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New Series 86: That is the same thing with prostate cancer, breast cancer—even diabetes is being deliberately given to healthy people through the excuse, and the guise, of “early detection”! The Jewish doctor knows how to kill his patients and make it appear to be your fault! Do you see how this works with a Steve Jobs? Or, a Michael Jackson who converted to Islam—and remember, Muslims know about the Khazar imposter “Jews” who stole Palestine from the Hebrew Judeans! The Zionist Protocols TELL THE JEWS TO MAKE THEIR SONS DOCTORS “SO THEY CAN TAKE THE LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN”!]

11/29/11b from HATONN/jonur (ns86)

Good evening, Hatonn present to resume the lesson on Bill Gates and the vaccine genocide being used to destroy your nation and world.  With all the other distractions, such as Egypt, the Mars Rover, Pakistan “mishaps”, and the Iranian anger at British Intelligence’s covert involvement in the politics of the Arab world, the “little things” are pushed past you.

Keep in mind that everything is directly related to everything else.  The Zionist “Jew” means to depopulate the planet down to 550 Million living beings.  The rest are to be killed any and every way possible.  Therefore, man must wake from his long slumber and put a stop to the madness.  Truth is the most difficult thing to grasp when it is so utterly fantastic.  However, when the eyes of the masses DO OPEN, the Jew knows his time is up!  You outnumber the enemy by billions to one, only your lack of knowledge of their activities puts you at fatal disadvantage.



Bill Gates:  Use Vaccines To Lower Population [resume quote:]

… Health experts point out that, were the intent of Gates really to improve the health and well-being of Black Africans, the same hundreds of millions of dollars the Gates Foundation has invested in untested and unsafe vaccines could be used in providing minimal sanitary water and sewage systems.  Vaccinating a child who then goes to drink feces-polluted river water is hardly healthy in any respect.  But of course cleaning up the water and sewage systems of Africa would revolutionize the health conditions of the Continent.

Gates’ TED2010 comments about having new vaccines to reduce global population were obviously no off-the-cuff remark.  For those who doubt, the presentation Gates made at the TED2009 annual gathering said almost exactly the same thing about reducing population to cut global warming.  For the mighty and powerful of the Good Club, human beings seem to be a form of pollution equal to CO2.

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By F.William Engdahl [online]

* F. William Engdahl, author of Gods of Money:  Wall Street and the Death of the American Century and Full Spectrum Dominance:  Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order (Third Millennium Press), may be reached via his website [above].

Central Figure in Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds with $2 Million.  March 30, 2010.

Dr. Poul Thorsen, a central figure behind the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) claims disputing the link between vaccines and autism and other neurological disorders, has disappeared after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of millions in taxpayer dollars.

Thorsen was a leading member of a Danish research group that wrote several key studies supporting the CDC’s claims that the MMR vaccine and mercury-laden vaccines were safe for children.

One of his studies has long been criticized as fraudulent since it failed to disclose that the increase was an artifact of new mandates requiring, for the first time, that autism cases be reported on the national registry.

Despite this obvious chicanery, the CDC has long touted the study as the principal proof that mercury-laced vaccines are safe for infants and young children.  The mainstream media has relied on this study as the basis for its public assurances that it is safe to inject young children with mercury—a potent neurotoxin—at concentrations hundreds of times over the U.S. safety limits (SOURCE:

H1N1 Spread Linked to Seasonal Flu Shots.

By Prakash Sharma

The four new studies conducted by Canadian researchers conclude that the traditional seasonal flu vaccine seems to have boosted the risk of infection with pandemic [world-wide] H1N1 swine flu by almost double.

In one study, the researchers revealed to use [sic] ongoing sentinel monitoring system in order to assess the frequency of prior vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine in people suffering from H1N1 swine flu in 2009 compared to people without swine flu.  The study discovered that seasonal flu vaccination was linked with a 68 percent boosted risk of falling prey to swine flu.

The “Idiot Moment” in Autism

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

(Author note—No offense is intended to actual idiots who are really nice people and would never do any of the foolish things mentioned in this article.)

I keep wondering when the “moment” will come.  I’m talking about the moment when the average person who isn’t really interested in the vaccine-autism question will go, “Hey, that doesn’t make sense!”  You might call it something else.  Perhaps the “bull ***” moment, or even the “what the f *** moment!”  For me, I prefer the “idiot moment!”

Maybe the idiot moment came a few weeks ago on February 25, 2010, when Nicholas Kristof, op-ed columnist for The New York Times, wrote an article entitled, “Do Toxins Cause Autism”?  (Strangely, the national media employs a great number of idiots when it comes to autism, and I don’t mean the ones who are really nice and wouldn’t do any of the foolish things I’m getting ready to talk about.)

According to Mr. Kristof’s account, Dr. Phillip Landigran, professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, told him he is “increasingly confident that autism and other ailments are, in part, the result of the impact of environmental chemicals on the brain as it is being formed”.

The article may have actually captured an idiot moment in real time with Dr. Landrigan, who said to the reporter (one idiot to another), “The crux of this is brain development.  If babies are exposed in the womb or shortly after birth to chemicals that interfere with brain development, the consequences last a lifetime.”  For those who haven’t been tuned in to this debate, this is a major shift from medical professionals who have long argued that autism is a genetic condition and the rise is nothing more than better detection of autism.  [Hatonn:  That is the same thing with prostate cancer, breast cancer—even diabetes is being deliberately given to healthy people through the excuse, and the guise, of “early detection”!  The Jewish doctor knows how to kill his patients and make it appear to be your fault!  Do you see how this works with a Steve Jobs?  Or, a Michael Jackson who converted to Islam—and remember, Muslims know about the Khazar imposter “Jews” who stole Palestine from the Hebrew Judeans!  The Zionist Protocols TELL THE JEWS TO MAKE THEIR SONS DOCTORS “SO THEY CAN TAKE THE LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN”!]

So let me think here for a moment.  Pregnant women are advised not to drink or smoke during pregnancy, not to eat too much seafood because of the mercury it contains (remember, that’s the bad kind, not the kind in vaccines which is really good and will cause an increase in mental functions, just like it did to the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland movie), so I’m trying to think where they might be getting these bad chemicals?

