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New Series 223:The biblical oral and aboriginal teachings have never told you anything but—the “Space” origins of your species of “Man”. Even though your adversary (Lucifer) tries continually to instruct you otherwise; the concept forever remains recorded in your so-called pre-history.

12/10/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns223)

Good morning, Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God.  Amen and Salu!


As you look around, you can plainly see that which has been prophesied to come.  It is neither mysticism, nor psychic anything, nor is it the magic of “Harry Potter” or David Copperfield.  Those “end times” are happening now.  Not tomorrow nor next month—now.

The issue of God and the Creation (two separate entities) and so-called “UFOs” and alien beings are the things humanity is MOST afraid of.  Because if this be it truth, then thy world collapses in the mists of heaps of lies, and government (and church) betrayals.

No one told YOU that everyone comes from the stars. Or, did they?


The biblical oral and aboriginal teachings have never told you anything but—the “Space” origins of your species of “Man”.  Even though your adversary (Lucifer) tries continually to instruct you otherwise; the concept forever remains recorded in your so-called pre-history.

The things moving around in the sky have a most definite impact (no pun intended!)  upon you-the-people.  Walking about your day, never a glance to look at the sky (“Heaven” from the tampered version, starting with King James), and SEE what is really going on up in that “Nothing-ness”.

When you hear and read of chariots in the clouds, and entities who “descent” to Earth, are they not describing what was witnessed by the people?  And if it be thousands, or even hundreds of years ago, would not the actual descriptions and renderings be the same?  Differing only in the ability to describe what is being presented by the technology used.

Birds flew; men did not fly unless they had a propulsion system to get them up there.  So, how are these “Bird Tribes” and “Thunder People” able to leave these lasting impressions of journeys to and from the stars?

Ponder that as more and more of the masses are being shown things unexplainable in the skies.
“Mystery light sends residents into a tizzy.”


A USA TODAY article from Monday, November 9, 2015, has a photo of “a light from a navy unarmed missile streaks across the evening sky over Thousand Oaks, California, on Sunday.”


Many Californians were puzzled—and some panicked—when a mysterious bright light streaked across the night sky over the weekend.

It turned out to be an unarmed missile fired from a Navy submarine, creating an illumination that whisked across the state and was visible as far as Nevada and Arizona.  A Navy spokesman, Commander Ryan Perry, told The San Diego Union Tribune that the Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted the missile test at sea Saturday from the USS Kentucky, a ballistic missile vessel.  [Hatonn:  This part about ballistic missile should make you very nervous!
Local TV station KLTA reported that, “Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through JWA tower to be a naval test fired off the coast”, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter, referring to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.

The test was part of a scheduled, on-going system evaluation test, Perry told the paper.

The event led to a flurry of calls to law enforcement agencies and lit up social media as people posted photos and videos.  [H:  The descriptions from the witnesses were not that which was first told to the public.  Whether they tell you of “ice crystals”, “upper atmospheric winds, or crazy zig-zag rocket trails that are touted as “a smooth, perfectly successful launch”—YOU ARE NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH!  You are AT WAR AMERICA AND WORLD!  And your enemy is the Zionist “JEW” of Khazar lineage!  And what of the Hebrew Judaist?  These ones will be THE FIRST gotten rid of, for they KNOW THE TRUTH of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9!  It is those falsely labelled Jew (Judean and Judaists were purposely to be “confused” with the made-up word: “JEW”!), who the Christ continually did battle with!  Don’t you remember your Sunday school lessons??  Or, have these lessons been removed from our children’s studies??  The “Angels” and your mode of transportation will come from the sky (heaven)!  By planting the seed of terror and panic, at the mere sight of a craft (Government “mock” variety, or not!), Lucifer and his Jews have caused you to turn away from the very Hosts God has sent to bring you home.]

