Saturday, April 21, 2012


4/04/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns100-rev.)

Hatonn present to continue.  I come in service and Radiance unto God of Holy LIGHT.  Amen!


The Zionist elite toy with the uninformed masses like a cat plays with the mouse before, finally, devouring it.  This is why you have to truly KNOW who your enemy is and that which he is doing in secret.  The capabilities of warfare, mind control, and gun confiscation techniques far outstretch the imagination as to ease of simplicity.

Orchestrated “events” are nothing more than Mossad/British Intelligence/KGB/CIA “Spy Games” to mentally program the public to move or think in a given direction.




Star Wars weaponry is fully workable AND IN USE DAILY upon your globe, and you-the-people scarcely know of their existence!  When you hear of bus crashes, plane crashes, and other mishaps, know that your secret government planners can make almost any situation LOOK like pilot or driver “error”.  They do not have to fully incapacitate or kill in order to cause an accident.  A bus driver nearing a dangerous curve or cliff can be made to momentarily “black out”, not even lose consciousness, and the split-second later he misses the turn, or whatever, and you have a made-to-order disaster.

In the case of an airliner in flight, it is the same thing.  A pulsed beam can be directed right through the windscreen at one or both pilots, causing CONFUSION OR PRE-PROGRAMMED RESPONSES.  And later, having no memory of what happened, or they remember “suddenly” feeling an overwhelming impulse to sleep, pass out, leave the airplane, or switch off vital aircraft instruments.  This has happened many times over the years, causing terrible “accidents” with much loss of life (passengers and crew, as well as people on the ground).  So when you see these unexplainable happenings, and all logic and reasoning fail to make any sense of the matter, know that those in the intelligence community AND THE HIGHER-UPS understand exactly what is going on—AND WHO “THE MESSAGE” WAS INTENDED FOR!

More and more, your airline industry will be shut down, on one pretext or another, and always SECURITY CONCERNS will be the underlying issue.  The Zionist/Bolshevik Jews must gain control of your ability to travel and gather freely, or else you may still prove to be a threat to the 3% of them who are trying to enslave and kill off the 97% of you.  Since you greatly outnumber them, their tool to “getcha” will be their cleverness and hidden Star Wars technology you think is still on the chalkboard.

You are in the time of “Star Trek” and “Flying Saucers”, as you call them; that is what Hitler’s “Wonder Weapon” and Nazi scientists hiding about in secret underground bases was all about!  And now you have them too; however, the people are not shown what all this wonderful stuff can REALLY DO!


Always the thrust will be—with any kind of shooting—to register, list, and eventually CONFISCATE all handguns.  Rifles and shotguns as well, for your enemy has no desire to be shot and killed while trying to disarm you—so THEY can be the only ones with guns.

It has happened in nation after nation, 3% of the population—the Khazar “Jews”—ends up conquering the other 97%!  The secret is to get the law-abiding citizenry to “volunteer” to turn in their guns “for a safer community”, and when you are helpless, the “communists” (def.:  birth of “Soviet” Jews) jump out with full arsenals and simply shoot the “troublemakers”.

MK-Ultra, MK-Delta, Project MONARCH, Project Phoenix, etc., etc., are Mind Control programs your government utilizes to have robotic assassins “cover” and take the blame for STAGED INCIDENTS of terror and mass killings.  The Korean man who killed several women and a man at a cultural center/school in California fits perfectly with the conflict the Bolsheviks are trying to heat up in the region of China and North Korea.  Just as the Mossad “hit team” massacred the people and families in the villages in Afghanistan to escalate the war there, the California shooting ALSO FITS THE MODUS OPERANDI OF THE “ORDER”.  And you will find that the intelligence community—INFILTRATED TO YOUR EARS AND ABOVE WITH SOVIET KHAZAR KGB—is lurking behind the scenes to ensure the plot is not exposed and goes smoothly as “planned”!


[CONTINUING QUOTE:] … At this point, let’s digress for a bit and go back and look at another important point in Schiff’s scheme to control America.  I am now referring to his plot to destroy the unity of the American people by creating minority groups and engendering racial strife.  (You see?  Man has to be TAUGHT to be racist and hate thy brethren of different colors, religions, and national boundaries.  You are all Humans of God who live on this beautiful emerald-blue planet of The Creation; instinctively, man was not “born” to “hate”.  Your Native Americans have a saying, “No tree is foolish enough to war and fight among its many branches.”  You would be wise to keep this in mind as the satanic Khazars steer you otherwise!)  By forcing Jews to leave their homeland in Russia (remember:  Khazar “Jews” and Hebrew Judean “Jews”), Schiff had a ready-made minority group who would do his bidding.  But the Jewish people themselves, frightened by the violence they had seen in Russia, could not be counted on to produce the violence necessary for Schiff’s plan.  So he turned to a sleeping minority in America which was much more numerous than the Jews.  I am speaking about the Blacks and such men as Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokley Carmichael, and others who carried out their so-called peaceful demonstrations under the guise of Civil Rights and always under the firm direction of Rothschild agents.  (It is the same with ALL the “Goy” races [non-Khazarian], and when God speaks through and they can no longer, in good conscience, support the evil that has swept across the lands, they are "dealt with” using EXTREME PREJUDICE!  Martin Luther King, Jr., the Kennedy dynamic duo, and many, many others were executed in a public execution—to be a lesson to any brave souls who thought they were getting “cold feet”.)  I’m sorry, chelas, in political stakes as high as these, God is rarely actually invited into participation, and it is one reason that ones of great impact must be eliminated when they become troublesome and while they can still be utilized as “martyrs”.  Next, all that was necessary to bring about rioting, looting, rape, and murder was to arouse the baser members of the Black race, who were always looking for some excuse to get even for the evil the White people had brought against them.

Working together under Schiff’s control, these two minority groups, the Ashkenazi Jews (Khazars) and the American Blacks, began to produce the rioting which would tear America asunder.

You will find that, while Schiff was laying his plans for the takeover of the money system, he was also working on the plans for the chaos they hoped would destroy the unity of the American people.