Maybe from the flu shot pregnant women are advised to get, or even the He[patitis] B shot given to infants on the first day of life which was recently found to cause developmental delays in monkeys?

Don’t worry about things injected directly into our blood streams, the article cautions us.  According to the article, “One peer-reviewed study published this year in Environmental Health Perspectives gave a hint of the risks.  Researchers measured the levels of suspect chemicals called phthlates in the urine of pregnant women.  Among women with higher levels of certain phthalates (those commonly found in fragrances, shampoos, cosmetics, and nail polishes), their children were more likely to display disruptive behavior.”

Let’s get this straight.  Chemicals in shampoo may be a problem, but vaccines injected directly into the bloodstream and loaded with chemicals designed to kill viruses and bacteria are okay?  That doesn’t even make sense to an idiot!  He wouldn’t then start talking about gene studies!  He’d say, hey could we look at some other chemicals to which kids might be commonly exposed?  How about this for a non-idiot thought?  Maybe those women who retain high levels of phthalates have a faulty detoxification system that causes their children to be more greatly exposed to toxins in their environment, whether it’s from shampoos or vaccines?

Or maybe the next idiot moment is coming with the recent revelation that “The lead author of a key study used by the EU and USA health bodies as evidence mercury in vaccines does not cause autism has vanished after it emerged that he fraudulently claimed 10 million Kroner (about 1.8 million dollars) in funds from his university in Denmark.”

I know, the idiots out there are still saying to themselves, “Okay, maybe he’s an embezzler, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good scientist.”

However, the remaining holdouts might consider the assertion that, “The scientist (Dr. Poul Thorsen) has worked on a multi-phase research project on the cause of autism that has received about 80 million crowns (roughly 12.6 million dollars) in funding from the CDC, headquartered in Atlanta, since 2002.”

I know I can sometimes be an idiot, so let me talk this through.  The CDC promotes vaccination.  The CDC quietly gives $12.6 million dollars to a project to discover if vaccines are linked to autism.  The study comes back and says they are not linked to autism.  The CDC later points to this study as an independent finding supporting the safety of vaccines.  The lead researcher is then investigated for financial fraud.

I’d think a lot of people out there would be starting to say, “Hey, wait a minute!”

Of course to many, the idiot moment should have come much earlier with the publication of the Danish study.  Left out of the discussion of mercury in vaccines was the comparison of the Danish rate of autism (3-4 in 10,000) with the American rate of autism at the time (67 in 10,000, recently upgraded to 90 in 10,000).  As Dr. Boyd Haley says, that’s a little like conducting research on malaria in Alaska rather than Panama.

Or maybe another non-idiot thought is that the difference in autism rates has something to do with the fact that the Danish schedule recommends 12 shots for children before the age of six-years-old and we give U.S. children 36, with the majority of those being given in the first six months of life.  [H:  Does this not tell you that the evil Zionist Jew cares NOTHING FOR CHRISTIAN/GOYIM LIVES???!! Only satanic and luciferian entities plan for, and carry out, terrible crimes against innocent children of God, precious ones; and it becomes apparent that the Jewish Khazar Money Changers/Lenders ARE THE SAME EVIL TRIBE THAT MURDERED JESUS ON THE CROSS THAT DAY!]

I’ll leave you with a final quote from The New York Times op-ed from Alan M. Goldberg, a professor of toxicology at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.  He says, “There are diseases that are increasing in the population that we have no known cause for.  Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and autism are three examples.  [H:  Emphasis added.  “Quiet Weapons For Quiet Wars” is the catch phrase the Zionists use in taking control of the planet.  Many millions of you can be killed off while watching the football game.  Put the distractions aside and put a stop to the Bolshevik Zionist Jew’s “holocaust” plans, set up for you of God’s people.]  The potential is for these diseases to be on the rise because of chemicals.”

Maybe the “idiot moment” will arrive at the same moment in medicine as it does in the media.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism.

Can Vaccines Cause Diabetes? 

By Katherine Smith

Diabetes is a significant health problem in New Zealand and other Western countries.  According to Diabetes Youth NZ:

“There are about 2,500 children and youth aged 0-18 living with Type 1 diabetes in New Zealand and over 200 with Type 2.

“New Zealand has one of the highest rates of pediatric diabetes in the world, and numbers are estimated to be growing at 10% annually.  The cause is not yet understood.”  [H:  America is by far the worst for diabetes, and specific races and segments of the population have been deliberately targeted, so as to be blamed on diet, etc.]

Type 1 diabetes incidence has doubled over the past three decades

“The incidence of Type 1 diabetes in New Zealand children and young adolescents has doubled in the last 20-30 years, with the current annual incidence averaging 17.9 per 100,000 persons at risk.  A significant geographical variation in incidence exists, with those living in the North Island being less at risk.  This study was able to demonstrate clearly for the first time that this variation is primarily due to the difference in ethnic mix between the two populations, the South Island having a predominant Caucasian population.  In contrast, the second major finding of this study, an emergence of Type 2 diabetes in this young population, was only seen in the North Island, where the population has a higher proportion of ethnic minority groups whose adult populations have high rates of Type 2 diabetes.”

(NB:  The children in this study were those aged under 15 years who met criteria for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus from January 1, 1999, to 31 December 2000, so these figures are now out of date; current rates may be higher.)

Unfortunately, individuals who develop insulin dependent diabetes in childhood suffer death from cardiovascular complications in rates in excess of the norm and at higher rates than those who develop diabetes as adults.

“The Canterbury insulin-treated Diabetic Registry has reported a CVD-related standardised mortality ratio of 4.48 for diagnosis age < 30 years and 2.05 for diagnosis age ≥ 30 years among those who commenced insulin within 12 months of diagnosis.”

In some parts of New Zealand, notably Canterbury, diabetes incidence is higher than the national average.