According to the Associated Press the test was conducted in the Pacific Test Range, a vast area northwest of Los Angeles where the Navy periodically test-fires Tomahawk and Standard cruise missiles from surface ships and submarines.  [H:  Do you see the war the conspirators have set up for you?  Atomic bombs and missiles armed with nuclear warheads?  This is the warfare described in the old Indian (Eastern) tales of an Armageddon that destroyed nations with “fire and brimstone”!  In “Death Valley”, in California, the desert is still too radioactive for anything to grow in.  The underground facilities or shelters in places such as India and elsewhere—WERE DUG OUT TO PROTECT AGAINST such a “holocaust” (def.:  destruction, usually by fire)!  KNOW YOUR HISTORY, OR YOU ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!]  The Union-Tribune reported that police and news media in San Diego were flooded with calls at about 6 p.m. from people reporting everything from a flare to a comet to a nuclear bomb in the western sky.  [H:  Doesn’t sound like something easily confused with a rocket.  After all, you’ve been seeing those heavy, gravity-defying “delivery vehicles” since the 30’s and 40’s.  V-2’s, the precursor to the ballistic missiles, and manned space craft of NASA.  So, you KNOW if something goes up that shares none of those characteristics.  Yet, the Jews want to see how much of this garbage they can shove down your throats.  The lie is what will kill you, dear hearts.  You do not want to be shooting at God and His HOSTS, on that day!]
Some people saw it fade from bright red to white or blue, the paper said, and thought it traveled from south to north.  According to the Union-Tribune several witnesses speculated it was part of the annual Taurid meteor shower.  [H:  Craft are very, very often seen as “meteors”.  But a shower of space rocks and pebbles, etc., falls in the manner of a rain shower.  When you see fantastic speeding streaks of, let us say “silver-white” points of light, particularly with a “glowing orange tail”, that is a craft—within your own atmosphere.  The friction between the energy shielding surrounding the craft, and the particulate in the air, or atmosphere surrounding the planet, is not always that which it appears to be.]  However, Brian Keating, an astrophysicist at U.C. San Diego, told the paper that scenario was impossible.  “The Taurid meteors would be coming from the east—and this light came from the west,” Keating said.  [H:  Interesting, so what were they?]  “We’d also be more likely to see meteors about midnight, and the flash came near sunset.”


It is unimaginable that your own “G-8 Nations” could be in on an elaborate scheme, to fool the world, regarding EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENTITIES AND THEIR OTHER WORLDLY CRAFT.  But it is nonetheless, true.


It is not JUST this receiver (or scribe), who brings the focus to the changing eras. Your skies, and the planets and “stars” also show you ones of Earth that the time of the “sorting” is at hand!  Your Holy Bible always told you the signs will be in the “heavens” (“sky”).  Have you bothered more than a cursory glance at the sky over your head in the past days?  I thought not!

When “The Planet of the Crossing” returns, also returning are the Nefilim and Anunnaki of biblical recordings.  From where or to where did you think they, themselves, would reside??  If God went to “prepare a place for you”, what PHYSICAL place could sustain the multitudes of humanity during such a “Rapture”??  Did not even Jesus’ coming come heralded by a “star”, called “Bethlehem”??

So, what are we talking about here?  You cannot have it BOTH WAYS, chelas.  Either you believe in a “Heaven” (“Sky”), and places and chariots (craft) come from space; or—you merely believe all things coming from above are evil.  Your adversary has been controlling this information since the beginning.  You are but helpless “sheeple”, when you are denied knowledge of who you REALLY ARE, and WHERE your origin originates.

The following is TOP SECRET INFORMATION—UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH—TO GOVERNMENT AND SCIENTIFIC DISCLOSERS.  Now why do you suppose this is so?  To “protect” you from something?  Or, to spring a PANIC SURPRISE upon the unsuspecting world populous?

Planet X just revealed by Google Sky?
Black swath gone, ‘winged disk’ visible
June 23, 2015
Controversial, heavily censored planetary system just revealed to public for the first time.

By Shepard Ambellas


OUTER SPACE (INTELLIHUB)—For years it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists and some astronomers that Google Sky had been censoring what’s known as Planet X or Nibiru from the general public’s view online.

Now, shockingly, a massive swath of Google Sky that had been previously blacked out and censored has been made visible by Google for your viewing pleasure.  The image at the top of this page shows the system as censored by Google for years.

*       *       *

Jonur, break here, please, and begin a new document.  Pick up right here where we left off.  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.  Salu!

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