While this racial holocaust has never been fully realized, the enemy agents are still working on it, and you can see the terrible potential which was seen in the race riots which destroyed vast areas of your great cities a few years ago.  It is still boiling under the surface, waiting for the proper spark to set it off.  Your streets are rampant with unrest and drugs, assault weapons, disease, and hatred.  This explosive situation will erupt one of these days into the worst tragedy that has ever hit your continent.  There will be police force slaughter of the kids in the gangs as gun control and confiscation is brought into law—the children of the gangs will simply be shot.  (And as the Khazarian Zimmerman, whose father is a JUDGE, shows just how easy it will be to gun down unarmed children, the tide will shift to “Open Season” on “Hoodies”, meaning all kids of the desired races to wipe out!  Therefore, know that these are planned or utilized events to further a Global Dictatorship, with the Anti-Christ at the helm.)  Worse for the masses of warm, goodly human beings—because the military consists of so many Blacks and minorities—the enforcement will fall to the brothers of the same group being exterminated.  THE SAME PEOPLE WHO PUSHED THIS IN THE PAST ARE PUSHING IT TODAY.

This potential for racial violence has grown with the vast immigration of legal and illegal Asiatics and Hispanics into your country in the past half century.  Almost without fail, the immigration laws were changed by the liberals in Congress to pave the road for this very holocaust, and almost without fail, they came from the Democratic party.  Don’t get bent out of shape about immigration of aliens into your country—there are proper ways to handle immigration in a humane and fair manner with brotherhood, not this hatred fostered by your foolish law.  (And yes, immigration IS important!  Don’t you think God’s Native Aboriginals—INDIANS—of America wish they had paid a little more attention to the UNCHECKED influx of European “settlers”, invading and taking over their land???!!  It is the same right now with “Communist” troops coming up through Mexico and the inland waterways of the Mississippi, AND THAT IS WHY SELFRIDGE FIELD MUST BE PROTECTED FROM THE ZIONIST CHOPPING BLOCK!)

At present there is evidence that in Los Angeles alone there are over 100,000 armed gang members who are constantly fighting among themselves, and the slaughter is evident every weekend.  This would be bad enough, except that now they are spilling over with their warfare into the suburban areas which are not on “home turf”.  In frequent recent attempts to control this situation, as many as 1,000 combat-geared policemen have efforted to bring these gangs under control—without success.  The problem worsens daily.  The price of this crime has risen into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

The liberal policy has been expounded to the point where anti-American radicals, both professors and students, have been given a haven of refuge on your college campuses.  In 1985, for instance, FBI sources stated that there were estimated to be a minimum of 45,000 Marxist Professors teaching in your institutions of higher learning—and the number rising annually by leaps and bounds.  On many of these once conservative campuses, conservative speakers are shouted into silence by a few radicals, who are among the most vociferous when demanding their own right to “freedom of speech”—then the demands are backed up by police intervention.

I do not make the rules nor the story—but you will find that in every radical group there will be a leader claiming to be “Jewish” and coming from the most wealthy of the Jewish families.  In the recent past, these few radicals all but ran the colleges and universities, and the administrators were helplessly afraid of them.

The same Zionist Jewish control can easily be seen by anyone who will look at the problem openly without shouting or hiding from “anti-Semitism” nonsense.  Look at EVERY issue which is being used to destroy America, and behind it, financing it and often actually outright and publicly controlling it, will be a self-acclaimed Jewish racist.  I do not mean “racist against Jews”—I said “Jewish racist”.  The Jews are the most racist of all groups of persons.

Look carefully at every effort to take Christian principles out of the public schools and Christ out of Christmas—and Christian symbols out of the schools, parks, and now the Christian churches.  Oh no, this is true, and it is NOT amusing.  You will find a “Jewish ‘movement’ and person behind it”, with non-bending intent of accomplishment of the task at hand.  Look carefully at every effort to knock the stand which is being taken by Christian Patriots and you will find the Jewish A.D.L. (Anti-Defamation League) and W.Z.O. (World Zionist Organization) at the lead against whatever it might be.

As you further study this conspiracy, you will find that it took infinite planning and patience to be successful.  So let us take a few minutes and look at documentary proof as to how they set about to destroy God/Christ America.

… We have already spoken of destruction of the family, and because I used the term “communist”, forget any difference for there is NONE.  These terms of “Jews”, “Zionists”, and “Communists” were originated to bring into power the Globalist Elite Conspirators.



Let us take another look back to the first days of the Illuminati.  (This is the secret society behind all the others!)  Because Britain and France were the greatest nations in the world at this time, in the latter years of the 18th Century, Adam Weishaupt (the Jew who created the modern plans for world control, and put them into operation on May 1, 1776.  That is why “May Day, May Day!” is recognized as a distress call around the world.  Rothschild money backed Weishaupt’s plan in total, and they are following it to the letter.  However, God too utilizes the loopholes and clues the adversary leaves behind.  So watch WHEN events and “signs” take place lest you miss the show-and-tell!) was ordered to foment colonial wars, including your own Revolutionary War.  Their purpose was to weaken France and England.  The French Revolution was scheduled to start in 1789, but in 1784 an act of God upset the timetable of the conspirators.  This act proved to the Bavarian Government that there was indeed a conspiracy and that the Illuminati were at the head of it.  The evidence they received could have spared France and saved that nation from its bloody revolution, but the French leaders refused to believe the evidence, much like most of the American people refuse to believe it today.

In 1774 when Weishaupt issued his orders, which were in manuscript form, a copy was sent to Robespierre who was to head the French Revolution.  The courier who was carrying this manuscript was struck by lightning as he rode through a heavy thunderstorm somewhere between Frankfurt, Germany, and Paris (or so the story went).  The Bavarian police found the manuscript, which was immediately turned over to the Bavarian officials.  These promptly ordered raids on the newly organized Lodges of the Masonic Grand Orient and the homes of Weishaupt and his most influential associates.  Enough additional evidence was found in these raids that the authorities were convinced of the authenticity of the manuscript.

