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New Series 99: The facts are, my friends, that The Hosts of ATON have returned. Spacecraft and A PLANET THAT CAN BE MOVED ABOUT BY ITS INHABITANTS—NIBIRU, “THE PLANET OF THE CROSSING”—are on STAND-BY ALERT surrounding your Earth. Your astronomical and High Level Military Community have known of this and hide the evidence of the “new planet” in your solar system.

3/27/12b from HATONN/jonur (ns99)

[Continued.]  … are unaware of the movements of the celestial objects in your nighttime sky.

As planets and stars and gigantic spacecraft shift in their positions, the “starry night” is much different now than in recent memory.  The facts are, my friends, that The Hosts of ATON have returned.  Spacecraft and A PLANET THAT CAN BE MOVED ABOUT BY ITS INHABITANTS—NIBIRU, “THE PLANET OF THE CROSSING”—are on STAND-BY ALERT surrounding your Earth.  Your astronomical and High Level Military Community have known of this and hide the evidence of the “new planet” in your solar system.  This happens every 3,600 years; that is how long the orbit takes.  But it is also controllable by the Annunaki or “Nefilim” who live there.  Where do you think you go, or for that matter, came from in the universe?

Were there not other “Mansions” in thy Father’s Kingdom??  And if so, is it not time to be introduced to them??  These ARE the ending days, so look and see The HOST From Afar!  Listen no more to the Anti-Christ Jews who speak of monsters and blood-sucking invaders from SPACE!  Those things are the trap set by the Luciferians and Satanists to fool you.  If you are shooting missiles at us, you have just declared war upon God, and that is a most UNWISE thing to do!

Will you be struck down and smitten?  No, not by God.  However, the Zionists and Bolsheviks will attempt to stage a space war that you will BELIEVE is the wrath of an angry God.

Know what you are looking at, and Who just might be up here observing your antics.  God is not asleep and paying no attention to you, His highest creation.  He is most watchful and close by, as it is now the Sorting Time.  Who is on the side of the Lord and who IS NOT?



In case you have not noticed, ALL Americans have fallen to the beast.  Many MILLIONS now are financially ruined, and the evil Jew plans to do away with the ability to have legitimate medical care.  The so-called “poor” encompasses all race, class, and social standings.  You must look out for Americans as a unified whole.  The invading army is not only at your doorstep, but intertwined within your governing structure.  You have been “communized” long ago, and no one noticed.  As each new generation came into being, the indoctrination was tightened ever so securely that ones cannot remember what “freedom” and “liberty” really mean.

Then you become as the sheep, lining up to get your injections THE JEWS DECIDE.  A healthy and well populace is not easy to conquer.  So you must be slowly poisoned and have limited access to healthcare professionals.  President Obama knows that this is what you-the-people are going to need when the “Big Boom” comes down.  “Poor people” need health care.  To rise up out of the pit you are being led to, the American government must take responsibility for ALL THE PEOPLE.  After all, the Khazar Jews aren’t going to help.  The Jewish medical associations and the Jewish lawyers set it up this way.  THIS is what the united States in America was originally set up to do.  Help ALL the people in times of war.  And you must come to agree with me that health care will be ground-zero for your PHYSICAL survival.  Has this authority been used before?  Yes, indeed!  One other time—WHEN YOU BROKE FREE OF BRITISH KHAZARIAN TYRANNY IN THE 1700s!  Every man of a mature age (16-21 yrs. or something) was to purchase a gun and ammunition for immediate use if America came under attack!

This is what birthed your CONSTITUTION and George Washington, your founding father, and now Barack Obama, your President, who picked up the mantle of “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out Of Many—One”, on your currency/money that says “In God We Trust”)—DEFENSE AGAINST THE TRUE COMMON ENEMY OF THE REPUBLIC!  The “Liberal” party is made up of Rothschild agents and traitors within your own government.  Your laws state that these ones should be shot before a firing squad!  And I am not sure I disagree!



Make no mistake about it, chelas, your weather can be and is being controlled and manipulated by secret scientists within your government and that of Russia.  The technology is old and most workable!  It is used to wage warfare against entire continents.

