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New Series 66: President Obama and “THE PEOPLE” battle it out with the evil Zionists (“Jews” and treasonous Gentiles/non-Jews alike) who occupy your government

10/13/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns66)

Hatonn present in light and service unto Holy God.  Let us jump right in, please; we have much to cover in world and national events as President Obama and “THE PEOPLE” battle it out with the evil Zionists (“Jews” and treasonous Gentiles/non-Jews alike) who occupy your government.  The veil is being lifted and The WORD is going out!  Now, allow the thrust of the momentum to build to “critical mass”, if you will, and EXPOSE THE GUILTY PARTIES AS TO WHO IS REALLY PULLING THE STRINGS ON GLOBAL EVENTS—SUCH AS ASSASSINATION PLOTS, REVOLUTIONS AGAINST GOODLY LEADERS (SUCH AS KADAFFI), ECONOMIC UNREST, ETC., ETC.  Knowledge, of course, is where thy strength will come from—AND TRUTH IN WISDOM IS YOUR SHIELD AND BUCKLER!  AMEN!



Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 1 (Bush Is In His 28th Cycle of Robotoid.)

Herein you will simply have to believe me when I tell you that there are replacement ones for your top leaders—and hundreds of “not so top” personages.  The 28th George Bush was put into the picture on the 12th of January at Camp David.  He was tested and “smoothed” on the 13th and presented again to you on the 14th.  He did NOT go walk alone this morning (15th) to reflect and commune with God—he went to be alone so the messages from his puppet-masters—right out of Moscow—would not be monitored.  I ask that, for the moment, you accept this which I tell you, and then we can discuss how this can be true for, of course, many men have died because they brought this information.  But information, nonetheless, has been given to you-the-public as far back as 20 years past—regarding genetic/holographic robotoids which bear identical memory patterns, but are subsequently “programmed”.  I have written of it in one of the more recent Journals, but will repeat the information as I have time.  Suffice it for now, please accept that what I tell you is not only possible but is, in fact, utilized in myriads of instances—right now!

There are several places of top security where these transferences are made and replica holographic information is garnered for necessary multiples.  Camp David (as in the Khazar misuse of the Judean/Hebrew King David of your Holy Bible) has been the prime location for it is used as the Presidential Retreat, and often social gatherings, such as birthday celebrations, top-level meetings with diplomats, etc., are carried out.  This technology has been perfected in the Soviet Union, and thus you have the reason that your government seems so indisposed to do anything other than cozy up to Russia.

Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 8 & 9, Pg. 15 (Genetic Duplicates, holographic/cellular duplication, the programming mechanism.)

Perhaps later today (1-21-91) we shall have time to discuss a bit of information regarding genetic duplicates and holographic/cellular manifestation of new bodies and the mechanism of programming.  The concept is so simple that I am almost embarrassed to discuss it for, as with all things scientific in "nature”, you will find total simplicity.  [Sorry about that—we obviously did not find extra time that day.]

Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 11, Pg. 3 (Programmed robotoid humanoids.)

You cannot, as Americans, understand that which is happening, and you stand strong for that which you have been “told”, afraid to speak out and appear bigoted or “against” anything, regardless of how heinous the actions.  Why?  Because you are at the point of open warfare in the form of Psychopolitical actions called “brainwashing” and the citizens of a government run by robotoid humanoids programmed to do exactly that which they are doing.  (And, again, keep in mind that it is literally impossible to turn a GODLY MAN INTO EVIL.  All that would happen is that those Godly and goodly qualities ALSO WOULD BE DUPLICATED AND DOWNLOADED.  The ones who are already into GREED, EGO, AND CRIMINAL INTENT AND HIDDEN AGENDAS are easy to replicate.  You do not have to contend with God and goodness, so you have A DIRECT LINE to manipulation and programming by the Luciferian puppet masters.  That is why a “Jesus” is simply taken out all together, and that will be the end of that one.  Therefore, keep your Prayers and light around those few, in local and national and neighboring allied countries, that they not be touched!  There ARE AGREEMENTS WITH WE OF GOD's LIGHTED HOSTS AND THE EVIL CONSPIRATORS IN THAT CERTAIN ONES SHALL NOT BE MOLESTED IN ANY WAY.  GOD AND HIS TROOPS HAVE VASTLY MORE POWER AND INFINITE RESOURCES FROM WHICH TO CALL UPON—AND THE “BAD GUYS” DO NOT WANT TO CROSS THAT LINE DRAWN IN THE SAND!  SO BE IT!)

Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 4 & 5, Pg. 9 (The world’s leaders are Replicas; Ronald Reagan was slain.)

You say, “… but there was to be one ‘slain’ only to rise again and call himself God, and THEN we would know by the sign.”  There is no way to slay the leaders, dear ones; they are replicas of the originals and there are dozens to take their places and you will never know.  You killed Ronald Reagan and yet, you know not that he was dead!  All the signs were there, including the running of your important and critical government by astrologers, and still you missed of it.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 12 (Robotoids:  The world is inhabited with reproductions of programmed evil.)