In 1785, the Bavarian Government outlawed the Illuminati and they were forced to go underground:  all lodges of the grand Orient in Bavaria were closed.  (This is WHY Jews are not trusted throughout your history, chelas, and WHY French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overheard on a “hot microphone” telling President Obama not to trust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu!  It is the Jew’s undying desire to take the world and destroy everything Godly and decent that civilization despises about this small group of imposter Hebrews who have infiltrated the true Judeans from your Holy Bible.  And the Hebrews did not ever call themselves “Jews”; the Khazars use that name to fool everyone else into thinking that they also are of the 12 Tribes of Judah—but they are not.  Hence “The 13th Tribe” is counterfeit “Jewry”, and the world knows it not.)  Then in 1786, the Bavarian Government published details of the plot.  If this had happened in 1988, they would have probably sealed this information for at least fifty years, much as they did evidence on the assassinations of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Copies of this conspiratorial document were sent to the heads of all European countries, but such was the power of the Illuminati in these governments—and of course this refers to the power of the Jewish Rothschilds—that it was universally ignored, and the French Revolution took place as scheduled in 1789.

At this time, 1786, Weishaupt ordered his agents to infiltrate the lodges and form secret societies inside secret societies.  (And remember, God has no “secret” anything; there is only mystery because you do not yet know TRUTH.)  Only Masons who were Internationalists, or those who were especially approved by the Illuminati, were allowed to join these new organizations.  (On the United States one dollar bill—Federal Reserve Note—is the Illuminati symbol:  the pyramid and the “all-seeing-eye” of Lucifer [on the back], plus the Jewish 6-pointed star, itself made out of smaller stars.  And a tiny owl hides [on the front] in the corner of the note, behind Washington over his left side, to quietly remind you-the-people that “The Wise Men” of Zion control America BEHIND the scenes!  Exposure of the Jewish Global Plan 2000/New World Order is all it takes—for evil cannot survive the light of day.  Much like the vampire, truth laid bare for all to see destroys him!)

[Illustration:  Drawing of the face of a one-dollar bill, with an arrow pointing to the location of the owl just left of the numeral ‘1’ in the upper right corner, and this description:  Magnified Owl, “The Wise Men” who secretly control America.  Washington warned not to let the “Jewish Freemasons get control of your money and government”.]

One of the qualifications was that they must renounce God and accept the leadership of Lucifer (pain and agony indeed).  While they carried out their subversive activities, they carefully camouflaged them under humanitarian and philanthropic acts, which concealed their revolutionary and subversive intents.

In order to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges of Britain, Weishaupt invited a man named John Robinson to Europe. Robinson was a very high ranking Mason in the Scottish rites.  He was a professor of Natural History at the University of Edinburgh.  Robinson did not fall for the trickery of the Illuminati, to form what they called a “benevolent dictatorship”.  But he kept his reactions to himself so well that he was entrusted with a copy of Weishaupt’s Constitution.

Because the heads of both church and state (of which your Founding Fathers intended America to have BOTH GOD AND NATION TO BE INSEPARABLE.  That is why the Anti-Christ Jews removed prayer from your schools and the Ten Commandments from courthouses and PUBLIC buildings.  The Jews want to remove God from every aspect of your lives.  That is also why “Faith” and “House of Worship” replace “God”, “Christ”, “Jesus”, “Church”; and “Christ-mass” [Christmas—the festival celebrating the birth of Christ—which Charles Schultz brought back to you in his “A Charlie Brown Christmas”—and he was “taken out” because of it!] now is simply “Happy Holidays”.  While the Jewish candles, 6-pointed stars, and “Happy Hannukah” are plastered everywhere!) ignored the warnings given them by Robinson, the French Revolution was soon in full swing, drenching that country in the blood of innocent Frenchmen.

In order to alert other governments which might be affected, Robinson published a book in 1798 titled PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY ALL GOVERNMENTS AND RELIGIONS.  Once again, his warning fell on deaf ears, exactly as you see happening this very day in America.  (As President Obama—A CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT JUST LIKE GEORGE WASHINGTON—moves into his second term as Commander-In-Chief, you are witnessing an awakening, or “remembering”, of exactly who is taking all of your homes and property.  Jesus told you that the false “Jews” are the “money changers of the synagogue”, and Mel Gibson is under CONSTANT ATTACK—DAILY—because he and his father are telling you what the Master Teacher said two-thousand years ago.  “The Passion Of The Christ” and “Conspiracy Theory” point this out in the cinema, and it is obvious from the Hollywood Jew response that Gibson is indeed—RIGHT ON!  Stand with those in the public eye who risk everything, even their very lives, to speak truth unto you no matter what the cost.  For in the end, God wins, and you had best be on the winning team!)

While many Americans are most touchy about believing this, there is ample proof that your own Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were avid students of Weishaupt.  Jefferson became one of Weishaupt’s staunchest defender in the New World, and it was Jefferson who introduced the Illuminati to the newly organized Masonic Lodges of the Scottish rites in America, over the protest of General George Washington.
It was men like Thomas Paine and St. Germain who tried to bring these things to your attention, and you rebuffed them.  They summed it up as being such as to “SPIT AGAINST THE WIND.”

In 1789, Robinson warned all Masonic leaders in America that the Illuminati had infiltrated their lodges, and on July 19, 1789, the President of Harvard University, himself a high ranking Mason, issued the same warning to the graduating class, lecturing them on the influences the Illuminati had on American religion and politics.  To top this all off, John Quincy Adams, who had helped organize the New England Masonic Lodges, issued a similar warning.  He wrote three letters to top American Masonic leaders in which he outlined how Jefferson was using his influence in the Lodges for the benefit of the Illuminati.  Those three letters are now in the Whittenberg Library in Philadelphia.  In short, whether or not you wish to accept it, Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democratic Party, was a member of the Illuminati.  This, of course, had influence in establishing a “liberal” image.  (Keep in mind that there is ZERO DIFFERENCE in “Democratic” versus “Republican”; both are used to establish a dictatorship under control of the Zionist Khazar “Jews”.)