Remember the deep freezes of European nations never-before-seen that paralyzed towns and cities where many froze to death?  Or the unbearable “heat waves” that also caused problems and many died?  Or the tornadoes in the United States that had little or no warning, before destroying towns and businesses and homes, and returned in consecutive days?  “Star Wars” Weapons are not JUST lasers, phasers, and microwave blasters; THE CONTROL OF THE ELEMENTS IS ALSO IN THE REALM OF SCIENCE FACT.

This INCLUDES earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.  Mother Nature is going to get you for that, so there is going to be more shaking and baking and freezing to come!

It is the FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC DISASTER that is the goal.  This further bankrupts the system—state by state—and further puts you in the grip of the International Jewish Khazarian elite.  Remember, your enemy is the Jewish Bank, just as in Jesus’ day it was the “money changer” who caused all the trouble.


The Mormon (the “Church” of Freemasonry birthed ORIGINALLY out of England, which translates to “Satan” in the Asian world and language) Mitt Romney tries to hide behind “stone-washed”, I believe you call it, blue-jeans so as to appear to be “one of you”.  Working class, with HEALTH CARE issues, and the prospect of financial ruin.  When asked if he knew any of the NASCAR drivers (while attending a race to show he “connects” with ordinary White Americans) or mechanics or anything, he said no, not really, but “I have a lot of friends who own the teams”.

David Letterman jokes of him having millions of dollars as pocket change.  And every time you see him, he is back-tracking from some misspoken statement about letting the Middle Class fall.  The “Big Three” Automakers were among the comments.

Rick Santorum bashes President Obama AND First Lady Michelle for stressing the importance of education and college.  While his own children attend prestigious universities and are put in the best schools.  Remember, God does not like hypocrites!  Also, Santorum said he does not “care about poor people”, meaning the Middle Class who are losing their homes.

His fake smile cracks periodically as he backpedals from the reporters’ questions.  The PEOPLE are beginning to see just who it is who genuinely cares and who upholds the vow to HONOR THE U.S. CONSTITUTION! And as for the secret evil ringleader, House Speaker Boehner, his “clones” of himself have been exposed; they do not care for the well-being of American politics nor her citizens.  They just want to waste time and distract you from the ZIONIST JEWISH LOBBY GROUPS stealing all your “stuff”!


It was truly heart-wrenching to witness the little Black girl who “couldn’t believe her eyes” when the First Lady was around the corner of the White House Tour to greet and meet guests.  As each grouping came to her, the expression on their faces was that of excitement mixed with sincere hope for the future of the nation.  To see an America coming full-circle in its promise to the equality of all humans, to witness first-hand the evolvement of mankind’s growth towards freedom and liberty, causes We of The HOSTS to smile at thine accomplishments.

This is how the nation Under God looks to the ordinary, God respecting, God revering American.  That you are a part of the American Dream, and that you are a country of many peoples who have a common goal.  Your enemy is those “crisp” uniforms (Santorum loves so much) those British Redcoats wear, and whom the President commented on, that “burned the White House down” during your Revolutionary War with Lord Rothschild’s England.  The Rothschild Jews were trying to hide evidence of their crimes—AND FUTURE PLANS—to bring America back under the control of the British Crown!

Ever since the 1700’s when your United States was founded—UNDER GOD—the Jewish Khazarian elite (communists, socialists, nazis, whatever label is used) maintained “polls” of opinion-SHAPING to guide the popular vote.


The outlandish Opinion “Polls” are Zionist Jewish methods to try to force public thought in a Zionist direction.  In other words, they will tell you who they want you to vote for, and make it look like You did it all on your own!

As your major media outlets are under total Jewish control, the news networks that run the polls are also completely manipulated by the Jews.  Keep in mind that this has gone on for CENTURIES; it is easy for them to create false and misleading messages to be passed on to the Christians.  That is how they got the White Brotherhood of all Europe to have TWO WORLD (“UNIVERSAL”) WARS AMONGST AND AGAINST EACH OTHER!  It is time to see beyond the veil and the puppet strings.  The war for your souls is in THE MIND.  “MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.”  Thus sayeth The Lord!


