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New Series 85: Technology that Hatonn uses to send messages to Jonur - - no channeling !!!!

11/29/11a from HATONN/jonur (ns85)

Good afternoon; Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn here to commune in the service of God Aton.  For our new readers, I want to briefly go over what this “receiving” business is all about.

The spirit world is the UNSEEN REALM from which the SEEN world is made manifest.  Until you make your transition into the invisible spiritual/soul dimension, you cannot see or hear what is on the other side of that veil of “forgetfulness”.

We and you vibrate at different frequencies.  Man’s five senses (of which you have more you have not discovered yet) cannot perceive the high vibrations of the spirit.  But you can KNOW that the spirit exists, and through that knowingness, learn to communicate—or commune with God and His Celestial Sons of Heaven.

Do not think that this is mystical or magic; it is simply the way the universe (“uni”, meaning “one”, and “verse”, meaning “song”) functions.  In the experiencing of life, while man is seemingly separated from God, he does not know the all-within-the-all.  Man only sees a most tiny portion of Creation, and thus believes that is all there is to it.  There are universes above, below, within, and without; that which you ones perceive as “physical” has NO REALITY TO IT.  Just like a motion picture projection, which creates the illusion of motion and movement of bodies that talk, God’s Cosmic Cinema works the same way.

Still images of light projected from the INVISIBLE SOURCE of all things, a coalescence or gathering together of light particles, manifests this holographic universe that man’s senses can see and feel and hear.  That source of invisible, magnetic, “white” light (meaning all colors combined, or rather, IT is whole and the other myriad of colors—frequencies of vibration—are split and refracted from the ONE light) is God.  The Celestial Sons are the Archangels from your Holy Bible; they too are invisible magnetic light.

In order to communicate with the Higher Resources of “light”, man in the physical needs a translator.  You do not yet know how to speak in “the language of light”, so that frequency of manifestation must be turned into English.  Therefore, The WORD of God and light has to be written down or passed down through the Oral Traditions of the Ancients.  The Native Americans possess this knowledge, and they know they come from the Star People.  These are the Bird Tribes who always return (some have never left!) to assist man when he reaches the point of blowing himself away, or rendering his planet uninhabitable—such as happened to Mars.  However, the red planet does have bases from Earth there now, but we will discuss that at another sitting.  Those silly rovers they keep showing you, and the pictures, are worse than trash.  Remember, secrecy of what really goes on in space is TOP PRIORITY!

Look at your Holy Books and the prophets and scribes who TRANSLATED what they saw.  It must be in a form, English or whatever language you understand and speak, so that others can then perceive the message.

There are speakers who proclaim to “channel” The WORD, but it is not the same.  They usually turn it into New Age and mystic garbage that leaves you more confused and lacking in spiritual truth.  God is not mystical, nor does He represent “complication”.  God is total simplicity; the Luciferians complicate everything to fool you.

What this scribe, or “receiver”, does is translate a radio frequency into English.  The signal is in the Short Wave Band, up past the weather satellite frequency band, and if you could hear it, it would be a bunch of pulses and “static”-like.  The tones are translated into the tongue of the scribe so they can be recorded for everyone to read or hear.


Jonur, simply quote my previous discussion from JOURNAL #20, “The Mossad Connection …”, pg. 115.  Quote:  As we begin this morning I would like to speak briefly regarding “receiving”.  As more ones come into the circle of the Phoenix Journals, it is perhaps time to again speak of “methods” of communication.

There is nothing strange nor mystical regarding our transmissions—in fact, I shall herein, again, dissolve even the “mystery”.  Mysticism is that which is conjured around myths and magic, and usually a wondrous blending of the two.  Mystery is that which is simply not yet known unto you personally—not a “secret”, only yet unknown in fullness.

My language is silent for the most part.  I can speak, but those with whom I communicate do not need written or spoken words; therefore, let us better define a “receiver”.  I, for instance, do transmit on a frequency just as in a radio transmission.  I believe, however, a better way to describe her “job” (the receiver before my current one), if you will, is as a “translator”.  I am continually asked why or how it is that I speak English.  I do not speak English; I project thought forms and depend upon her data banks (and sometimes give her new vocabulary to better suit my descriptive needs) and vocabulary data.  It is much as any translator who simply “retells” a statement in a native language.  Can anyone do it?  Of course, all can do it—if you know the frequency and can “tune your radio”.

Ones with a mission or who are receivers have it simplified even more easily, however, in that we work most closely and the frequency is already set.  Dharma’s (“Dharma” is the label given to the previous translator; it means “Bringer of Life Truths” in Tibetan Sanskrit.  Just as “Jonur” is the current translator; his name is from the people of Asia and also means bringer of “New Truths or Information”, along with his name, “Joseph”.  Doris made the “contract” to do this long ago and was trained for this mission.  And now our new translator/receiver has accepted his Call To Service.) “Hatonn” frequency is always “on”, and two other frequencies are always “on” and utilized by others.  If you could move within her head, you would run into a barrage of ever-changing tones or “frequencies”, just like scanning a radio tuner.  Her “automatic push buttons”, however, are pre-set for instant connection with my frequency because her purpose at this time is as my translator.  I have constant attachment to her right receiver, Sananda Emmanuel (Christos) to her left and “Grandfather” (what your Native Americans call God) to her central banks.  This is being put in such simplified manner that we feel foolish, but I believe it is better clarified by relationships with something to which you have daily access.  I, for instance, simply pour in universal language for the most part—unless I am in the practice of a particular communications language for later use, and she translates the material.  If the subject is technical in nature and beyond her knowledge, I simply dictate and translate myself.  If I utilize material already put to print, I utilize computer resources and, basically, read the information—depending upon what my purpose might be for the written word—or I will give her instructions as to resource to allow for proper spelling, etc.  Your spelling of word symbols is atrociously complicated and unnecessary and your punctuation and prepositions totally absurd, so I usually confuse them and write a lot of “and’s” when I should put “for”, etc.  It is better to leave those things to an editor, for when we are in communication, Dharma is so finely “tuned” that we rarely interrupt for any purpose, and we write as fast as she can type the symbols.  It is quite interesting to observe, for as she translates and types, there is frequently a word which will have all the proper symbols, but all out of order.

My point in this discussion is to allow you to receive a better description of this mechanism and get rid of the “mystical” format.  We, further, never sit to communicate until all energies utilizing the system are cleared and “authorized” to utilize the frequency.  Where exceptional receivers are “lost” is through that one error in ego judgement. A “hacker” can utilize the frequencies when allowed to so do—it is up to the receiver to prevent the interference.  This is a mutual agreement relationship with great respect and understanding that I will never embarrass her, speak untruths in conceptual matters, and she will write that which she understands not nor has had access to the information.  In other words, she clears to my frequency, writes that which I give her, whether or not she agrees, and reserves her opinions for expression just as any reader of the material—after the fact, just as would a translator from Russian into English.  Often the opinion given by me, the speaker, and that of the “management”, her, vary considerably—but she does not have access to all the data scanners which are available to me.

I hope I have responded in a manner that is not simply more confusing.  End quoting.

Hatonn moving to standby, please.  Thank you, Jonur, for thy service.  Salu!

Reference journal #20 (Mossad Connection):

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