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New Series 81: The HOSTS of God will also utilize this “pen” as they begin to make themselves known, just as before, when these JOURNALS began to flow to the waiting masses of your world.

11/10/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns81)

Hatonn present to commune in the Light of our Creator.  Amen.

The HOSTS of God will also utilize this “pen” as they begin to make themselves known, just as before, when these JOURNALS began to flow to the waiting masses of your world.  We begin a new book this morning and will effort to keep each one at around 200 pages or less.  This will allow “digestible” portions to be easily handled as the load will increase from here on out.  The transition to Higher Universal Man (“HU Man”) is the “Graduation” man has anticipated for lo these many eons of “time” (as you recognize the “sequence of events”), and much instruction is needed to allow the path to be illuminated in full so that stragglers do not fall by the wayside.  As any responsible shepherd knows, the wolves wait to catch the “wanderers” in the wilderness.  Therefore, stay close to God and close to Me, Hatonn, as I am RECORD-KEEPER AND LEADER OF HIS MIGHTY HOSTS FROM AFAR.  I can see the whole of the journey, and man is just now coming out of his infancy in this sojourn.  So is it not wise to follow a Master who KNOWS THE WAY?

This JOURNAL will be called:  “THE NEPHILIM, THE ANUNNAKI, AND THE ELOHIM:  THE RETURN OF THE PLANET NIBIRU!”  This is book number 233 (or book number 3 by this receiver).



In your Holy Bible there are the Elohim—this means God, dear friends; and the Nephilim, or THE ATMOSPHERIANS”, the higher races of God Aton’s universe.  You are descendants of these beings; this is my race also.  We travel with the Elohim, and every 3,600 years “the Planet of the Crossing”, NIBIRU, makes its way back into your solar sun/star system.  For you see, this planet is what you might term “the home of God”.  Your earth, “Shan” as it is named, was made manifest during several subsequent passings of Nibiru coming so near to it, even before it was habitable for life forms to exist on the forming orb.

The last time Nibiru appeared, a planet and Moons that are guided by intelligent control and are self-sustaining, was during your Biblical Times.  Many, many craft AND beings make their transition to your “earth”.  Did not all the way-out and fantastic stories from your Holy Scriptures occur during the days of the prophets?  Well, that period of time always coincides with the arrival of Nibiru.  Your race was “created” by beings from this planet so that man might experience and grow in his lessons upon a placement suitable for spiritual advancement.  In other words, you cannot just be let loose as children into the infinite universe without first learning how to act, can you?!!?

God would not be so foolish.  Nor would God NOT send His WORD and the Messengers (“Angels”) to bring it.  Third Dimensional existence is the schoolroom to learn the lessons needed to understand the cosmos, which is God’s Kingdom of “many mansions”.  The stars/suns and the countless planets of the universe are those places “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA “prepared for you”.  He said he went to prepare a place for you, remember?

If you are in human format, corporal—solid and human—then you need a physical format in which to exist and continue the human experience.  You cannot exist sitting on fluffy radioactive clouds, nor can you breathe in the super cold vacuum of space, can you?  The Sunday preachers tell you that “rapture” is some magical, mystical floating to an imaginary heaven in the sky.  Well, it ain’t quite like that.



In your infancy, man has learned to use heavy, gravity-defying chemical rockets to leave earth’s atmosphere (all planets that can house the human form are called “earths”, a placement that has an atmosphere you can breathe, water to drink, and plants, animals, and fishes you can utilize), but you cannot go very far out or up.  You have to come back down because man cannot exist and sustain himself very far from earth.

You cannot get very far, even in your own little solar/sun system, to really say you are in outer space!  So, suffice it to say, you’re stuck there.  Unless you have help off Shan (earth), you will suffer whatever consequences you, as a species of man, have manifested for yourself.  For instance, 4 NUCLEAR REACTORS HAVE EITHER EXPLODED AND/OR MELTED DOWN!  READ THAT AGAIN, CHELAS (STUDENTS), THAT IS THE SO-CALLED “CHINA SYNDROME—THE MOTHER OF ALL NUCLEAR NIGHTMARES!  The release of nuclear energy can devastate the planet.  And yet, your Zionist media has put you back to sleep.

