Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Series 98: All that is presently stopping “Universal War”, as the Zionist Bolsheviks (Khazar “Jews”) call it, is President Obama’s dealings with integrity with Russia, China, and the whole of the Arab world. The plans have been laid long ago for a global confrontation that would engulf the nations of the world, and ultimately put the evil Jews of ancient Khazaria in control of all that would be left.

                             3/27/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns98)

Good morning, Jonur; Hatonn present in Holy Light of The CREATOR Source. Let us continue with the day’s lesson plan, please. Salu!

                         TODAY’S WATCH

All that is presently stopping “Universal War”, as the Zionist Bolsheviks (Khazar “Jews”) call it, is President Obama’s dealings with integrity with Russia, China, and the whole of the Arab world. The plans have been laid long ago for a global confrontation that would engulf the nations of the world, and ultimately put the evil Jews of ancient Khazaria in control of all that would be left.

Israel’s Netanyahu can no longer twist the United States into doing its dirty work as world-wide aggressor. As he tried to justify to your government, the “need” to start YET ANOTHER WAR in the Middle East, it became obvious to Americans—AND THE REST OF THE WORLD—that “The Great Satan” is, in fact, the Israelis.

Everyone is watching to see what the Bolshevik Jewish military planners are going to do next. And in the meantime, the nations talk behind the scenes about Israeli lies and naked aggression on innocent civilians in order to create the final spark to ignite the war.

I wish to take up this morning’s writings to catch up on Current Events, so that you may have the puzzle pieces to fit together of the evil and insidious plot to enslave (and ultimately destroy) an entire planet. Satan’s little angels have been indeed busy of late!


The Florida, self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, who gunned down a Black teen in the gated community where the youth was visiting relatives, was being protected by the police department as they tried to cover the facts of the shooting.

It is common knowledge that Florida, like New York, is a Jewish stronghold in your nation. The cold-blooded killing by police of Black children is also a “common occurrence” in U.S. cities. The fact that the 911 call was made public, and everyone heard the dispatcher ordering the shooter not to follow the boy, pointed out that a personal desire to engage “the Black male” was the thrust.

Zimmerman, a Khazar, even had help from the police to make it look like he was a model citizen with “a clean record”. When, in fact, he was known to be antagonistic—with the police! He regularly called them—more than 40 times—to report people whom HE STALKED, PARTICULARLY “BLACKS”. He used racial slurs and derogatory language, indicating ON PUBLIC RECORD his contempt for African Americans in “his” community.

And as always, the Khazar Jews use their resources to try to paint a different picture when ever one of their own is caught revealing his true nature. Just as with “Kramer”, the Jewish actor from the television situation comedy, “Seinfeld”, was goaded by a heckler during a stand-up routine, and he broke out in a rant about Blacks being strung “from a rope with a fork in his ass!” At first they tried to claim that the actor was the only cast member who was not Jewish, then they brought in a Black person to go on camera and apologize in his behalf.

In the case of Zimmerman, again the rush was to tell the public he was not Jewish, and that he helped out Black youths in the neighborhood and other feigned “worthy causes”. Even “finding” a Black friend to go on camera to say “race was not an issue in the shooting”. Even though all evidence and past statements prove otherwise. As the can of worms was opened, it became obvious that even the police chief could not cover the truth of the matter, and had to step down—without pay so he would not swallow more of the two feet already in his mouth!

White and Black and Hispanic Americans alike have had enough of the blatantly obvious POLICE STATE OF THE ZIONISTS that has been systematically set up in your nation. The airline industry, instead of its once “Friendly Skies”, now has a PRISON STRIP-SEARCH OPERATION—OF EVEN BABIES AND THE ELDERLY. Traffic stops are resembling military check points, with all rights of the citizenry tossed out the window, while they tell you they are “just” checking seat belts or something innocent.

The surveillance cameras (manufactured in England so the Royal Crown of British Zionists can keep an eye on law-abiding Americans) ARE EVERYWHERE NOW! And no one asked you for permission to install them! BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), Homeland Security, TSA (Transportation Security Agency), the IRS (Internal Revenue Service of the Foreign—and illegal—Federal Reserve Bank), and an army of other ILLEGAL agencies, have made an end-run around your United States CONSTITUTION and Congress. My friends, this is how so-called “communism” spreads and captures free peoples! Ask the Chinese people HOW THEY lost their freedom!