The world is inhabited by reproductions of programmed evil with density of darkness and no lighted souls to traverse the heavens, for they are birthed of the whore of Babylon who rests her feet upon the heads of God’s precious creation/creations and laughs at the blindness of the lambs.  Man realizes not that he walks and serves that which bears no soul essence within the breasts—he follows reproductions of genetic fabrications in blindness.  He realizes not that simply through Truth and confrontation with that Truth shall the evil replicas fall to the wayside. 


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 13 (Robotoids)

The lie becomes so blatant that it astounds so that even the densest of the dense cannot see—but in many ways the entire masses have been mesmerized by the hypnotic repetition of the robotoids who have been placed in your command to control you.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 14 (Robotoids)

Your top military leaders go forth to the “front”?  They basically go nowhere.  How is it that your military hierarchy are still in Washington in the war room?  They cannot get very far from Camp David is “WHY”.  Look at the evil cover-up—even calling the Camp of Evil replication “DAVID”.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 14 (Bush is now in his 30th replica) (Note:  Also appears on Pg. 92-93 of “Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal”) Thank goodness the items “match”—I probably owe a portion of this to Oberli (E.J.) who keeps me on my tippy-toes.

Even a robotoid who comes within the lighted places of God Truth shall be given soul by that Grace abounding.  (Such as the android/robotoid being on “Star Trek:  The Next Generation”, “Data”, who literally has the opportunity, through his service to humanity, to be finally given soul essence by God and to become a living, breathing human being.  For only God—The CREATOR—can give “life” to a thing, and soul IS THAT LIFE; soul is the only reality there is, chelas.  Everything else is an illusion—an “imitation of life”.)  An awakened humanity can SEE the robotic replicas as produced by Satanic instruction.  For instance—compare the one Cheney and that one, Powell—as they meet with their brother, the 30th replica of Bush on the morrow.  All have been wined, dined and exchanged at Camp David whilst you believe them to be “studying the military situation” in Saudi Arabia.  The flaws in the replicas are so obvious that you do not even have to look carefully.  These ones are programmed to tell you exactly that which will pull you into the beast’s claws as dead-ahead as a machine can move.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 8 & 9, Pg. 2 (Robotoids—Puppet Masters)

Robotoids and genetic doubles, I REPEAT, have been around and steadily being perfected for four decades of public use right before your eyes.  (Remember the Yeltsen and Janet “Butch” Reno synthetic replicas stumbling and bumbling about, and having to be held up by their “handlers” on camera so they wouldn’t topple over?  Very bad “carbon copies”, to say the least!  But, as long as they can SIGN TREATIES AND NEW UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, FURTHER REMOVING CITIZENS’ RIGHTS, it doesn’t matter, does it?  As TOP INTELLIGENCE WEAPONS, the mission is still accomplished, isn’t it?!)  They are a product of the Soviet Zionists and have been your puppet masters for a long, long time—a new twist of sick humor perhaps—“the puppet pulling the human’s strings!” …




