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New Series 219:These are the days of Kali (chaos), and in your so-called “END OF DAYS” your adversary to man and God is in control of the planet. All that is left for the elite deceivers is the final play for WHO gets the “Top Spot”. For when the big boom comes down you will be out of time and options. The goal for God Aton’s people is to get as many informed as possible. Only through KNOWING can you—as a people—reclaim your Earth Shan.

8/20/15 from HATONN/jonur (ns219)

I know it seems unbearable for one scribe to take on such a daunting and seemingly impossible task, however, SOMEONE has to do it.  And, who are you that it should not be you?!
These are the days of Kali (chaos), and in your so-called “END OF DAYS” your adversary to man and God is in control of the planet.  All that is left for the elite deceivers is the final play for WHO gets the “Top Spot”.  For when the big boom comes down you will be out of time and options.
  The goal for God Aton’s people is to get as many informed as possible.  Only through KNOWING can you—as a people—reclaim your Earth Shan.

These false Jews, passing themselves off as Hebrew Judeans, have an iron-clad grip over your justice system (which is virtually non-existent).  Those in service to these Jews, either through black mail, or willing participants, have sold God’s people down the tubes.  And it is the fact that the public is unaware of this counter fit bunch of evil criminals, that you have allowed Satan to become your task master.
By causing you to believe that Khazar Jews are “God’s Chosen People”, Christianity has all but given away their heritage—and your lives—to the beast of Revelation.  “Those who call themselves Jews AND ARE NOT are of the synagogue of Satan.”  Therefore, Jews expand all their efforts ensuring that you Christians never find out the truth of who THEY really are.
While you go to the courts expecting to find justice there, or to the hospitals (temples of the Pharisee Jews for sacrificial mass killings—MURDER BY INJECTION) hoping for “the cure”, and to the BANKS for safety and protection of thine precious assets, the Khazars rejoice in your blind acceptance of their authority over you.  My, my, what a magnificent game Earth man plays on the plane of demonstration!
You are judged by what you DO with what we bring as God’s HOSTS come from afar.  HE has given you the gift of reason—use it wisely!  My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of Knowledge.
Israel, the FBI and the Khazarian Mafia
AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL [these are Jewish spy organizations—actually just branches of British Intelligence, of all things!] and the likes as well as most of the USG, the “Alphabet Agencies” and American law enforcements which have been trained to treat Americans as evil “domestic terrorists” by the ADL.
These folks also now realize that this Israeli infiltration and hijacking of America has produced an American Police that no longer “Protect and Serve” their communities, but “Occupy and Oppress” and “Tyrannize and Murder” on behalf of the ADL and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” duel citizens which have infiltrated so many positions in the US Government [USG] and Congress.
Because so many American institutions of government have been so deeply infiltrated by Israeli espionage groups and because the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia [KM] Banksters have also so deeply infiltrated American financial institutions and set up their own news cartel which is run by six cutouts, it is realized that any successful efforts to expose and drive out these KM and Israeli enemies within our gates must be accomplished by very sophisticated covert means and the ganging up of most nations of the world against Israel.  Of course this has become the normative motivation in the highest councils of many nations since Israel has been exposed for its nuclear terror on 9/11 and in other nations, as well as its nuclear proliferation and sale of nukes all over the world.
It is now recognized that America has been infiltrated and hijacked to the degree that it is functioning as a Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Vassal State and Israeli Occupied Territory.
Here is some hard evidence supporting this quite serious claim that America is functioning as a KM Vassal State and Israeli occupied territory.
The FBI is your classic example of how the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters have infiltrated and control most of American Law Enforcement.  Might as well change the name of the FBI to Khazarian Mafia Bureau of Investigation, that is how bad the infiltration and hijacking of the FBI has become.
The FBI works very hard to provoke unstable, mentally ill or mentally deficient folks [Hatonn:  Or, better still, take normal, regular “folks” and turn them into “assassins”, to take the fall (they usually are killed on the scene, while they tell you “he took his own life”).  CIA MK-Ultra, etc., mind control has been going on for MANY DECADES, and the “Technetronic Era”, as Zbigniew Brezinski calls it, is here.  They are so far beyond the James Bond films and spy movies, that the techniques are not even comprehensible to you.  What you see on television is tame “entertainment” compared to what is really taking place in the secret places and UNDERGROUND facilities!] in order to set them up and entrap them to appear as “Domestic Terrorists” or “Islamic Terrorists”, running as many lives as possible instead of helping and serving Americans as they are mandated to do.