When you see or hear about the “acts of vengeance” of one Arab group versus another, or of American soldiers killing innocent civilians OR VILLAGES AND TRYING TO BURN THE BODIES, and then Arab soldiers “seeking revenge”, know that these are Israeli tricks to “Mold your opinion" to whichever battle they want you to focus on today.

No matter how high up the killing in a TOTALLY SECURE “GREEN ZONE”, I believe you call it, or a foot soldier being executed by his Arab counterpart/ally, you can be sure the Israeli Mossad is behind it.  Again, this has always been the ancient Khazar “Jewish” way.  “BY WAY OF DECEPTION” shall ye make war upon thy enemy.  And it has continued on until this day!

One lone soldier—who nobody saw—did not kill 17 people, try to burn the EVIDENCE, get back to base—and no one noticed???  The same adventure scripts on television and in the movies are what the world is witnessing—run by the very same ones in both places.

You are being fed a steady stream of lies, and now you have to GO WITHIN to “remember” what is just and unjust, or right action versus evil in intent.



The Vietnam Memorial was on the evening news, and its symbolism should never be lost.  For it represents all the wars this evil empire forced upon you the people, and the blood and sacrifice of innocent young men , of which the Jews cash-in in gold from ALL SIDES.  The military operatives who saw what was really going on in the drug-trade were never allowed to leave.  Russia has a lot of the prisoners, dating back even to the Korean war.

You see, those who truly KNOW THE TRUTH are incarcerated, either in your own prison system, or in “Gulags” in Russia, and some still in Vietnam who were not shipped to Russia.

Many “missing” in action, and even “KIAs” (Killed In Action) are not.  There are many ways to make ones “disappear” if they become too much of a trouble-maker. That is why you do your special work QUIETLY.

Before I leave Today’s Watch, I want to re-tell the beginning of the New World Order’s “beginning” in your newly Free America.



The REAL foundation of the plot to take over America was laid during the Civil War by Rothschild agents who had been planted in the United States as far back as the Revolutionary War.  They have been preparing this country for ultimate takeover ever since.

Your first President, George Washington, was more than a match for the Illuminist agents, and on several occasions he wrote letters to leading Masonic leaders, warning them of the attempt to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges of America—furthermore, evidence proves that, although Washington was himself a member of the Masonic lodge, he was rather inactive and seldom attended their meetings.  Again showing you that most members of such lodges have no idea of that which is the foundation of the organization.  Most members and initiates think the rituals amusing and a “bit of a lark”—certainly NOT to be taken seriously.

It was not, however, until the time of the Civil War that the conspirators launched their first concrete effort to control your economy.  You can know from history that the chief advisor to President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy was a Jew named Judah Benjamin, a noted Illuminist.  You can also know that the Lincoln Administration was riddled with Rothschild agents, much as they control your present government through the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).  These agents attempted to steer President Lincoln into a financial deal with the International Jewish bankers.  But old “Honest Abe” saw enough “light” through their schemes and bluntly rejected them, thereby incurring their wrath, just as the Czar (not to be confused with Jewish Khazar) of Russia did a bit later when he torpedoed the first League of Nations.  Sic, sic—and you thought Lincoln was slain for freeing slaves.

For insults, both real and imagined, both the Czar and your Abraham Lincoln paid with their lives.  Investigation into the assassination of Lincoln shows that the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was not a Southern sympathizer as your history books aver, but was a member of a secret conspiratorial group which was controlled by the Illuminati.  THE NAME OF THIS GROUP HAS NOT BEEN REVEALED AND THE EVIDENCE WAS IMMEDIATELY COVERED FOR MANY YEARS, JUST AS THE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN HIDDEN MOST DILIGENTLY IN THE LATER ASSASSINATION OF JACK KENNEDY!

