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New Series 80: BIBLICAL PROPHECY IS UPON YOU—TODAY! All the ingredients are present, and it will be man, not God, who will set it into motion. The 500 PLUS MILLION TROOPS in China, are “the Mongols from the North”; they are also NUCLEAR ARMED TROOPS.

11/05/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns80)

Hatonn present in light and truth that we might share this day.  Our focus must be on BOTH your present circumstance and EVACUATION OF THE PLANET, should that become necessary.  This is a lot for the masses to take in, but such is the situation as your satanic adversary tries for an all out grab for power, and total control of you the people.



The Biblical projections and Prophecies from the Ancient Prophets have come to pass, and man knows it not.  “When you have 200 MILLION troops”, and “When you can cross the Euphrates River by foot”, and “When the imposter Jews occupy Israel” in the final days—you have enough.

All the ingredients are present, and it will be man, not God, who will set it into motion.  The 500 PLUS MILLION TROOPS in China, are “the Mongols from the North”; they are also NUCLEAR ARMED TROOPS.  The Euphrates River running through Iraq, which is old Mesopotamia, can now be shut off by turning a few valves.  Once it’s dry, “troops can then march across it.”  And the fact that “Even Juda shall fight AGAINST Jerusalem”, as Zachariah 14:14—BEFORE THE KING JAMES VERSION—told you.  That prophecy and many others in your Holy Bible were tampered with when the Khazars RE-WROTE Biblical passages.  Did it ever occur to you ones that King James would never “fix” the Bible so you of his lowly subjects would have a better life?  The “Reformers”, as they were called, tried to cover the tracks of the Luciferians who were leading the lambs to the slaughter.  After the King James version, such as Zachariah 14:14 OMITTED “AGAINST” Jerusalem and replaced it with “AT” Jerusalem.  This proves that the Judaists (followers of Juda—not “Jew”-da), the Hebrews (followers of Noah’s first born son, Shem/”Sem”—as the Jews call him, who had a nephew named Heber, whose tribe became known as “Hebrews”, the 12 tribes of what is now called “Israel”—FOUGHT AGAINST THE KHAZAR TRIBE.



Remember, there are only 12 Tribes of Israel, not 13.  The 13th is the hangers-on, wanna-be “Jews” who ARE NOT JEWS, as Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 boldly state.  Those two passages in the Holy Bible clearly tell you that this bastard 13th tribe is Satan’s Synagogue!  I cannot explain it any better than that.  Go look at Revelation and see how God does not care for Gog and Magog; this is the Khazar people, dear ones, and they do not care for God’s people.  That is why they make you kill each other in war, and with their “vaccines”, and poison foods—any way they can.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protestors have zeroed in on the culprits, and the Jew will try to push “Hate Crimes” off on you goodly Americans so it will be hard to stand up and point the finger at the guilty party.

In all the other nations of the world, including Canada, it is ILLEGAL TO SPEAK OF JEWISH INFLUENCE IN GOVERNMENT!  Violators are immediately tossed in jail and/or broken with huge fines and massive legal fees.  I’m sure these ones could really use “The Bernstein Advantage” (regarding the Jewish law firm that touts “we help the little guy”!).  However, it is your U.S. CONSTITUTION that saves the day.  Do you see how important the Founding Fathers of your nation thought free speech was/is?  And the Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms is?  And freedom of the Press???  This is to protect American citizens from an invading army who want desperately to steal what you have.


And all manner of ways will be used so that man does not hook-up with God.  The HOSTS are here, precious friends; the “Chariots of Fire” and “The Thunder People” and “The Bird Tribes” have returned!  Just as Native American Prophecy told you.  The feathers represent the “Sky Tribes” who travel in silver craft, who always are the first to come and the last to leave.  These are the “Ancients”, the Ones God sends first—The HOSTS—who are the Angels (“Messengers”, the Greek translation) and Archangels of Biblical past.

When man remembers to re-connect with his Native American ancestral past and heritage, he will, once again, re-establish his connection with God—The Grandfather Spirit or Wakantanka.  The stars and planets are aligned and the spacecraft that, for generations, have been seen as “other stars and planets and asteroids” are making their presence known.

NASA knows all of this, and so do the High Commands of your world’s governments.  The summit meetings in Europe meet regularly with representatives from the Inter-galactic Fleets, and always the topics are buried and hidden away from the masses.  For you see, the adversary means to hold on as long as he can, because once the “cat is out of the bag”, as you say, evil will fall by the wayside.  Once people see God and see the truth, the Luciferians will be unclothed as the wolves they are, pretending to be guarding the flock for Christ.


You can go from station to station to station, and it is the same with every newscaster who talks about it.  Always the script is NEVER varied, a silly comment about anything from space coming close to the Earth.  The thrust is always to laugh away any questions the viewer may have, and make it appear you are silly if you entertain the thought for longer than an instant.

