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Hatonn present in light unto God and man to commune.



I will not take time to speak on many world events this day, for you should be able to see that which is in front of you if you have been reading the JOURNALS.  Besides, Jonur’s VHS-equipped television “died”, and the cassette recorder just chews up the tapes; so be it!  We will glean whatever little news is left on radio, and the few tidbits that slip by in what remains of your press.

The important news and interviews are not allowed airing at any rate in the elite establishment media, so we will continue to outlay that from “other sources”, etc.

You are going to find that your brothers hold portions of the overall picture, and it will be from these daring ones, WITHIN THE MILITARY AND INTELLIGENCE GROUPS, WHO WILL GIVE America the truth that will arm the masses against your evil adversary.

I give salutations and honor and recognition to the United States Army Airborne on NATIONAL AIRBORNE DAY!  Enjoy your weekend and Salu!



As you move into the understanding that NOTHING you were told about World War II, and its Rothschild/Rockefeller cause, is true, you will begin to see behind the veil of secrecy that sets up all your present day conflicts and “just wars”.  The evil Zionist Khazars (“Jews”) have infiltrated your government and NASA, so that they can take your nation from you by RE-WRITING the actual events, and make you-the-people follow Satan’s plan for a Global One World Government, based on false history.

Only by knowing what WAS can you possibly deal with the work of improving your plight.  You are being killed off because you do not know of thy history.  Let us continue to remedy that dis-ease.


An Interview with Douglas Dietrich
29 April 2012

by Thomas Kirschner
Publisher of the German edition
of NEXUS Magazine

A former US Department of Defense military librarian and Marine reveals hidden imperial and World War II history, including how Nazi Germany was the first power to develop and deploy the atomic bomb.  Part 1.

Yes, indeed, that first bomb was made in Germany!  And all those Nazi scientists (except the ones YOU ALLOWED the Soviets to take) immigrated to the United States of America!  It was called “OPERATION PAPERCLIP”, thus transferring the evil empire over onto U.S. soil.  Hitler, himself, and a very large group of young troopers, went to the Fuehrer’s backup base in the Antarctic.  There he took the all-important “UFO” scientists with him!  This was called Hitler’s “Last Battalion” and he intended to win the war with it.  For now, however, allow us to present some more pieces to the puzzle, please.


Thomas Kirschner [TK]:  How did  you start out so young, with a career in destroying classified military documents?

Douglas Dietrich [DD]:  When I was in what is normally called high school, I was learning a vocational trade in commercial illustration.  During that period of time, all the while I was at this vocational institute, there was an Albanian secretary who was working with the Department of Defense with Radio Free Europe in the United States, sending broadcasts to behind the Iron Curtain in Albania.  Because of that, she knew that there was an opening with the Department of Defense library for a librarian’s aide at the Presidio military base in San Francisco.

The reason that this is important is because the Presidio military base was something that I had access to as a military dependent.  Since my father was military, I had a dependent’s ID—meaning that I could go on base, shop in the commissary and use various military facilities.  So because I already had access to the base, I got the job as a librarian’s aide at age 16, around 1982, just shelving books originally, and everything got more in-depth from there.

This means that I was working as a civilian on a military base, but the Presidio military base was particularly important because it was where the United Nations was founded, just three days and three weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.  [Hatonn:  You never know where God will set you up to prepare you for your Mission.  Aton (The name Egyptian Pharaoh Amunhotep IV, the first person in your recorded history to speak of one omnipotent God, gave to the world.  This inspired [def.:  “in-spirit”] “rebel” Pharaoh changed his own name to Akhenaton in honor of the One God Aton, who is represented by the Sun disc with 19 human hands extending down reaching towards the surface of the Earth.)/God has a “2000 Plan” also, and He wins in the end, chelas (students), and there is no argument about that—not even from the enemy camp!  The United Nations BLUE HELMETS—the Blue Turbans as Nostradamus describes the Anti-Christ army—are the oppressors of God’s people.  All the “new agencies” the Zionists illegally set up in your CONSTITUTIONAL Republic, such as the Department of Homeland Security, TSA or Transportation Security Agency at the airports, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms or BATF, AND ESPECIALLY F.E.M.A.—the Federal Emergency Management Agency—ARE THE ENFORCEMENT ARM OF THIS NEW WORLD ORDER.  Your founding Fathers set up safeguards and measures of defense AGAINST this very threat to America and her citizens!  “The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.”  So be it!]  What happened was that President Franklin Roosevelt founded the United Nations with its original five Security Council members, one of which was Nationalist China, and that is important because I was born in Taiwan, where Nationalist China ultimately re-established itself.  [H:  The “communist” Chinese and the “communist” Soviets—both Jewish Zionist machines for the foundation of Global Communism (which is actually “Socialistic Fascism”)—are PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS, AND THE UN CHARTER REQUIRES!!!!  THAT A “SOVIET COMMUNIST” RUSSIAN HEADS THIS EVIL ORGANIZATION!  America is not to be a puppet of a foreign “COMMUNIST” government.  However, because of false and illegal treaties, YOU THINK YOU ARE!  The mercenary “soldiers of fortune” are already in your nation hidden among you.  Their camps are in your National Parks and areas THAT ARE OFF LIMITS TO YOUR OWN CITIZENS!  This just happens to be where all those Concentration Camps are—ready and waiting to receive MILLIONS of your fellow Americans!  And since it would be most difficult for your own sons and husbands to fire upon and detain U.S. citizens, and ship them out of the cities by railway cars—already outfitted with shackles and chains!!!!—THE UN GLADLY “VOLUNTEERED” FOR THE ASSIGNMENT!  Do not allow the “Blue Helmets” to put in place those last few details that will allow them to march in the streets of America.  The enemy of your Republic (your nation is not a Democracy—that is a communist/socialist term foisted off on you the people in your ignorance of the facts) is quietly setting you up for the kill; however, your Bill Of Rights and U.S. Constitution—and your firearms—are all that stands in their way.  They die just as easily as do you in a raid on your home and property!  In all those other “conquered” nations, the people throw rocks and sticks and bottles against the oppressing army—because they foolishly VOLUNTARILY turned in all the guns.  Registration of their weapons made it easy for the “secret police”—by whatever name—to confiscate, by force, the only obstacle in the way of total takeover of that nation.  Since America was a frontier nation from inception, everyone was already armed for purely survival purposes, so it was harder to gather up your guns.  This is why they had to do it slowly, so you would not suspect the true motive behind the oppressive new gun legislations, and the ever growing list of “illegal firearms”.  Look at the vast array of weaponry a “lone nut” or assassin has AFTER the ordeal is over.  And each item immediately appears on “the list”.  Remember, we herein speak of the Anti-Christ/Anti-God himself—THE MASTER OF DECEPTION AND THE FATHER OF LIES.  The Zionist Jews are of the Devil, “And there is no truth in them”, from your Holy Bible.]