Realizing that they could not seduce the Russian Czar (pronounced “Zar”, the Russian word meaning “Caesar”), the Rothschilds began a new attack against the money systems of the European nations and the United States.  (And it will be Russia’s Christians—not to be confused with those evil “Soviet” Khazars who tried to destroy Russia in THAT revolution in 1917 in October—who will come to America’s aid when those Soviet “Bolsheviks” [Jewish military planners who relocated to YOUR Pentagon and NASA] make their final grab for world control.  Christian Russia and Christian America have the same deadly enemy, and you had best recognize the Beast of Revelation for what it is!)  They used a very tricky method to gain control of the English Banking System.  During the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, the Rothschilds were able to falsify a report of the battle so that the English people believed that Napoleon had won.  (Shades of Iraq?  Who did really win the Kuwait/Iraq conflict, chelas?  How do you know??)  The British Stock Market plummeted and shares fell to rock bottom.  Who was there to buy them up at a few cents on the dollar?  You guessed it—Mr. Rothschild’s agents—and who do you think is there to establish millions from the oil debacle this day??  You guessed it!  When the true news came that Napoleon had been defeated, the stocks went sky high and the Rothschilds cleared millions of pounds (English dollars) in profits and ended by controlling the economies of both England and the Continent.  (Care to give a full dissertation on the facts of this Middle East conflict?  Funny thing—Saddam Hussein also “claimed victory”.  Would “lips” Bush ever lie to you??  Are you just a bit uncomfortable?  I certainly do hope so!!  Where did all those nice Republican Guards go?  Where are all those really lethal and dastardly weapons of Saddam’s?  What exactly are you-the-people given to back up anything they tell you?  I suggest you be very selective in that which you believe to be shown “before your very eyes”!)

Rothschild forced Britain to set up a new bank of England, which he totally controlled.  This was similar to a later criminal activity when a group of International gangsters led by Jacob Schiff had the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913.  (Effectively transferring United States wealth of you-the-people into WORTHLESS PAPER THAT IS REALLY A “BILL” YOU OWE TO THE JEWS.  Right after that, all your earnings—of which Americans were to take home FULL PAYCHECKS/CASH for a full day’s work—went straight into the treasure chests of the INTERNATIONAL BANKS of the Jewish Money Changers.  These are the same “Den of Thieves” Jesus Esu Immanuel fought with in the temple.  Remember Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion Of The Christ”?  Franco Zefferelli’s film about Jesus also clearly depicts those Pharisees [Khazar Zionist, Bolshevik, “Communist”, “Socialist”, “Jews”] and their obsession with money and swindling “church” or synagogue funds.  Again—TITHING IS NOT OF GOD!  That is man’s commandment so they can steal from the Godly, their gold—and eventually, their property.)  (Schiff?  Oh, yes, the same—pharmaceutical magnate!  Try reading MURDER BY INJECTION and RAPE OF JUSTICE, both by Eustace Mullins.  I prefer to not require Dharma (the scribe/translator/receiver before Jonur) do all that extra work of regiving you facts when it is so beautifully available and researched superbly.  I greatly honor Eustace Mullins, among others who have braved the enemy and continued to serve their fellow-men.)

At this point, I think it might be good for us to look at the activity of the Illuminati in the United States.


In 1826, one Captain William Morgan, a high ranking Mason, decided it was his duty to inform all American Masons how their lodges had been infiltrated by the Illuminati.  The Illuminati, through the Masonic Lodge, tried Morgan in “absentia and sentenced him to death.  (All you un-ILLUMINATED Masons, take heart; those vows you took about “murdering your brother Mason” that you THOUGHT were a fun lark that didn’t really mean anything, well, when you get past 32nd and 33rd Degree initiations—it means exactly that!  The evil Khazar “Jew” kills his enemies to keep the New World Order plot SECRET from the rest of the populace!)  Morgan was warned and fled to Canada.  But the executioner, an English Mason named Richard Howard, caught up with him near Niagara Falls and killed him.  This was verified in court through sworn statements and by a thorough police investigation—at a time when such could still be considered somewhat valid.  The testimony of the trial is on record in the New York City archives if you wish to peruse them and can get someone to allow you to examine them.

Very few members of the Masonic Lodge or the general public know any of this, nor that the public disapproval of this act was so general that it closed down over half of the Masonic Lodges in the Northern Jurisdiction of North America. (See what you can do AS A PEOPLE—UNITED against the conspirators?!)

In the early 1850s, the Illuminati held a secret meeting in New York which was addressed by a British Illuminist named Wright.  Those in attendance were told that Illuminists were organizing Nihilists, atheists, and other subversive groups into an International organization which was to become known as “Communism”.  (Again, this is a JEWISH ORGANIZATION, even though you believe it to be a Chinese or North Vietnamese “thing”.)  It was intended to be the supreme weapon of terror which would eventually control the world.


Communism was to be used to foment wars and revolutions.  Quentin Roosevelt, an ancestor of FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt, former U.S. President, was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, just so you know), Horace Greeley, a well-known newspaper publisher, and Charles Daner were appointed to head a commission to raise funds for his new venture.  Of course, most of these funds came from the Rothschilds.  It was this fund that financed Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (of the “Marxism” group of evil dictators) when they wrote “DAS CAPITAL” and “THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO”.

… We were speaking of the start-up of Communism, so let us begin herein at that point where we left off yesterday’s discussion.


Communism was not to be an ideology (of shared “community” of living and working for the good of all, as you were first told), but a secret weapon, a “boogie-man word”, to serve the ulterior purposes of the Illuminati.  “World War II” was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State (Nation) in Palestine.  Zionist and Nazi leaders collaborated on Jewish immigration from Russia to Palestine and the United States.  Testifying at the trial of Ernst Zundel, an anti-Zionist “Jew” who was an outstanding personality of the time in point testified in Toronto, Canada, in March 1988, that “Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a Zionist State.  Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a world war.  Wall Street (Jewish Capital of the world) and Jewish large bankers aided the war effort on both sides.  (As they have done in all your world conflicts:  getting you Christians and other non-Jews to fight among yourselves, while the cunning “Serpent People”—as the Khazar Jew labeled himself—sits back and reaps unimaginable profits upon a foundation of innocent blood and destruction in every country on the globe!)