“Of concern, the incidence of Type 1 diabetes diagnosed before 20 years of age in Canterbury, New Zealand, has increased 3.4-fold in 30 years—from 6.79 to 22.79 patients/100,000 per year starting from 1970.  This increase is considered consistent with a worldwide increase in Type 1 diabetes.”

This is consistent with the increased risk of developing vaccine related diabetes for people with European ancestry, the majority of the population in the Canterbury area being Pakeha (people of European descent).

However, recent medical research shows that the cause of the increase in diabetes in children is not a mystery; vaccination is to blame in many instances.  [H:  Emphasis added.  Nearly ALL instances, as with your nation.]  The hepatitis B vaccine [H:  Which is the vaccine used to spread the AIDS virus in the homosexual community, Haiti, and along with Small Pox inoculations, Africa] appears to be one of the culprits, as does the HiB vaccine (see below for more details).

Dr. Barthelow John Classen is the author of a number of papers examining the link between vaccines and increased risk of developing insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)—also known as Type 1 diabetes, in which the insulin producing cells of the pancreas have been destroyed, leaving the patient dependent on insulin injections to maintain his or her health and life.  The full text article of one of his papers may be read [online] at this link:

[Poster for a “VACCINE” MOVIE reads:  “This movie is rated G for GENOCIDE”, “STARTS FRIDAY—AUTISTIC KIDS GET IN FREE”, “36 VACCINES BY AGE 6”, “BIG PHARMA GHOULS!”  “When MERCURY, FETAL CALF SERUM & ALUMINUM hits your BLOODSTREAM!” the blood-dripped caption reads.  The pictures are of a little girl getting a needle plunged into her shoulder by a stern-looking “nurse” as she screams; a close-up of a hypodermic needle ready to inject the deadly serum, and a large pile of human skulls, make up the background of the “poster”.]

More recent research by Classen indicates that vaccination may also contribute to increasing rates of Type 2 diabetes.  (People who have Type 2 diabetes are still able to produce insulin, but their cells have become resistant to the effects of this hormone, causing an abnormal amount of glucose to build up in the blood.)

To quote from a summary of Dr. Classen’s recent work:

“Data by Dr. Bart Classen in The Open Endocrinology Journal provides further evidence that epidemics of childhood obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome are the result of exposure to the increasing number of vaccines.  Metabolic syndrome includes obesity, altered blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and increased blood glucose levels.

“Classen has previously shown vaccines were responsible for the epidemic of Type 1, insulin dependent, diabetes.  The current paper provides evidence that common forms of Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes are actually opposing responses to vaccines.  Upon receipt of vaccines, some individuals develop substantial inflammation leading to autoimmune destruction of insulin secreting cells, Type 1 diabetes.  Other individuals produce increased cortisol, an immune suppressing hormone, to suppress the vaccine induced inflammation.  The increased cortisol leads to obesity, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  Races which have high cortisol activity have increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

“In a previous publication in The Open Endocrinology Journal, Dr. Bart Classen showed a 50% reduction of Type 2 diabetes occurred in Japanese children following the discontinuation of a single vaccine, a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis.  This decline occurred at a time when there is a global epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  Japanese children secret large amount of cortisol following immunization …

*        *          *

The scribe wants to briefly interrupt to contribute something from the Father, Mother, and sister:

The Father:

All the Way!

Based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the 82nd Airborne Division is the largest parachute force in the U.S. Army.  The Division is always kept at its full combat strength of more than 15,000 paratroopers.  It’s prepared to deploy world-wide and, if necessary, fight upon arrival.

Nearly 100 percent of the Division’s personnel are qualified parachutists and all of its combat equipment, such as mortars, howitzers, tanks, trucks, ammunition, and medical supplies, can be dropped by parachute onto the battlefield.

As the Army’s primary contingency Division, some elements of the division are always on call and ready to respond in any crisis, throughout the world, within 18 hours of notification.

On a rotating basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, infantry augmented by support units such as combat engineers, artillery, military police, and aviation are on call, ready to respond wherever and whenever needed.

The Division also has at its disposal several “force packages” tailored to fit just about any combat, peacekeeping, or unique type of mission.  Anti-aircraft weapons, armor units, airfield construction units, civil affairs, and attack helicopters, to name a few, make up these packages which may or may not go with the infantry, depending on the mission.

The 82nd Airborne Division is composed of six brigade size units:  three infantry brigades, each with three infantry battalions; Division Artillery, with three artillery battalions; the Division Support Command, with medical, maintenance, and supply and transportation battalions; and the Aviation Brigade, composed of an attack helicopter battalion, a cavalry squadron, and an airlift battalion.  Each brigade size unit is authorized between 1,200 and 2,500 paratroopers.

Five separate and specialized battalions and separate companies also complement the Division.  The separate battalions are Air Defense Artillery, Armor, Engineers, Military Intelligence, and Signal.  The separate companies are the Division Headquarters Company, the Military Police, Finance, Chemical, and the Personnel Service Company.

Drivers, cooks, mechanics, radar repairmen, and computer operators, as well as combat arms soldiers such as infantrymen, artillerymen, and tankers, are parachute qualified.

In the 82nd being ready to go on a moment’s notice is everyone’s business.  The 82nd Airborne Division is ALWAYS READY!



It is my distinct pleasure to extend special greetings to the past and present paratroopers of the 82d Airborne Division. As you gather to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of your designation as an airborne division.

The rich history of those 50 years began on the drop zones of Sicily, Italy, France and Holland, when the first 82d paratroopers distinguished themselves as elite fighting soldiers in the Second World War.

Soldiers of today’s 82d Airborne, forming the Army’s rapid deployment contingency force, have continued to uphold that tradition in Grenada, Panama, and most recently in Southwest Asia, where you “drew the line in the sand”.  I recognize the dedication and determination of the American paratrooper and thank you for your selfless service through the years and across the miles.