TK:  But you are an American citizen, aren’t you?

DD:  That is correct.  I was born in Taiwan, but my father was an American serviceman, so that made me automatically a naturalized American citizen and, as a result, that is why I was able to get military dependent status, why I was able to work for the government.

In terms of some of the difficulties behind my personal situation, why I appreciated the history of what I was looking at in terms of document destruction was because, as a military librarian, one of my primary responsibilities was document destruction.  The reason why I appreciated history so much was that my mother was Asian, and Asians were classified for a long period of time as enemy aliens.  You see, because they all looked alike, the Americans claimed that all Asian Pacific Islanders and mainlanders were enemy aliens.  No GIs were allowed to marry them, so what happened was that all of the officers and servicemen who were trying to marry Asian women overseas ended up suing the US military.

The Supreme Court of the United States overturned all of these women being enemy aliens.  It overturned that uniform code of military justice as unconstitutional.  At the same time, the Treaty of Peace with Japan was signed, which was 8 September 1951.  Until that time, Japan and the United States were still legally at war.

To clarify this, the base that I worked on was where the United Nations was founded.  The United Nations was organized by Roosevelt three days and three weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as an organization of war, as per Article 42 of the United Nations Charter—in lieu of a constitution it has a charter—but it was meant as an organization of war, originally, to coordinate all partisan or resistance armies behind the lines of Axis-occupied nations.  Everywhere, from Denmark to the Philippines, any resistance armies that were fighting the Axis were supposed to be supplied and coordinated by the United Nations.  [H:  The UN, just like its predecessor the League of Nations, IS AN INSTRUMENT OF THE JEWS TO CREATE AN ALL ENCOMPASSING GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP—RUN BY ISRAELI COMMUNISTS.  Since the Jews consider themselves “dispersed” peoples, they have no one special place they call home.  Not even Israel (stolen Palestinian land) itself, for they would not want to be caught dead in that dusty war torn desert.  America is the new Jewish homeland!  New York City IS KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AS THE NEW CAPITAL OF “ISRAEL”.  So they believe the entire world belongs to them, since they are scattered all over it.  The reason they are dispersed is because every nation that has ever let them live within their gates, borders, the Jews (by whatever name throughout history) always betrayed their gracious host nation—AND LET THEIR ENEMIES IN!  Spies, traitors, liars to the core, the Jew has always betrayed the Goyim or non-Jew to whoever, or whatever, was convenient.  As today, your own nation is overrun with the Zionist conspirators trying to destroy you in the same manner.  And with any deadly parasite, if left unchecked, the parasite infection spreads and eventually kills the host organism—and the parasite perishes as well!  This is the mentality of the Zionist Jew; the soul-less “bio-robots” (as the Christian Russians call them) will destroy the planet itself—down to the last man and every living creature—if left to their own devices.]

The Presidio military base operated as the US Western Defense Command from 1941 to 1946, but it was also the base from which all of the US wars with the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and any of the Pacific coastal South American nations were sourced.  It served as the “Pentagon” of the United Nations as well.

In 1945, with the cessation of proactive hostilities, the United Nations as a peace organization, a peace branch was set up in New York City.  However, the military branch of the UN was set up a long time before in San Francisco and was to remain there for many years.

As a result, I was dealing with all the military documents of the United Nations, which gave me a far different perspective of the world around me than most people have.

There was even a UN battle flag known as the United Nations Honour Flag.  It was just four simple vertical stripes in red on a white background, to represent the four freedoms of Franklin Roosevelt, and this flag was in operations as a battle flag until 1948 or 1949.  Different people conclude that it stopped being used as a battle flag just very shortly before the Treaty of Peace with Japan was signed.  The reason why is that the United Nations was still legally at war with Japan.  [H:  Now, chelas, why on Earth would the UN—not even a “nation”—be “legally at war with “ANYONE”???  And worse, you ones of the world fell for it!!!  This is how the Jew gets you Gentiles fighting against one another for HIS profits; meaning your gold, industrial capabilities, LAND, and young men’s lives in spilled blood!  The treaty (the most powerful instrument in government) with the Jewish UN and America, is an ILLEGAL EVASION OF YOUR CONSTITUTION, AND YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO IT!  The terrible wars your nation has been tricked into came with deceit and “False Flag” operations, bombing your own people and sinking your own ships to motivate public opinion into a PRO-war stance.  Americans are a peace-loving lot, and so it took the Khazar Jews quite a while to “condition” you to do THEIR bidding on behalf of destroying innocent civilians you do not even know!  Most never even heard of the “enemy” until the Jews started beating the war drums!  And now you have one final new enemy to rally to battle against.  This is the war that will be unlike any this planet has ever witnessed—THE WAR AGAINST ALIEN INVADERS FROM SPACE!  Let us not forget, God and His Mighty HOSTS ALSO COME FROM SPACE—AS IS THE RETURNING CHRIST BEING!  Do you see, now, what Armageddon REALLY is about?]

It is a very confusing issue for most people, but they do not understand how important it is because this is one of the reasons why the Japanese and the Germans and the United Nations have very strange relations.  [H:  Firstly, the German people and the Japanese people are much older and have a more noble pre-history than you do.  The Germans are meticulous craftsmen and have great honor, which stems from the Knights of old and slaying “dragons” (people and nations trying to destroy their rich and old culture).  The Japanese also have great honor that goes back a very long, long time; the Samurai Warrior Knights give their lives freely to defend and protect their ways and citizens.  The rulers, or emperors, regarded these Samurai as warrior monks or priests.  And secondly, the modern descendents of both nations/peoples have attained the highest engineering and technological standards. This meant that the Khazar barbarians had to plan very carefully how to deal with this double threat to their precious One World Global Agenda.]  The United Nations went through a lot of difficulties and, at this point in history, it was a very anachronistic body, just like the League of Nations was.