The Black child killed for breathing and walking on the sidewalk is an example of what the Jewish Israeli elite have planned for ALL races of people in the America the Zionists envision. That is why teen movies are FILLED WITH MINDLESS VIOLENCE AND OPEN KILLINGS OF EVERY IMAGINABLE TYPE! That is why you have nothing but CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) television shows BOMBARDING your living rooms, baby sitting your children. And for those who think that is just harmless “entertainment”—think again! The enforcers are equipping themselves for mass arrests and authorization to use lethal force in non-lethal confrontations.

The children have been “brain-washed” and PROGRAMMED by such as the “Vampire” scripts and “The Hunger Games”, so deadly force will seem “justified”. The youth are being de-sensitized to murder and killing so that the plans of the evil conspirators flow seamlessly together for a One World Global Dictatorship. Look at the situation in Israel, THAT is what a Police State by Soviet “Communists” looks like. Those same JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS who slaughtered 100 Million Russians—who were goodly Christians just like you!


You must understand, chelas, that the reason all these incidents are occurring with such frequency and so blatantly, is because there needs to be a VISIBLE REASON for all the new security measures being quietly installed around your country. The perpetrators are not the ones you really see causing all the civil unrest. It is the Unseen Hand that is directing the events. And since the masses are never shown THE REAL CAUSE, the secret agents of the Israeli Mossad, the “Soviet” KGB (by whatever name they are using today), British Intelligence, etc., etc., can STAGE scenes of mass shootings by so-called “lone gunmen” (who never manage to “remember” doing it), or child and baby abductions and murder, and even large-scale “terrorist incidents”—you will unwittingly demand the chains be placed around you!

Can you not see beyond the veil of lies and KNOW that the Anti-Christ is maneuvering you Christians (Christ-followers or Godly intended) into a terrible trap of, literally, your own making?! This is not mystical fortune-telling, or “Channeling” of talking spirits from beyond the grave. THESE ARE WELL DOCUMENTED FACTS OF HOW THE BEAST HAS BEEN OPERATING—FOR CENTURIES! That is why the Jew must have total control of your PRESS and media outlets, lest you discover what—again—is afoot! The “war” is not nation against nation, or one religious belief pitted against another’s, it is against the citizenry of Earth as a whole.


The ideal of what the United States stands for is a Godly nation with justness and liberty for ALL her people. This is what you export that all other peoples of the world hunger for. And yet, they know that the beast grabbed America a long, long time ago. However, the SPIRIT of freedom still survives and that is where the Godly/Goodly citizens have placed their bets. Because if you can break free of the Zionist Jewish Anti-God/Anti-Christ, then there is hope for them, too!

President Obama is for the people of America—and the world—as a Godly country, whose values are in accordance with God’s Laws of Balance and Harmony for brother respecting brother. The Israelis HAVE TO HAVE WARS in order to maintain their grip militarily on everyone else—including America! That is how they get the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS you BORROW FROM THE World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland—all foreign Jewish Khazarian banks.

If there are no wars for you to borrow money you do not have, which caused “FEDERAL” income taxation in the first place, then each nation would, indeed, have the funding necessary to maintain their own economies. “Free Trade” would be simple and at an enjoyed minimum because all would sustain their individual needs and you would not have the pollution, mistrust, treasonous foreign treaties, and all the things the Jews NEED so they can steal from those who produce. Isreal’s gross national product is arms. They are the biggest arms dealers in the world. England’s biggest export is the SECURITY SURVEILLANCE CAMERA that suddenly appeared overnight on all the street corners, freeways, and everywhere else in your nation—and the other countries of the world. Do you see the pattern? 


From WHERE do you expect to see “Jesus”—PRECEDED BY GOD’S HOSTS—returning, precious friends? The truth of the Biblical happenings has been removed from your Holy Books, so you …. [To be continued.]

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