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New Series 97: There is great urgency that all ones receiving of this information directly call and write, or go online Social Media to “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc. The topic of utmost importance this day, to your United States of America Under God, is the closing of Selfridge Air Field outside of Detroit, in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

       3/20/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns97)

[First, conclusion to previous writing from 3/9/12] … while intent of the Israelis is to take ALL OF THE ARAB WORLD, not just Palestine. It is becoming obvious to your citizenry that you have no logical reason to be there OTHER than to run and control the drug trade for the British East India Company. That is how the British Crown REALLY made its fortune. And the original drug cartel continues on … right through your medical associations and on into the hospitals. That is why Jews all want to be a doctor with many Christian patients! It is the same with lawyers, so that they can relieve the Christians of their property.

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[Now, from 3/20/12] Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God/Aton of The ONE Source. 
There is great urgency that all ones receiving of this information directly call and write, or go online Social Media to “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc. The topic of utmost importance this day, to your United States of America Under God, is the closing of Selfridge Air Field outside of Detroit, in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Just as EDWARDS AIRFORCE BASE (FORMERLY “MUROC” ARMY AIR FIELD) in California, is vitally strategic in importance to “We” of the Space “Command”, Selfridge ANG (Air National Guard base) in Michigan is of importance as well.

First, I want to get this newspaper article out to the rest of your nation. Michigan is where you have the best fresh-water resource for people, fish, and industry. YOUR “MIDDLE-CLASS” OF HENRY FORD WAS BIRTHED FROM THE MASS-PRODUCED AUTO EMPIRE. The Jews, whom he wrote about in his newspaper “The Dearborn Independent”, want to destroy America’s ability to feed itself (the completely crazy “Farm Subsidies”—which throw away your grain, or GIVE it to Russia or China—while your citizens go hungry!) and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, DEFEND ITSELF!

I will comment at the end of the article so that you can see, with your own eyes and comprehension, the Israeli Jewish Khazarian intent to crush your Christian Nation!



Ron Dzwonkowski, “The Detroit Free Press”, Sunday, March 18, 2012 [Quote:]
Selfridge cuts would affect whole state

Not so long ago, when America’s biggest worry was a nuclear attack coming from Russia, Michigan was on the front lines of national defense. The Pentagon kept bombers near Alpena, Marquette and the Soo, and fighters and other planes at Selfridge Air National Guard Base outside Mt. Clemens. Much of the Upper Peninsula was wired with a huge antenna used to contact atomic-powered submarines.
Times change. Threats, too. The Wurtsmith, Sawyer and Kincheloe air bases are long-closed. The U.P.’s Project ELF (extremely low frequency)/Seafarer has been dismantled. And now Selfridge, the last major military installation in Michigan, is in line for substantial shrinkage that could put it on the chopping block.

You got a problem with that? Michigan’s entire U.S. House delegation does, and these 15 folks who usually split along party lines said so last week in a rare unanimous letter. While acknowledging that the Department of Defense, like every other department in Washington, needs to whack spending, our Congress folks pointed out that 59% of the aircraft cuts planned by the Air Force are coming out of the Air National Guard, which represents just 35% of our air power and 5% of the Air Force budget.
“Incomprehensible”, they said.

Unfair, too, given the ever-shrinking DOD presence in Michigan, which ranks last among states in defense personnel per capita and which doesn’t need such an economic hit just as we are creeping out of a disastrous recession.

But this is also about how the federal government meets its constitutional mandate to “provide for the common defense” in our scary post-9/11 world of enemies who want to hit us where we live.
U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, the five-term Republican congresswomen whose district includes Selfridge, said Friday that the Department of Homeland Security has been “tremendously beefing up” at the base and working with the Michigan Air National Guard contingent there on border security efforts.
“I am not making arguments in a parochial way,” said Miller, who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee and is certainly concerned about the potential job losses at Selfridge. Rather, she said, the Air Force has to look at what is “most cost-effective” for national defense, an area where the Air National Guard has a huge advantage over active duty forces, the needs of Homeland Security along “our long liquid border” with Canada, and what will be America’s best strategies for national defense in the 21st Century.

Maj. Gen. Gregory Vadnais, commander of the 159-unit Michigan Army and Air National Guard, said the Guard “is not a sacred cow” in the defense budget.

“But what are the requirements of our national military strategy and our national security strategy … and who can provide it in the most cost-effective manner?” he said.

The Pentagon wants to eliminate 24 Air National Guard jets at Selfridge and bring in four refueling tanker planes.

The 100th Airlift Wing at Battle Creek is also supposed to be eliminated, with that field getting a drone aircraft operation.