In terms of Germany’s peace treaty with the United Nations on 12 September 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the United States, the Soviet Union, France and then Great Britain finally concluded a peace treaty with the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.

TK:  I always heard that we still don’t have a peace treaty.  That is what people always tell you in Germany.

DD:  It is interesting. They are probably correct in the sense of the Third Reich.  [H:  Seeing that your war against Hitler never ended, and an entire navy followed him down to the Antarctic where his base below the ice shelf was established, your Military High Command kept this secret from the American people.  However, when Hitler’s UFO fleet made a shambles out of Admiral Byrd’s expeditionary force, they made a hasty retreat.  Byrd even told Argentinean newspapers, who published the story, but when he returned home your government issued a “gag order” of total silence.  Ones telling the secret were killed or locked away—PERMANENTLY!  A follow up battle plan called for turning the Antarctic into NUCLEAR TESTING SITE—as a cover for attacking the German base there.  When NAZI “flying saucers” did several fly-bys over Washington D.C. in 1952—over the White House and the Capital Building—the “test site” idea was dropped.]  That is the problem.  Many people don’t understand that, as far as the Third Reich is concerned, it is a government in exile, just like the Nationalist Republic of China on Taiwan.  The Nationalist Republic of China re-established the island of Taiwan, and it considers itself the legal representative government of all mainland China, or at least it did until very recently.

Japanese Documents on a Jewish State.

TK:  Please continue.  It is very interesting.

DD:  The point is that by dealing with all of the documents that I was destroying, which came from other countries, whether Allied or Axis, one of the issues I was contending with was that they would have American intelligence officers interpret these documents—but only to the point where the officers felt the content was pertinent, and then they would write a summary to justify or dismiss further translation.

As an example, the Japanese before World War I had a life-and-death struggle with Tsarist Russia [H:  Not to be confused with Khazar or Soviet.] that had been ongoing since 1904.  The Japanese nation, which had a Third World economy at that time, was going broke from fighting with Tsarist [or Czarist] Russia.  What saved the Japanese was that an American-Jewish person in New York began to finance the Japanese war efforts because he had lost many relatives to the Russian Tsarist anti-Semitic program.  [H:  The Khazars, in their takeover plans for Christian Russia—before they “Sovietized” the Kremlin—flooded Russia with Jewish Khazarian financed “Revolutionaries”.  These same international Jewish banksters declared war against the Czar and his family, and all of Christendom, because they stood by America when British and French ships tried to tear your nation asunder.]  As a result, the Japanese were able to carry their war to victory.  By the time of the 1930s, the Japanese were ready to repay the Jewish population by resettling an enormous number of them in northern Manchuria.  When they did this, Adolf Hitler thought that this was a fabulous idea.  He wanted to make sure to expel as many Jews as he could from Europe, and he helped the Japanese re-establish an enormous part of the Jewish population into northern Manchuria.  That nation is still there today, between Manchuria and the former Soviet Union.  Search for the term “Jewish Autonomous Oblast” on the Internet.  It is functionally, at this point, like a dependency, a fiefdom of Russia, but the reality is that it is a pseudo-independent buffer state.  It is simply not recognized by the United Nations, in a very similar way to, say, Kurdistan.

The Israelis don’t want anyone to know about this nation because they are afraid that all of the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world might say, “Well, that ‘Israel’ in Asia existed long before the Israel in the Mediterranean.  Why didn’t/don’t you all move there?  [H:  This is where you can trace the Jewish mind control programs, back to the Khazars in Manchuria.  Also, the “Communist” Asian origins began there, so the world could have “enemies” to fight, as the Global Revolution began to take shape.]

It is like a huge, dirty secret, but I want the world to know about this because the plans that the Japanese had for establishing this nation-state were basically what I was incinerating.

So this is an example of how the Americans would handle that sort of information.  An intelligence officer would get all these volumes of Japanese papers in the post-cease-fire era, and say, “This looks interesting”, and would bring them home to the United States.  And since the United Nations military branch was in the Presidio military base in San Francisco, the documents would be brought there because it was a military issue.  I destroyed literally thousands and thousands of these types of documents.

TK:  Did you get a chance to read many of those particular documents before you burned them?

DD:  They were all in Japanese, so what I had to read in those cases were the American translations.  I read about 100 pages, which in itself is an enormous amount of information that was never given to the American education system, never given to the American media, but this is something that I can prove to people because, not only can they look it up on the Internet, they can visit the place.

Genocide and Ecocide in Bari

DD:  In the case of so many other things, we have similar examples.  I will give you an example of the kind of warfare that happened on the European continent which people are totally unaware of.

The Americans, as well as the British, had been so badly defeated so many times in North Africa [H:  The motion picture entitled, “The English Patient”, depicts this well.] by the Deutsches Afrikakorps under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel that they felt that an invasion of the European continent would be so costly that they would rather use weapons of mass destruction to try to force the Third Reich to ask for peace.  The entire intent was just to bomb Germany with nerve gas, against the laws of the Geneva Convention and the international law of the League of Nations, of which the United States was a founding member [H:  Again, the League of Nations was a Jewish Khazarian ROTHSCHILD CREATION, the means by which all sovereign nations—ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA—would be folded into the New World Order dictatorship.], indeed the founding member.  [H:  International bankers working with J. P. Morgan and the Rockefeller Cartel, had power to move nations along a secret agenda kept out of the public’s view.]  They were willing to break their own international laws because they were that desperate.

What happened was that the Americans and the British shipped in tons of mainly mustard gas, but there were any number of other early developmental, experimental nerve agents that they brought into the port of southern Italy at Bari.  At Bari, you had all of these merchant ships, British and American, surrounded by military ships, where they had captured southern Italy and they were getting ready to bomb the cities of Düsseldorf and Köln with gas bombs.