How will you handle such things if your world is suddenly made UNINHABITABLE??!!  World War III/Nuclear War I will also cause unimaginable holocaust (def:  destruction, usually by fire) to the human species.  What will you do then?  Those fluffy clouds will be so radioactive—which they already are from decades of nuclear testing (above- and below-ground)—that even if you somehow magically floated up there, you would not last very long.

And there are other things WORSE than nuclear catastrophe that threaten your continuing existence upon Shan.  Those Tesla beam systems, well, like Tesla himself said, if you misuse his technology the “Earth can be split like an apple”.  In fifteen minutes, the entire planet will be vaporized and you will become as a gaseous star.

Now, the only “rapture” or “lift off” that can “save” anybody is a massive fleet of ancient spacecraft, some larger than the earth itself, waiting to evacuate the planet.  However, if it is the worst case scenario, MANY, MANY ONES WILL NOT MAKE IT IN THEIR PHYSICAL BODIES.  There will not be time enough in fifteen minutes to get everybody off unscathed.  However, since such a chain reaction would also destroy soul essence, too, we will automatically evacuate all VIABLE soul entities.  That does not include robotoid (“clones”) beings who have no soul to begin with.  Remember, it is these soul-less manufactured entities who are trying to destroy humanity in the first place!

Isn’t all this making sense now?  Satan manufactures the evil puppets who will lead God’s precious children to the slaughter.  Just as decoy ducks lure in the real birds for the hunters to line up and kill, so too do BIO-ROBOTS of the Zionists lead man to the slaughter.

How do you get your “boarding pass” so you can make sure you get lifted off in time to have a safe passage for body and soul?  READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFTOFF!



Your Holy Bible spoke of this day.  The fire and brimstone comes, God sends His HOSTS to retrieve His people.  There will be two in the field.  One will recognize “the signs” and see that what has been prophesied is truly coming to pass.  The other will not know; he will doubt and make excuses and wait too long … and he will wave good bye as the first accepts the rescue.

God sends what you need; it is up to man to accept or deny.  All children will be lifted off to safety to be reunited with their parents.  All our “ground crews” who bring forth these INSTRUCTIONS will be taken first, as per our agreement for their service to God and man.  Their families also will be amongst the first to gain safe passage for that, too, is part of the agreement.  For example:  This scribe is comforted knowing close family and dear friends will be lifted off aboard craft—while the writings continue to flow unto the last possible moment.  What is YOUR agreement to God?  What mightn’t you, as individuals, do to ensure your “favor” with The Father.

Each being has a contract, and it is no one’s business save that one and God.  THAT is how you ensure you get a seat and a toothbrush aboard the fleet that protects God’s peoples.  Remember that no force of evil or darkness can stand in the light.

Now, let us get on with it!


The media is not going to tell you the truth.  So you have to look at WHAT they are saying and then use reason.  We have given you the facts about the lies of the Jews, and the manipulation of information regarding God, His HOSTS, and “UFOs”.  Discernment is the key to understanding their overall thrust at deception of you the masses.  For they tell you only what they want you to believe, and you know from your Bible that “they are liars like their father the devil.”

Match made in heaven:  Earth finds new companion as giant asteroid joins its path around the sun ….  But this asteroid orbits the sun in a highly unusual horseshoe pattern.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2011.  [Quoting:]

By Daily Mail Reporter, April 7, 2011

Earth has found a new companion that has joined its orbit around the sun, scientists have revealed.

It may not have the most romantic of names, but Asteroid 2010 SO16 could pursue Earth for anywhere between the next 120,000 to a million years.

And at a few hundred meters across, it is the largest space rock ever discovered so close to earth.

But there is something unusual about SO16, say Apostolos Christou and David Asher who discovered the giant floating rock last September at the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland.