The patriotic spirit of the “All American” 82d Airborne Division truly characterizes our Armed Forces.  On behalf of your comrades in the U.S. Military, I salute your accomplishments, mourn with you your losses, and rejoice in your anniversary celebration.  Enjoy this year’s special “All-American Week”!



of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff

On June 6th, D-Day, it must indeed have seemed as though the 82nd Airborne was “everywhere”, as a German officer wrote in his diary.  This perception of paratroopers being “everywhere” was vital, for in actuality the All Americans engaged enemy forces of four to ten times their number.  Of the 82nd’s performance in Belgium, Major General Gavin wrote in his official report:

“Men fought, at times, with only rifles, grenades, and knives against German armor.  They fought with only light weapons in waist-deep snow, in blizzards, in near zero temperatures, and in areas where heavy forestation and almost total lack of roads presented problems which only men of stout hearts and iron determination could overcome.  The Battle of Bulge—also proved again that planes and materiel are important, but the most important essential of all is a fighting heart, a will to win.”


While several Army airborne units were deactivated after the war, the highly decorated 82nd returned to Fort Bragg to vigorously and pridefully maintain the high state of readiness it showed during its long service in World War II.

And today, as they have for 50 years, the troopers who wear the red, white, and blue patch of the airborne division continue to form the cutting edge of the nation’s strategic combat forces.


Congratulations to all those who are celebrating “All American Week” and the 50th anniversary of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Although the 82nd existed as an infantry division as early as World War I, when the first “All Americans” participated in three major campaigns and saw more consecutive days on the front lines than any other unit, the legendary status of this Division really begins with its reactivation in 1942.  Airborne by that time, the “All Americans” were called on to utilize their quick-strike capabilities in the Allied struggle against tyranny and aggression.  From their first parachute and glider assaults into Sicily and Salerno to their triumph at the Battle of the Bulge, the courageous and highly skilled members of the 82nd proved more than worthy of the description “America’s Guard of Honor”.

The achievements of the 82nd Airborne, not only during World War II, but also during more recent conflicts in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America, have earned its members a special place in the annals of military history.  In August 1990, when members of the 82nd became the first United States troops to stand against aggression in the Persian Gulf, they demonstrated once again why they are the Army’s premier rapid deployment force.  On behalf of all Americans, I salute the 82nd Airborne for its outstanding contributions to our national security and to the cause of freedom.

Barbara joins me in sending best wishes for a wonderful anniversary celebration.  God bless you, and God bless America.


George Bush

1942 – 1992

The Mother:


There dwells within all human beings a divine energy.  The power of this energy permeates our entire being and permits us to perform every function in the vast repertoire of human thoughts and behaviors.  There are two aspects to this divine energy.

The outer aspect causes the heart to beat, the lungs to inflate, and the senses to function—it essentially keeps our physical bodies alive.  The inner aspect of this energy is dormant, but it can be awakened.

This inner universe is vaster than the outer universe.  Inner joy makes all joy that is experienced in the world of the senses seem meaningless.  When the divine light within you is experienced directly, it adds a radiance to life unlike anything that can be described with words or pictures.

When you discover your sacred self, you awaken this dormant inner energy and let it guide your life.  The word most commonly used to describe this inner force is “spiritual”.

When I talk about spirituality and being spiritual, I am describing an attitude toward God and the inner journey of enlightenment.  I am speaking of expanding the godlike qualities of love, forgiveness, kindness, and bliss within ourselves.  In my interpretation, spirituality is not dogma or rules.  It is light and joy and focuses on the experience of love and inner bliss, radiating those qualities outward.  I call the journey to discover your sacred self your “sacred quest”.


The primary energy that you have been using all your life is the outer energy.  This outer energy is life sustaining, but does not provide the sense of fulfillment and bliss that we long for.

In his book Mystery of the Mind, Swami Muktananda describes what the direct experience of divine energy is like:

One day this light will explode, and you will see it everywhere.  You will see the entire universe existing within it.  The divine light of Consciousness will begin to fill your eyes, and then wherever you look you will see it.  You will see its radiance in people, in trees, in rocks, and in buildings.  You will see the same consciousness rising and falling in every wave of thought and feeling that passes through your mind; wherever your mind goes, you will find your own inner Consciousness, the creator of the world.  You will see that the entire universe is contained within your own Self.  You will know that everything—all the infinite modifications of the world—is nothing but your own play.  You will realize that it is you who are being reflected everywhere and that it is our own reflection that passes before you all the time.

You have within yourself this power of transcendence over the ego-dominated life.  You can turn around and face inward, directly contacting your spiritual nature.  You can then live each of your days, regardless of what you may be doing, with the sense of bliss that comes from being on the path of your sacred quest.

Making that light explode for yourself involves understanding who you are and what it is that you are doing here in this thing called your body, on this place called earth, at this point in your life.

Dream awake!  That’s right.  Remind yourself that you do not have to go to sleep in order to dream.  Give yourself free moments to dream without the luxury of sleeping.

Allow your mind to create all that you can create in your sleeping dreams.  By practicing this exercise, you will someday be unable to distinguish between your waking dream and your sleeping dream.  This is an exquisite place because it gives you the opportunity to mentally create the backdrop for your total life experience.

Dreaming awake can make you feel limitless.  You did it as a child and were labeled as a day dreamer.  But those were exquisite moments.

When you free yourself from the self-imposed limits that you experience in waking consciousness, you are entering the world of spirit.  It is here that you get to know your higher self, to directly experience God.  It is here that you can have inner conversations with those important people in your life who have died.  It is here that you can receive guidance and assurance of your immortality.

Remember that you build a muscle by picking up heavier objects.  This applies to your spiritual weight lifting too.  You will build yourself up spiritually by attempting tougher and tougher assignments.  One of the toughest assignments is to disregard the ego message to evaluate yourself with the criteria of appearance and possessions.  But know that each time you are able to be less judgmental toward others or yourself, you are becoming stronger by having taken on the heavier spiritual weights.

Making The Decision To
Be Free

A Book By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The Sister:

O God, who, among them many marvels of your Grace in the New World, did cause to blossom on the banks of the Mohawk and of the St. Lawrence, the pure and tender Lily, Kateri Tekakwitha, grant we beseech You the favor we beg through her intercession, that this Young Lover of Jesus and of His Cross may soon be counted among the Saints of Holy Mother Church, and that our hearts may be enkindled with a stronger desire to imitate her innocence and faith.  Through the same Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

Our Father and Hail Mary once, and Glory Be to the Father, three times.