When German naval intelligence discovered the presence of all these chemical weapons, it notified Reichsmarshall Herman Göring of the Luftwaffe.  On 2 December 1943, the Germans conducted a strategic bombing campaign of Bari.  It was so masterful that it did more damage to the American fleet than the American fleet had suffered at Pearl Harbor.  All of those ships at Bari, literally well over 17 Allied merchant ships and well over as many military ships with all of those tons of nerve gas agents, exploded and an enormous cloud of toxic chemicals flew over the city of Bari and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

TK:  Why don’t we ever hear of that?

DD:  You will never hear of that because the American government was forced at the end of the war to support the Marshall Plan for reconstruction and, during that period of time, they paid an enormous amount of bribes to the successive Italian governments to keep it a secret.  The successive governments conducted an enormous reconstruction of the city of Bari, cleaned up all of the cadavers, and buried as many of them as they could.  They actually had to incinerate them to prevent plague because the bodies bloated with the nerve gas, just as they did on the fields of France in World War I, and exploded, so they provided an enormous breeding ground for potential plague-carrying agents like rats or flies and various other pests.

TK:  That must have spoiled the whole ecosystem there, too.

DD:  In those days, nobody concentrated on examining or analyzing ecocide or environmental damage.  I never saw any records concerning that.

Bari was totally reconstructed and made into a new, thriving city.  At that time, the damage to Bari made the Italian population so resentful, so hateful of the Allied forces, that Mussolini was able to stabilize the Salò Republic in the North.  Pretty much until the end of the war, until he himself died, the Salò Republic remained in the northern region of Italy allied to the Third Reich, and that part was never conquered or taken by the Allies.  They were able to claim victory on the Italian Peninsula, but Mussolini’s front never failed.

This goes to show you how little anyone knows about their history.  As a matter of fact, the German forces at Monte Cassino and these various other areas on the Italian Peninsula refused to surrender for the most part to British and American forces, so the Americans had to bring Brazil into the war.  At that point, Brazil declared war on the Axis and it was the Brazilian forces that would take the surrenders of the various German or Italian units in various areas because they would not surrender to the British or the Americans.

Behind the Surrenders

They have covered this up so well that people know nothing about it.  That, essentially, is what is so important, and this is why peace has been declared with the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany.  It was because, at this point, the Allies needed German money.  The only way they could get German money was to end the war with the two replacement governments for the Third Reich.  [H:  Let us remind you of the German printing plates for U.S. AND BRITISH MONEY!  A great deal of counterfeit dollars and British pound notes were created, and the Japanese and German operatives FLOODED BOTH ECONOMIES WITH THIS MONEY.  THAT IS WHY THE JAPANESE GREW SO POPULOUS AND THE NAZIS ACQUIRED SO MANY OVERSEAS INDUSTRIES AND BUSINESSES—ESPECIALLY IN ARGENTINA AND BRAZIL.  We will again cover this episode of post World War II history as time permits.  Our new readers will also find this fascinating and disheartening; however, you have to know the WHY of this huge economic disaster and its source.]

On 12 September 1990, as I said, the United States, the Soviet Union, France, and Great Britain concluded a peace treaty with the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.  So World War II was formally over, as far as those entities were concerned, but neither of those entities existed during the Second World War.

Nevertheless, the formality had to be concluded so that they could get the Deutsche Mark to back up the Euro.  Think about what I am saying.  The nations that concluded this treaty with Germany, both East and West, were France, Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union.  Where was China?  The Nationalist Republic of China was the fifth ally on the United Nations Security Council.  China never declared peace with Germany because China had already done so, many years before, and that was in 1945.

In 1945, the Nationalist Republic of China declared peace with the Third Reich and the Empire of Japan, and that is why, if you ever take a look at those photographs of that phony surrender on the USS Missouri, where you see all of those Allied officers standing on the deck of the Missouri supposedly accepting a surrender from the Japanese leadership, one thing you don’t see is any Chinese leader.  You have to wonder, “Well, good God, the Japanese were as involved on the Chinese front as the Germans on the Russian front."

As a matter of fact, most of the Japanese forces were on the Chinese front.  Most people are totally unaware of this, but over 90 per cent of the Japanese military spent all of World War II in China.  Everything the Americans ran up against in the Pacific was less than 10 per cent of the Japanese war machine.  The Japanese considered the Chinese front to be the primary front, just like the Germans considered the Russian front to be the primary front.  So why were the Chinese not on that ship?  The reason why is because they had already settled for peace with Germany and Japan.

You can take a look at the entire world history of the American republic from when they fought the Barbary pirates in North Africa to when they fought nations in South America, or when they fought in Angola, Vietnam, Cambodia.  What is the one thing that every nation on Earth that has fought the United States has in common?  Poverty.  Enormous poverty.

These are no nations that have ever fought a war with the United States where the United States after that war said, “Hey, let’s help you out.  Let’s do some reconstruction.  [H:  As the picture becomes clearer and more in focus, can you not see the Jewish Zionist plan unfolding?  This is how rich and powerful FREE NATIONS are slowly drained of their resources and WEALTH!  And now end up owing everything to the international Jewish MONEY CHANGERS from Jesus’ day.  Usury (interest) is the tool of the Devil, just as the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran told you.  All the gold of the nations ends up in the Anti-Christ’s vaults—and you end up holding worthless paper “bills” (called notes of currency).  The Jews bankrupted your nation; make them fix it!  That is your gold in the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; sue the Rothschild bankers and reclaim that which God gave His people!]  Gosh, we have done so much damage to your country.  Let’s help you fix up again.”  Only Germany and Japan and the Axis of nations that were outside of the Soviet sphere of influence got reconstruction from the Americans.  Why?  Because they were able to force the Americans into reparations.  [H:  Ah, but where DID all that loot actually go?  To the Khazar Jews and their false “holocaust” claims!  There are more “Jews”—not Judean Hebrews—getting restitution now, than there were well over half a century ago!  History will prove that there were not that many Jews even in Europe!  Mel Gibson and his father are being bad mouthed in the Zionist controlled media and press, because they openly talk about the lie of the holocaust, and the Jew’s continual thieving of Christian wealth and homes, property, and industry.  Stand with this father and son, and see past the smear campaign against your fellow Christ followers!]  That is why General George Catlett Marshall, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, who institutionalized the Marshall Plan, was the only soldier in history ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Roosevelt’s Plans for Total War.

