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New Series 106: Doris and EJ both have much they wish to share with you ones who hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT! The hour is at hand to allow the WORD OF GOD to again come forth upon the planet. You have become People of the lie and can no longer live in a world ruled by your Satanic adversary.

7/22/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns106)

Hatonn present in light and projection of Holy God Aton.  Amen.

The following is from a PHOENIX JOURNAL (#30), with a dissertation from “Dharma” (Doris), the scribe prior to “Jonur” (Joseph), followed by quoting from this JOURNAL on the subject of the “Good Guys” from the Cosmos.  All truth regarding “space”—including the “bad and the ugly”—will be briefly spoken of.  Mankind is going to have to come into understanding of his Space Brotherhood Connections if he is to sort the evil presentations of the adversary from that of God’s Heavenly HOSTS FROM AFAR!

Doris and EJ both have much they wish to share with you ones who hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT!  The hour is at hand to allow the WORD OF GOD to again come forth upon the planet.  You have become People of the lie and can no longer live in a world ruled by your Satanic adversary.

The prior writing is briefly interrupted, but will be finished in continuity of current events.  Enjoy!


FROM DHARMA:  On this day of focusing appreciation, I need within to express without my gratitude and humble thanks for being allowed to participate in this unfolding, incredible experience called LIFE!  At this time of historical transition, to be allowed to even be present is beyond my expression capabilities—to participate is a gift above all gifts.  I express on behalf of we, the Earth ground-team, our collective recognition of the honor and love bestowed upon us.  We come, as do you, in service unto God, fellow-man, nation and truth—may your will be done, Grandfather, for you have walked with us while we have grappled our way through the veil and into flickering memories of our purpose.

There is nothing we would not do for you in the light of truth if you but ask us; for too long have we only asked of you and the brotherhood.  May we assume the responsibility of this mission in the glory and truth handed into our care for the sowing of the seeds of truth upon the fertile ground—if you can give unto us such a gift—may we never be found intentionally negligent of the commission.

We ask, and give, our own truth and blessings unto all our relations that we do not, for even one moment, forget their passage is filled with confusion and, as we grow, Grandfather, may we find the path and move some of the pebbles out of the path of our brothers.

Thank you for walking with us, and may we come into understanding for it is difficult to be hu-man in this day of chaos of which there seems to be no understanding, and may we come home soon in fulfillment of that which you have sent us to do.  May we ask only for our brother, and then hear that which you give us to do that his way might be easier and truth come into his being.  May your will always be that which we acknowledge and bear action, for in the knowledge of that truth we, too, shall come into the lighted halls of your lodge and rejoin our family.  We are homesick and lonely for our home, but may we serve well that our arrival back to our place among the stars shall bear glory, love, and peace which moves always beyond our understanding. May your will be done and may your power reveal itself in each of us that we act, always, in your truth and light.  May our lodges be always in perfection, within, that you find a place of perfection in which to dwell.

In appreciation unto the councils and the Sacred Circle of Infinity to be allowed to serve, I ask your continued guidance and presence as we journey forth upon this planet in the mission granted unto us.  Thank you, Grandfather, for your sheltering wings, for sometimes we are so lonely and the way seems impassable and impossible—may we always be given to persevere and see the way as you would have us walk within the wondrous Creation.  May we represent our brothers of the tribes from the Heavens, and we ask that you of the unseen tribe be in knowledge of our love and service unto you.

I am humbled to be allowed to be your hands for I have so little else to give and you have given all.  Hear us, Grandfather, that we not be a blind voice in the dark, but rather, a knowing example and presence within the Light.

In behalf of my brothers and sisters, I petition you to accept our gratitude for you have gifted us with ALL there is.  May we keep this ever present in our consciousness - - - .


          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


We have often spoken of your connection with Pleiades, and for awhile [Hatonn continuing dissertation from JOURNAL #30:  “PLEIADES CONNECTION, RETURN OF THE PHOENIX, VOLUME I”, as translated by Doris/”Dharma”], we shall write about these attachments, for your brothers from the stars have great insight which they willingly share with you ones who are still grappling with the dark corners of memory.