When I get opportunity to remind you about Russian Robotoids, you will perhaps stop calling us kooks and “your enemies”—we outlined, in the 1970’s, the entire picture and availability of Russian Robotoids and duplicates.  [Ah ha, you caught me!  Yes, we had some receivers as far back as that and one of the best, which I shall still leave unnamed a bit longer—was killed for his efforts.]  If your leaders are of Russian control, dear hearts—you will come under the control of Russia, no more and no less—and you already have placed in your councils—controlled substitutes.  (Some of you may be wondering HOW the Kremlin got so far ahead of the United States in the first place!  You WERE the only Superpower Nation back in the day.  Remember your history before the two World Wars?  So, what happened???  The Rockefeller Cartel and the Rothschild Banking Dynasty in Europe conspired to destroy America because you had become the industrial and military might of the world.  And all the other nations would soon follow your example and break free of the Jewish Zionist thrust to enslave the planet.  Once the Czar of Christian Russia and family was slain, and the “Soviet” Bolshevik “Jews” (again—NOT HEBREW JUDEANS) took over and murdered, or “purged” as they like to call it, 100 MILLION RUSSIAN CHRISTIAN PEOPLE, ROCKEFELLER SPIES TOOK U.S. SECRETS TO THE NOW “SOVIETS”.  AND DURING THE SO-CALLED “COLD WAR”, THE ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS (DAVID “GOLDFINGER”, OF IAN FLEMING/JAMES BOND NOTORIETY; NELSON, VICE-PRESIDENT AND ALMOST THE FIRST AMERICAN DICTATOR IN U.S. HISTORY, BEFORE KISSINGER KILLED HIM, AND KISSINGER WAS HIMSELF KILLED AFTER THAT; JOHN D., OIL BARON; AND LAURENCE, HOMOSEXUAL PERVERT WHO RULED CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA) SECRETLY BUILT UP THE GIGANTIC SOVIET COMMUNIST MILITARY MACHINE—WITH UNITED STATES WALL STREET MONEY!  MONEY SWINDLED FROM AMERICAN ILLEGAL TAXATION!  THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY INTERESTING—EVEN FLEMING’S GOT NOTHING ON THE TRUTH OF THIS INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE!  THE ROCKEFELLER CARTEL WAS PLANNING TO START A NUCLEAR WAR AND DOUBLE-CROSS THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY WHO INITIALLY BACKED THEM, AND RIDE OUT THE NUCLEAR FIRESTORM IN A SECRET NAVAL BASE, CLEVERLY HIDDEN INSIDE A MOUNTAIN IN THE FAULKLAND ISLANDS IN THE SOUTH ATLANTIC.  BUT, AS ALWAYS HAPPENS IN “SPY VERSUS SPY”, THE DOUBLE-CROSS WAS HAPPENING ALREADY, ONCE AGAIN, AND THE ROCKEFELLER CARTEL LOST CONTROL OF THE “SOVIET UNION”—AND ALL THE POWERFUL SECRET WEAPONS STOLEN BY ROCKEFELLER’S PERSONAL SPY SHOP, THE C.I.A.!  NOW THE SOVIETS, WHO THE ELITE CONSPIRATORS WERE GOING TO USE TO SUBDUE AMERICA, THE LAND OF THE FREE, WERE THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!  YOUR TOP-SECRET SPACE AND BEAM WEAPON (TESLA’S INVENTIONS) TECHNOLOGY WAS THEN PERFECTED IN THE SOVIET UNION, WHILE YOUR POLITICIANS BEGAN THE BIGGEST COVERUP AND LIE IN THE HISTORY OF YOUR PLANET!  THEY COULD NOT AFFORD TO TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO WON THE COLD WAR AND THE REAL—SECRET—SPACE RACE.  The Rockefeller Brothers were killed and “replaced” with replicas—except David, who was quickly buried to hide the bullet hole in his skull—and the Zionist Bolshevik Jews took over the Rockefeller PLANS FOR NUCLEAR WAR.  However, just before Project-Z for Nuclear War One/World War III could be finalized, THE CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS USED, OF ALL THINGS, BIOLOGICAL ROBOTOIDS TO TAKE BACK THEIR NATION FROM THE MAD, SATANIC “SOVIET JEWS” AND KICKED THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  “RUSSIA” WAS REBORN—AND THOSE DISPLACED SOVIETS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO USE YOUR U.S. MILITARY EVER SINCE TO GET THEIR REVENGE—WHATEVER THE COST!  AMERICA IS EXPENDIBLE TO THE JEWISH PLANS OF A NEW WORLD ORDER/GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.  THAT IS WHY YOUR NATION HAS NO FALL-OUT/BLAST SHELTERS AND RUSSIA, CHINA, SWITZERLAND, ETC.  CAN HOUSE THEIR ENTIRE POPULATION UNDER GROUND IN MINUTES!  DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THAT, DID YOU??!!  NOW YOU DO.  GET WORKING ON AND DEMAND THAT YOUR PEOPLE HAVE A NICE ROOT CELLAR TO JUMP INTO ON THAT DAY.  AND THAT YOUR MILITARY BASES AND SCHOOL YARDS HAVE A LITTLE SHELTER TO CROWD INTO SHOULD THE “UNTHINKABLE” HAPPEN DURING BUSINESS HOURS.  AMERICA, YOU CAN SURVIVE A NUCLEAR WAR—IF YOU TAKE A FEW SIMPLE PRECAUTIONS!  SOME FOOD, SOME WATER, A BIT OF COMMUNITY PLANNING—YOU CAN SURVIVE THAT.  ASK THE JAPANESE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOUR ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT DROPPED TWO BOMBS ON THEIR CITIES.  IF YOU HAVE NOT EVEN SIMPLE SHELTERS, YOU WILL PERISH; JUST A FEW FEET OF DIRT OR CONCRET MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!  Let us continue with the JOURNAL quote.)  These ones are further programmed by pulsed beams and will function according to the overall Global Plan 2000.  [I ask that someone in the group send R.S. copies of the tapes of our meeting when W.H. was with us for I believe it was at that session I discussed Yeltsin/Gorbachev.  One reason that there is so much confusion in the Soviet Union this day is because Gorbachev is a many times replaced robotoid and Yeltsin is NOT.  (At THAT time.)  This infuriates the Khazar Elite, and they will destroy the world along with Russia if that is what is required to gain control.  I shall not go into this further for it is like a death contract on my people.  I would hope that you ones can figure some manner in which we can make available some of our sessions such as the ones when “visitors” are in our midst.  The load is simply too great for me to insist so please bear with us for our staff is at the breaking point and I am vastly increasing output, as you can see.  I must leave it to the publisher to decide what to do about the problem of such quantities of material.  Dharma (Doris) and I plan to continue as fast as we can pour it out upon you.]

[Pause quote.]

Jonur, break here, please, and summon when ready to resume our work.  Thank you for your service and renewed dedication.  God walks with all his children; you have only to reach over and take up My hand.  Aton/Hatonn to clear.


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