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New Series 96: This is the introduction of PHOENIX JOURNAL #233-04, The PLEIADES CONNECTION X(?): Man’s Relation To The Stars. Much of the truth of your history of your relationship to “The Star People” and “The Bird Tribes” has been taken from you and made “illegal” to reprint. However, we will duplicate the material because TRUTH CANNOT BE COPYWRITTEN, and your immortal soul’s progression depends on it!

3/09/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns96)

Good evening, Hatonn present to continue.  Salu.


This is the introduction of PHOENIX JOURNAL #233-04, The PLEIADES CONNECTION X(?):  Man’s Relation To The Stars.  Much of the truth of your history of your relationship to “The Star People” and “The Bird Tribes” has been taken from you and made “illegal” to reprint.  However, we will duplicate the material because TRUTH CANNOT BE COPYWRITTEN, and your immortal soul’s progression depends on it!  Care will be taken to minimize the scrutiny of the adversary’s lawyers; however, no compromise will be surrendered, and our thrust is to only bring the truth to a war-weary planet in the grips of the very beast itself.

If I briefly mention Sir Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, St. Germain, and topics on Light, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to look these things and people up.  The elite conspirators do not want you ones to know truth, so the Jewish lawyers will pull anything to cause it to be "illegal” to mention such topics.  You have a nation founded under Godly principles and guaranteed human rights to know.  Now is the time to place your CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS to their greatest tests!

You in the United States of America are a free people, and yet, your freedoms have all been taken away by the British and the Israeli agents who have usurped your government.  Do not allow the swindle of your property and industry and money (gold, or what few trinkets you have managed to hold on to) to empty out your very nation of you-the-people.  God Aton is your Leader, Master, Governor, and King; it is His beloved Kingdom you must stand up and reclaim in His honor.  Be worthy of the life you have been given, by Grace, and reclaim that which is your birthright!

The “Jews” do not like your God nor do they care for His “son”, your Holy Christ (Immanuel Esu “Jesus”, now returned as SANANDA), and they have sworn themselves to see to your destruction.  Do not forget that!

Israeli prime minister/President Benjamin Netanyahu is a representative of the Luciferian Khazars (again, not the Judean Hebrew tribes of your Holy Bible).  The thrust of the Khazar stolen nation of Palestine, now labeled Israel, is to get America into yet another “Universal War”, as they label it.  The Iranians do not blame you as “The Great Satan”; it is Israel who has that title!  Your nation merely shares the title of the “little Satan” as their stooge and puppet.  President Obama has separated America from the evil that is of the Khazars, and it is up to you now to prove, once again, that America is the standard of truth in a world that is built on lies of the adversary.

Who will take the banner of truth and light and hold it before the world?  America is the “chosen nation of God” of light.  Should not His people be the ones to REINTRODUCE Godliness to the world???  How will you repay your Master Teacher (Jesus) for speaking in thy behalf?  God did His part, what will you give in return?  Satanists and Luciferians have control of your daily lives, and they now program your children to be evil in intent of breaking the laws.  Is it not your responsibility to reclaim that which God gave you to sow?

These next series of PHOENIX JOURNALS will deal with man’s connection with the Star People, the humans who keep God first and uppermost in their thoughts.  The Jewish Khazars are hell-bent in their ambitions to turn you into immoral heathens who serve the baser instincts of mankind.  The spiritual aspect is put asunder while sex, irresponsible behavior, crime, and lying become the “norm”.  Homosexuality, feminism, and criminal sexual conduct against children have become the way of life for you so-called “civilized” peoples, and yet, no one knew it was THE PLAN of your adversary from the beginning.


The cyclic changes of your section of the universe (or sector of outer space-cosmos) is upon you now, and they will coincide with your Jewish adversary’s tricks to take control of the planet by force.

The Jewish Israeli Lobby groups are the vipers who hold your nation hostage.  Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli President, is blustering to the world that “I will not let my people live under the threat of annihilation.”  However, it is you who the Jewish Khazars need to do the fighting!  “You are me, I am you ….”  Even President Barack Obama had to focus his thoughts to keep a straight face on that one!  It may be difficult for Whites, Arabs and “Jews”—both Hebrew Judean and Khazar—to tell what the intent of some of their people is.  But Black people can better see the inner truth in another race or ethnic nationality.  Just as with any Aboriginal Tribe, the oral tradition and deeply ingrained SPIRITUAL COMMUNION is always there.