Your brothers from Pleiades have witnessed those of you who were and are unable to determine the truth or were frightened when confronted with it; this serves no purpose for terrestrial man nor themselves.  The fear should never be present in any manner as all men hold the truth within themselves and must only know this to find it.  A human may deliver himself from all manner of ignorance if he generates the will to seek truth and then does so.

Wisdom is the light, and wherever the light flashes upward, there darkness and ignorance disappear.  Ignorance is the essential darkness and can only be overcome by the light of wisdom.  Further, little brothers, wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of spirit and works with and according to the Creational laws, for wisdom and the spirit are two factors which react as one, much in the same way as the sun and light of the sun.  Both give warmth and both give light.  Wisdom is the mark of the existence of the spirit and disguises itself in the qualities of truth, knowledge, love, beauty, grace, harmony, and peace.

You ones of Earth desire to remain bound to passing “time”, but you cannot measure “age” by that which you perceive as passing years.  The “human” may be very old as witnessed by the exterior perception, but this is only a passing state.  A century ago human was not old and a century from this present moment he will not be old—only the physical body can age in any manner whatsoever for the spirit only renews and grows in knowledge and experience.  The spirit remains forever young and is never subjected to the appearance of age, for age is like youth and every other experience, only a passing state of being.


You ones of Earth-bound attachments dream and ponder and wonder about your brothers of space.  You ponder about whether or not they are “out there” and if so, how can they reach you and how can you reach them—you want ideas you can understand, and yet there is no mysticism regarding these states of actions and being, but only mystery—until the puzzle is accomplished.

You want to know about propulsion systems and physical elements of construction of ships and be reminded of how it is where you came from so that you might be reminded of that which makes you lonely and homesick—you want to remember the “whys” and “hows” and you are impatient to move on, and yet you lock yourselves into the cement of that which you have created to shackle you to the physical experience.

I can speak of the general of that which you consider “physical”, for your brothers move about in a most physical manner, for the most part, having learned to overcome the compression of the dimensions as they differ.  We of the etheric presence move by the projection of intent through thought, so I shall not go into that deeply at this writing, for we need to speak of your connections with your kindred.

Let us consider propulsion, for the largest number of questions come forth as “How can you travel such distances—how do your craft function?”  For traveling through cosmic space, a drive is necessary which surpasses the speed of light by millions of times.  But this propulsion can only come into action when the speed of light has already been achieved.  From that it follows that a further drive is necessary regulating normal speed up to that of light [186,400 miles a sec.].  This means that a starcraft, or beamship as referred to by the Plaiadians, requires two drive mechanisms, first the normal which accelerates up to the speed of light, and then a second for the hyperdrive, as you might refer to it.  A drive, then, which generates a million-fold and even billion-fold the speed of light, thus producing the hyper-speed by which hyper-space is pierced and penetrated.  This is a space in which the mass seems to increase in relationship to the speed attained.  So time and space simply collapse, and they become zero time and zero space.  This actually means that time and space cease to exist.  Thusly, distances of numerous light-years are traversed in a mere fraction of a second—with no lag of time.

The actual “time” required to make a journey, say, from Pleiades to Earth is in the speeding up to light speed and the slowing down again at destination.  In thought transference there is no time involved whatsoever, except the split seconds required for disassembly and reassembly.  The actual time of physical transference by craft is less than ten minutes of your calculations for such a distance.

You will not be given statistics of detail as to function because you ones have enough toys beyond your ability to control without bringing them into outer-limits of the cosmos.  It is not in the best interest of the cosmic brotherhood that Earth human be given the ability to penetrate the cosmic spaces—you have all you, and we, can handle right on your orb and solar space. To a great extent, however, many of the problems have been overcome by some of your Earth scientists, and the Soviets, as you call them, have developed great technology in space flight and solar exploration.  The U.S. has done very well, also, but you all utilize the wondrous technology to produce wars and not grow in grace, peace, exploration for knowledge, and brotherhood in love.  In time, you will be given to solve the problems yourself—when the sequence of growth becomes safe for the universal existence.

