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New Series 91: I AM ATON COME TO SPEAK AFORE MINE HOSTS THIS HOUR. Who IS Aton? God, simply put. There is not the time any more to explain why and how and wherefore; suffice it to say that I commune when and with whom I choose. I am not limited to that which you think God can do. You have long ago lost that which I be in thy consciousness.

1/28/12 from ATON/jonur (ns91)


Who IS Aton?  God, simply put.  There is not the time any more to explain why and how and wherefore; suffice it to say that I commune when and with whom I choose.  I am not limited to that which you think God can do.  You have long ago lost that which I be in thy consciousness.

Mine translator translates My Eternal Light into letters and symbols and speech.  He utilizes his own earth language, culture and experience to transmit, to the very best of his human ability, the messages from My knowingness.  There are limitations because you, as limited physical man/woman, have “limitations”.  Therefore, there will be errors in any documentation and dictation.  But they will be small and easily corrected.


This is the day mine translator, Jonur, feared and anticipated with excitement and purpose.  Putting aside all doubt and unworthiness as to divine purpose.  Not caring for the opinions and thoughts of others to the work of sitting at Mine side to scribe these Truths.

Misspellings and human grammar are not the concern of My “RECEIVERS” of Light.  Theirs is to write whatever I tell them to write, just as a faithful and loyal secretary does for his employer or boss.  Being also a translator of one “language” into another is an added responsibility calling for diligence on the part of the scribe.  Many of man’s words and verbiage have no corresponding meaning to the language of light, which is all there IS.  Everything IS “light”.  Further, your senses are not designed to reveal all to you, else the play could not be.

Mine universe of seeming many things is not.  The countless forms and moving lights of the earths and the heavens of My Thinking are but imagined images.  They reflect into each other and react to one another whereby they sense ELECTRICALLY THE PRESENCE OF MY THOUGHTS IN MOTION.  That is all that man’s senses are and that is all that they do.

The world that man perceives he lives in is but a manifestation of My thinking in motion.  That is all.  In order to experience the lessons for thy growth back unto Me, “electrical” sensing of the Universe of Mind is required.  This allows you as seeming individuals to express creativity apart from Me to learn how to utilize your God Power.  All of your actions are recorded in the Akashic Records, or “Book of Life”, which in scientific terms are the 9 inert gases of the universe.  These “noble gases” as they are called do not mix with any other elements in nature.  Therefore, they are a great mystery to man.  Several have not been discovered by the universities you are allowed to attend.  But these inert gases are the seeds for all other substances.  They are the “heaven” you come from and disappear back into.

Just as the colors of the rainbow and the octaves of tones are universally permanent and lie at the foundation of My creation, so are the inert gases the foundations of life itself.  You exist within the invisible and you become manifest in the visible cyclically.  Physical and then spiritual, cyclically, and back to physical.  That is the life death principle.  There is no such condition as “death”, but since you cannot see the other half of your experiencing cycle of life after life, that is what man labels it.


Physical existence is not solid matter, nor is anything separate from Me.  Everything is an illusion played out in the backdrop of the illusion of a cosmic universe of but ONE thing.  I Am wholly mind, invisible uncreated KNOWING MIND.  My thinking becomes two moving lights that interact with each other to become the seen universe.  But it is still an illusion or a “trick of the light”.  It is how I choose to express that which I AM.

The “evil” of man is that of being chained to the illusion and closing your God-self, your Mind-self which is My Mind, in favor of the physical illusory self.  Anything that causes you to forget the real YOU of spirit-mind is evil.  That is what evil is.  The goal of Satan is to keep you tied to the physical by all the wondrous temptations of the flesh.  All the things that make you keep your focus off the spiritual aspect of your beingness.  It requires many lifetimes to learn thy lessons before you make that whole circle back around, and come into the stillness of that which I AM once again.  That is what it is all about.

The “Great Testers” are the energy forms who deceive and teach you to love only the physical things of life.  The REAL you is ignored and drifts stagnantly along, motivated by fear and confusion.  Ghost stories, alien body snatchers, even bad dreams are the creation of evil to keep you from remembering and rediscovering your Sacred Selves.