“Zionists are also to blame for provoking growing hatred for Jews in 1988.”  (Taken from THE TORONTO STAR, March 31, 1988.)

Weishaupt died in 1830, but prior to his death, he prepared a revised version of the age-old conspiracy which, under various facades, was to control all the international subversive organizations by working their agents into executive positions at the top of governments.

In the United States you have seen such men as Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter, and other high-ranking officials such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brezinski, George Schultz, Gen. George Marshall, Owen Lattimore, Vice/President George [H.W.] Bush, and many more, who were stooges of the conspiracy.  Now you can add dozens to the listing as you move into deeper involvement in war and gun controls, dissolving of your Constitution, etc.  They will represent direct participants, not stooges “for”.

World War II was to finally be fomented between political Zionism and their “yes” man, the United States, and your one-time staunch anti-Communist friends, the Arab states.  The conspiratorial agents are even now hard at work setting up more outreaching war, and it has reached the explosion point in the Near East as well.  Even as we write, the United States is still exchanging gunfire with the Iraqi Muslim state, and heinous terrorist attacks are underway in that area, which are called the responsibility of Saddam’s government, while the unrest and attacks are staged and orchestrated (Just like the Afghan massacre supposedly involving the “lone U.S. soldier”, the Norwegian “Patriot” who single-handedly killed 90-plus people on a tiny island, race killings in your nation, etc., etc., etc.; THIS is what the united “spy agencies” do best under the covers.  For as I have stated many times before, the civilian populations EVERYWHERE have become “the enemy of the state”.  The secret Bolshevik Zionist war planners now target the innocent, law-abiding people, and not any perceived “enemy” on the other side of a line drawn on a map.), literally, by the Israeli Mossad, which is totally infiltrated within Iraq and all the Middle East nations.

The final great war is planned to so weaken the nations of the Free World that they will become fractionalized and will be ready for “peace at any price, even that of slavery”, while the Elite continue to grow stronger and stronger.  (So that explains the massive push to first REGISTER and then CONFISCATE your firearms that you might use for self-defense of loved ones and property/homes.)  The conspirators believe the nations who fight this war will have fought themselves into a state of complete exhaustion and economic bankruptcy so that they can step in and pick up the pieces and thus achieve world control.  How many millions of people die is totally immaterial to them.  (What a grand definition of Satanism, wouldn’t you say?!!)

Can any intelligent person see what has happened in the Near East, the Middle East, Central America, and parts of South America and continue to be so naive as to actually believe it has happened by accident?

It is so bad, and I shall cover this probably tomorrow, that Israel has been selling and continues to sell American high-tech defense secrets to everyone—anywhere.  (So no matter what the media tell you, the Arab world ALREADY HAS advanced missiles and weaponry—sold to them by Israel, which is the largest arms dealer on the planet!)

Your government set up “laws” preventing your own companies from doing business with certain ones—so Israel takes up the vacant places, works out deals, and goes full-bore ahead, while your little companies, now deprived of their livelihood, collapse.  The big business cycles around and comes right back to roost in the laps of the big boy Elitists.

Even the information regarding these transactions makes it back into the U.S. through very devious and around-about measures—usually through blundering of press and media who let the truth slip through occasionally.  For instance, between 1984, when Israel struck a secret deal with China for the sale of over $3 BILLION worth of high-tech tank equipment, and the end of 1989, the mini-state supplied the giant communist nations with a very broad sampling of sophisticated weapons systems and advanced defense designs right off the U.S. drawing boards, and some in totally fabricated form.  How can this happen?  Easily—right through the sanctions and with the blessings of the government of Corazon Aquino in the Philippines.

Using the Philippines as a secret base and transshipment point, Israel sold the Chinese:  missile technology, anti-tank and naval weapons, armor-piercing sabot shells, laser targeting instruments, sophisticated avionics, electronic surveillance and command systems, hypervelocity artillery, and numerous other products of the most advanced American military technology.  (DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THE ACTIONS OF PATRIOTIC CITIZENS ON THE SIDE OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM?  OR THE ACTIONS OF ANTI-CHRIST TRAITORS, ARMING THINE ENEMIES TO KILL AND MURDER YOUR OWN FIGHTING MEN BEHIND YOUR BACKS?  THIS IS HOW EVIL OPERATES, CHELAS; OPEN YOUR EYES AND CONFRONT THE TRUE ADVERSARY—ISRAEL AND THE BRITISH CROWN!)  Then as a secret maneuver, as the Saudis came to the U.S. and Britain to buy long-range missiles—the U.S. refused to sell; the British sold some, but most were limited at the demand of Israel; and so the Saudis went to China and China very cooperatively dismantled and re-setup the missiles in Saudi Arabia.  Thus, the full circle was completed to the point where there is no way to tell one missile from another, one tank from another, etc.  It is impossible not to “kill by friendly fire”—everything looks like, and is like, everything else.

Please note again—at the first confrontation on the ground in this present war—the tanks which were plentiful were of the worst calibre possible, and so were the fighting troops of Iraq—it was intended that the tanks not operate well and that the troops be captured.  It was a total testing of your abilities, with the least possible loss to the Iraqis.  The tanks were CHINESE and ones which the Chinese no longer use.  Your army NEVER encountered the Elite Republican Guard nor the advanced divisions of Soviet armor.  This should make you so nervous that the old stomach ulcers are intensely painful at this point of whatever they are doing in the Middle East—for it is NOT THAT WHICH THEY ARE TELLING YOU!!!!!




Jacob Schiff had been chosen by the Rothschild interests to come to America with several objectives, the major one of which was to control your Money System.  The Rothschilds knew the importance of this, and at one time Mayer Rothschild, the head of the clan, was reported to have said:  “Give me control of the money of a country, and I care not who makes the laws.”

In 1908, Schiff decided that the time was ripe to take charge of America’s economy.  His chief agent for this seizure was a man named Colonel Edward Mandel House, who was a close friend of Woodrow Wilson and who would later become his presidential advisor.  House had spent his entire adult life as an agent and courier of the Schiff enterprises and had worked closely with Bernard Baruch and Herbert Lehman, two more of the most influential of the conspirators.  In the fall of 1908, these conspirators met at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club, located on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and owned by J.P. Morgan.  This was to be a “top secret” meeting in which they would lay the final plans for the money takeover.