+       Most Rev. Bernard Hubert
Bishop of Saint-Jean-de-Quebec

                                       PRAYER for the Canonization of
Kateri Tekakwitha

[A beautiful laminated card with a
rendering of a Native American
woman holding a wooden Cross
to her heart.  A life size cross
stands in the background.]

*                  *                  *
… compared to Caucasians and Japanese children also have a low risk of developing Type 1 diabetes.

“The picture is becoming clear.  Not only are vaccines causing an epidemic of autoimmunity, including Type 1 diabetes, but they are causing an epidemic of metabolic syndrome as the immune system acts to suppress the inflammation and autoimmunity caused by the vaccines.  Current data shows that vaccines are much more dangerous than the public is led to believe, and adequate testing has never been performed, even in healthy subjects.  The current practice of vaccinating diabetics as well as their close family members is a very risky practice,” says Dr. Bart Classen.

Links to Classen’s research papers can be found on the following page:  [online]

If you look at changes in the vaccination schedule over time, children in NZ in 1970 (when the diabetes rate was much lower) were routinely vaccinated against only four diseases:  Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis.

[By] 1971, measles and rubella vaccines had been added to the schedule, but uptake of rubella vaccine was low.  In 1994, the separate measles and rubella vaccines were deleted and replace[d] by MMR vaccine (for both boys and girls).  The hepatitis B vaccine and HiB vaccines were also added to the schedule.

From 1980, the new vaccination schedule meant that children were usually vaccinated against 5 diseases (or 6 diseases if they were girls), while by 1994, most children were being vaccinated against 9 diseases.  Considering Classen’s work on the link between vaccination and diabetes, the more than three-fold rise in Type 1 diabetes cases in Canterbury in 30 years could well be vaccine-associated.


Haemophilus influenzae Type B is an organism (a bacterium) that can be carried harmlessly in the back of the nose and throat.  In some cases, the bacteria can cause health problems such as pneumonia or meningitis.  HiB vaccine is currently administered to most New Zealand children as part of the Infanrix-hexa vaccine, starting at 6 weeks of age.

Dr. Classen has found an association between Haemophilus influenzae vaccination and increased risk of diabetes.

As you can see from the graph, “HiB Vaccine Induced Diabetes case/100,000 at age 5” (presented at the link below), the diabetes incidence in an unvaccinated control cohort was 140/100,000, while children who had received dose of HiB vaccine had a rate of 146/100,000 and those who had received four doses of HiB vaccine had a diabetes rate of 166/100,000.  (NB:  While the unvaccinated cohort did not receive HiB, they had probably received other vaccines previously.)

In the graph,  “Finland:  Diabetes 5-9 Year Olds”, there was a diabetes rate of 200/100,000 children in the pre-HiB vaccinated cohort, 230/100,000 in those who had received one dose of HiB vaccine and 232 cases in those who had received four doses of HiB vaccine.

Dr. John Barthelow Classen and Dr. David Classen comment on the significance of these figures in the British Medical Journal:

“The rise in diabetes, just one potential adverse effect, exceeds the benefit of the vaccine, which has been estimated to prevent seven deaths and 7-26 cases of severe disability per 100,000 children immunized.”

This article is adapted from material presented in the submission I wrote in March 2010 for the Health Select Committee on Immuni[z]ation Rates.  The complete submission may be read by visiting the following link and typing “Katherine Smith” into the search box:  [online]

Time for the Truth about Gardasil, by Dr. Mercola, April 17, 2010

In an important OpEd piece from the Washington Examiner, Barbara Hollingsworth sets the record straight about Gardasil:

“Cervical cancer accounts for less than 1 percent of all cancer deaths—so it was somewhat surprising when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration fast-tracked approval of Gardasil, a Merck vaccine targeting the human papilloma virus that causes the disease.

As of the end of January 2010, 49 unexplained deaths following Gardasil injections have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.  By contrast, 52 deaths are attributed to unintended acceleration in Toyotas, which triggered a $2 billion recall.”

There has been no recall for Gardasil, however.  In fact, as Hollingsworth points out, it is required for sixth-grade girls in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and many other states.

Unfortunately, “Merck denies any of the deaths are related to its vaccine, and the parents involved can’t prove they were,” Hollingsworth writes.

India Suspends Gardasil!  Unlike in the United States, The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has told two Indian states, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, to halt its Gardasil vaccine study, which was slated to test the vaccine in about 32,000 girls between the ages of 10 and 14.

DNA India reports:  “The program is part of a two-year study to look into the utility of a vaccine in public health programs and acceptability of Gardasil.  The program was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination.  [Hatonn:  Keep in mind that the “numbers” given are not the actual deaths attributable to this global genocide plan.  The Zionist media covers its tracks and only allows “little figures” to be posted for the public to scrutinize.]  The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy headaches, and early menarche.”

[Picture of “Health Professionals On-line resource centre” website.  “GlaxoSmithKline—‘gsk’”, “Wyeth Vaccines”, etc., are the “Major Sponsors”.]

Below is a screen shot from the website of the New Zealand Immunisation Advisory Centre.  They maintain that their role is to provide “factual” information about vaccines to NZ health professionals as well as the NZ public.  On the screen-shot, you will see the names and logos of their sponsors, all six of which are in the business of making and/or pushing vaccines.  How “factual” do you think the information is that they’re disseminating?

Medical journal reveals that 70 percent of drug decision-making panel members have financial ties to industry

The journal Nature has published studies showing that 70 percent of the drug decision panels run in this country are rigged with decision-makers who have strong financial ties to the very drug companies whose products are affected by these decisions.

So much for evidence-based medicine.  Drug approval decisions have little to do with evidence and everything to do with materialistic greed and cold, hard cash.  That cash is doled out to decision-makers in the form of research grants, consulting fees, and outright bribes.  These decision-makers, who are often physicians, generally do not reveal their conflicts of interest.  Yet they accept positions on decision-making panels where these so-called experts sit around and decide what should be the standard practice for various diseases, symptoms, and conditions.  Write-ups of those practices are then distributed to physicians around the country who follow the procedures.  The journal Nature has revealed that 70 percent of these panels are rigged with decision-makers who have conflicts of interest.