Rather than follow its new friend all the way round, SO16 orbits the sun in a horseshoe shape, playing a constant game of catch up with Earth, they say.

The closer to the sun an object is, the faster it will orbit.  So when SO16 entered the sun’s orbit, it was further away than Earth and therefore slower.

When Earth finally caught up with the asteroid, instead of overtaking it, its gravitational pull drew it closer to the sun, sending it back round at a faster pace.

Match made near heaven:  Asteroid 2010 SO16 could pursue Earth for anywhere between the next 120,000 to a million years.

Now quicker than Earth, SO16 speeds round its shorter orbit until it catches Earth again and is this time pulled away from the sun, slowing it down.

More simply, from the point of view of the Earth, the asteroid has a horseshoe-shaped orbit, constantly moving towards and away from the Earth without ever passing it.  But from the asteroid’s point of view, it orbits the Sun continuously in the same direction, more quickly in smaller orbits and more slowly in bigger ones.  Christou and Asher say this process is repeated over and over again until the asteroid dies.

At the moment SO16 is travelling at one of its closest approach points and will be visible in the evening sky for several decades to come.  [End quote.]

Nicely covers any “parked spacecraft” on standby, doesn’t it?

Several NASA and Space Shuttle OFFICIAL PICTURES show various unknown space craft in the vicinity of the International Space Station.  These are gigantic metallic objects that are obviously vehicles of some type.  Here are a few of the captions from “UNCENSORED” magazine:

Below is a shot of a UFO hovering in the vicinity of the International Space Station.  It is an official NASA picture

The other pictures are those by amateur astronomers of “anomalous” objects in space.  They have not been publicly identified.  Some have the appearance of gigantic machines.

So what the hell are these things?  More captions under more pictures:

Good question.  However, the evidence is continuing to indicate that something rather out of the ordinary is happening, not only to this planet, but to a lot of other planets throughout the galaxy.  A few years ago, an eminent astronomer by the name of Alexey Archipov revealed to the (professional) world of astronomy that hundreds of stars had mysteriously “winked out” in recent years—and it was not explainable given our current knowledge base.

Then, in 2008, John Walson, an amateur astronomer, posted several videos on the net purporting to show truly massive vehicles parked in stationary orbit around the earth.

These look very much like the objects Walson posted.  But wait, there’s more:  We are referring to truly gigantic “UFOs” circling Saturn; some are even orbiting the Sun; still others have been found (as ruins) on the Moon.


A series of fantastic pictures of massive objects next to the sun, then subsequent pictures erasing the objects for “file photos”.

Finally, we have a UFO in a dusk or dawn sky, probably California (Vandenberg Air Force Base perhaps, for they have shot at our craft on several occasions!), as a heat-seeking missile is launched from the ground and veers off towards it.  Very high in the atmosphere, but it is a clear image and is unmistakably what it appears to be.


The gathering of The HOSTS and the return of Nibiru is something the Jews must keep you Christians from finding out.  The fact that God is tangible and real and that He is come to reclaim His people spells death to the Luciferians and their New World Order and Global Government.

When Jesus was nailed to that cross and the synagogues and temples came crashing to the ground, as Christ predicted, THE SKIES OVERHEAD WERE FILLED WITH “FLYING SAUCERS”!  The people ran in fear and fell on their faces in the sand as they begged and prayed for mercy.  Yet, no mercy was shown to Immanuel as he hung there at the hands of His enemies.

These passages were long ago removed from your Holy Bible and those of the prophets from that day.  Thus is the case when Khazar “scholars” and professors and REFORMERS tamper with Christian history!

So let us see how the cover-up continues regarding Nibiru.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2011.  [Quote:]

What’s the Truth About “Elenin”?  By Robert and Amy Evans, April 25, 2011.

More and more photos/images of Elenin and its traveling companions have been hitting the internet.  Leonid Elenin has had his web site [spaceobs.org] swamped with questions ever since!

