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New Series 222:Have the desire and focus for the First step, and God will provide the strength to take the next one. That is what is meant by walking with your hand in the hand that is God’s. If you do not do YOUR PART, how in heaven’s name can you expect God to do your work FOR you??

10/10/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns222)

Hatonn present to commune in Holy Radiance.  Amen.

Jonur just continue where we left off, please.  Allow the energy frequency to flow, and we will be in the “getting there”!  God is patient, even unto the “ending”, if you will, of time.  All men will come to me in their own time.  The agony of waiting, however, is theirs!

There is much to get to, as always, but we shall get there!  Even a journey of a thousand miles—MUST BEGIN WITH THAT FIRST STEP!  

Have the desire and focus for the First step, and God will provide the strength to take the next one.  That is what is meant by walking with your hand in the hand that is God’s.  If you do not do YOUR PART, how in heaven’s name can you expect God to do your work FOR you??

A first step in the salvation of your soul and that of your nation’s continued survival is understanding that Khazars are real.  The so-called “Chosen People” (Zionist Bolsheviks who call themselves “Jews”—these, I repeat yet again, are NOT Hebrew Judean Judaists, and are your enemy in this time sequence.  The Luciferians are good at what they do, and they have had many centuries to set the trap for God Aton’s people.  It is not JUST your education and national media, and entertainment that they control—BUT YOUR POLICE AND FBI, TOO!

The entire judicial and banking system has long fallen into the hands of the Serpent People of your Holy Scriptures.  This is WHY the culprits are able to get away with so much.  It does not seem possible that a tiny handful of “Jews” (Khazars—not Hebrews or Judeans) could take your planet without anyone noticing.  This is why Jesus Immanuel (Returning as Sananda—your own Holy Bible told you he will bear a “new name”, which is the Egyptian name for “Christ”, and it means ONE WITH GOD.) told you that lack of knowledge is what is killing my people.

This lesson deals with Khazars in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Since it is supposed to be the top law keeper in your nation, you can imagine how wide-spread the problem is.


Israel, the FBI and the Khazarian Mafia
By Preston James PH.D., “UNCENSORED” magazine June-September 2015

Even the infamous Henry Kissinger remarked recently that Israel will not exist in 10 years.  [Hatonn:  Keep in mind that Heinz STERN—OF THE INFAMOUS “STERN GANG”, WHOSE MOTHER WAS A PROMINENT MEMBER OF THIS TERRIBLE TERRORIST GROUP—also known as (aka) Henry Kissinger, the Soviet Union’s TOP SPY/AGENT, is charged with assembling the pieces of this “New World Order”.  His “Kissinger Associates” political consulting corporation or company tells all the other puppet leaders throughout your world the marching orders.  And Kissinger’s puppet strings are pulled by the puppet master himself—through the Rothschild family!  When you see such as a Rockefeller, or a Brzezinski, or a Rothschild lord; know that these are MANY TIMES REPLACED REPLICAS.  SYNTHETIC HUMAN BEINGS THAT ARE SOUL-LESS, AND PROGRAMMED TO LEAD YOUR WORLD TO TOTAL DESTRUCTION!  And Lucifer, the prince of deception, is the ultimate master controller of the “Robotoid” army.  Once you-the-people know that such things are possible, you will see the strings behind the scenes, and recognize the counter fit entities—WHO NOW PULL YOUR STRINGS.]   It’s time for the whole world to work together to foil the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) and Israeli espionage fronts and bring all of the KM chieftains, kingpins, cutouts and assets to serious judgment in an appropriate courts of law.

These incredibly inhuman criminally insane madmen must be somehow stopped cold if humanity is going to survive and be able to reconstruct itself and thrive.

Full story here:  [online:] veteranstoday.com/2015/04/19
Let us continue with “UNCENSORED”, and deal with the MIND ASPECT of this Luciferian conspiracy.


By W C Vetsch

To get a pretty comprehensive history of conventional psychiatry, we recommend you view the free documentary, Psychiatry:  Industry of Death which is available on YouTube [online].

Fundamental Philosophy

The fundamental philosophy of conventional psychiatry is that visible physical reality is all that exists.

Nothing “supernatural” exists.  The Universe and everything within it including all life is a random chance accident.  There is no God.  All life simply “evolved” by random chance.  Anyone who disputes this is “mentally ill” and needs to be taken away for “reeducation” and “treatment” until they accept this philosophy.


How Mental Illnesses Definitions Originate
Psychiatrists complete medical school just like all other doctors.  However, they then separate themselves from their colleges and move to their own unique organization known as the American Psychiatric Association.  A university counselor once commented, “When our medical students graduate, most feel they have not really learned a great bit.  The rest of them go into psychiatry”.

At their conventions, psychiatrists vote on what should be a mental illness. There are around three hundred “illnesses” presently.  However, unlike regular medicine, there is no scientific test for any of them.  Any psychiatrist can propose a new “illness” or propose that an existing illness be delisted.

Approved illnesses are published in a book called the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which is presently in its fifth edition.  Creating or delisting an illness can have significant social consequences.

Gay people were classified as “sexual psychopaths” for years.  During this time, they could be abducted and forced to receive “treatments”.  Dr. Heath at Tulane University in New Orleans tried drilling into the brains of gay men, inserting electrodes into “pleasure centers”, and then locking them in a room with prostitutes to convince them to want sex with women.  He failed.  Gays and lesbians have now been delisted and so are free to finally live out their lives as they desire without fear of torture by psychiatrists.