Jews consider “war” a “harvest” for Jews.  This by their own admission, so who might the losers be in this perpetual war game?  Your Luciferian adversary has so fooled the masses to this end, that you rarely question their push for the United States to rush into war after war after war.  And since EVERYBODY has the bomb—forget what they tell you about so-and-so trying to acquire one—the lies in your Jewish-controlled media are to start a war.  The stories and scripts made to order by the self-titled “Boardroom Bolsheviks” are in no way reflecting the truth of your world’s true circumstance.



How far do you suppose a “conventional war” will go before someone presses that “button”?  The elitists of your planet have made preparations to hopefully ride out the global storm of World War III/Nuclear War I.  They KNOW any strike by you, and either or both Russia and China will attack America.  Their people can survive in underground shelters—STOCKED WITH YOUR FOOD AND GRAIN FOR THEIR SURVIVAL!!  You ones in the U.S. are fed a steady diet of poison lies, while the planners get ready to try to program you for the next (last, as the case is more likely to be!) war.

Israel is not, and never has been, your friend.  They despise Christianity and Christians.  Their only aim is to see you murdered and have a few slaves to worship at their feet.  The United States you claim to love, and have honor and have reverence for, is slated for the executioner’s block.  The Jews have sold out America to try and gain the planet through a final “Universal War”.  And then, from secret military bases in the Southern Hemisphere, they hope to rule over what is left of the world with advanced stealth and Star Wars weapons on navy ships and submarines.

Russia and China are also Space Super Power nations.  Though Russia surpasses everyone because of Rockefeller and Soviet Cold War spying, the UFO is still going to be played in the end.  And right now you-the-people do not know about that yet.  THIS is when they can fool you.  When “flying saucers” and “glowing lights in the sky” are witnessed to have blown up a city or two, and seen to have “apparently” shot down your rockets and fighter planes, then you will be told you are under attack by creatures and beings from another planet.

But that underlying Soviet space technology, from Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago, is still there.  You do not know what it can do.  “Magic” and “supernatural” do not begin to describe the false labels your minds will conjure up.  For you see, you have been programmed to respond in panic.  It is called:  THE PANIC PROJECT!  For goodness sakes, obviously it is going to be a big one.



A very vocal journalist was shining a light on the Zionist Jewish influence in political and Hollywood circles.  The lack of “positive role models” in the entertainment world, and the rampant criminal sexual activities perpetrated by government representatives—representing you Americans on Capitol Hill!  Homosexual houses of prostitution, using tax-payer apartments, drivers, and telephones by ones like Barney Frank, and the wild sex-capades of Anthony Weiner, were brought to light by Andrew Breitbart.

As his focus came to the dirty dealings of the Israel Lobbies against America, the Israelis got nervous and a Mossad hit team “took him out” not far from his home in California.  Just as a microwave oven causes things to heat up from the inside outwards (the water it contains), a human heart can be made to literally “explode” in the targeted victim’s chest.  This was how George Herbert Walker Bush was killed at the State dinner, when he threw up at the table and DIED.  Those at the party, like Lee Iacoca of the car manufacturing industry, can testify to the assassination—and subsequent flying in of “a replacement” REPLICA.  Which, incidentally, was replacing yet another replica, many times replacing the original slain Bush, Sr.

Accidents and “natural causes” have become the spy world’s method of assassination in this new era of “silent killing” using space age technology.  Invisible, focused microwave beams and pulses can kill just as surely as a bullet fired from a gun .  Today, in the Star Wars world that secretly controls each and every one of you, heart attacks, quick acting cancer, AND EVEN DRUG OVERDOSES are used as a means for getting rid of enemies.



The first “British Invasion” that I am referring to is that of The Beetles and “rock music”.  The beetles themselves did not write those first songs that were played over and over again to get your children hooked.  The intent was to number 1)  Separate the parents from their children.  Using secret code words for drugs (such as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” or LSD), and generating catch phrases like “teenager” and adults being “square”.  Intent number 2)  Create a youth generation of “Flower Children” and “Drop Outs” to castrate your nation’s patriotic human resources.