The truth of how it is must be brought in words because ye are bounded by the need of words to communicate; therefore, you cannot have accuracy in the human physical compression.  I AM The WORD which means God is the living WORD manifested as Higher Universal Man, or HUMAN INCARNATE.  Heaven is the higher essence of Me, and earths—AND THERE ARE MANY MANSIONS OR “EARTHS” IN MY COSMOS—are the lower, slower vibratory essence of Me.  Frequency of energy vibration is another way to describe the two moving lights of my thinking.  Up down, liquids and solids, male energies and female energies, planets and stars versus SEEMINGLY empty space—these are the “mated pairs” that my two moving, interchanging lights reveal themselves for you to experience Creation as a whole.  Which is in fact only ONE.  One still magnetic, invisible light of Mind at REST, from which My two DIVIDED lights of motion and VISIBILITY extend.


The child’s play apparatus that balances TWO MATED CONDITIONS (the children extended on either end of the board) which get their power to move from the STILL FULCRUM at the center.  The tiny point where the plane of extension touches is the CENTER OF GRAVITY.  I AM THE CENTER OF GRAVITY THAT CENTERS ALL CREATED THINGS OF MY THINKING.  Man is an aspect of My thinking; you are Me experiencing in a seeming physical reality of My making.  Therefore, everyone IS God.

Free-will to do and create as I also have free-will to create.  That means free-will to create evil, if you so choose.  This does not mean go out and “sin”, as you label it; sin is only an error in judgment and/or knowing.  Your soul KNOWS it is an error, for instance, when you kill someone; therefore, you will not get away with it.  YOUR SOUL WILL NOT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH IT.  The Laws of My Created Universe are birthed within each entity in that you learn right action from errors.  It has taken eons of “time” in My universe, where there is no such condition as time.  That also is an illusion, and it is a byproduct of the two moving lights of My still ONE magnetic, invisible light of knowing which centers everything.  When anything moves, its movement can be measured and counted.  Thus, time comes into existence for you from a reality that is formless, changeless and eternal.  It is always there, like the fulcrum point on the seesaw.  When a flat extended plane is placed on it WITH TWO OPPOSITE CONDITIONS AT EACH END, THE UNBALANCING OF ONE OR THE OTHER CREATED MOVEMENT.  The unbalanced condition SEEKS REST, just as you of Mine creation—IN MY IMAGE—again seek rest and balance in Me.



All things—human entities, trees and plants of the firmament below, the many and varied creatures that swim, crawl and fly, even the minerals and chemicals that constitute all things—SEEK REST AND BALANCE AGAIN IN ME FROM WHICH THEY SPRANG.  The extension of these things of My thinking from the fulcrum center of gravity, which is the inert gases (eight centered by one, totaling nine), UNFOLDS FROM NOTHINGNESS INTO BEING, THEN RE-FOLDS BACK INTO NOTHINGNESS IN CYCLES OF EXPRESSION.  A seed of a giant oak tree unfolds from the nothingness of a miniscule tiny particle into a massive manifested tree weighing many thousands of pounds.  Then refolds into the nothingness of the invisible fulcrum from which it was extended.

Man unfolds from a microscopic miniscule seed that thine eyes cannot see, and yet you unfold into the greatest of all Mine creations who can CREATE as I do.  Then ye slowly refold back into thy seed to be re-given a new body to continue with your lessons of My creation.  Every thing [sic] that exists exists because it has been separated from its source of rest in Me.  The “electrical” tension of that separation is expressed in MATED PAIRS SEEKING BALANCE THROUGH EACH OTHER, TRYING TO FIND BALANCE FROM THEIR UNBALANCED CONDITION.  THE MALE AND FEMALE OF MINERALS AND CHEMICALS SEEK BALANCE FROM THEIR DIVIDED SEXED CONDITION OF OPPOSITES IN THE FULCRUM FROM WHICH THEY SPRANG.  MAN AND THE OPPOSITE CONDITION OF MAN—WOMAN—SEEK BALANCE IN THE STILLNESS OF THAT FROM WHICH THEY WERE EXTENDED IN ME.  ALL CREATED THINGS WERE MANIFESTED IN MATED PAIRS THAT SEEK ONENESS THROUGH EACH OTHER, TRYING TO FIND BALANCE IN ME.

