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New Series 70: All to hide foreign operatives and CIA Mind Control—in both above instances

10/23/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns70)

Good day; Hatonn present in light unto Holy God.  Amen.

As we scan your news of the day, there is much cover-up going on that is intended to hide the true actions taking place.  The New World Order always shields its main objectives in seemingly “ordinary” non-news happenings.

Everything from the murder of a man in Ohio and the killing of “exotic pets”, to bringing drastic new anti-gun laws quickly unto you-the-people, to quietly having the Black youth known as the “Underwear Bomber” (of all silly things) first represent himself, then, before you get a chance to hear anything, he then “suddenly changes his plea from not guilty to guilty” and is tucked away for life.  All to hide foreign operatives and CIA Mind Control—in both above instances.  This is just a tiny fraction of a sample of the gigantic farce being laid out for the world to be confused about.

You see, the Global Government/One World Order cares not, really any more, if their lies and cover stories make any sense.  All they are trying to do is create CHAOS and then CONTROL.  Just like the 60s television show “Get Smart” (produced by the Israeli terrorist group the Stern Gang, of which Henry Kissinger [Stern]’s mother was a very prominent member, indeed!), which featured the strategy of the Jews to first CREATE THE CHAOS—then OFFER THE CONTROL as a solution to the problem they covertly created.  Maxwell Smart is a “CONTROL” agent, and even the show’s title, “Get Smart”, has meaning.  The Illuminati, another name for this bunch of elitists in the higher-ups, refers to “getting smart” as getting illuminated.  This is also what Freemasonry is all about.  The “illuminated ones” at the center—Jewish Freemasonry—are the ones who know what is really happening in the world.  They, in fact, are the cause of the happenings taking place around the world.  It is often said, by them, that “Nothing in politics happens by accident.”  And in actuality, that goes for all things else in all other professions.

“KAOS” is the opposite; they are “The international organization of evil dedicated to murder, crime, and the overthrow of organized governments”—or something to that effect.  They represent the Soviet/Nazi/Communist element when, in fact, BOTH “KAOS” and “CONTROL” are the “communists”.  Even in the comical style in which the stories are portrayed, they are still based on truth in presentation.  For example, when bumbling secret agent, Maxwell Smart, accidentally calls in a “Code-16” instead of “Code-19”, he realizes, after a lot of hoopla—“and about 5,000 dollars”, scolds his chief—that he mistakenly orders an all out alert code Red:  “Invasion From Outer Space”.  Which is quickly cancelled, but you see the detailed preparations of the secret organization, in America, for Alien Attack.  Men, resources, weapons, body armor, fire and rescue crews—instantly ready for an alien invasion.

My point is this:  Know that the world around you is a total fabrication, an illusion designed to mesmerize the masses so that the Luciferian elite can take control of an entire planet.

You can wake up from the impending nightmare simply by opening your eyes and seeing through the illusion.  That means you must study.  Truth is not going to wash over you by osmosis.  And you must ACT, for faith and knowledge without works is nothing, as Jesus told you.  “It is works that make the man, not just faith.”



The Zionists could not let Colonel Gaddafi stand out there any longer because at that moment the rest of the world was beginning to see just WHO was causing all the world’s miseries.  And Libya was in danger of being a model every other nation—including America—could learn from.

The Truth About Libya, by Stephen Goodson, April 4, 2011.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2011 [Quoting:]

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is frequently referred to in the media as a “mad dictator” and “bloody tyrant”, but do these allegations accord with the facts?

Libya consists of over 150 tribes, with the two main groups, the Meghabra living in Tripolitania in the west and the Wafallah living Cyrenaica in the east.  Previous attempts to unite these tribes by the Turkish (1855-1911) and Italian (1911-1943) colonial rulers failed and the country was split in two for administrative purposes.

Oil was discovered in Libya in 1959, but King Idris of the Senussi tribe allowed most of the oil profits to be siphoned into the coffers of the oil companies.  The coup d’etat on 1 September 1969 led by Colonel Gadaffi [Hatonn:  They wish to label him an ego-maniac with grandiose dreams of glory—he did not change his title or rank to admiral or general or fuehrer, or pope.  He remained who he was among his people.  And his clothes are not of a mad man out of touch—they are his homage to “Black Africans”, a people in whom he admired their dress and simple attire.  Colorful and celebrant of heritage, this man was not ever out of touch with “the people”.  However, it was his efforts to make a motion picture about MOHAMMED that really got the Jews scared.  For “Jesus” Immanuel Esu (returning as SANANDA, the Egyptian name for “Christ”) prophesized to the Pharisees of His coming 500 YEARS later.  And He said that Mohammed’s name would mean “death” to the Khazars and they would fear greatly this man and for all times.  And deservingly so, Jesus said, for the Khazar Jews deserved this for murdering all God’s Prophets who came before.  The Pharisees were both scared and enraged and beat Jesus most severely before he was taken out, beaten some more, and finally crucified.] had countrywide support.  He subsequently married a woman from the royal Barqa tribe and adroitly unified the nation.

By retaining Libya’s oil wealth for the benefit of all its people, Gaddafi had created a socialist paradise.  There is no unemployment, Libya has the highest GDP in Africa, less than 5% of the population is classified as poor, and it has fewer people living below the poverty datum line than, for example, Holland.  Life expectancy is 75 years and is the highest in Africa, and 10% above the world average.