TK:  Did I get that right?  The Americans had to pay reparations to the Germans?

DD:  Yes, and you can imagine that this is hard for many Germans to believe because most Germans are under the impression of how terrible it was after the war, and it was.  [H:  Chelas, the German people are as the American people, or the English people, as the Russian people, etc., etc., etc.—they are not told any of this either!  This is a Global Conspiracy and that is why God had to send His “son” to set the record straight!  Otherwise an entire world will go down in flames!  You have become The People Of The Lie, and these so-called Last Days deal with this very scheme against humanity.  Wake up from thy slumber and see and recognize the beast of Revelation for who he is!]  It was terrible after the war, but a lot of British would complain because, with their austerity programs, in some ways they were worse off than the Germans were, and they were supposed to be one of the victors in the war.  You have to ask yourself:  how did this happen?  What was going on?

One of the worst things that happened was that America was literally led by a madman, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  [H:  Roosevelt (a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II), Churchill, and Stalin, were the terrible war criminals who knowingly set up the slaughter of millions of people for the Rothschild Banking family.  These men were traitors to their own countries and were responsible for the Jews gaining the upper hand in their 2000 year war against you Christians.]  He was a madman who had no concept of peace.  He was infatuated with the concept of extermination.  [H:  As was Eisenhower!  His “death camps” for German P.O.W.s and civilian detainees made up most of what you believe are pictures and stories of Jews being wiped out.  And the “Jews” who WERE sacrificed were not Khazar “Jews”, as I have said many times before—but Judean (followers of Juda and his tribe) Hebrew Judaists—the real people of The Book!]  Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of total war as perceived by the British and ultimately by the Americans.

TK:  So total war is a concept of genocide, isn’t it?

DD:  Absolutely.  The British failed in this because they lacked the technology in the hundreds of years of wars with the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh to eradicate them.  The Americans were trying that with the Southern Celtic French.  The overwhelming numbers of Americans in the North during the Civil War were Anglo and Teutonic.  There were descendants from the Pennsylvania Dutch, many Anglo-Saxon Protestants; whereas in the South they were overwhelmingly descended from the Celtic peoples:  Scots, Irish, various Gaelic peoples, French Huguenots, who were French Protestants.  They were culturally and ethnically very different in composition from those in the Northern states, so when the Northern states conducted the Civil War, they were conducting a war of extermination that reflected what the British had been conducting with their Celtic French for many hundreds of years.  That was simply a carry-on of that cultural phenomenon.

It was from this that Franklin Delano Roosevelt developed his concept of total war.  When he was originally Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1913 to 1920, he developed the strategic priorities of an actual plan which he submitted to the American military commanders in 1935, where he recommended the seizing of Halifax and Montréal in Canada in a lightning campaign before Great Britain could intervene decisively.  They fully expected the British to get aid from Japan because Japan was a fellow monarchy that was being threatened by the United States, which always promoted democracy in the same manner that the Soviet Union promoted communism:  by violence, at the barrel of a gun, by force of arms.

They calculated that the British Navy would threaten the US interests in control of the Philippines, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and even the Panama Canal.  In exchange for these losses, President Roosevelt planned to conquer Canada.  It would have been his version of Adolf Hitler’s conquest of the Soviet Union.  This prize would become an arsenal to manifest destiny and a platform from which to rebuild and eventually to regain all that would be lost elsewhere.  He had a whole series of plans that were basically designed for the conquest of any individually developed nation on Earth.

War Plan Red meant war with the British Empire.  War Plan Crimson was specifically the invasion of Canada, and War Plan Orange was war with Japan.  All who say, “Oh, these were just contingency plans”, are totally unaware of the fact that the United States had worked on and revised War Plan Red until it was one of the most detailed war plans in the history of mankind.

Literally thousands of pages [H:  You have to come into the realization that your Zionist Khazarian enemy, and those traitors within the various governments, make very detailed LONG RANGE PLANS for the annihilation of God’s people.  Going back to early, early Biblical times, the enemy of goodness and harmony and universal brotherhood, plots his stated goals—and then meets AT LEAST ONCE IN EACH CENTURY to monitor the progress.  It took 18 centuries, they said, to acquire the gold from the people and nations of the world.  The stripping of your national boundaries so the conspirators could easily apply the technique of “Globalization” took many years of planning.  The moral destruction of your youth took only THREE GENERATIONS, and as you can plainly see, it was a great success!  The Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) has one final, very detailed plan, utilizing your U.S. military and the NASA infrastructure. It is called PROJECT:  Z.  This heinous war plan is “Z” because it is the last letter in your alphabet, and the Bolshevik (military “Soviet” Khazar Jews) rulers in control of Britain and America think it is the last “plan” needed to take the world and destroy Christianity once and for all!  This involves A FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR ATTACK AGAINST RUSSIA, WHICH INSTANTLY MEANS A FULL RETALIATORY COUNTER ATTACK!  The elite plan to ride out this holocaust (def.:  complete annihilation or conflagration usually by fire) in nice underground facilities in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand.  And with stealth ships and aircraft hidden away in giant bases dug into mountain naval ports that come straight down to the sea, covered with giant nuclear blast proof doors, they intend to be the only super power on Earth to rule over what is left.  For you see, with a navy equipped with aircraft carriers, submarines (made in secret with those massive cost overruns of the Pentagon during the Reagan years), and electromagnetic invisibility shielding for ships and planes, they could rule as the British and Spanish floating armadas did when they ruled the world.  Only now, equipped with Tesla technology—you still do not know you possess!  Therefore, God and His HOSTS are your only protection!  We can nullify any Earth threat; however, we cannot do it FOR you.  Man must awaken to his plight and call forth in true intent, the assistance of God Aton.  Why think you The Christ comes in these final hours?  It is THAT SERIOUS, precious ones, it is that serious!], something like hundreds of volumes went into this, and they were going to invade a neutral Canada, abolish the government, hold the conquest in perpetuity, and destroy the population.  They were going to use poison gas.  That was authorized.  As a result, the British began a military build-up in the inland ocean of the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes of the United States are considered an inland ocean in terms of naval affairs.  [H:  Emphasis added.  Indeed, that is so!  Rockefeller had to move from Detroit because Soviet/Russian subs had planted mini-nukes (small submarine launched—and planted on the lake bottom—ballistic missiles!  Aimed directly at the Rockefeller mansion!  For the most part, the missiles have been removed and the submarine craft expelled.  However, the Bolsheviks are fighting to close Selfridge Field (Selfridge Air National Guard Base); this is THE PRIMARY AIR BASE THAT PROTECTS YOUR NATION!  The American “Middle Class” was born in Detroit, and it is THE METHOD YOUR INVADERS WILL USE TODAY, THROUGH THAT INLAND OCEAN AND INTO THE “MOTOR CITY”!  Since Detroit is also a Black American city of liberty and equality, African Americans there (or “here”, for this is where my scribe resides) identify with the same liberties the Native Americans, the White Americans, German and other ethnic groups searching for the American Dream, migrate to.  This is why the Zionist push is so hard to kill your auto industry.  That military base, however, is the last stronghold to the America your Founding Fathers envisioned!  Hold fast to that which God has given you to cherish and enjoy, and PROTECT YOUR NATION’S INLAND SEA!  All who receive of this urgent transmission:  “Call all state and Federal representatives and keep the Zionist Bolshevik Khazar “Jews” from closing Selfridge Field!”  Particularly, the African American President of your Republic, President Barack Obama, and the top government representative under him—even over the Secretary of State, and Vice President—The Honorable James E. Clyburn, MAJORITY WHIP, UNITED STATES CONGRESS.]