The Dark Masters have inbred in you the unbalanced desire of self-gratification.  The preoccupation of which is a CONTINUAL BOMBARDMENT UPON THE SENSES BY THOSE WHO OWN THE MEDIA.  This is deliberate and it causes the focus of the spirit mind to lose its compass bearing for thy true destination.  Love is spiritual, sex is physical.  Therefore, there is never gratification of heavenly riches and eternal bliss as promised.  Only broken spirits, bitterness, disease, AND GROSS OVERPOPULATION OF THE SPECIES.  This also is AN INTENTIONAL ACT, TO GET YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY.  IT ALLOWS THE EVIL BROTHERHOOD TO BECOME YOUR MASTERS AND THUS MANAGE YOUR INDUCED OVERPOPULATION THROUGH SLAVE/MASTER GLOBAL CONTROL.



The churches, monasteries, synagogues and temples have all been usurped by the Satanic orders called “cults”.  All of your religions have become cults.  You long ago forgot the definition of evil.  Newt Gingrich promised Benjamin Netanyahu of the false country state of Israel (israel) that two hours after he is sworn in, “If I am elected President,” he will move the Jewish capital to Jerusalem.  This would immediately plunge the world into “Universal War” and the planned-for Armageddon would instantly follow.  This is the Evangelist Prophecy set up BY THE JEWS ON BEHALF OF THE EVIL BROTHERHOOD IN SATAN.

The White people realize that, after the fall of the “minority races”, they have become the final peoples to be subdued and conquered.  All the while thinking the Jews will take them with them to the promised land.  Never did the Whites think that the Jew will sacrifice them on their altars of blood along with the others.  But because of the Internet, too many have now seen the plan and are HORRIFIED.  “HOW HAVE WE BEEN SO BLINDED BY ONES CLAIMING LOYALTY AND UNDYING FRIENDSHIP?”, THEY SAY.  Most simply, My chelas:  they are the OPPOSITE OF YOU; THEY DO NOT SEEK BALANCE WITHIN THE LIGHT OF ME, BUT THE DARKNESS OF THE FALLEN ONE.  THEY ALSO HAVE FREE-WILL CHOICE AND HAVE CHOSEN WHICH IS THEIR LEADER.

Man is ignorant of the sequence of events that have unfolded around him.  He has long been taught to ignore and find ridicule in the truth and stone those who bring it.  It has always been thus in your remembering.  This is sleeping too long and has caused a vacuum, an unbalanced condition favoring THE LIE.  And it will be an incredible swing of the pendulum back in the opposite direction, because that is also The LAW.  What man reaps will ultimately be sown and harvested in GREAT ABUNDANCE.  For My Creation and My Laws are absolute and inviolable.



EJ, Eddie Joe Ekker

The husband and Soulmate of
Doris Ekker – “Dharma”

The bringing forth of Mine truths to the world during the final hours of the separation of good and evil was given to one among you.  He was the steady rock that all looked to for strength and guidance.  He thus became the focus of all the slings and arrows projected against My WORD.  Being human himself, he was subject to all the pressures of the compressed physical expression of The Creation.  And yet, no man was [more] unswerving in his devotion to the Divine Truths of Lighted Goodness.  Any and all who would seek him out found an extended hand to assist in gaining a foothold upon the mountain.  Some had not the fortitude to hold on and others could only climb a little way.  While still others have persevered and climbed still higher.

He maintained My law and ever proclaimed that “ALL ARE ONE”.  A hard-headed Dutchman, he always centered his own actions upon that which was brought forth to be shared by the people.  And it was his task when he was with you, as it has become his task now that he is back with Me, to show you people the way home.  Whosoever seeketh the truth would be guided to that which he had to offer.  Good and sound judgments and at times clouded judgment is what being human is all about, for once you come into total comprehension and knowingness, the play in the physical is finished.  Man must make these decisions according to each person’s growth and learning.  Ye know not the contract of thy brethren nor another’s purpose as to why they are in your earthly experience.  The thing to remember is that all are related to all and that ALL will return into the ONENESS and balance of Me in the still magnetic light of Knowing.  There is no place else to go.

Jonur, let Me take departure of you this day, for there is a birthday celebration for thine sister.  She is a wondrous loving and giving soul who is dear to me.  She embodies the brotherly and sisterly love that all ones would do well indeed to emulate.  My truth through the octave tones of music flow through her spirit in purity of purpose.  Seek out her talent and acquire her continuing works; I ATON have more than one method I utilize to awaken Mine people.  I AM THAT WHICH I AM, OF THE ONE LIGHTED CREATOR-SOURCE.

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