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11/09/11 HATONN/jonur (ns76)

Good morning.  Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God.  Let us continue, please.



[Resume quote:]  “… A month later, a Colombian bank manger and a navy officer had their car headlights go off when buzzed by a UFO, with the navy man suffering temporary paralysis.  Other South American countries in which similar actions were reported around that time included Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. [61]

“These effects have also been noted to influence the controls and instruments of aircraft, e.g., the pilot of a Piper PH-24 reported that his controls became inoperable when he was approached by three disk-shaped object, 10 to 12 fee in diameter, over Mexico City on May 3, 1975. [62]  Similar cases have been reported by military pilots, illustrated by the classic case of the near mid-air collision of an army helicopter with a UFO on October 18, 1973, over Ohio, where not only did both the UHF and VHF radio wavelengths go dead temporarily, but the downward movement of the helicopter with its four occupants was levitated upward by a green beam from the UFO in time to prevent its crash into the ground. [63]


“In addition to the impedance of radio transmissions and reception, such as that described in the preceding incident, telephone interference has occurred, illustrated by the chagrin of President Lyndon Johnson in having his conversation from the Texas White House cut off while talking to assistants in Washington, D.C.  The ability to render inoperable all electronic forms of communications, including those that control the launching of defense weapons systems, has been considered within the range of UFO capability.  Whether this could extend to the erasing of recorded computer data [Hatonn:  It certainly does!  However, it is your own idiot scientists and Bolsheviks who will be doing the “erasing”.  Remember that the thrust is to remove ALL INFORMATION they don’t want you to have.  They will just blow out all of your equipment and that will be that!  So when you hear about “Sun Flares” and “Electromagnetic Pulses” headed your way—unplug your computers if you want to save your files!  Place back-up discs in a protected container; a bit of forethought can save you much headache.] such as bank records, personnel data, FBI, CIA, and NSA files, along with critical information of every kind, is not beyond the realm of possibility.”


It has long been suspected that UFOs have the capability of blacking out a city, state, or many states by exerting a force field sufficient to overload the circuits of public and private utility installations.  “Few things are more disturbing than to be plunged into pitch darkness without warning; it is dangerous for masses of people.  It paralyzes cities, blocks highways, stops trains, leaves elevators suspended between floors.  In general it simply plays hell with the modern way of life.” [65]  You would think that the power companies would have achieved sufficient reliability in their high tech systems that a mass failure such as that which blacked out New York and New England in 1965 would never happen—but it did.  Although, as we have mentioned before, it was known that UFO activity was associated with disturbances with compasses, instruments, ignition systems, radios, etc., it was inconceivable that it could also interfere with generation and distribution of electrical power.  Such a connection was also inferred in November 1953 when a glowing red object went over a residential area of New Haven, Connecticut, causing lights to dim out on both sides of the object’s path and then come on when it went out of sight.  Power failures were also reported in association with UFOs in Brazil in 1957 to 1959; Rome, Italy, in 1958; and Mexico in 1965.  Likewise, in Uberlandia, where the power station operators promptly closed the circuits when the UFO apparently caused them to open, but it did no good, and they were unable to restore the power until the UFO departed.


The second major disastrous effect the UFO activity, real or imagined, can have on the populace, is the creation for fear, panic, flight, and all kinds of irrational behavior.  We have mentioned already the rather well-documented case of hysterical contagion and mass hysteria created by War of the Worlds, the radio drama by Orson Welles about an invasion of Martians.  It was broadcast on Halloween of 1938 during the period of the invasions of Germany into Austria and Japan into China.  “The drama, realistically presented in the form of news bulletins and interviews concerning an alien spaceship landing in New Jersey, resulted in many kinds of hysterical actions, including thousands of panic-stricken phone calls, wildly fleeing automobiles, and impromptu shotgun brigades.” [68]


“The force field effects on the physical environment—communication, transportation, illumination, and computerized data storage—have already been considered.  We might have added that some physical effects have been observed at locations where UFOs have landed—circular patterns of crops destroyed by heat or radiation and baking or sterilization of the soil at the site.

“On a more practical basis, there may be grounds for concern that more than just the environment can be adversely affected by UFO actions.  While pursuing UFOs, military aircraft have disappeared in mid-air, exploded, and suffered harassment.  Persons on the ground have sustained serious burns, paralysis, and ‘blows’ from a force field, radiated emissions, or rays and beams that have been described like that of a ‘stun-gun’.” [69]


“Near approaches of UFOs can be harmful to human beings.  [H:  This is another manipulation of the facts.  Your secret governments are the ones who spread the “radiation” so that you will fear even the sight of a spacecraft hovering overhead.  “The Panic Project” is a military plan—BY THE BOLSHEVIK ZIONISTS—to usher in their New World Order upon the ashes of American sovereignty.  Do not lose sight of where the Jews are herding the masses of citizenry.]  Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude.  Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed.  In either case, the safe thing to do is to get away from there very quickly and let the military take over.  [H:  Now, seeing that God also has “UFOs”, and Jesus rides in “UFOs”, and Ezekiel’s Wheel is a “UFO”, and a “UFO” led the Hebrews (Judeans/Judaists) out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea, and MY OWN CRAFT, THE PHOENIX (FORMERLY “THE BETHLEHEM STAR”), SHIELDED AND ILLUMINATED THE BABY JESUS IN THE MANGER … does it not seem reasonable that the Luciferians would want to interfere in that little reunion you all have been waiting 2,000 years for ????!!!]  There is a possibility of radiation danger, and there are known cases where persons have been burned by rays emanating from UFOs.  Don’t take chances with UFOs!”

In view of the federal law (cited earlier) empowering NASA’s administrator to impound, without a hearing, anyone who touches a UFO or its occupants, it would be inadvisable to make personal contact unless you are willing to submit to NASA’s quarantine requirements, should the law be invoked.  [End quote.]

Do you now see how vile and evil the Jew is, precious ones?  There has never been a people more heinous and vicious, and who embody all the satanic traits of any devil or witch, than are these so-called Serpent People of your Holy Bible!  NASA has no authority to usurp your CONSTITUTION and DECLARE MILITARY QUARANTINE DICTATORSHIP OVER THE UNITED STATES AND THE CITIZENS OF YOUR REPUBLIC!  Jewish lawyers are an evil that has destroyed countless Christian lives, and they have undermined nation after nation, while conning the masses into giving up everything they own, and eventually—THEIR VERY LIVES!  God will not stand by and idly watch HIS PEOPLE be slaughtered and stripped of their Creator’s Grace in these final days.  Behold, the Trumpets Sound and The HOSTS have gathered in The Heavens!  The hour is here to make thy stand for Godness and the return of The Master Teacher Himself!

After all, did you expect anything lesser on “Judgment Day”?


Hatonn to clear.

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