Instead of working to make American society stronger and prosecuting real criminals including the biggest ones who run the USG and Congress, the FBI spends its time protecting banksters and crime lords while working very hard to mind-control, provoke and entrap mentally ill or mentally deficient folks into so-called crimes of “domestic terrorism” that were concocted by the FBI in the first place.
Obviously it is the twisted, evil FBI agents involved that should be prosecuted, convicted and jailed for life for staging these concocted acts of terror.  At a minimum they are accessories before, during and after these concocted crimes.  And they are no doubt the lowest of the low in our society, actually functioning as sub humans, and are worse than common career criminals because they are two-faced liars and entrappers who work hard to create as much evil in our communities as possible.  The FBI has always been the main center of provocation of such crimes in America, crimes they can appear to easily solve, but this is always because they set them up and ran them in the first place.  [H:  This includes BOTH WORLD WARS, your CIVIL WAR, and all the “little” wars and “conflicts”, in between!  “War is the Jewish Harvest”, they themselves boast of this!  And, so too, the airliner incidents, which lead to INCREASED RESTRICTIONS for air travel.  Even those “lone gunmen”, who shoot up the school yards and shopping malls, and theaters, and “take their own life”!  Very convenient for the real TEAM OF SHOOTERS!]
According to the Library of Congress, the FBI has no actual charter on file and has stated so officially in writing in the past in response to letters of inquiry.  Thus the FBI has no legal right to exist [H:  Neither does the Internal Revenue Service—IRS, which is the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve Bank—A PRIVATE COMPANY.  Just because the Jews named their personal corporation “Fed”, does not make it of your Federal government.  You have been duped, America!  The thieves from the temple, whom Jesus Esu Immanuel SANANDA tossed out for literally charging money and goods in exchange for YOUR passage into Heaven—HAVE NOW GAINED TOTAL FINANCIAL CONTROL OF THE PLANET!  Not just your United States.] just like the RICO [law against racketeering or “mafias”] criminal and completely unconstitutional Federal Reserve System which the FBI secretly really works for.
The FBI mind-control sets up and entraps six mentally marginal Somalis in Minnesota…
Take the recent case [H:  Or the not so recent case, where a little Somali, I believe, boy who tried to blow our plane up in his underwear!  Poor, relatively uneducated boy.  And yet, he masterminded the plot to bring down an entire airliner full of people, bound for Detroit!?  How about the pilots who “went crazy” inflight, and crashed and tried to crash their planes, including passengers and crew?  These ARE NOT coincidences, chelas.] of six Somalis affected in Minneapolis for attempting to go to the Mideast for training to become Jihadists.  These mental deficient were mind-controlled and entrapped by their friend who was an FBI informant the whole time.  Mind-control, provocations, and entrapments like this should be considered RICO crime because the FBI does them so much, and actually inducing terrorism is a major felony punishable by up to life imprisonment.  Why aren’t the FBI agents who do these crimes arrested and prosecuted for terrorism, corruption, and RICO?
Or take the first Twin Trade Center bombing in 1993 by the “Blind Sheik”.  [H:  Even the label given is the Jew poking fun at the ease in which he can fool you.  And again, I repeat, the first World Trade Center bombing was actually a nuclear bomb—that didn’t detonate!  And, as for the second BOMBING of the World Trade Center—the implosion was also “NUCLEAR”, but designed to vaporize matter.  Two planes crashing do not bring down THREE (3) SKYSCRAPERS—AND ESPECIALLY NOT AT FREE-FALL SPEED!]
The FBI insisted the Blind Sheik’s boys used real explosives and refused to allow fake ones to be used under any circumstances, yet those FBI who participated were never charged with terrorism as they should have been.
There is no statute of limitations on murder so they can still be brought to justice once the files are ripped open.
Why weren’t the FBI agents who set up the whole entrapment and insisted on the use of real explosives arrested and tried for murder as they should have been?  [H:  By the way, no Jews are ever caught in any of these, and others, such as the Oklahoma Federal Building blast—BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE DAY BEFORE!  Those “exciting scenes” from New York, as the planes hit the two towers, were done exactly like the Jews do in Hollywood.  Those were Jewish agents—ACTORS—setting the scene for you Christians, as they annihilate your people before your eyes, and on TV.] It’s never too late, and hopefully they will be brought to justice someday and convicted for murder and terrorism.