Conventional medicine tries to say this is all evidence-based.  They say you should trust all this information because doctors are trained in medical school and their studies are published in peer-reviewed journals.  What they don’t tell you is the reality of the situation, which is that pharmaceutical companies pay for most of the clinical trials conducted on drugs, and nearly all drug trials magically produce results that favor the firm footing the bill.

They also don’t tell you that the negative studies are swept under the rug and censored by the drug companies.  You only hear about the positive studies.  They could conduct trials on a particular drug in which five trials reveal that the drug kills people and five other trials reveal that it helps people, and guess which five you will hear about?  Guess which five the mainstream press will cover in the news?  Guess which five will show up in a published peer-reviewed article in the medical journals?  They also don’t tell you about the influence of medical journals themselves.

Drug-pushing medical journals

Drug company advertising brings in hundreds of millions of dollars a year that fund these medical journals and pay the salaries of the editors who determine which studies the journal will and won’t accept.  So guess what gets into the journal?  That’s right—the studies that promote prescription drugs.  The benefits of these drugs are routinely exaggerated and the risks are routinely minimized.

When something goes wrong with the drug and it starts killing tens of thousands of Americans, guess what?  They convene a decision panel.  This is what happened with the FDA recently, when they convened a panel to decide whether Vioxx was dangerous enough to be banned from the marketplace.  It turns out Vioxx has probably killed more than 60,000 Americans, according to a senior drug safety researcher at the FDA, Dr. David Graham.  He revealed this in testimony before the U.S. Senate.  According to the FDA, that’s not dangerous enough to pull the drug.  The FDA panel voted to keep Vioxx on the market.

What they did not tell you is that many of those panel members had strong financial ties to drug companies.  They were being paid consulting fees or receiving research grants from the very companies that were affected by their decisions.

Once again, so much for evidence-based medicine.  The only evidence that I’m finding here is evidence of a giant drug racket.  There is ample evidence of corruption and collusion.  In fact, the more you look at this industry, the more you realize just how deeply the American people have been conned.  It’s a giant scam.  There are really no other words to describe it.  To call it scientifically based medicine is a hoax.  It’s an insult to real science and honest scientists.

Prescription drugs are a leading cause of death in America [H:  You’d better believe it!  The Zionist false “Jew” and the British “Israelites” ARE the Anti-Christ!  This elite bunch of evil, murdering thieves OWN the American Medical Association!  They ARE the giant pharmaceutical houses, the World Health Association (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)!  Do you see what we mean when we speak of the “foxes guarding the hen house”???!!  The enemy of Christ-ness, and of God’s followers, means to kill off the “useless eaters”, as “Sir” Henry Kissinger calls the masses of “undesirables”.]

Conventional medicine wants you to think these drugs are recommended because they’ve been scientifically proven, because they have undergone safety testing and have been approved as safe by the FDA.  They don’t tell you the rest of the story Prescription drugs are now the fourth leading cause of death in this country.  The drugs approved as safe by the Food and Drug Administration are now killing 100,000 Americans a year.

Prescription drugs make deaths from terrorism, murder, automobile collisions, and illegal drug use seem tiny by comparison.  The number of deaths from prescription drugs dwarfs just about everything else that’s happened in this country in terms of fatalities.  That’s the story they absolutely do not want you to know about.  In fact, it has taken years for the truth to surface about these decision panels populated by experts with ties to the pharmaceutical industry.  They don’t go out of their way to tell you about their conflicts of interest.  They keep them hidden until someone comes along, does the research, and finds out that these people have been taking money from the very companies whose products they are testing.

Intimidation of critics

Do you know what happens when you’re a doctor on one of these panels and you vote against the approval of one of these drugs?  Take a guess.  Your research money suddenly dries up, and you have no more research grants.  Your career fizzles out.  In fact, this was happening at the Harvard Research Medical Center.  One of the people there, Dr. James Fries, characterized it as “a pattern of consistent intimidation by the drug companies.”  That’s his quote, and that’s what’s happening to experts who don’t say good things about prescription drugs.

Critics can easily be blackballed by the industry, so there is tremendous pressure on doctors and decision-makers to always vote in favor of brand-named, high-profit prescription drugs anytime they sit on decision panels.  Now, they will tell you they have no conflicts of interest.  They say, “We only decide based on the evidence.”  And yet they consistently decide in favor of dangerous drugs, even when clear evidence of harm is right in front of them.

They are heavily influenced by drug company money, intimidation, threats, and the medical profession’s “circle the wagons” mentality.  For years and years, I’ve been warning about collusion in the drug industry and the magnitude of the drug racket in the United States.  This industry is largely a scam.  In fact, what’s going on today is criminal in nature.

If you wish to be a healthy individual, then you have to find alternatives to prescription drugs.  You have to say no to unnecessary surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  You must get outside this corrupt system and move on to something that actually promotes healing like naturopathic medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, Homeopathy, or massage therapy.  These are the areas of medicine in which you can experience and discover lasting human health.

Don’t be a financial slave to drug companies that are only interested in turning your body into a profit center.  Remember, they can only make more money by expanding the definition of disease and using your body as a system for generating financial profits.  They’re exploiting your health to generate shareholder profit.  That’s the reality of what’s going on out there today, and thanks to the Internet, the truth about conventional medicine is finally beginning to be told.  [End quoting.]

Protocols for Vaccine Approval, 12 Jan 2010, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.

Quote:  It needs to be understood that the protocol for deciding a vaccine is “safe” is different from the protocols of deciding a vaccine is “unsafe”.

“Clinical”, and I repeat “clinical”, trials are undertaken for any vaccine proposed for administration to the general public.  Clinical trials mean that the vaccine is administered to a number of people and the side-effects are documented.  If the side-effects are considered to be within the acceptable limit, the drug or vaccine is approved for general use.