As a result of this period of tension, in August 1935 over 35,000 regular United States Army and National Guard troops, elements of five divisions, maneuvered as the first army in a show of force that anticipated commencement of War Plan Crimson.  This war plan, as I said, was a subset of War Plan Red, which was the projected war with Great Britain, with the British conflict—a worldwide conflict—easily making the term World War II appropriate.  This showing of the flag extended all over upstate New York, backed by 15,000 more US National Guardsmen conducting corps-level operations in Pennsylvania.

An invasion of Canada would have deprived the British Royal Family of a potential relocation site in the event of a Nazi invasion of the British Isles.

Because of this double threat that it faced between the Third Reich and the United States, the Royal Crown bought off American aggression by giving Roosevelt the opium trade in China that had floated the British Empire for almost 100 years.  [H:  Of course, you did not believe that the Queen of England, and the rest of the Royal Family, got all their wealth from those rubies and diamond trinkets in her crown, did you???  The opium business is where their power comes from.  That is why you even have wars in places like Southeast Asia (Vietnam, etc.) in the first place!  Afghanistan is not a war to win anyone’s freedoms and liberties—it is a war over control of the drug trade.  Opium fields (“Strawberry Fields forever …” go the lyrics from the British rock group, the Beetles) produce the opium which is what the price of gold is based on.  Rothschild Sons banking house sets the price accordingly.  More history left out of American school textbooks, I fear.  So be it.]

In the 1800s, a distant relative of mine, Commissioner Lin, fought in the Opium Wars against the British Empire.  He sacrificed his career in fighting the British.  Ultimately, when the British conquered much of China and won the Opium Wars, they forced the Qing Dynasty, the Manchurian rulership of China, to buy massive amounts of opium from them and give it not only to the entire population but to their royal families.

The British were producing cannonball-sized balls of opium in India [H:  The British East India Corporation was the first corporation in which the huge drug cartels pooled their vast resources and provided “legal” cover for their world-wide operations.  Just as Nevada corporations cover and protect the “Mafia” in the United States.  The loopholes the criminals leave for themselves are the very ones God’s people can utilize; just keep it small and simple in management.  In more direct terms:  They have to pull down their own pants, and expose their dirty dealings and hidden wealth, if they go after you!] and shipping them upriver into China where they eviscerated the Chinese economy and population, but this made Britain one of the richest empires on Earth.  [H:  THE richest empire on Earth.]  The British turned all that over to the Americans to pay Roosevelt off so that he wouldn’t invade Canada, and as a result, that is what started the war with Japan.  With the Americans taking over the opium trade in China, it brought them into direct conflict with the Japanese Empire.  That is what led to the Second World War.

As for the British, they began in terms of the monarchy to manipulate the politics of the British Prime Ministry to get Winston Churchill into power.  At the time that Roosevelt was threatening Canada and the British Empire, he didn't have Churchill to deal with.

One of the reasons Churchill was put into power was that he was half-American.  His mother was Jennie Churchill, a US citizen, and thus he was able to placate and manipulate the madman Roosevelt into war away from Great Britain and into war with Germany.  [H:  All of these elite conspirators are “madmen”; they are also a lot of other things—pedophiles and practicing satanists, to boot!  They are connected through arranged marriages and business dealings, which have nothing to do with love.  Only you-the-people believe the nonsense touted of HOW a particular couple got together.  This is a global grab for power and there are 13 FAMILIES WHO OWN YOUR WORLD.  Five persons run the elite show, my friends; don’t you think a few billion of you ordinary citizens can put a stop to the madness??!!]  That is one of the major reasons why he was put into power.

That is another aspect of history of which everyone in America is unaware—because it is a totalitarian society, as ruthless in its destruction of historical documents as was the Soviet Union.  There is nobody in America who even knows this.  There are very few people in Britain who know this.

TK:  Nor in Germany.  We are always told that Germany started the war, and we only know the story from this perspective.

DD:  Yes, well, don’t feel alone in that because nobody learns this in Japan, nobody learns this in the United States, and nobody learns this in the Soviet Union.  How many people remember that Roosevelt died before Hitler did?  Almost nobody remembers this.  This is one of the reasons why the Third Reich was able to force America into concessions.

TK:  Hang on.  The Third Reich was able to force America into what?  Into concessions?

DD:  Absolutely.  Concessions would mean that the Americans would allow various advantages to the Nazi civilian government for relocation.  Just like the Nationalist Chinese government was able to relocate itself onto the island of Taiwan, the Third Reich was able to relocate itself initially to Argentina, then to Antarctica and now, eventually, to what was referred to as Unterland.