With the exception of the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, most Libyan families possess a house and a car.  There is free health care and education and, not surprisingly, Libya has a literacy rate of 82%.  Last year Gaddafi distributed $500 to each man, woman, and child (population 6.5 million).  [H:  Do you now completely understand "media blackout”?  Do you see how incredibly effective a tool CONTROL OF THE MEDIA BY THE JEWS REALLY IS?  Not a one of you knew ALL this, did you?]

Libya has a tolerable human rights record and stands at 61 on the International Incarceration Index, comparable with countries in central Europe (the lower the rating, the lower the standing—the USA occupies the no. 1 spot!).  [H:  You have the most people in prison of anyone in the world!  The Jews want to be sure all the “potential trouble-makers” are out of the way.  And as for racial make-up—the vast majority in every single one of them is BLACK MEN!  This has a profound effect on family structure and keeps any hint of unity of Black spirituality smothered.  The Jews know that a united African-American front, in whatever form, is a disaster for their plans.  The spirituality and unquestioned belief in the existence of God is a wall and light shield the Luciferian Jew cannot breach.  Therefore, any pretext—false accusations, bribed judges and witnesses, racism in small southern towns, big city bigots, and every kind of drug offense that can be drawn up (real or a setup)—are used to lock up the young male population.  Even gang “affiliation” will be a crime punishable by prison—again, real or setup.  But don’t anyone feel left out—White people are beginning to be rounded up also in now record numbers.  Particularly in new drug and gun law violations created by the Jews specifically for that purpose!  And let us not forget all these secret (or I should say, not so secret) CONCENTRATION CAMPS THAT HAVE SUDDENLY SPRUNG UP IN THE COUNTRYSIDES WITH RAZOR-WIRE TO KEEP HUGE MASSES OF THE U.S. POPULATION—BLACK, WHITE, WHATEVER—SECURELY INSIDE!  They are NOT for “prison overcrowding”, as was told to ones who have seen them or people who have worked on them.  UN troops will need somewhere to put you when they pop out of the desert in your Midwest, or come out of the woods along the Mississippi River or up from your southern border in tanks and armored personnel carriers.  I am not telling you “doom and gloom”; I am telling you THE PLAN in truth so you can do something about it!  Whether it is a MASSIVE AIDS EPIDEMIC THAT SWEEPS THE NATION, a sudden EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINATION FROM SPACE ALIENS, AN ALL-CONSUMING CIVIL RACE WAR EXTENDING FROM COAST TO COAST—WHATEVER THE EXCUSE WILL BE—THOSE FACILITIES ARE AMERICAN INTERNMENT CAMPS!  Do not ignore them, they won’t simply “go away”.  The Jews hate you Christians and they “plan” to do worse to you than they did to your God!  So be it!]  There is hardly any crime and only rebels and traitors are dealt with harshly.

Anyone who has read Gaddafi’s Little Green Book will realize that he is a thoughtful and enlightened leader.  Libya has been accused of having committed numerous acts of terrorism in the past, but many of these have been perpetrated by foreign intelligence agencies as false flag operations—the Lockerbie bombing being a prime example.

The CIA and MI-6 and their frontmen have been stoking dissent in the east of the country for almost 30 years.  Libya produces exceptionally high quality light crude oil, and its production cost of $1 a barrel is the lowest in the world.

Riba (usury) is not permitted.  The central bank of Libya is wholly-owned by the Libyan Government and is run as a state bank, issuing all government loans free of interest.  This is in contrast to the exploitative fractional reserve banking system [H:  At another sitting I will explain Fractional Reserve Banking.  It is a “legal” sleight-of-hand maneuver that, when coupled with the use of INTEREST, has devastated your nation and world and cleaned out your bank accounts.  Suffice it to say, money you put in the bank is loaned out, but a fraction of it is kept, 5% let us say.  The “loaned out” money ends up in someone else’s bank and 95% of that money is loaned out, etc.  It can be done 20 times or more—“20 to 1” fractional reserve left to loan out, down to zero, as the original sum is filtered back into the economy.  However, it has been multiplied twenty times its original value—$1,000 has become $20,000, for instance.  But how they really get you is HOLDING “BANKS” where large sums are kept, like Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and things like that.  The holding company buys it (the assets) from your bank, and the holding company goes broke loaning the money to Third-World countries, AND MAKES SURE THEY SQUANDER THE MONEY AWAY.  “Sorry, we lost all your assets; it was the holding company’s fault.”  I am putting that very simply for now, just to make the point.  The International Banksters have figured all this out—CENTURIES AGO.  Remember their name in Jesus’ day?  The Money-Changers.  And the “Red Shield” family of German Jews, the Bauer family, became the “Rothschild” (“red-shield”) Dynasty of Zionist Banksters—worse than any little gangland “mafias” you are familiar with.  We will discuss this dynasty in a moment.] of the West.  The no-fly zone and the bombing of Libya have nothing to do with the protection of civilians.  It is an act of war, a blatant and crude attempt by the oil corporations and international bankers to steal the wealth of Libya.  [End quote.]

Jonur, let us have a break, please.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.  SALU.

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