In the case of severe reactions or even death from a drug or vaccine, one could say that, under the protocol of clinical results, the SIDE-EFFECTS were shown to be UNACCEPTABLE.

However, this protocol is not accepted by the medical authorities.  The medical authorities require it to be “scientifically” proven that the vaccine caused the person’s demise.  Nobody can “scientifically” prove a vaccine caused a certain reaction or even death, just the same as nobody can “scientifically” prove that a drug or vaccine is safe.

Even though compensation is often paid out when large amounts of adverse reactions to a vaccine or drug are documented, it is only in cases like “thalidomide” [H:  Remember the “Thalidomide Babies”?  The gross physical and mental birth defects, on such a large scale, forced the Zionist “doctors” of death to come clean about the devastating effects of the designer drug.  That was the main reason the Zionist lawyers drafted all those commercials TODAY regarding the “fatal side-effects” of their latest batches of poison pharmaceuticals.  You see, since the television ad mentioned, briefly, that the medication CAUSES DEATH, they can argue that, “Hey, we told you about that—that’s your responsibility now.”] where the evidence is so overwhelming that the drug companies were forced to take responsibility and admit the drug was the cause.  We need to demand that an inquiry be made into these discrepancies in the medical system.

Brian Dodds
Medical researcher and author of the book FULL REGENERATION:  The Ultimate Health Journey

Are AIDS/HIV tests—a hoax?


(Natural News)  Brent Leung’s myth-shattering AIDS documentary, House of Numbers, continues to roil conventional AIDS propagandists who cannot tolerate anyone questioning their “scientific” theories.  (They’re not exactly “scientific” if they can’t stand up to a little questioning, are they?)

[Hatonn:  Jonur, please reference the information from PHOENIX JOURNAL #8, “AIDS:  THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE”. Just a few things to catch our new readers up on the PLANNING of these Jewish genocide plans.  Then jump right in where we left off with the AIDS/HIV article.]  Quoting JOURNAL:



What do you suppose they (the secret government) are going to tell you when all the captured ships come out of your secret hangers?  You have our galactic craft in every major air base.  You have killed our crews; and the little ones from Reticulum came in such love and trust and walked into the waiting trap.  You must hope they do not choose an eye for an eye!  And how about those beauteous ones who transmute chlorophyll which you incinerated?  (These are the little “Grey” aliens with the big black eyes.  The Native Americans called these entities “Little Moon-eyes”.)  What about your own humans who knew too much and you killed and set up the parts to incriminate your space brothers?  Pray, brothers, that God does not insist on the same type of reaping as in the sowing, or your species won’t make it comfortably through without paying a bit of karmic debt.  Thank God on your bended knee that God, Sananda Immanuel, is the great judge; for your leaders shall not get what they most surely deserve—and you?  What about you?  Who has elected those leaders and allowed the world to come into this state of disgrace and degradation?  Who drinks the spirits to drunkenness, visits the prostitutes, have become the prostitutes in all manners of ways, killed thy brother if even by neglect, and who has taken the animal’s life for your sport and blasted holes in your mother source for your greed and pleasure, who has acted in deceit and greed and thieved another’s possessions and rightful substance?  SO BE IT!


Ah so—could there be foul play afoot?  Cattle?  Sheep?  Where, then, goes the touted cause of AIDS, the African green monkey?  Who would lie to you lovely, trusting citizens of the world “brotherhood” of man?

If you look at the genetic structure of the AIDS virus, the genes don’t even look like a monkey’s—they genetically appear exactly like bovine (cow) leukemia virus of cattle and/or visna virus of sheep.

These are retroviruses of animals and these viruses are known to cause “brain-rot” in sheep and leukemia in cattle.  Therefore, if you cross these two viruses, you produce AIDS virus.  Only your local AIDS expert will tell you otherwise and your politicians, physicians, pharmaceutical houses etc., etc.—will also vehemently disagree; but your veterinarians will agree!

If you have bovine leukemia virus on one hand and visna virus on the other, and you simultaneously infect a human tissue culture, what is produced is not only the original parent, bovine leukemia virus and visna virus, but every possible recombinant that will grow (and a lot that won’t grow or reproduce which are called “incompetent”).  An example is most simple in concept; you are each a recombination of your father and your mother and are direct descendents of those parents—50-50.  These viruses “pair” to recombine and thus create a myriad of downstream offspring that are each slightly different—in other words, they are not “clones”.


Here, I shall give Dr. Strecker further confirmation.  (He doesn’t need it, but I wish him to have it anyway.)

If you look at your planet’s animal population and species, most particularly those immediately in your proximity, and evaluate and isolate the viruses which attack these animals, you come up with your answer—AND YOUR PROOF THAT THIS AIDS DISEASE IS DELIBERATE AND MAN-MADE.

You will discover that in cattle there is a virus known as Bovine Leukemia Virus, which is exactly the same shape and identical in appearance to the HTLV-1 virus.  It has an exact same dependence on magnesium as well as the exact same molecular weight.  It has the ability to produce B-cell and T-cell leukemia in the bovine (cattle) population and is most proliferative in tissue cultures.

If you look at the bovine virus identical to HTLV-2, you will find another virus of cattle which has the same exact shape, the same magnesium dependency, the same basic appearance, and the same molecular weight, and produces “hairy-cell” leukemia in cattle.

Now, if you look further back, you will discover a virus known as Bovine “visna” virus, which has the exact same appearance as AIDS virus; the same molecular weight, morphology, magnesium dependency, etc.  In 1974, either bovine leukemia virus or bovine visna virus was producing pneumocystis  carinii pneumonia in one of your higher apes, the chimpanzee.  (DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE AFRICAN GREEN MONKEY.)  But that, friends, is AIDS!  You now have HTLV-4 which represents a recombination between visna and HTLV-2, or bovine syncytial virus, which is a new AIDS virus, and HTLV-5 virus and a mirror virus (look-alike).