Your thrust systems, of course, will work on the basis of light pulses from light emitting drives.  Light-emitting drives work for normal propulsion and move the beamships to nearby planets and a safe distance away from an orb, and then another drive is activated when the distances are great.  We could refer to this second drive mechanism as a hyper-propulsion system which surpasses time and space.  It is a bit hard to describe these systems in Earth terms for your language is different and so are the labels given to such minerals as mercury, which is utilized as well as the various programming crystals necessary for craft apparatus.  We refer to things such as "tacheons" which are generated and harnessed in both drive systems with only differing magnitude and attitude.

Pleiadians predominantly utilize disc-shaped craft, especially for long distance travel, because of the aerodynamic qualities.  Once in motion, we ride a “boundary layer” much similar to the principle applied to Tesla’s bladeless turbine/pump.  The boundary layer, for brief explanation, is the tiny distance, let us say, between the wing of an aircraft and the atmosphere passing across the surface—there is a totally static [still] area untouched by the atmosphere itself to the surface.  Once in motion, there is nothing that touches the skin surface of the vehicle.  The disc-like form, therefore, vouches the least resistance, and also offers the largest surface which rides the energy currents, to enable the drives to be most efficient.


This is a bit easier to discuss, and further, is no longer a secret to Earth scientists.  The beamship is completely surrounded by a protection-beam-girdle (excuse me, ladies).  This allows every interference to simply glide away, without pushing.  The same also occurs in the cosmos, which swarms with particles,  Therefore, the beam-protection screen functions to protect the ship against all influences and resistances, with anything contacting the screen becoming pushed aside or disintegrated—as the boundary layer spoken of above.  All things which would otherwise penetrate or are resistance-offering are simply diverted without evoking pressures in any manner.  Resistance must be eliminated to reach sufficient speeds for distant travel.

Removal of this protecting screen brings into play another very important effect which is of great importance—especially to passengers and crew;  the glide-away effect of the beam-protection-screen diverts the gravity and attractive forces, and the beamship in effect becomes a micro-planet which can travel at near light speed through any atmosphere without any risk at all.

The gravity of a planet does not influence the beamship; the passengers feel nothing abnormal and there is no force levied against their beings—just as if they were on a home planet where the balance is adjusted by natural selection and where the planetary gravity is in accordance with their anatomical capabilities.

In the beamship itself the gravity, of course, is balanced to the passengers and is completely controlled.  When passengers on spacecraft from other worlds move in atmospheres alien to them, or on hostile planets with unbearable gravity and atmosphere, they must utilize controlled environment coverings, light “aura” shields, and transportable instruments and apparatus to measure, maintain, and produce protection for the beings.

These things will be, and some already are, developed on your planet, but Earth human must develop behavior balance before all technical knowledge is allowed perfection, for as I stated prior—Earth man always utilizes the wondrous inventions and higher scientific knowledges in detrimental ways.  As you develop, the menace is ever present of the Earth human exercising his technical knowledge, abilities, and inventions for evil intent and power-control motives.  This continues to happen over and over again, not only with Earth humans, but with other humanoid beings on other worlds as well.  As man develops these techniques which will allow him into the outer cosmos, he will not longer be allowed to continue this behavior without recourse—he will not be allowed to fly from planet to planet intending to capture and control and become victor over another race.

In cosmic space, many dangers of many proportions lurk where other cosmic inhabitants are helplessly exposed to attack by other races.  There could follow deadly defeats for the Earth humankind, and complete slavery, which could equal the falling back into the primary existence.

It could also be possible that the planet Earth could be completely destroyed, because there are inhumane and hostile as well as humane races inhabiting planets, etc., in the cosmos, as well as humane and advanced races.

When Earth man desires to take his barbarous thirst for power, material possessions, and control into the cosmos, then he must count on his complete destruction, and no other creatures from other planets will come to his assistance for he will be the aggressor, and such behavior will not be allowed according to cosmic order.