The ending of the Civil War temporarily destroyed chances for the House of Rothschild to gain control of your money.  They already controlled the economies of Britain, France, and most of the European countries.  This was only a temporary set-back for them.  But in the United States they had to start from the beginning.  Shortly after the Civil War, a young Jewish immigrant from Germany, named JACOB SCHIFF, arrived in the United States.  His mission was to gain control of the American money system for his master—the Rothschilds.

Schiff was the son of a Rabbi and had been especially trained for his mission in Frankfurt, Germany.

It is not necessary for us to go deeply into Schiff’s background for we have done so previously, but it suffices to say that Rothschild recognized in him, not only a potential “money worker”, but more important, recognized in him the ideal agent for the conspiracy.  He saw the latent Machevillian qualities which would turn Schiff into one of the most important agents in the world conspiracy.


Schiff became the primary cog in the plan to control the American money system.  He came to New York with orders to buy into a banking house which would be the “springboard” into acquiring ultimate control of your economy.  He had several primary assignments:

1.     The most important was to acquire control of the American economy,
2.     He was to find men in important government and business positions in your country who would be willing to serve as “front men” for the conspiracy,
3.     He was to create minority group strife, particularly between Blacks and Whites, and
4.     He was to create a movement which would eventually destroy Christianity in America.

Let us trace the trail of Schiff’s actions as he set out to accomplish challenge #1, control of the American Money System.

His first step was to buy into a banking house, using Rothschild money.  It had to be a house over which he would have complete control.  After carefully scouting around, Schiff bought a partnership in a New York firm called Kuehn and Loeb.  Like Schiff, both Kuehn and Loeb were German Jews who had immigrated to the U.S. in the 1840’s from the ghettoes of Germany.  Both of them started their business careers as itinerant peddlers.  In the mid 1840’s, they pooled their interests and purchased a merchandising store in Lafayette, Indiana, under the name of Kuehn-Loeb.  They serviced covered wagons heading west.  In a few years, they had a string of stores in Cincinnati and St. Louis.  Then they added “pawn brokering” to their pursuits. By the time Schiff arrived on the scene, Kuehn and Loeb were well-known bankers in the U.S.

Shortly after Jacob bought into the firm, he married Loeb’s daughter, Theresa.  Then he bought out Kuehn’s interest and the firm, headquartered in New York City, became known as Kuehn, Loeb and Company, International Bankers.  By this time, Schiff was in complete control of the firm.

From the very beginning, this agent of an adversarial conspiracy posed as a great philanthropist and a man of great religious holiness.  But under his pious exterior, he carried out the satanic policies of his masters with nothing short of brilliance.

To achieve control of the U.S. Money System, Schiff had to get cooperation from the Big Banking elements in your country.  In those days, Wall Street was the heart of the American Money Mart.  J. P. (John Pierpont) MORGAN was its unchallenged dictator.  (This is the same “J. P.” Tesla dealt with, and when Tesla invented “Free Energy”, Morgan asked where the meter would go to charge money from the customers.  He replied that there was none; everybody could dial into the Radio Electric Power and utilize all the energy they needed—right out of the air!  Needless to say, funding was pulled, the Tesla Magnifying Transmitting Tower at Wardencliff, NY, was knocked down, and Tesla was poisoned and died alone in his hotel room.)  Next in line were Biddle and Drexel, two great banks from Philadelphia.  All the money interests in America danced to the beat these three banks played, with Morgan always in the drummer’s lead.

At first, these banks treated the little bewhiskered Jew from Germany with contempt.  But Jacob knew how to overcome that.  He threw them a few Rothschild bones consisting of the distribution of European stocks and bonds which master Rothschild controlled.

But he had an even more potent weapon available.  Following the Civil War, American industries had a phenomenal growth.  The world had never seen anything like it.  You had great railroad systems to build; oil was discovered; your mines were producing untold wealth; steel and textile industries were bursting out of the seams.  All this called for vast financing, and of course, most of this financing came from abroad where it was controlled by the Rothschild interests.  Schiff, playing a crafty game, became the “patron saint” of such men as John D. Rockefeller, Edward Harriman and Andrew Carnegie.  He financed Standard Oil for “Rocky”, the railroad empire for Harriman, and the steel industry for Carnegie.  Now, wouldn’t you all like a nice “sugar daddy” like that one?