You must understand, BEFORE the so-called British Invasion of rock music with cryptic and explicit lyrics, all American kids wanted to grow up and be just like their dad, or little girls wanted to be just like their mothers.  Families were close-knit and religion was an accepted norm in practically any household or farm.  Then, in just few short years, it all changed dramatically.

Movies were made with such as James Dean, the original “Rebel Without A Cause”, disrespecting BOTH MOTHER AND FATHER, and even slapping old “Mr. Howell” (the “Millionaire” from the television sitcom “Gilligan's Island”) around in the presence of the boy’s hysterical mother!  Do you remember that this “bad boy” image was immortalized on a famous Hollywood collector’s edition poster featuring Dean?  Disheveled, “high” on something, and obviously “looking for trouble”, this became THE image for young boys to copy.  This replaced the respecting and the honoring of thy Mother and Father, and it is this one “invasion” upon your shores of America that did the most damage to your security as a free nation.

As you can see in all the British accents ordering you around, and judging your talent shows, and giving you your “world news” from around the globe, the British influence has steadily grown over the years.  The Grammy Awards was swept by this young singer because of the inspiration and the exceptional quality of her work.  She even overshadowed the so-called music greats who hail from Britain.  Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and even the new “it girl”, Adel.  Whitney Houston won more than the Zionist’s “chosen” idols could have ever done, and MI-6 (Military Intelligence Division Six/British Intelligence) was called in to “fix” the problem.

Why do the regular druggies and satanists never have overdoses?  Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is never found passed out, or choking on his own vomit.  There are numerous ways of killing someone and making it LOOK LIKE a drug overdose.  Just like a man of good health, can suddenly drop dead in the street because of “sudden heart arrhythmia”.  The Jews use their position as CHRISTIAN DOCTORS to better learn how to kill off your people.



The rest of the world basically knows that Israel is “The Great Satan”.  It is only Americans who do not get unfiltered news.  The only difference is that you in the U.S. have a media broadcast system to get the word out.  They don’t.  You have a voice that reaches the rest of the world.  Your CONSTITUTION guarantees you the Right To Free Speech and Freedom Of The Press.  The communist (Jewish, Soviet, socialist, Marxist, Bolshevik, KGB, MI-6, CIA, etc., etc.) countries allow no such nonsense as freedom anything.  And free speech is definitely a no-no to the elite Jewish conspirators!

“UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2011-March 2012, A French Kiss To Netanyahu, By Roy Tov.  [Quoting:]

[Mathew 26:49-50  And forthwith he came to Jesus, and said, “Hail, master”; and kissed him.  And Jesus said unto him, “Friends, wherefore art thou come?”  Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus and took him.]

The Kiss

Governments seldom make true statements; this best seen in the contradictions they often create.  In “‘Hold Me Back,’ Shouts Netanyahu”, I commented on the French President Sarkozy’s words of Nov 3, when he claimed that his country would not stand idly by “if Israel’s existence were threatened.”  Days later, during the G20 meeting in Cannes, Sarkozy was caught by a microphone while saying to President Obama that he can’t support Netanyahu and that Netanyahu is a liar.  The mainstream media—like CNN—reported the microphone had been left open erroneously and that the broadcast had created a delicate situation among these three allies.  “You are fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you,” Mr. Obama replied.  The Israeli prime minister’s office refused to comment.  The remarks were first reported by a French Web site, Arrêt Sur Images, on Monday.  They were subsequently confirmed by The Associated Press, which had a representative among those who overheard the conversation.  Reuters also confirmed the comments.

If one were an innocent kid, it would be possible to claim both statements do not contradict.  Sarkozy can support Israel while despising Netanyahu.  Such a benevolent attitude would ignore the fact neither Netanyahu nor Sarkozy work in a vacuum.  Their declarations and statements are part of a government team work; they lead the respective teams, but they are not tyrants.  Declarations regarding international issues are carefully weighed.

Claiming the broadcast was unknown to Sarkozy and thus there is no contradiction between the statements would be naïve.  If Sarkozy’s words had been uttered by error, they would have been suppressed.  Both America and France have proved in many occasions as being able to manipulate the media.  The Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Affair and the subsequent criminal attack by the USA on Iraq is a good example of that.  Most information provided by the American government on that event proved as being nothing but deliberate lies.