“You have to start asking the question: If you’re not flying airplanes out of a base, why are you keeping the base?” Vadnais said.

Which is why it’s so crucial to block this plan now, before the shutdown of Selfridge becomes inevitable.

“The battle is fully engaged,” promised Miller.
The next skirmish may come Tuesday, when U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee and also has raised questions about how the proposed cuts were decided, questions Air Force brass at a hearing in Washington.

Both Miller and Vadnais said they have been told by Air Force leaders that cuts are falling disproportionately hard on the Air National Guard because “it’s their turn.”

Well, that’s a terrible standard for making decisions on such a vital issue.

The thing about a strong National Guard, whether on the ground or overhead, is that most of its people are here, living among us, most of the time. And that is where they will be if, heaven forbid, we should ever need them. In a world that seems fraught with disasters, natural and man-made, this doesn’t seem like the time to be moving resources off the home front.


“Permit me to control a nation’s MONEY SUPPLY and I care not who makes its laws.” The Zionist Khazar false “Jews” use “budget cuts” and “It’s your turn to sacrifice” to conquer nations. The Rothschild dictum above is the Jew’s method of getting within the governmental and social structure of a country—in order to destroy it.

Selfridge ANG/“Selfridge Field”, is a most important STRATEGIC MILITARY BASE FOR ALL OF NORTH AMERICA, not just the upper “Midwest”. The Great Lakes, and the availability to coordinate NATIONAL DEFENSE FROM YOUR VAST OPEN WATER WAY, is WHY Selfridge was situated on the lower “thumb” of the lower peninsula in the first place. If you look at AND STUDY your United States—FROM A STRATEGIC STANDPOINT—you will find that, in an invasion from a foreign ENEMY, TROOPS WOULD CHOOSE THIS LOCATION AS AN ENTRY POSITION. IT IS A VITAL COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL PORT, AND CRIPPLING ACCESS TO IT MEANS DOOM FOR YOUR NATION.

The life-line of commerce, as well as military defense, is crucial to the AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY—WHICH IS THE BIRTHPLACE OF YOUR “MIDDLE CLASS”—and Detroit is ground zero!

Even spiritually, Detroit and Selfridge Field represent the soul of the “American Dream”—not only for Americans as a whole, but for respect and inspired (“in-spirit”) HOPE for ALL nations of the planet. For it is this one segment of the United States that holds the key to economic leadership and stability in a rapidly changing world. The ability of ordinary Americans to own a home and a car and provide for their families came out of the industrial base of the fresh water metropolis, AND SELFRIDGE, which is just a canoe paddle upstream.


Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge was the first military casualty of that fantastic new invention, the aero-plane. While flying with one of the Wright brothers, Lt. Selfridge was representing the United States’ interest in heavier-than-air aircraft capability.

A control wire snapped and the pilot crash-landed the “Wright Flyer”; the Wright brother at the controls was critically injured and would be hospitalized for months. Selfridge, however, was mortally wounded and, shortly thereafter, died. He is honored as the first of the Army Air Corps to be killed in service in an aircraft. “Selfridge Field” was named for the young lieutenant, and The Spirit of the adventurous “soldier of the air” was born.
Therefore, it was not a haphazard decision to locate Selfridge Air National Guard Base in the precise location it is in for NATIONAL DEFENSE—AIRBORNE OR LAND AND SEA INVASIONS. On many levels—lower Michigan, the Detroit River, Lake St. Claire, and the entrance by waterway into the American Midwest—this base is VITAL to U.S. sovereignty.


And while the “shell game” of which base is next continues, UNITED NATIONS AND THEIR “COMMUNIST” TROOPS have standing orders to be brought in as “Peace Keepers” to put down any AMERICAN uprising, civil rioting, and terrorist disaster. And believe me, precious ones, it will be the Bolshevik Zionist “Jews” who will be the instigators IN ALL INCIDENTS!
Even “Homeland Security”—which is a Communist-controlled and conceived (illegal under the U.S. CONSTITUTION) agency—will be used to put shackles on law-abiding American citizens. The Global 2000 Genocide Plan IS FOR YOU-THE-PEOPLE, NOT FOR THY PERCEIVED ENEMIES ACROSS THE BORDER AND IN DISTANT LANDS—THAT ARE TRULY NONE OF AMERICA’S BUSINESS. Your Founding Fathers warned of meddling in and taking up the causes of other nations. And Israel is a prime example of how bad it has become for you to do so!

Jonur, break here, please. Hatonn moving to standby. Salu.

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