Whether they are “comets”, big “rocks”, “dwarf stars”, “Northern Lights” out of place (and the wrong color!), “ice crystals” reflecting light high in the upper atmosphere, or even secret “space plane tests”—NO DISCUSSION IS ALLOWED TO TAKE PLACE.  The plan is for the Bolshevik (Soviet Military rulers displaced from the now-Christian Russia) Zionists in England and America to use “UFOs” to smash America once and for all.  So, they cannot let you accidentally figure it out.  “Hey, who’s in all those light orbs and metal conveyances moving around up there!?!”  NASA and Space Station pictures show a lot of “stuff”, but offer no explanation as to what it could be.  In fact, the very absence of any comments is why people are now paying attention.  Who are these visitors showing up in your “home movies” of space?!

UFO Fleets Now Circumnavigating Globe

“UNCENSORED” magazine has several pictures of mass sightings over large metropolitan cities.  Many depict white, circular “balls” or spheres—in broad daylight!  Looking like “broken strings of pearls”, these “UFOs” are extremely high in the sky, they move faster than any aircraft, and THEY FLY IN FORMATIONS—SOME IN THE SHAPE OF RECOGNIZABLE SYMBOLS AND WORDS!  Now, are these extraterrestrial “UFOs” or man-made “UFOs”?  They are both.

Russian COSMOSPHERE “SHUTTLES” (“SUPER HEAVIES”, AS THE KREMLIN CALLS THEIR LARGEST CRAFT) OPERATE ON ELECTRO-GRAVITY POWER, AND CAN RENDER THEMSELVES INVISIBLE TO RADAR AND THE NAKED EYE.  THEY ALSO ARE ARMED WITH CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS (DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS, or DEWs, which can be mistaken for lightning.  Remember, Tesla gave you all this over a hundred years ago, so “ETs” don’t have to even be considered.  The technology is HERE ON YOUR PLANET!) AND CAN INSTANTLY BLOW UP DAMS, POWER PLANTS, OR GRAIN ELEVATORS IN ARKANSAS WITH ONE SHOT!  They also can shoot down missiles and spy satellites, as well as eavesdrop or listen in on secure communication systems—WHATEVER THE SOURCE.  This how Russia really spies, human intelligence is obsolete, and the KGB and the RUSSIAN SPACE COMMAND use their “Spheres of Influence” (COSMOSPHEREs that is!) to monitor all the world’s governments.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves; you do have alien “UFOs” as well, and they, too, have come to participate in the fun of these so-called “Last Days”.  And let not you forget that God Aton has His own fleets who travel with The Master “Jesus” SANANDA, and this Armada out distances, out performs, and out numbers them all!

[Quoting:]  April 19, 2011, Is the world being invaded?

Thousands of awestruck people around the world are seeing—and sometimes recording—literal fleets of UFOs.  The unworldly craft dominate the skies over major cities with complete impunity.

Terror over Taiwan.

In one video they arrive without warning and dart across the skies like they own it … and maybe they do.

The UFO armada appeared over Taiwan to the amazement and consternation of pedestrians on the streets far below.

Silent, maneuverable, and definitely under the control of some unknown intelligence, the UFOs dipped and looped while the authorities on the ground stood helplessly gaping up at the sky, along with thousands of stunned citizens.

Massive UFO fleet invades Seoul, South Korea

More than 20 UFOs converged on Seoul, South Korea’s largest city.  According to news reports, the UFOs dominated the skies over other parts of South Korea as well, yet the South Korean officials kept their aircraft grounded on the advice of an American military officer that was in satellite contact with Vandenburg Space Command in California during the incident.

His reported advice to frightened South Korean officials was direct and blunt:  Don’t chase after them; it’s too damn dangerous.

UFO armada commands Lebanese skies

Amazed eyewitnesses swore that huge UFOs buzzed the expressway at Antelias Jounieh in the city of Lebanon.  They made their claims on a national TV show hosted by Il Maestro Nichan Derharoutiounian, a respected journalist.  The highly rated show was broadcast across the nation on the LBCI network.

Witnesses testified that hundreds of cars pulled off the roadway and stopped when more than 50 UFOs converged overhead.  Some of the alien craft descended almost to ground level before rising again and rejoining the fleet.

The reports were carried across the Middle East and Europe, but as is normally the case, the American news media completely ignored the furor.

Fleets of UFOs now appearing all over the world …

The Chinese are picking up hundreds on radar.  Meanwhile, they’re forced to close commercial airports as some gigantic craft appear over runways.  Reports from China describe some of the alien craft as being half a mile long.