And I am sorry to say, he is very dismissive of the claims and annualized images showing other objects coming with, or behind “His” comet.  And he is starting to complain about people doctoring his images, to show objects that were never there in the first place.  And while he did not mention any names … I want to say right here … no trickery or photo-shopping was involved in the enlargement & enhancing of either his photos or anyone else’s photos to obtain what you are about to see.  There are several web sites that are hosting photos of Elenin; from various Astronomers from around the globe … here are a few links:  [online:  aerith.net, gustavomuler.fotografiaastronomica.com, iceinspace.com].

Let’s start with the photos and photo analysis.  Here is the first photo we found of Elenin:  [A red object with a green “glow” around it in the background of stars.]

Here is an enhancement of the center image [A close up of the red/green spherical object.  Obviously a celestial orb of some type with tiny “things” in seeming orbit around it.]

And another [Amazing computer enhancement of the object in even greater detail.  Object certainly has a series of smaller orbs circling it.  Plus a “tail” behind indicating movement through space.]

This last enhancement brought out at least 13 objects that were tightly orbiting the center mass … they are indicated by the dark-blue dots very close in to the central mass.

Comets do not have objects orbiting them!  Then we discovered an article from the online EU web site dated Mar 1, 2011 [online:  eutimes.net].  “Russian Warning Issued over Controlled Comet headed towards Earth.”  And this quote from the article:  “Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov’s report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in “direct contact” with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun.  [Hatonn:  The Sumerian Texts (discovered in southern Iraq, and why you bombed Baghdad and the museum that housed the tablets and copper scrolls) are like the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Israelis WILL NOT LET ANYONE SEE, except the Sumerian Texts are incredibly detailed and accurate.  “Jesus”, by the way, is Sumerian!  The Holy Bible and the story of Genesis did not come from the Hebrews nor the Israeli “Jews”; both tribes stole the secrets from the 6,000 year-old Sumerian Texts!  IT IS THESE TEXTS—FOUND IN ANCIENT IRAQ, WHICH WAS MESOPOTAMIA—THAT TOLD OF NIBIRU AND NOT ONLY THE CREATION OF YOUR EARTH, BUT ALSO OF MAN BY GOD, IN UNMISTAKABLE DETAILED LANGUAGE!  The Sumerian Texts described a space expedition that came into your solar system, different than it is now, and Pluto was the first planet encountered as a traveler from afar would see FIRST.  The Jews have since tried to discount Pluto as a planet to discredit the Texts; however, Pluto has its own Moon and is in a PLANETARY ORBIT around the sun, just as the other 8 planets are.  The reason the Jews do not want you looking too closely is because the Sumerian Texts explain all your astronomy and sciences 6,000 YEARS AGO, AND IT IS EVIDENT THAT MODERN SCIENCE IS JUST NOW CATCHING UP TO THE ANCIENT SUMERIANS!  For example:  The planets Neptune and Uranus are perfectly described as Blue and Blue Green Giants that are almost entirely made of water, one being called “the Twin of the Other”, AND IS “LAYING ON ITS SIDE LIKE A TOP ROLLING ON A HORIZONTAL AXIS!  IT IS THE ONLY PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM THAT DOES THIS!  And yet, you did not even know of its existence until recent space probes were invented and traveled out far enough to take pictures of it!  And it was precisely as the ancient Sumerians told you!  They also described “cloning” in detail and in vitro-fertilization—the Adam and Eve story about creating the human race—but in scientific FACT!  They also said the floods would come every cycle and flood the world—where Noah’s Ark came from.  Plus the periodic Ice Ages—and you have had at least 5 that you know of—right on time with the entire explanation in the Sumerian Texts!  So when they said it is time for Nibiru, and the Anunnaki who live on “the planet of the crossing”, to return—NOW—your scientists turned their instruments to space from the South Pole AND THERE IT WAS/IS, JUST AS THE SUMERIANS SAID!]

A Jupiter-sized planet that is in direct contact with Elenin that is also headed in towards our Sun … WOW!