The FBI crime lab has been faking and biasing evidence for many years to wrongly convict innocent defendants—this is beyond disgusting it is blatantly criminal.
It has now been reported that the FBI crime lab has been releasing false reports on hair analysis for at least 20 years which has sent hundreds of innocent men and women to jail.  [H:  And to death row as well!  A nice easy way to permanently get rid of enemies!]  Those involved should do the same time cumulatively that they caused by their false reports which seemed to always side with the prosecution.
Back in the mid 1990’s Dr. Frederick Whitehurst, one of the greatest American heroes we have ever had, came forth and reported massive corruption in the FBI crime lab.  He would have been murdered by division 5 hitmen if he had not taken extraordinary measures to protect himself.  Dr. Whitehurst sued the FBI and won an award of 1.16 million USD.
FBI murders of dissidents, protestors, important witnesses to KM-organized financial crimes and whistle-blowers are legendary.
Over the years the FBI has murdered many whistle-blowers and dissidents—the murder of Frankly Investigator Gary Caradori and his young son are a good example.  You don’t believe that the FBI like every alphabet has had its own hit squads and still do?  There is the very well documented case of Michael Milan who worked for “J. Edgar Mary” [Hoover, a well know and open homosexual.] and was part of his personal hit-team which Hoover called “the squad”.  Michael  Milan wrote an important book about this entitled The Squad.  Despite what critics and sock-puppets have claimed, every word of the book is true.
There have been many leaks from insiders over the years how these FBI hit squads murder dissidents and whistle-blowers.  One method is to plant a hidden bomb in their car or home and detonate it, killing them, claiming they were building a bomb.  Or re-torque a small aircraft prop to less than the required torque so that it separates while airborne and shreds the wing, or as with the murder of John F. Kennedy Jr., place a remote control device in the luggage compartment which can be activated by a chase plane trailing it, a remote ground transmitted signaler, even satellite.  [H:  Look into the “Montauk Project”, and what other dandy capabilities that installation can and has produced, and projected!  You will find that little “John John’s” plane met its doom there about.] Many murders that the FBI did to cover up the JFK assassination [H:  Two dozen (12) close enough to see Greer, the secret service driver, SHOOT KENNEDY—WHILE THE HEAD OF THE SECRET SERVICE, SITTING NEXT TO GREER—LEANED OVER TO TAKE THE WHEEL!  Greer also triggered the CIA “shaped charge”, hidden inside the rear of Connelly’s seat.  A projectile-less blast, aimed at Kennedy’s face, and poisonous jelly-fish toxin added.  HE COULD NOT BE LEFT ALIVE, AND AN EXAMPLE WAS MADE IN CASE ANYONE ELSE TRIED TO GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, SO AMERICA CAN PRINT YOUR OWN MONEY, LIKE THE CONSTITUTION SAYS; AND SO NO ONE ELSE DARE TELL YOU ABOUT UFOs AND ALIENS!] were done to appear as accidents or suicides, as in the case of Dorothy Kilgallen and her neighbor over her interview notes with Jack Ruby in Dallas when he “came clean” and disclosed enough to blow the whole case wide open.
Suppression of Whistle-Blowers
Many whistle-blowers and dissidents are now controlled by more sophisticated means such as using internet sock-puppets and shills to discredit them while subjecting them to HIGH POWERED PULSED BEAM MICROWAVES designed to disorient, disrupt sleep and make them physically ill, use of gang-stalking, and also “visits” to their employer claiming they are “suspected terrorists”.
Instead of prosecuting Israeli espionage fronts, the FBI harasses whistle-blowers who report their crimes.
This is what the FBI has apparently been doing to Mark Novitsky, another great American hero, a man who refused to break the law, especially national security laws.  Novitsky was fired for not “going along to get along” and became a national, federal whistle-blower who reported what he claimed is major Israeli-linked espionage and crime by Teletech Holdings.  Novitsky believes that the FBI has placed him on a “No Work” list, apparently visited his new employer some years back and asked them to separate him, and makes sure he cannot even get a job at McDonalds or anywhere else, no matter how menial.  And he believes that they are doing this on behalf of his former employer, a Teletech Holdings company, which openly threatened him for being honest and incorruptible.  Novitsky went to the FBI recently once again, hoping they would finally investigate the national security crimes of Teletech Holdings which are, according to him, probably the most unpublicized national security crimes in history.  The FBI agreed to let him in to their offices and he was interviewed by two individuals who would not even give him their names.

Jonur, have a rest spite and return promptly.  There is much to be done.  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.  Salu!

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