Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Series 224:As news flows back to you regarding the “Islamic State” terrorists (or, whatever name they choose to call this “cell” this week), keep in mind that this is a MANUFACTURED ENEMY. It is inconceivable that your own government would participate in such an insidious and evil conspiracy to kill your own citizens, and those of America’s allies. But it is a fact.

12/21/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns224)


Good evening, Gyeorgos [pronounced “Your-ghos”] Ceres [“Sear-ezz”] Hatonn, present to communicate.  As news flows back to you regarding the “Islamic State” terrorists (or, whatever name they choose to call this “cell” this week), keep in mind that this is a MANUFACTURED ENEMY.

It is inconceivable that your own government would participate in such an insidious and evil conspiracy to kill your own citizens, and those of America’s allies.  But it is a fact.

Those ones you know of as “Soviets” and their so-called “Communism”, hell-bent on destroying God and Christianity, have won the war—you THOUGHT you were fighting.


Long ago, the “Soviets” took over your nation, just as they promised:  “We will do it without firing a shot!”  And:  “You will sell us the rope we will hang you with!”  These ARE NOT Russians, who are Christian like you, but the exact opposite.  The Russian people go back nearly a thousand years.  The “Soviet Union” came about in 1917, inserted there by the Wall Street Jewish banksters, to take control of Mother Russia.  When 400 Khazar (“Jews”) criminals were put in power of the people (after killing the Czar’s family), 100 million Christian Russians were slaughtered.  The Russians regained control of Russia’s Space-based weapons (“Star Wars” for real!), and expelled the Khazars, who now called themselves “Bolsheviks”.  Those evil “aliens” flocked over to your nation and took over all KEY government—AND MEDIA positions.

You see, they hate the Christian Russians and have been trying ever since to get you to destroy “their” enemy.  Many times we of God’s Hosts have narrowly prevented NUCLEAR FIRST-STRIKES AGAINST the Kremlin.  Why would we do that?  Because immediately thereafter you would have received an all-out-attack against the United States of America!  They HAVE nice tunnels and below-ground shelters—YOU DO NOT!  This is treason, chelas!  A Capital Offense punishable by death!

These Jews pretending to be “Arab Terrorists” are nothing more than Israeli Secret Intelligence Operatives, who also speak fluent Arabic!  And everything—INCLUDING MK-Ultra, etc. type mind control—is deployed TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE THE MUSLEM BROTHERHOOD IS RESPONSIBLE.  Don’t fall for it!  It is Israeli manipulation to take the planet.


At least one black sedan was seen at both the Paris and San Bernardino terror attacks.  Men armed with “government-style” or military weapons, piled in and sped away from each massacre.  Several were reported; some seemed to be under “police protection”, as they fled the scenes.

And, is it not strange that the Moslem couple could keep such an arsenal—including more than a dozen explosive devices—without anyone noticing?  The baby dropped off an hour or so before the “missing time”.  THE EXPERT MARKSMANSHIP of a civil worker?  But, the truth died with the shooters—right?  These “lone” so-called “master-minds”, like the “Shoe” and “Underwear” bombers; and the mass killers end up dead in a shoot-out with police, or locked away where you cannot hear THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY.

This is no different than the JFK movie, in which Oliver Stone shows the multiple “hired guns” used to do the actual killing; and then present it to you-the-people that one individual is responsible FOR ALL THAT!

And no more was allowed out about the identity or whereabouts of these “Men in Black” (Elite Big Government and Corporation mafia thugs.), witnessed by ones present at the Paris and California mass murders.


With all the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll going around in the world of “Hollywood”, why have these two suddenly become the face of shame and destroyed careers?  When was the last time Madonna, The Rolling Stones, KISS (Knights In Service to Satan), and a dozen more “heavy metal” cults—GOT AIDS?  Or, where are all the Playboy Bunnies, and “Casting Couch” girls who populate Los Angeles?  Hugh Hefner and the self-labeled “Boardroom Bolsheviks” (The Jews who own and control Hollywood.) have not had the scores of innocent “Tinsel Town” beauties lining up to point fingers—and change stories.  It is illegal to use such as calling 911, or decades later say that you were raped, and wait until “they” help you get “the story straight”.

But that is how the Jews operate.  Since THEY ARE the media, if you cross them, they will retaliate—THEIR WAY!  Cosby was days away from starting his “own” OWN NETWORK (Oprah Winfrey’s television company), and he was told not to proceed.  When he announced his intentions two days later the women came from everywhere.  Ask Lamar Odem about these orchestrated scenes, setup to do you in—character-wise and physically!

