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New Series 109 To Doris and EJ Ekker is this dedicated, in behalf of all of our readers over these past 25 YEARS who have been searching for Truth, Light, and God. You are now in day 1, year 26 of your “New Millennium”, which began on August 1987, not 1999 as you believe. All of the ancient calendars ended at midnight on the 16th of August 1987 and you are awaiting the “new” to begin again.

8/17/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns109)

Good morning, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton, present in service and Holy Light.  Amen and greetings.  Happy New Year and SALU!


To Doris and EJ Ekker is this dedicated, in behalf of all of our readers over these past 25 YEARS who have been searching for Truth, Light, and God.  You are now in day 1, year 26 of your “New Millennium”, which began on August 1987, not 1999 as you believe.  All of the ancient calendars ended at midnight on the 16th of August 1987 and you are awaiting the “new” to begin again.  Be blessed in that God Aton has allowed human-kind a quarter of a decade PAST “the deadline” (no pun intended!); the longer you have physical experience, the more the opportunity for ones to make it through intact.

I salute you!


This Phoenix JOURNAL is the next in the series of well over 300 books from The HOSTS of God, sent forth by God, to bring Earthman into understanding of his world and the spiritual understanding he seeks.

Doris and EJ (our beloved “Dharma” and “Oberli”, respectively) have given everything—literally—to produce these magnificent works, so that when God returns humanity can know what to do.  Your satanic adversary is a very insidious group of beings; they have plotted your demise since The Beginning, and they have tampered with thy Holy Books—the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran, etc.—to lead the human race into the deadly abyss of doom and destruction for the soul.

In order to come up out of the ever-spiraling trap of evil manipulation, the guidelines of truth must be put before the people—however, the people must read or hear of them for it to be of any value.  First there was The WORD, attention to your plight, and the means of turning your world around back onto the path of light instead of your continuing blind march towards eternal darkness.

Man is a SPIRITUAL and a PHYSICAL being; when you make “transition”, as we label it, you no longer have physical hands, feet, etc.; however, your spiritual you still survives.  You can perceive the physical and those “left behind”, but they cannot see you.  The spirit world is invisible to Earthman; however, ones on the other side can communicate with you.

The most practical is what you might term “Automatic Writing”, or “Receiving”.  Instructions can be laid down and information can be stored and copied so that others, who have ears and eyes to hear and see the message, will be able to do so.  For at present, this is the only method sanctioned to communicate with the masses of God Aton’s people.

This book, “THE SEPARATION OF GOOD AND EVIL, SORTING THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF” is number 234/4 in the Phoenix series.  The “/4” means the fourth JOURNAL from “Jonur” in continuation of that which Dharma penned.  Her husband, Oberli, was the massive support and strength for the putting together and of organization for all the staff and ground crew. They are both greatly missed, cherished, and remembered by those they seemingly “leave behind”.

Jonur has accepted, and taken up, the important task of continuing as “secretary” to me, Hatonn, leader of Aton’s HOSTS.  This means putting to pen that which I give forth, word for word, as I dictate the message.  It is not “channeling”, nor mystical “hocus pocus”, but the instructions God promised would go before the world in preparation for the return of Christ/God to your place.  No more and no less.

As we settle into our writing space, and personal and business matters put to the side, the page numbering, the book length and daily sessions, are moved  into uniformity.  Please, bear with us as we work out these last “kinks”.  It takes great courage to give up the things of the physical you THOUGHT you could not live without.

All you “need” is God, and the rest will take care of itself.  This is not faith alone, chelas, for faith without works is nothing.  By the actions ye shall be known (and the associates you keep).

We welcome, now, all correspondence from our friends, listeners, and readers, for the sequence of events (how we of the Higher Brotherhood “count” time, which is different from you) is correct to handle questions from the multitudes.  Let us proceed.



I, Hatonn, move to stand-by while Doris/Dharma, communes with you.

Hello.  In my life-stream when I experienced as human living with you, my name was Doris Ekker; I am called “Dharma” in these Journals.  Dharma is a Tibetan Sanskrit word meaning bringer of life truths.  It is very, very important that what is written in these transmissions be continued and given freely throughout your world.  Man must be responsible for the actions he takes, and for the rearing of the next generations.

The financial matters, though important, are not as important as the production and distribution of this message from Grandfather Aton.  Be creative in your means and get the Word out!  The ones who are looking and waiting for guidance will get the message.  Our Creator is more magnificent, more wonderful than we are, and He knows the way.

The obstacles in your path are great—believe me, I know!  But you can overcome anything if you want to bad enough, and always ask in the presence of the Lord.  We are too small to do these things on our own, [but] with guidance from our spirit guides, I believe we can do anything we put our minds to.

I was just like you when I heard these messages in 1987 and even before, but I have found that this IS true.  I have personally witnessed, along with my husband, E.J., the extent the military and CIA will go to to stop this message from getting out there. I have known many people who have been attacked and harassed—and even killed—for trying to wake up the people to what is coming.

I am no fortune teller or a government agent; when I was experiencing with you I was a housewife and grandmother.  I had no thoughts of “saving the world”.  But as I began to see and understand that I had a calling to do this, there was nothing more important than getting that message out—untainted.  I can literally “feel” the presence of the Commander (Hatonn) and it is a feeling of total love and strength of being.  My fingers typed, and wrote with my pencil the words, while I sat there, like I was in the next chair, and watched.  I was having to learn the lesson along with everybody else.

And now, from “over here” on the other side of the veil, I really see how much we got done—and what we all have been up against!  Since I am new to being the one giving the dictation, I realize how hard the process of receiving truly is.  It does take a focus of energy that is draining, and rest is required just as when we exercise and work in the physical.  But as I become better at it, it will get easier.  E.J. is with me now and he, too, is limbering up for his turn!  In the meantime, Valerie, Bruce, and Jonur, our love and blessings to you all!  Doris signing off … for now.     

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