Saudi Arabia [Photograph of 21-Plus “white orbs” in a blue sky.  Caption underneath image reads:  “Allah written in Arabic”.]

In Saudi Arabia UFOs appeared near Riyadh and spelled out Allah’s name in the sky.  Thousands fell to their knees in prayer, struck with awe and fear.


Residents of Guadalajara, Mexico spied hundreds of darting, dashing UFOs zoom over their heads.  The Mexican military remained helpless.

Residents of Guadalajara have seen UFOs for decades.

Across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, expressways like the M25 are being buzzed by UFOnauts … some Brits snapped photos of the UFO sky hordes as the craft soar overhead.

UFO fleet stunned thousands in Manhattan.  [Another daylight photo shows about 500 “white and glittering metallic craft” in a massive formation, obviously racing across the sky at high altitude.]

From Brazil to Australia … From Russia to Canada … the skies are bursting with UFOs.

What are they really?  Where do they come from?  Why are they here?  What do they want?

Are they harbingers of doom?  Monitors of an approaching worldwide cataclysm?  No one knows …

Other mass sightings of UFO fleets include:

UFO fleet spotted at Pennsylvania/Delaware State line ….  Dozens fly over Colorado ….  Mystery fleet sails over west Texas, chased by military fighter jets.

Another UFO Fleet spotted above Kazakhstan on March 27, 2011.

More mass UFO sightings in Santiago, Chile, etc., etc.,


National Security Agency Releases UFO X-files [Hatonn:  Firstly, the NSA was created to deal with ALL INFORMATION ON EXTRATERRESTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS, THEIR CRAFT, AND THE ENTITIES THEMSELVES.  Before the National Security Act established the “Agency” itself, the Central Intelligence Agency was created—BY THE “OPERATION PAPERCLIP” NAZIS WHO WERE BROUGHT TO YOUR NATION AFTER GERMANY FELL.  The American OSS, or Office of Strategic Services, incorporated the German Intelligence apparatus—which was extensive and much admired by the West, as well as the Soviet Union; they got THE LION’S SHARE OF ROCKET SCIENTISTS.  You got Werner Von Braun and thus were able to launch your first satellite, and finally you got to the Moon.  But the “communist” Khazars (Bolsheviks) in the Soviet empire began building their massive war machine with the help of the captured German scientists AND THE ROCKEFELLER SPIES WHO WERE GIVING ALL YOUR SECRETS TO THE KREMLIN!  The CIA is really a Nazi transplant, set up to implement German knowhow and espionage techniques for America.  Reinhard Gehlen, of the Canaris and Gehlen organization, set up shop in SAN LOUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA, and this German group became your secret government that you have TODAY!  Funny thing, neither the Soviet Khazars who had taken over Russia, nor your own people, ever located any of the “UFO battalion” (as Hitler himself labeled his “wonder weapon” of “flying saucers”) scientists.  All evidence mysteriously vanished, including Hitler, without so much as a bread crumb left behind.  We have already talked of the Antarctic and submarines and Argentina, so I will not elaborate at this sitting; however, the stories are all connected, so the topics will be covered again as time permits.  With the advent of the NSA to deal with the “Alien Question”, the CIA was relegated to organizing the secret funding of the underground bases (following Nazi designs of mountain-side test facilities and hidden aircraft hangers) in the deserts of California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, etc.  The massive monies had to go around your Congress and escape all government oversight committees.  How could that be done?  With the money from the illegal drug trade!  THE CIA WAS THEREFORE PUT IN CHARGE OF ALL THE WORLD’S COCAINE, HEROIN, MARIHUANA, OPIUM, HASH—YOU NAME IT, THE CIA CONTROLLED IT.  That is what CIA proprietary “airlines” such as the “Flying Tigers” and “Air America” (Check out Mel Gibson’s movie of the same name—though agents were on the set every day and would not let him even mention the drugs part!)  did in all those “just wars” in South East Asia and elsewhere.  Iranian Hasheesh, Afghan opium poppies, Panamanian cocaine by way of Columbia; is it not obvious that all these places happen to be the origins of the illegal drug operations U.S. drug enforcement agents were supposed to be cracking down on?  And yet, those little areas mushroomed into serious military occupation campaigns that continue to this very day!  The funds from the drugs then were funneled right into the so-called “Black Projects”.  I am talking about UFOs and “clones”, chelas, and in this way, the public and congress are kept out of the loop!

In another bold leap towards full disclosure, the NSA has released to the public domain formerly classified UFO X-files.  This one small step, yet ‘Giant Leap For Mankind’, is best described as a ‘treasure trove’.

Of the documents we have assessed so far, we are particularly interested in NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV, No. 1, with FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) Case number 41472, which has been titled “Key To The Extraterrestrial Message”.  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, break here, please, and begin a new document.  Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu.     


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