or following through on any more of its Samson Option nuclear threats without its defense bases turned to glass and soot.

Israel has dug its own hole and doomed itself for attacking America with nukes on 9/11 and for its Apartheid against Palestinians, which includes genocide and massive land theft.

Pause here, Jonur, and begin the next chapter, please.  Thank you for your service.  Hatonn to clear.  SALU

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