Among those present were J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Col. House, Senator Nelson Aldrich, Jacob Schiff, the heads of the New York City International Banks, Eugene Meyers, Herbert Lehman, and Paul Warburg—in short, all the important International Bankers in the United States, all of whom were also in the Illuminati hierarchy.  So secret was this meeting that the regular employees of the Hunt Club were dismissed during the meeting, and cooks, waiters, butlers, security personnel, in fact all help were people who were trusted by the conspirators.

After a week of business and revelry, they emerged with a plan which they called THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.  Senator Aldrich had the honor of being picked as the “stooge” who would “railroad” the Act through Congress.  They held up on putting this plan into immediate action for one reason.  First, they had to plant one of their men in the White House.  He had to be a man who would be completely subservient to their desires.  This was necessary so that he could sign the Federal Reserve Act into law.  (And thus began the biggest “bank heist” in the history of your nation and world!  These Federal Reserve “CENTRAL BANKS” became the instrument—or “gun”—the criminals used to steal all the gold/money from all the peoples of the countries who had these evil institutions forced upon them.  Is it clearer now WHY “Jesus” Immanual Esu SANANDA fought the Money Changers and threw them out of the temple???!!  Do you now see WHY the Holy Bible and the Koran tell you that GOD HIMSELF SAID, “DO NOT CHARGE THY BROTHER USURY [INTEREST]”???!!!!)  They knew that, even if the Congress passed it, the President would have to sign it and that, if the President were to veto it, there was too much chance of their plans for money control being revealed.  (And that is the answer to YOUR PROBLEM TODAY:  TELL THE SECRET, REVEAL THE TRUTH USING EVERY MANNER AVAILABLE TO YOU!  For once the culprit is named and the guilty exposed, they can no longer fool you with this deception.  THAT IS WHY THEY MUST DISARM THE POPULACE SO ONLY THE CRIMINALS HAVE WEAPONS.  GUN REGISTRATION-CONFISCATION IS FOR YOU CIVILIANS, NOT FOR THE DRUG DEALERS, ROBBERS, RAPISTS, AND MURDERERS—THEY HAVE ZERO PROBLEMS GETTING ALL THE GUNS THEY COULD EVER WANT!  ALL THE TERRIBLE ATROCITIES IN THE SO-CALLED “COMMUNIST” NATIONS HAVE THE TOUGHEST GUN CONTROL LAWS ON THE BOOKS.  THEY ALSO HAVE THE VERY WORST CRIMINAL ACTS PERPETRATED AGAINST UNARMED CIVILIANS!  Just like in the U.S., cities like New York with the strongest gun control have the highest murder rate—against UNARMED LAW-ABIDING PEOPLE!)

They found their man in a 67-year-old Democrat from the State of Virginia.  Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912, and immediately after his inauguration, Senator Aldrich began the process which would turn the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT into law.  Wilson waited impatiently in the wings to do the bidding of his masters and sign the bill.  On December 23, 1913, when most of the Congress were home for the holidays (sound familiar?), the few remaining, mostly those who had been “handpicked” for the purpose, passed this treasonous bill, which has become the “greatest money scam in the world’s history”.

To give you an idea of how heinous this act really was, you must understand that your Founding Fathers realized the power of money.  They knew that whoever held this power would control the country, so they were extremely careful when writing the Constitution to set forth in writing that only the elected representatives of the people would have the power to coin the nation’s money.

The Constitutional language was brief and concise.  It was plain enough so that the average citizen could understand it without the interpretation of some lawyer. In Article II, Sec. 8, par. 5, you can read—and this defines the power of Congress:  “to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and standards of weights and measures”.

On that tragic day in December, 1913, a Day of Infamy much greater than anything the Japanese could do to Pearl Harbor, the men you sent to Washington to protect the Constitution from all enemies, without and within, delivered the economic destiny of America into the hands of International aliens (gray men) (Both in the “uniform” of gray suits the Jewish banksters wore, AND IN THE “UFO COMMUNITY”, THE “GREYS” OR EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALIENS WHO ARE OF THE SPECIES DESCENDED FROM THE EVIL KHAZAR TRIBES OF GOG FROM THE LAND OF MAGOG, IN ANCIENT, ANCIENT KHAZARIA.  Just as you come from We of the Lighted Brotherhood of the cosmos, the Pleiades Star Cluster of blue-white stars and their planets, so too do the “bad guys” have their own origin.  The good news is that no more can come to Earth; the bad news is that they are “stuck here” right along with you!  Remember those “fallen ones” who were kicked out of Heaven and sent “down” somewhere?  Well, Earth Shan is the school room in which the lessons are learned.  So be it!) who hate you and everything you as Americans stand for.

(Again, we are talking about the false one labeled “Jew” who hates you Christians—but yet provides  you with Hollywood “entertainment” of smut and great moral degradation so as to totally destroy your kind, all the while pretending to be your friend.  The Blacks know this through the Jew’s unscrupulous dealings in the music business, and Whites see the same thing in the Evangelist Zionism movement of “Israel First” pushers.  And your own nation is seen by all being manipulated like the puppet, with the Khazar Jew pulling your strings, which has led to unjust foreign involvement in wars and a bankrupt world.  All the while, the Judean Hebrew “Jew” unjustly gets the blame for all the troubles—like the Khazar Zionist “Jew” planned all along.  This is what Lucifer and his fallen ones have been up to for lo these many eons of time.  So let us continue the catching up in our lessons so YOU can put a stop to this situation.  For God does win in the end; even the adversary knows this.)

Today, almost 80 years after (this JOURNAL was published in 1991, so that’s 100 years since!) this act of treason, most Americans believe that THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is part of the American Government.  They have no idea that it is governed by Federal Banks, whose heads are aliens who are members of the International Illuminati conspiracy.