One of the reasons why Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz of the U-boat arm of the Kriegsmarine was able to become the last Führer of the Third Reich after Adolf Hitler is because he was in charge of so many important operations.  One of them was Operation Hannibal, the largest evacuation of civilians in the history of humanity.

German and Japanese Atomic Warfare.

TK:  They were evacuated to … where?

DD:  To central Germany from the Baltic nations:  Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  The Nazis considered Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to be Germanic nations that had been part of the Order or Teutonic Knights for many thousands of years, or hundreds of years at least.  They felt that these were Germanic populations that they did not want to leave under the Soviet Union without rescuing as many as they could.  This is one of the reasons why, when the Germans developed the atomic bombs, they were used primarily in Courland, part of Latvia.  Courland is basically where the Germans deployed a tactical atomic weapon.  This is something very important to remember.

TK:  When was that exactly?

DD: In October 1944.

TK:  So you are saying that the Germans had an atomic bomb in 1944?

DD:  Absolutely.  This is what is so important.  The Americans have turned the atomic bomb of theirs into a religion.  To them, it is literally like a religious object.  There were multiple reasons for this, but the main reason was money.

There were only two nations on Earth which had an industrial base, but did not have an air force:  Imperial Japan and the United States.  What Japan had was the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service and the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service.  The Americans had the US Naval Air Corps, the US Marine Corps Aviation and the US Army Air Forces, but there was no United States Air Force until 1947.

The only way the Americans could get an air force was to sell the lie that their strategic bombing had worked.  But their strategic bombing hadn’t worked at all.  It failed to hinder effectively increasing productivity rates under the administration of Albert Speer.  Their strategic bombing had failed to damage the war effort of the Japanese—at all.

TK:  Can I interrupt again and go back with you to the topic of the atomic bomb being in possession of the Germans?  That is one thing that the Germans would never believe.  They would think, “Hey, if they had the atom bomb, why didn’t they use it?”  But you said that they did use it.

DD:  They did use it, and here I will tell you something.  Germany had an enormous mining industry.  So did the Japanese.  There were large uranium ore deposits in North Korea, which was part of Japan.  There were large uranium deposits in Bohemia, the Reich Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.  Reinhard Heydrich of the Sicherheitsdienst, the SD, was the Deputy Reich-Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, and one of the reasons that he was in charge was because of the technical development of uranium.

TK:  But I think uranium is not the only ingredient in the nuclear weapon.  Didn’t they also desperately try to produce heavy water?

DD:  Heavy water plants existed in Norway.  As a matter of fact, they were common enough that the British were able to identify a heavy water plant in Narvik, in Norway, and they actually sent a Norwegian commando team to blow it up.  There were attacks on various German heavy-water plants.  One of the larger ones was in the Eastern European region, and I believe that this is best gone into with certain people who have done their best to investigate it, such as Nick Cook or Joseph Farrell.

TK:  But they never concluded that the Germans did have an atomic bomb and made use of it.  I don’t remember having read that.

DD:  No.  The problem is that researchers like Farrell or Cook are outsiders looking in, and not insiders looking out.  I was exposed to the documents such as those of SS General Jakob Sporrenberg, who, in his Polish war crimes affidavit—basically concerning his help with developing the atomic bomb—told about the development and the deployment at Courland.

At the end of the war, the Americans and the Soviets propagandized that every inch of land in Germany or continental Europe basically had been swept or occupied by either the Soviets or the Americans.  This is not true.  There were many areas that were pockets of Third Reich administration long after the Soviets and the Americans met each other at several points of the map.  One of those areas that was occupied by the Third Reich after the Soviets and the Americans had met was where all these talk-down processes were going down with various elements of the Reich’s government.

Where the Third Reich was relocating itself, it had various units in these pockets of Europe that were still holding on to areas in the mountains, areas in Estonia on the Baltic Peninsula.  Estonia was held because, to cover the massive evacuation of civilians in Operation Hannibal, which was ongoing in October 1944, Adolf Hitler ordered the deployment of a nuclear weapon and stopped the Soviets’ push.  It was the German version of what the Japanese did on the Korean Peninsula.

Everyone knows that the Demilitarized Zone in the Korean Peninsula divides North and South, but nobody knows how it got there.  If you look into regular history books, nobody explains why the Soviets stopped on that line.  They had basically swept into Manchuria, they had occupied the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, they were going into South Korea, and they were ready to invade Japan.  People don’t understand that the Korean Peninsula and Japan are so close that you can drink a can of beer on the Korean or Japanese beach and if you throw it in the water, it will flow up onto the other nation’s beach.

If the Soviets had gone down to South Korea they would have invaded Japan, but they were stopped because of the Japanese deployment of atomic weapons on 12 August 1945.  The Germans did the same in Courland.

There was an affidavit concerning the interrogation of a Luftwaffe test pilot, which was released during the Clinton administration, who provided evidence that the Third Reich tested an atomic bomb probably via a very, very large cruise missile delivery.  It caused a mushroom cloud on the Baltic coast that was a full kilometre in diameter, with continuous internalisation of combustion leading to electrical interference with instruments in Great Britain.

TK:  So, by the end of 1944, how many nations would you say had the atomic bomb?

DD:  The Axis—Germany and Japan—had it first, and then the Americans developed it last.  [H:  How many countries do you suppose have the atomic bomb today!  With Israel—the number one terrorist nation with a FULL NUCLEAR ARSENAL, selling weapons to any and all who desired them—Nuclear War is on the way, dear hearts!  Even though you and Russia can shoot down the rockets as they are launched with sophisticated BEAM WEAPONRY, the incredible technology you are playing with now is beyond your ability to control.  Neutron bombs that kill people, but leave buildings and machinery intact; “dirty” Cobalt bombs that produce very lethal radiation that lasts for many decades; Hydrogen bombs that can kill multiple MILLIONS with one detonation; and Military Grade Anthrax warheads that have nuclear thrust systems which can be loosed on the world, that can kill in just seconds; Laser Systems that can blind an entire oncoming army—with one laser shot!!!    Do you see what you are truly up against, America?  This is why the evil conspirators lie to you about your world; they know that you will demand the heads of the traitors in your government who did this to you.  This is YOUR TECHNOLOGY that was given to your enemy, while you have nothing to protect you!  No blast shelters, no stored food (they gave your grain away also), not even the truth of your circumstances so, as individual States and communities, you could protect yourselves from sudden attack by thine enemies!  Flood your servants of the people with letters, phone calls, faxes, emails, and trips to Washington—let them know THAT YOU KNOW, and do not go down without efforting to save yourselves!  It can be done if enough of you do it!]  The Axis viewed these atomic bombs as operational ordinance.