There is no choice but to conclude Sarkozy gave Netanyahu a Judas kiss.  Judas Iscariot kissed Jadas Iscariot.  [Hatonn:  Even that story of the one you call “Jesus” was not told as events actually transpired.  There were TWO “JUDAS’S”.  One was Immanuel’s dear, dear friend and chief “disciple”/friend; the other was the son of a Pharisee, who had a similar name.  It was this Khazar Pharisee “Jew” who received the 30 pieces of silver, and later hung himself in what would become known as “The Potter’s Field”.  So right from the beginning the Jews were pulling little tricks in front of your eyes!]

Sarkozy:  “Netanyahu is a liar.”  It made headlines worldwide.

Can Netanyahu blackmail the US, the UK and France to attack Iran?  Netanyahu seems keen on destroying Iran, and would be delighted to Wag the Dog [H:  Also a movie with Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman called “Way The Dog” about Hollywood/Media teaming up with Israeli spies to “rewrite history”.  The media is shown step-by-step, being totally manipulated by “story writers”.  They are, I would guess, the media “tail” wagging the big U.S./Pentagon “dog”???!  The “Big Satan”, Israel, wagging the “Little Satan”, America.  You are not even classified as “Satan” anymore; the Arab world knows you are dealing with the false “Jews” of Revelation 2:9, 3:9, and President Obama RESPECTS Islam, so there is HOPE coming even from the so-called enemy camp.  If America is ready for a “Black” President, then the U.S. deserves a second look to see if freedom, human rights, and free speech are not dead in the world!  If you were birthed as a nation under God and Liberty for All, then why can you not do so again?!] by forcing its allies to do the dirty work for him.  [End quoting.]



The explosions you witnessed after the four reactors went offline (also by design; that’s where the Israeli Super Virus called “Stuxnet” comes into the picture) were the result of small atomic bombs placed onsite as special “security cameras”.  The virus was to make sure the reactors would provide an effective “smoke screen”.  Just as with the 9/11 Trade Center Attacks, the story of the Arab hijackers and the doomed airliners’ last heroic minutes was a fraud perpetrated against the American people!  These events—along with even Pearl Harbor ARE STAGED POLITICAL TRAGEDIES.  This is HOW the Jew creates dissention and mistrust between tribal and national boundaries.  They (the Jews) give you all you need to BORROW so you can go fight a war that never existed in the first place!  If this is not a good example of the anti-Christ at work, I don’t know what is!

Report:  Japan not hit by 9.0 quake, false flag nuclear weaponry actually destroyed Fukushima.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2011-March 2012.  [Quoting:]

(Natural News)  What if the alleged 9.0+ magnitude mega-earthquake that was said to have hit off the coast of Japan back on March 11 never actually happened, and the resultant tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was actually a deliberate, false flag attack using nuclear weapons?  Freelance journalist Jim Stone offers compelling evidence that the official story we have all been told concerning the disaster is a phony cover-up for a concerted attack against Japan, possibly for offering to enrich uranium for Iran.

An actual 9.0+ mega-quake would have leveled the whole country of Japan

Consider first the massive impact of an actual 9.0 magnitude earthquake, which would have been about 100 times more powerful than the 6.8 magnitude Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995 that destroyed much of the city of Kobe, located about 12.5 miles from the epicenter, and that killed more than 6,400 people.  If the March 11 earthquake in Japan was actually a 9.0, it would have devastated everything within a 1,000 mile radius of the epicenter—and yet the city of Sendi, for example, which is only about 48 miles from the epicenter, suffered virtually no structural damage whatsoever.

Truth be told, the only areas that suffered any significant damage at all were areas hit by the tsunami, which included the Fukushima nuclear plant.  Besides the immense damage that occurred at the tsunami-hit nuclear plant, there was virtually no seismic damage in any other towns or cities near the epicenter that were not hit by the tsunami, which suggests that the earthquake could not have been anywhere close to a 9.0.  According to Stone’s review, the size of the earthquake that hit off Japan’s coast actually registered at only about a 6.67 magnitude, according to some readings, while the tsunami that ensued was the equivalent of what would have occurred during an actual 9.0.