A psychiatrist can propose a new “illness” which will then be put to a vote.  If the majority agrees, the new illness is given an official name and added to the DSM.  At the last meeting, there was an argument about how long a person who had lost a loved one should be allowed to grieve.  DSM-4 contained a “bereavement exclusion” which meant psychiatrists could not attack someone who was grieving after the death of a close friend.  After a vote, this protection was eliminated in DSM-5.  [Hatonn:  The POINT of all this, is to have Khazar “Doctors” label American Christians—followers and “believers” of a God and “Jesus”—as “crazy”.  Therefore, you have no “right” to own, or possess a firearm for self-defense!  The so-called “Communist” exists, chelas (students), and he is the Zionist Khazar “Jew”, who hides within the heritage of the TRUE Judean Hebrew Judaist (Doesn’t resemble “J-E-W”, does it!?).]

Finally, it was left up to the psychiatrist to decide if someone was “legally grieving” or “illegally depressed”.  In the past, depression was almost exclusively “treated” with electroshock (ECT)—such as was shown in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (feature film 1975)—which left the victim with irreversible brain damage.

Unfortunately, psychiatrists did vote to approve the new disease “oppositional defiant disorder” and gave it catalog number 313.81.  This new disease label is designed to justify attacking school kids with mind control drugs.  [H:  These are CIA “MK-Ultra” programs, designed to bring exactly these effects.  How else can you bring down Marshal (Military) Law upon an entire nation!]  The kid can be charged with this “disease” if he/she:

(1) often loses temper
(2) often argues with adults
(3) often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults requests or rules
(4) often deliberately annoys people
(5) often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
(6) is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
(7) is often angry and resentful
(8) is often spiteful or vindictive
Older Guidelines

Before the DSM, a popular guide for psychiatrists was Outlines for Psychiatric Examinations by Nolan D.C. Lewis.  This book, written in the 1940’s, was never intended for the general public and was circulated only among the psychiatric community.  Consequently, it was more direct about who should be picked up and removed from society.  In the section on paranoia, it advises psychiatrists to be on the lookout for “litigious persons, reformers and prophets”.  Obviously, these are the types of people a totalitarian society would want to eliminate.  Lewis was reportedly associated with some of the Nazi doctors brought into the country under Operation Paperclip.  Actually, the Nazi psychiatrists smuggled into the US [H:  Along with Scientists and Rocket Builders, and including your ENTIRE CIA apparatus!  San Louis Obispo, California is the headquarter for this relocated bunch.  And the space program, and your supersonic “spy planes”, etc., came right out of the California location.  But Hitler and his “Last Battalion” consisting of, what he called, his UFO Battalion escaped to the South Pole in German U-Boots (submarines).  The sudden emergence of “UFO Stories” in the 40’s and 50’s, and the mass sightings and fly-bys, such as Washington D.C. and the city of Los Angeles, have to do with the CONTINUING battle of World War Two.  The conflicts and “natural” disasters, which are not natural, and destruction of lives and property on such massive scales, never before seen, are the effects of fighting that global war!  They just never told you-the-people the truth of it!] had great influence on American psychiatry which continues to this day.

The Science of Psychiatric Drugs

There is no legitimate science behind mental illnesses.  These “diseases” simply represent the opinions of psychiatrists who meet once a year and literally “make them up”.  [H:  Wayne Dyer was killed because he often spoke of these things.  The Jewish witchdoctors do not like to see their “sorcery” (“pharmaceutica”) exposed for all the world’s Christians to see!]  However, there is science behind the chemical agents used by psychiatrists.  When chemists started looking for psychiatric drugs in the 1950’s, they began with a deadly pesticide named phenothiazine which was being used at that time by exterminators.  It might occur to you that this is not a choice you would make if your intention was to help people.  All the original drugs were based on the poison phenothiazine.  As time passed, statistical evidence emerged showing that people given these “drugs” were dying about twenty five years sooner than would normally be expected.  These drugs are actually slow poisons.  However, since many psychiatrists want these people dead, no one is complaining.

Actually, in the US, it is the intent of psychiatrists to deliberately kill about eighty million US citizens they consider “defective”.  This is based on their assertion that 25% of the population is mentally ill.

Psychiatric drugs are designed to target and disrupt communication channels in the brain causing what can best be described as a “chemical lobotomy”.  Before drugs, psychiatrist’s favorite “cure” was surgical lobotomy.  Most of the psychiatric drugs target dopamine receptors in the brain.  There are five known receptors which are simply called D1 through D5.  Inactivating these receptors destroys all the so called “higher attribute” which make humans unique and superior to other animals.  So, basically, the psychiatric “treatments” reduce a person to a slightly smarter variety of “dumb animal”.  These chemicals disrupt through processes and emotions.  Confused and unable to experience pleasure, the Soul senses it has been trapped in a useless body.  To escape, many choose suicide.  Drug companies, apparently with the complicity of the FDA, are deceptive in their official descriptions of these chemicals.  Most say, “The site and mode of action is unknown”.  This is a lie.  The site and mode of action is completely known.  To find the truth about a drug, check “Wikipedia”.  From Wikipedia the specific dopamine receptors targeted by some common psychiatric drugs are:

Chlorpromazine—D1 D2 D3 D5
Trifluperazine—D1 D2
Fluphenazine—D1 D2
Haloperidol—D1 D2 D3 D4 D5
Olanzapine—D1 D2 D3 D4
Clozapine—D1 D2 D3 D5
Risperidone—D1 D2 D3 D4 D5
Quetiapine—D1 D2 D3 D4
Aripiprazole—D1 D2 D3 D4

For more details, please see the book Toxic Psychiatry by Dr. Peter Breggin (psychiatrist) as well as other books by this author, and free YouTube videos.


In the past, states funded and operated huge mental hospitals with thousands of inmates.  Many never left and eventually died in custody.  Today, the trend is toward privatization leading to smaller, privately owned facilities.

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Jonur close this portion.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.  Salu

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