Who are these bankers (or money changers)?  According to sources who are quite reliable in Switzerland, the following banks hold the controlling interest in THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.  They are all Jewish owned and/or controlled.  (Exactly as are the movie, magazine, radio, book publishing, and school textbook industries.)  In their order of importance, they are:

1.     Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin.
2.     Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris.
3.     Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy.
4.     Warburg Bank of Amsterdam and Hamburg.
5.     Lehman Brothers of New York City.
6.     Kuehn-Loeb Bank of New York City.
7.     Chase-Manhattan Bank of New York City (David Rockefeller).
8.     Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York City.


Approximately 300 people (hence “The Committee Of 300” or “Club Of Rome”, etc.) who are closely associated, many by marriage, own and control this system by holding stock or shares in the system.  (That is why Princess Diana and her intended ARAB HUSBAND DODI AL-FAYED—and the unborn heir to the British Zionist Throne—were “taken out” with extreme prejudice by British Intelligence/MI-6.  The Laser Flash Gun used in the tunnel instantly killed the driver and Dodi, and Diana was killed by lethal injection, just like Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe were, so as to not leave any trace of murder.  That is why the photographers’ “flash bulbs” were repeatedly mentioned, in an attempt to cover the FACT of secret Star Wars weapons used in covert assassinations and such.)


First, the U.S. needs, say, a billion dollars to pay bills.  Second, it notifies the U.S. Bureau of engraving to print one billion dollars in U.S. Bonds.  Third, the U.S. Government delivers the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank as Promissory Notes; the U.S. Government promises to pay for these, its own Bonds, when they mature.  Fourth, the Federal Reserve Bank deposits these bonds, for which they paid nothing, with the Comptroller of Currency; and the Federal Reserve then receives one billion dollars in Federal Reserve notes, the currency you now use (instead of Lincoln “Green Backs” or Kennedy’s “American Dollars”, or any other “AMERICAN CURRENCY”.  Thus, these two assassinations are plainly explained as to the “why” of the conspiracy to get these men out of the way!), in various denominations—thinking it to be “money”.  THEN, NOTE HOW YOU GET “HAD”:

The Federal Reserve Bank retains ownership of the one billion dollars in bonds, which it received free of charge.  (And you thought David Copperfield was the only one who could pull “a fast one” of such magnitude on all you wide-eyed spectators!)

The Federal Reserve notes are now distributed to member banks so they have money available to pay the bills of government, cash government checks, cash checks citizens have received, make loans to citizens, etc.  (Please note that under present banking laws, member banks can loan out some twenty times the amount they have on deposit—over and over and over and over  -  -  - .

Then the Federal Reserve Bank receives interest on its bonds for which they paid nothing; note now how they laid it on you good people!

First, the Federal Reserve got a billion dollars for nothing.  In the meantime, they get interest on the bonds they got for nothing, and when they eventually cash them, they get the money again.  Now, we are speaking of a mere “billion”—but your government now deals in “trillions”.  (Do you see now why—no matter how much the conspirators STEAL UNLAWFULLY in taxes from you-the-people, and schools, museums, aquariums, parks, community centers, fire, police, city public works, etc.—YOU ARE STILL ALL OUT OF MONEY AND GOING UNDER FINANCIALLY?  You are being bled to death—literally—by the vipers, and they DO intend to take EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!  Wake up and put a stop to it; tell your neighbors, friends, family, and the world, for they cannot do this when the plan is out in the open.  Satan must operate in the shadows and in secret.  Therefore, you the masses are given a steady stream of lies and mindless “Reality Shows” that are actually scripted to present “cat fights”, irresponsible sex, rampant violence; and cartoons showing stupid fathers and disrespectful kids; and all manner of food shows, followed by the barrage of diet fads for self-hatred and character assassination—anything and everything to keep you from seeing the wool being pulled over your eyes as a nation as a whole.)  For example, you borrow tremendous amounts each year so that you can give it away in foreign loans (DON’T YOU THINK YOUR POOR, UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS COULD USE THAT MONEY???!!!!  EVERYBODY IS LOSING THEIR HOMES AND THEIR SAVINGS HAVE DRIED UP!  That is so YOU don’t get your hands on YOUR money!)—mostly to nations that despise you.  (Come now, chelas [students], does this LOOK like “Americans” are calling the shots on your domestic and foreign policy?  Or are there some Grey Aliens walking around in business suits PRETENDING to be “one of you”???  Whatever their origin, these are foreign “alien” imitators who represent A FOREIGN POWER that is the polar opposite of the values you hold dear as a nation founded under God.  These are the false Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, and you had best call on God to help you slay this “beast” before it slays you!)

It has been said before, most wisely:  “It will only be as decent people in America who are concerned for the well-being of our nation and our offspring wake up from this ‘near fatal sleep’ into which the conspirators have hypnotized us.  Can these powerful conspirators be smashed?  It will only come through the HELP of Almighty God and the repentance of His people so that He will, once again, show mercy to us.”  Thank you, Jack.

If you believe these conspirators are content with the control of your money, you are miserably in error, and you are in for additional shock after shock after shock.

Here is where the real rub comes into play. While the Federal Reserve could control America’s money, there was no way it could touch the earnings of the American worker because your Constitution expressly forbids it—BUT—SNAKES IN THE WOODPILE!—you simply got stabbed with a plank out of the Communist Manifesto—IT WAS CALLED THE GRADUATED PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX” (gradually more and more and more, until they eventually take all your earnings—and you owe your very soul to THE BANK [THE JEW]!).  This would lead eventually to the complete confiscation of all private property (like the Jews did to “Communist” Russia and “Communist” China) in the nation and the complete control of each individual’s earning power.  However, such a tax could not be brought about without an amendment to the Constitution.  (Therefore, guard that precious document as if your very lives depend on it—BECAUSE THEY DO!)

BUT, as they had done with the Federal Reserve Act, these same traitors with the same President arranged for the 16th Amendment to become the law of the land, and they “hoodwinked” (that nice Freemasonry initiation term) the American people into accepting this absolute control over their earning power.

A little research will show you that most of the Congressmen who voted for the 16th Amendment knew very little about it because only two had even bothered to read it before they voted it into law.