Next, he opened the money doors of the Rothschilds to Morgan, Biddle, and Drexel as he arranged for them to set up branches of their banks in major European cities.  Cleverly arranged, these banks were always in a partnership with the Rothschild interests and subordinate to them.  Each partner was expected to “pay his pound of flesh” to the Rothschilds.  It was clear to the “Big Three” from the beginning that Schiff was the boss, and they simply swallowed their pride and accepted it.  After all, “business comes first!”

By the turn of the century, Schiff had control over the banking fraternity of America.  This included the Lehman Brothers, Goldman-Sachs, and other International banks, plus the “Big three of Morgan, Biddle, and Drexel”.

With full control of the American Banking System in his pocket, Schiff was now ready for the giant step which would gain full control of America’s money system.  Under your Constitutional system, all control of your money was to remain under the control of Congress (does anyone remember?).  So Schiff’s task was to seduce Congress into betraying the Constitutional edict by surrendering that control to the hierarchy of the Illuminati.  In order to legalize this surrender, it would be necessary for Congress to enact special legislation.  To accomplish this, Schiff had to infiltrate Rothschild stooges into both houses of Congress and, even more important, he would have to have a Rothschild stooge in the PRESIDENCY, a man without moral scruples or integrity, who would obey every order that came to him from the Rothschilds and sign this legislation into law.  To accomplish this, he had to gain control over one of the major political parties with intent to control all political parties as the plan would move along.  I believe you can see that that has been magnificently accomplished.

(That is why TODAY there is not 10¢ difference between “democrats” and “republicans”.  Both parties unwittingly OR THROUGH BLACKMAIL serve the Zionist Israeli New World Order Agenda.  The Jewish Lobby Groups are the biggest in Washington, and they use your confiscated tax dollars you sweat and slave for to turn right back around and fund the takeover of your own nation!)

The Democratic Party seemed to be the more vulnerable at the time, since it was the hungrier of the two.  With the exception of Grover Cleveland, they had been unable to place their man in the White House since before the Civil War.  There were two major reasons for this.  First, the Democratic party was a poor party, and second, there were considerably more Republican voters than there were Democrats.  This obviously had to be changed.


The poverty matter was not of great concern since Schiff had access to the Rothschild wealth.  The voter problem was a bit of a different story.  Remember, now, we are dealing with an extremely clever operator in Jacob Schiff.  Here is how he went about solving the voter problem.  The solution shows how the Jewish leaders care very little for their own people and will sacrifice the “little ‘Jews’” if it will bring them into power.

About 1890, there was a series of “pogroms” (an organized massacre of a group of people) in Russia and Central Europe against the Jews, in which thousands of men, women, and children were ruthlessly slaughtered.  These “pogroms” were masterminded by those nice Rothschild agents, working on the dislike for Jews which had been built up in these countries over the years because of unscrupulous “Jewish” business practices.  Their plan was to force hundreds of thousands of Jews to flee Russia and Central Europe and find homes in either Palestine or the United States.  Palestine was not a very good choice in those days, so the vast majority flocked into the United States.

These immigrants were aided by self-styled humanitarian organizations, using Rothschild money, which were set up by Schiff.  While the vast majority of Jews arriving in the United States settled in New York City, many were shipped to other large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia.  Within thirty years, these people had become citizens and had been taught to vote a straight Democrat ticket, no matter what!

This Jewish minority was then joined by Blacks, who had also been recruited by Schiff’s efforts for Civil Rights.  This became a major bloc for the Democratic party.  By 1910, these minority voters had become a vital factor in the political life of America.  This was the plan Schiff used to plant such men as Senator Nelson Aldrich in the Senate and Woodrow Wilson in the White House.

*        *          *          *          *

Jonur, break here, please.  Thank you for your service.  Hatonn moving to stand-by frequency.  Salu!

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