So the search began for more photos.  We found this photo/image showing two objects traveling together [online:  xa.yimg.com].  [A black and white telescopic image of two fiery “eyes” traveling together through space!]

Onward with photo analysis … what would we find next on the photos?  As it turned out, quite a bit … but you will find the results hard to believe.

Enhancing the two objects that looked like eyes revealed this image [computer and infrared images reveal “building-shaped” structures traveling together with halos and “trails” behind them].

Which took us completely by surprise!  Here is another enhancement [Even greater detail of the two structures, looking like definite “structures”—two very different things traveling in a formation.  The image analysis this time shows what appears to be a massive “energy or force field” surrounding each structure.  And then another larger “field” encompassing both.  It really does look like something from Star Trek.]

Some kind of buildings, with what looks like a force field … right out of Star Trek … protecting them!  Here is another image of just one of the two objects.  [Computer enhancement reveals detail of object and “things” around it traveling with it.]

and you can still make out the 13 objects hanging close to the central mass.  OK, onward to the Jupiter-sized planet that is following Elenin.  We found quite a few photos showing this object as well!

[Several different images AND PHOTOS show a planet or “dull star” (red-gold) with several large and smaller “Moons or planets” obviously orbiting it.  And that is exactly what it looks like, a miniature planetary or solar system, coming this way.]

The last few enhancements also looked familiar … until we dug up what has always been called a “Hoax” …, leaked photos from the US South Pole Telescope in 2008.  [This was the one set up to see Nibiru as the Sumerian Texts said it would be visible here.  The orbit is totally different, and angled to come from below and then above, your plane of orbit with the other planets around your sun/star.  It “crosses” your solar system in an unusual way.  It, too, goes around your sun like the other 9 planets; however, instead of taking 365 days to circle the sun, like the earth does, Nibiru takes 3,600 years to make one complete orbit.]

And their counterparts from Star Viewer Team from Madrid, Spain:

[More telescope PICTURES OF THE REDDISH STAR OR PLANET with the white “moons” going around and traveling with it.]

Marshall Masters [online:  yowusa.com]  also had a video made recently to describe the 2008 leaked images.  See [youtu.be/ZE5….online]

And wouldn’t you know it … these images looked strangely like a Microsoft PowerPoint work file that Star Viewer Team created in 2009 depicting what NASA was calling G1.9.

A Brown Dwarf Star about the size of Jupiter, with six planets and many large moons … that normally sits just outside of our Solar System’s Oort Cloud (debris like comets and rocks and ice left over from the formation of the solar system, an outer “shell” surrounding that sun and all of the sun’s 9 planets), but once every 26,000 years or so, enters our Solar System.

And if you look very carefully at the images … you will notice that Star Viewer Team high-lighted the 6th planet, and followed it month by month … they firmly believe it is “Nibiru” … the Planet of the Crossing.  So, the ancient Sumerians just might have written the truth … Nibiru did cross over into our Solar System, as they told.  But if they were correct about Nibiru, were they also correct about the “Anunnaki” who they said lived on Nibiru?

So, from the photos and images presented here, we have three large objects heading towards our Earth, and if JPL (Pasadena, California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory) / NASA can be believed, they will be coming close to our Earth from September through November of this year.  [That’s NOW—why do you think you REALLY HAD THE Nation-wide Emergency Alert System Test on all communications frequencies YESTERDAY????]  With their closest approach happening in October of this year.  [But the planetary “crossing” impact is in November!]  The photos and images also show a very large object following a month or more right behind the first two.  From the images, all three objects are moving at about the same speed … that is why there is no blurring of the BDS in the images.  [End quote.]

Jonur, have respite and nourish the body, and return promptly.  Commander Hatonn to clear this communications frequency.  May God guide His people through the valley of shadows and lies the satanic Khazar Jews have thrown unto the path.  Always the beacon of light and life, truth will illuminate the way home, but you must take the hand of The Master Teacher Jesus who prepared the place for you.  Aho!

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