Cities and towns hit by tsunami appeared strangely unaware that it was even coming

Another factor to consider is that the towns and cities hit by the tsunami appeared to be largely unaware that it was even coming until moments before it arrived.  If a 9.0 earthquake had actually hit as claimed, these areas would have not only experienced monumental destruction beforehand, but people living in them would have already been evacuating the area between when the earthquake supposedly hit and roughly 40 minutes later when the tsunami actually arrived.

Various video clips and photos in towns and cities about to be hit by the approaching tsunami reveal that business was largely taking place as usual just minutes before it hit.  People are shown walking around, buildings are intact, and little appears to be out of place, despite the fact that a mega-quake has supposedly just occurred.  Take a look for yourself at Stone’s information, as well as photos and videos captured, and think to yourself whether or not the official story makes sense in light of what actually took place.  (See [online] at

The damage at Fukushima, and particularly at non-operational Reactor 4, could not have occurred simply from flooding or an earthquake

According to Stone’s analysis, the damage that took place at the Fukushima nuclear facility could not have been the result of just flooding or even a 9.0 earthquake, assuming that one actually occurred.  High-resolution aerial images of the damaged plant taken on March 24 show not only a completely missing Reactor 3, despite ongoing reports that it was still there, but also a completely demolished Reactor 4.

Remember the massive explosion that took place at Reactor 3 just a few days after the tsunami hit?  (See [online] at youtube.)  Blamed on hydrogen buildup, this disastrous event could not have occurred as a result of damage caused by the earthquake or tsunami because a special emergency hydrogen stack designed specifically to deal with hydrogen buildup had been installed at Fukushima following the disastrous Three Mile Island [in the United States] accident.  This special hydrogen stack does not require electricity to run, so it was fully operational during the time of the explosion and would have mitigated any hydrogen buildup.

And what about the mysterious Reactor 4 explosion, which occurred despite the fact that the reactor had been de-fueled, and was allegedly non-operational?  Even in a worst-case scenario where its fuel rods completely melt down, the type of explosion that would follow would not be capable of literally disintegrating Reactor 4’s thick, concrete walls, which is what actually occurred.  And Reactor 4 was so heavily damaged by this explosion that it was expected to literally collapse.

So what caused these massive explosions in Reactor 3 and 4 to occur?  According to Stone, nuclear weaponry was used to forcibly demolish these structures.  Magna BSP, a security firm [H:  An Israeli “security firm”], allegedly installed massive “security cameras” inside the reactors prior to the disaster.  These cameras weighed over 1,000 pounds, and look oddly similar to URANIUM GUN-TYPE NUCLEAR BOMBS.  [H:  Emphasis added.]

When you put two and two together, it appears as though nuclear weapons disguised as security cameras may have been used to blow up Fukushima’s reactors.  Perhaps this explains the reason for the information blackout on Reactor 4 that occurred in the days following the disaster.

Add to the mix a nuclear-induced tsunami and corresponding earthquake, and you have the perfect scapegoat for deliberately targeting a nuclear facility and blaming it on natural causes.

A critical analysis of the facts actually makes the official story look like a conspiracy theory

Before dismissing this information as just another wacky conspiracy theory, take the time to review Stone’s analysis, and think critically about the basic laws of physics in light of the information we have been told by the media.  Would a real 9.0 earthquake have left nearby cities that were not hit by the tsunami undamaged?  Why did the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) withhold crucial information about Reactor 4 for so long?  And why did such massive damage occur from supposed explosions that, in reality, could not have physically caused it?  [End quoting.]

The last paragraph of this article is accidentally partly blocked, so I will end it here.  They are composed of Special “Delta” Teams, as well as the “action” or “force teams” of other nations—BUT IT IS THE ISRAELI MOSSAD WHO ARE THE GOD-LESS MASTER TERRORISTS OF THE WORLD!



All the sudden tensions heating up in your OPIUM WAR—Heroin comes from opium poppy flowers (Remember the Beetle’s “Strawberry Fields Forever” lyrics?  Opium poppies are referred to as the strawberry fields), and it sells for ONE MILLION DOLLARS A POUND.  What’s more, I repeat, the daily price of gold is set to the price of an ounce of raw opium—in Hong Kong.

The random shootings and burning the Koran are Israeli Mossad “incidents” that can be used to get a real war started!  The….  [To be continued.]

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