Earth human must understand that his world is in transition, and herein comes the separation and sorting.  Some will transcend the accepted dimension, but many will be sorted into other placements while the Earth orb heals and renews.  As Earth man moves into cosmic space, let it be known that there are other races who will not allow themselves to be under attack, exploited, or forced into servitude, as is usual behavior among the nations of your Earth.  They will defend themselves with power, which will remain for a long time infinitely superior to all technical means of the Earth human being.  Where this is not the case, they may well be under the protection of other and more developed intelligences whose techniques approach perfection.

Peace will be preserved and death and destruction will not come to universal order, and this must be given as information to Earth human, for his spiritual wisdom is still poorly developed indeed.

Earth man must face himself that he and his forefathers have brought all of mankind and the Earth herself to the brink of ruin and, prior to this current time, has had to evacuate the planet in panic and flight on numerous occasions—to return in a primitive state indeed.

There have been occasions in the cosmos when power hungry and barbaric characters experienced in your solar system and roamed the spaces with limitless hate and unquenchable thirst for power.  In one such instance they destroyed themselves to the last man.  Indeed, indeed!

In 1973 Israeli fighter pilots were ordered to shoot down an unarmed U.S. reconnaissance plane (at the time the U.S. was delivering massive weaponry to Israel to prevent it from losing the “Yom Kippur” war with Egypt and Syria).  While the Israelis were unable to reach the altitude of the U.S. plane, they did manage that same year to shoot down a civilian Libyan airliner that had strayed over Israeli territory, killing 104 men, women, and children.  One was an American.

In 1990 Canadian-American scientist and father of seven, Gerald Bull, was assassinated in Belgium.  All indications are that it was an Israeli Mossad hit team that drilled five bullets into the back of his head and neck.  (Israel has assassinated a number of scientists of various nationalities.  The most recent is a 32-year-old Iranian father with a young son.)

In 2003 it came out that Israeli leaders had officially decided to undertake assassination operations on U.S. soil.  An FBI spokesman, queried about the Israel plans, said only:  “This is a policy matter.  We only enforce federal laws.”

In recent years a growing number of American peace activists have been intentionally killed, maimed, and injured by Israeli forces, including 23-year-old Rachel Corrie, 21-year-old Brian Avery, 37-year-old Tristan Anderson, 21-year old Emily Henoschowitz, and 21-year-old Furkan Dogan.

All of this has been minimally reported in the U.S. press.  While major news media from England to Israel to Australia covered the ‘Jewish Times’ apparent endorsement of a possible Israeli assassination of a U.S. President, the scandal has been largely missing from U.S. media.  Even Atlanta’s AP bureau inexplicably initially decided not to write a report on it, only finally sending out a story many days later.

Such news omissions concerning Israeli partisans are not rare.  In 2004 a fanatic Israel loyalist wrote a letter saying that he was going to burn down Presbyterian churches while worshippers were inside (he was furious at the Presbyterian Church’s decision to divest from companies profiting from the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land).  This grisly threat also received minimal media play. 
Despite Israeli violence against Americans (even while American taxpayers have given Israel more of our tax money than to any other nation) [Hatonn:  So, FINALLY—you know who is taking money out of your little check every week!  It certainly doesn’t go for schools, libraries, aquariums, and museums; or roads or lights, etc., etc., does it?], American presidential candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, continue to vie over who is most devoted to Israel.

It is ironic that Adler considers Obama so bad for Israel, given that Israeli analysts have rated him second only to Mitt Romney in his fidelity to Israel.  And Obama has now released a seven-minute video that may catapult our first African-American president into first place in pandering to an apartheid nation.

But perhaps he’ll be safe from assassins.  [H:  Always remember that the PROGRAM WAS LAID OUT CENTURIES BEFORE NOW, and a sitting President is following orders from the “advisors”—BANKERS—into how best to bring about “their” New World Order.  However, if you take a stand with President Obama, a nation can turn all this around and back toward a Godly ending.  “I can’t do it for you—but I will stand with you while WE turn this world around back onto the lighted path.”  In other words, the REPUBLIC OF YOU-THE-PEOPLE can slay the dragon!]


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