In simple terms, the AIDS virus attacks and destroys T-4 cells.  Those are the cells within the body of living animals (humans included) that protect against the development of cancers, as such.  In persons infected with the AIDS virus, there is T-4 cell destruction and subsequent development of specific types of cancer—Kapose’s sarcoma and pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, “the AIDS hallmarks”—which are always “lethal”.

There are numerous other deadly retroviruses besides the actual AIDS virus, which are infecting humans and causing cancers, including cancer of the blood—leukemias.  These human cancer-causing retroviruses, including AIDS, are identical to animal viruses—but not [of] the African green monkey.  They are from cattle and sheep, labeled as bovine and visna viruses.  IF I WERE YOU ONES, I WOULD BE VERY NERVOUS ABOUT THIS TIME FOR YOU SHOULD BE MOST DISTURBED INDEED!


AIDS is, by all definition, a “plague”!  It will affect society in ways that you cannot now even imagine.  There is no cure within your grasp as a people (There are cures for all these evil things brought upon you-the-people; however, they are not allowed.  But we will deal with preventative “medicines” that you CAN use to enhance and heal the body.) and no prospects of a vaccine—both of which will be thoroughly discussed as we move along.  Even by scientific optimistic projections, it is not even hoped for within the next fifteen to twenty years, at best.  It is projected by Public Health experts that over 2.4 billions of people, half the world’s population, will die from AIDS viruses and mutations of those viruses within that period of time.  Not a pretty picture by any standard.

Economic devastation is impending for the medical health systems, insurance facilities and all related services within the next decade.

Now, some shocking information for most of you newly interested readers who feel safe and secure with your singular relationships and the comfort of a cozy condom.  If things do not change radically and immediately, what you are really destined for is extinction.

AIDS is NOT prevented, nor hardly even impacted, by use of condoms.  AIDS is NOT a venereal disease.  AIDS is NOT a homosexual disease and AIDS did not come from any monkey bite in far off Africa.  It came right out of a man-organized laboratory by cross breeding cattle and sheep viruses—(it will not grow in the green African monkey).

The AIDS virus was specifically requested, produced, deployed, and now threatens extinction of the species.  You are headed for the worst catastrophe in the history of your world.  Yes, there is a cure—100% cure, but your government and controlling factions will not allow it to come forth—it is being held secretly for the privileged few.  And since the purpose is to annihilate selected groupings of persons deemed unsuitable, you will not be given the methods of cure until it so pleases your guardian leaders.

As background for this material I must request that you obtain prior writings by myself and Commander Ashtar (Ashtar is also of The HOSTS of God.  In the event that you are going to destroy the planet, and have to be immediately evacuated en masse, I, Hatonn, move aside and Commander Ashtar takes over.  All the records of EACH person are stored with the Ashtar Command—which has access to the AKASHIC RECORDS—WHICH IS THE DNA OF GOD.  That is a big brain, chelas; nobody will be left behind!) as well as some of the higher dimensional entities.  If you don’t know what the problem is, you cannot even hope to solve it.  We are not in the book business, but our intent has been to give information forth in proper sequence that you might understand our truth and, as the material gets heavier and heavier, we don’t have to continually deal with disbelief in our status.


(In 1952 the Khazars of Israel invented the AIDS/HIV virus—in Tel Aviv, Israel!  Now the false Jews of Khazaria have manufactured a BEE AIDS!  Nearly all your produce—fruits and vegetables—are made possible to feed humans and animals BY POLLINATION.  Now, a world-wide mystery has come to light—the bees are all disappearing!  Only Satan and his followers would do such a thing to God Aton’s balanced creation called “Earth”/Shan!)  The first officially diagnosed case of AIDS was in San Francisco in 1981.  Actually, it went something like this:  The AIDS virus appeared in New York in 1978, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980.  It appeared in young, white, male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty and promiscuous in behavior.  (Which is exactly what the virus was engineered for.  The homosexual act tears the blood vessels in the intestinal walls and provides DIRECT access into the bloodstream for the virus.  AIDS is a retro-virus—it acts just like a “common cold virus”—and it can be transmitted just as easily!  It replicates many thousands of times with each host, using YOUR DNA.  So it is infinite in its ability to multiply and spread—you have not been told this yet.  But it is coming!  How else can everyone get the mark of the beast micro dot injection??  Or, if you didn’t have it, you will after you get vaccinated!)  Simultaneously with its appearance, there was conducted a Hepatitis B vaccine study in New York in 1978 and in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980—among young white male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty.

You must surely ask yourself if there is a relationship between the Hepatitis B vaccine study of the United States and the subsequent outbreak of AIDS in the same population groups and at exactly the same time.

Further, this followed right on the steps of the outbreak of the disease in third world areas such as Africa and Haiti in the 1970s.  West coast gays, particularly from San Francisco, made Haiti a main playground and vacation spot during that ensuing period of time, thereby being hit from two directions.

I am going to tell you and then I will explain about viruses and why you are in such devastating predicament.

In your mid 1970s the outbreak of smallpox in Africa was epidemic and spreading into many other sectors.  An organization was created called the World Health Organization (WHO), which made an all out effort to inoculate thousands and thousands of people, among which were some 15,000 Haitians who were working in Africa at the time.

Now, before you jump off into accusations of “assumptions” let me point out a few things which are readily documented in hard physical fact, and I expect you to do some checking for your own comfort and confirmation.


You have to have some understanding of viruses, bacteria, human cell origin, tissue culture and manipulation of all those things within the laboratory.  I hereby give confirmation to Dr. Robert Strecker for this simple and most adequate discussion regarding the subject.  He has isolated the mechanism and actually knows, further, the cure in concept.  We shall help in fleshing out that which is missing from the present data.

 In the addressing what the AIDS virus is, the virus has a morphology which is actually a D-type retrovirus.  So what are viruses?  Some of you people are convinced, and I shall not confuse you, that viruses are the smallest replicating microorganism.  That means they are thought to be the smallest replicating organism that require other cells in which to grow themselves.

That viruses are not capable of reproducing themselves on their own, outside of living tissue, is the conviction of the scientists today.  Viruses must inhabit another cell for potential growth and reproduction.

[To be continued …]

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