And Charlie Sheen dared to point a finger at Jewish wealth and power—a no-no, precious ones.  For unless you walk with your hand—in the hand of the hand of the Lord—the devil will get cha every time!

Firstly, the “Presidency” is not just “one man”.  Your nation is a nation of THE PEOPLE.  A CONSTITUTIONAL Republic (Which is what you have—NOT a “democracy”.), such as yours, is when the people follow THEIR chosen leader.  One who “speaks to” his citizens, and they understand his language.  This is why the ancients have an “Oral Tradition”.

Passed down through the ages and eons of time, the “Wise Ones” and the “Chiefs” did not attain their honored positions by rigged or stolen elections.  Merit, respect, and SPIRITUAL COMMUNION are required to be a leader of men.
Your President, by nature of WHO he is and WHAT he stands for, appeals to the inner human being who wants his nation back.  The nation birthed under the banner of a Heavenly flag, and the God in whom we trust!  Family and reverence for one’s own people—Black, White, Hispanics, Asian, and Native American—is what Barack Obama stands for.  This is an unmistakable trait, found in ALL Godly leaders of you-the-people.  And remember, dear hearts, the “government” is not locked and centered in Washington D.C. (“District of Columbia”, Zionist Jew rhetoric, to rob you ones of thy heritage and land).  Jews are lawyers, which is illegal under your CONSTITUTION for them to serve in American government.  The so-called “Bar Association” is a British foreign, subversive group.  “Esquires” [Lawyers] are Zionist Rothschild agents pledged by THEIR OWN RELIGION—THE TALMUD—to steal your world from you, and CONFISCATE ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY, AND ANY INHERITANCE you thought you would hand down to your families!  What of the Jewish “American Medical Association”?  What better way to gain access to the inner sanctum of a family unit, than by being a “house doctor on call”, as it were, and kill off the Christians—one by one?

Remember, when a President is “no longer in office”, it does NOT mean he is vanquished from the fray!  President Obama’s Black brothers and sisters, in America and the world over, have THEIR leader.  Being that he is “half White”, and half American Black, I would suggest that you pick yourselves up by the boot straps, and stand with what your King afforded to do for God’s country.  Just because your President doesn’t wear a crown does not mean his power is any less influential!


Jim Garrison, the District Attorney of Orleans Parish, is quoted in the film “JFK”, “when the old one isn’t working, just move a little further out West.”  He was talking about when your government lies to the people, and fosters WAR FOR PROFIT, and robs the people of their leaders, then, move the old one a little further westward into the free frontier.  Is THAT Treason?  No, the Declaration of Independence says exactly that!

It is not a government in Washington that you are trying to “save”.  It is the people of thy REPUBLIC that is ALL IMPORTANT!  The Spirit of America, or “76”, as the saying IS!  People CAN govern themselves—particularly when a great leader (be it a father, a General such as George Washington, or a President)—demonstrates by EXAMPLE!  For, is that not how your children truly learn?!  It is NEVER, “Do as I say, Jr., not as I do”.  Your offspring will do EXACTLY AS THEY SEE YOU DO!



Jonur is saying, “Oh, you’ve done it now, Commander!  What are you telling the Patriots?!”  And to that I must answer:  the truth.

You’re going to find that the SAME ONES turning up in all the government fiascos, “Water Gate”, “Iran Contra’s Guns for Arms”, etc., etc., etc.—you only have five Top Elite who run the whole show, chelas, and ALL are Rockefeller and Rothschild—related—ALL!  Your history books have it there in your library of Congress for all to see!  Not Internet digits that can “vanish” before you get to court (Like your “debit card”/”credit card” “Mark of the Beast”, where ALL YOUR ASSETS [Pun intended!] are ELECTRONICALLY STORED!!).  This is a FACT of your own State Department!

For those who remember Nixon and “Water Gate”, and have heard of “Iran Contra Gate”, “White Water Gate” (The Clinton’s evil MAFIA law firm, through her father and brother of the New York mafia!), the so-called “White House Plumbers”, ARE THE SAME OPERATIVES WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER ON PRESIDENT KENNEDY!

Jonur pause here, and return at this point in the Day’s Watch!  Then we will proceed with our correspondence from our special readers.  Salu!

Hatonn to clear frequency.

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