Because of the report of the mushroom cloud on the Baltic, Great Britain put all of its constables, fire departments, and medical evacuation teams within the civil defense infrastructure on atomic alert.  This is why US troops hit the D-Day beaches with Geiger counters.

The United States was faced even more with Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz’s Operation Seawolf.  On 1 April 1945, the British warned the Americans and Canadians of what they’d found out from their intelligence units on continental Europe.  They said that Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz had launched what was known as the Fenris Wolf Pack.  It consisted of six über U-boats en route to North America that were capable of delivering very large rockets that contained nuclear warheads.  Because of this, the Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Command (CINCLANT) warned the American public on national radio and through newspapers that they had better prepare for an atomic attack from the Third Reich.

TK:  Wow, I can’t believe it!  So why did they lose the war, then?  Or did they never lose it at all?

DD:  Well, in a very real sense, they did not!  But on 24 April, after nine days of engagement, the last of the über U-boats were destroyed by the US Navy.  However, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz had proved his point:  that he was capable of a nuclear attack against the United States.  The reason why Adolf Hitler gave him the go-ahead for this was because in October 1944, when the atomic bomb was deployed to stop the advancing Soviet forces in Estonia, the Germans stopped the Soviet advance cold and they were able to hold Courland until after the Soviet occupation of Berlin.  Because of that, the Wehrmacht forces were there, but, during that period of time, during the deployment of the bomb itself, medical doctors informed Adolf Hitler that the radiation caused by that bomb did cellular damage.

This was the first time in history that an atomic weapon had been deployed [H:  The first time in your history were the many examples in the Indian (Hindu) ancient texts, and before that places like “Death Valley” and Bab edh-Dra and Numeira (Sodom and Gomorrah).  The Sumarian Texts talked about them 6,000 years ago.  Earth-man is just now catching up with ancient, higher technology.  Nothing was just “discovered” by you; you learned these things from your higher, or I should say, more learned, brothers.  It is your misuse of what has been given you that creates the problem!  That is why you must follow the guidelines as laid forth by The Creator.  And every time a given planet breaks all the laws, you end up where your world is today.], and through its deployment the German medical community was able to identify the fact that radiation does not behave like a virus, that the cell could not fight off the radiation with antibodies.  When the doctors told this to Adolf Hitler, they explained to him that radiation, unlike a disease, does not fight by the rules; the body cannot defend itself against the radiation or build up an immunity.

Adolf Hitler was obsessed with biological analogies.  [H:  Indeed, he was!  Cloning technology was his baby—pun intended!  The know-how was shared with Hitler, through a treaty he signed with some very interesting beings, not of your Earth.  As was the flying disc “UFO”, or “Foo Fighters”, as they were called during the war by Allied pilots.  However, I will not go further into that at this writing.  It has been covered many times before in detail, and we shall do it again, when time permits.]  He viewed anti-partisan warfare as an immunisation process.  He actually used that analogy multiple times.  When he was confronted with this reality of atomic weapons, Hitler felt that any further deployment on the continent of Europe would be a threat to the genetic viability of Aryan man.  He swore that, no matter what happened, he would never again deploy atomic weapons on the continent of Europe.

TK:  From where do you know all these things?  Was this all in the documents that you had to incinerate?

DD:  Very much so.  They translated summarisations into English, and then the Americans said, “We don’t want anyone to know this.”

This is why it is so important for me to talk about the air force.  The whole purpose of the Americans organizing an airforce was to have a bottomless pit in which to hide stolen American money.  To do that, they needed to tell the public, “We have to build atomic weapons because atomic weapons won the war.”  It was all a lie, and the only way to contain the lie was to just destroy all evidence of the truth.

The reality was that the Little Boy bomb was a German bomb.  It was a standardised piece of atomic ordnance that was developed by the Axis.  It had bombs by the dozens.  But the Axis, both the Germans and the Japanese, viewed these as operational-level ordnance—not tactical, not strategic, not to break a war, but something to break an army in the field.  The Germans were the first to develop them.  They had a realistic version of them, and the reason why the Little Boy was built the way it is is because the entire thing was built to fit inside the fuselage of a medium bomber, and the bomber itself was the delivery system.  In other words, it would be a suicide bomber.  The Japanese were very comfortable with this.  The Germans also developed a suicide pilots corps that was willing to utilize this weapon.  They never needed to deploy it.

Editor’s Note:

Part two in our next issue covers underground bases in Antarctica, foo fighters, Nazi claims of extraterrestrial contact, what really happened during Operation Highjump, and more.

About the Author:

Douglas Dietrich is the son of a decorated US Navy sailor.  He worked for 10 years as a US Department of Defense military librarian at the Presidio military base in San Francisco, where one of his major duties was document destruction.  He was responsible for incinerating highly classified materials on critical historical topics.  Each night, from memory, he made entries in a personal notebook of all of the top-secret documents he had destroyed.

Dietrich experienced the Kuwaiti campaigns of operations Desert Shield (1990) and Desert Storm (1991) as a US Marine, during which time he was exposed to cyclosarin nerve gas which resulted in collapsed lungs and radical experimental surgery.  After mustering out of the USMC in late 1991, he began a career as a private security agent which continued until he became a full-time carer for his dying parents.  He now channels his energies into media production, conference presentations and radio interviews covering a wide range of hidden history topics.  See the review of his DVD Roswell and the Rising Sun in this issue.

For more information, visit Douglas Dietrich’s website [online douglasdietrich].


As more and more confirmation of these facts comes to light, the people begin to see just who their enemy truly is.

Break here, Jonur, and let us start again promptly.  Hatonn to clear transmission frequency.



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