The main effect of this Amendment—which was never supposed to rise above 2%, or so the American people were told—went into effect during World War II when President FDR applied a 20% withholding tax on all small wage earners, and up to 90% tax on higher earners.  Of course, the conspirators had planned for this and were protected in their Tax Free Foundations.  (This is why all the top Jewish “Philanthropists” seem to give away all THEIR MONEY to the “worthy causes” they pretend to care about.  “Newman’s Own” Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer cure, all the “Foundations” for public broadcasting, etc., etc.  The incredible amount of money you ones also add to the thieves’ coffers NEVER GOES TO ANYTHING EXCEPT TO THE JEWISH INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS.  THEY ARE NEVER AUDITED AND NO ONE QUESTIONS WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL THE LOOT!  As in the “60-MILE-WALK TO FIND THE CURE” for the Komen breast cancer farce, they laugh at you while the cute, cheery commercials flood the television screens.  All the while, these same “do-gooder Jews” already have cures—even for the HIV/AIDS viruses!  And little do you citizens suspect, THEY ARE ACTUALLY GIVING THE CANCER TO YOUR WOMEN WHEN THEY TELL YOU CONTINUALLY TO GO IN FOR BREAST CANCER SCREENINGS!  AND YOU MEN ARE GIVEN PROSTATE CANCER IN ASTRONOMICAL NUMBERS WHEN THEY URGE YOU GO GET YOUR PROSTATE CHECKED!  How’s that for evil intent!  All men have “the signs” of prostate cancer when you get older—frequent need or feeling to urinate, sometimes enlargement of the prostate itself, a little soreness from time to time—but these pass or lessen over a period of time as your aging body adjusts.  However, the Serpent People who have made themselves your “savior” doctors use that opportunity to strike, like the venomous vipers that they are, and quietly give you the disease during examination, whereupon the treatments they give are THE REAL KILLERS!  Get the metal colloids—silver, gold, titanium, copper—these are in a microscopic particle solution of simply:  purified water, with a tiny “charge” of electricity.  Remember—YOU—YOUR SPIRIT—IS AN ELECTRICAL BEING, capable of miraculous self-healing, just as God Aton created you to be!  Stock up on the colloids and put them in every opening you can find!  Put a few drops in your ears, your rear end, inside your urethra, vagina, cuts, sores, in your juice and water for drinking, wherever—and keep it up!  This is what enhances your immune system.  The electrical “wiring”, if you will, of your PHYSICAL BODY has been compromised by the poisons you get in unhealthy “fast foods”, chemicals, and Electromagnetic and Extremely Low Frequency/ELF bombardment through those funny antennas they told you are for cell phones and such.  It is not just bullets being shot at you made of lead; electrons are now the deadly weapon of choice because you can be killed off and it’s made to look like “natural causes”.  This is called Quiet Weapons For Quiet Wars, and the Israeli scientists are masters at using this technology on their Christian enemies!  But above ALL ELSE, you MUST continually ask for God/Christ to keep the White Light of Protection around you and your small children.  For that will counter the pulses and beams sent to debilitate and kill the body.  Once your bodies have re-established their electrical connections with the nervous system and organs, the invading organisms or malfunctioning cells will be sloughed off and can pass from the body through the eliminating canal as waste material.  Brenda, this is good for Uncle “Late” and Uncle Robert and Aunt Betty.  In fact, all your family relations need to acquire the metal colloids NOW!  Readers, stock up on these and all the zinc and titanium, and ALL vitamin and mineral supplements. The Jewish “doctors of death” plan to classify these and other natural herbal homeopathics AS DRUGS AND MAKE IT A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO POSSESS THEM WITHOUT A LICENSE OR A PRESCRIPTION!  MEL GIBSON IS IN TROUBLE WITH THE JEWS FOR BRINGING YOU ONES THAT TIDBIT OF NEWS ALSO!  So do not go back to sleep on this one, chelas!)  FDR promised faithfully (read his lips) that the tax would be lifted when the war ended, but his promise had no truth behind it any more than the promise he made that he would “… never send American boys to die on foreign soil”.  It gets worse, so don’t go away.  The 16th Amendment never touched the earnings of the immensely rich.  This is why a few years back you saw Nelson Rockefeller, with yearly earnings of somewhere around $26 million, pay an annual tax of $216.00.  (Like President Obama said, shouldn’t they at least pay as much as their secretary????  “That’s just common sense!”)

The conspirators protect their wealth while they rob you of yours.  These foundations, which were supposed to have been set up for humanitarian purposes, became the “hot beds” of sedition and radical communist activity.  The disobedience of the Vietnam War era was funded by the Foundations who gave “aid and comfort” to those who were trying to tear apart your Republic.  This was all a part of the Master PLAN.

These Foundations funded civil disobedience (exactly the same ONES who funded the violent outbreaks and smashing of windows in the “Occupy Wall Street” redress of grievances.  These were the organized, black-clad, masked demonstrators causing the trouble.  The hope was to trigger widespread rioting so United Nations troops could be brought in.  However, the people saw through the plan and did not take the bait.), the rights to spread pornography, the rights of doctors to murder millions of unborn babies, the rights of homosexuals and promiscuous persons to spread deadly diseases—and the list is too long to list herein, and we would simply again be called bigots.

A good example of Foundation funding is the Ford Foundation which finances the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS in Santa Barbara, California.  This is commonly referred to as “Moscow West”.  They have organized the “New States” and the “New Constitution”.

Those are the Foundations—but what happens to the billions of dollars (credit) which are confiscated from the pockets of you hard working Americans?  The major bottomless pit is your Foreign Aid, which now goes directly to your proclaimed enemy as well as the other old standby “friends”.  The largest lump goes to finance Israel.  Where does it come from?  Your government “borrows” annually multi-billions of dollars from the foreign banks, paying a high rate of interest, so that they can turn around and give it away to nations who do not even like you nice people .…  [End quoting.]

That is enough of the basic beginnings of the Jewish Zionist New World Order/Global Government as it pertains to the United States and your current circumstances.  Break here, Jonur, and let us continue promptly.  Rest and nourish the body, for illness due to exhaustion simply will not do.  A world and a people need to be shown the WAY.  So let us get to it!



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