Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Series 92: PROPHECY UNFOLDING VERY RAPIDLY NOW The plans for Iran and the rest of the Arab world are timed for THIS phenomenon so the “Armageddon” script can be played out, just as your enemy wrote them. Remember, man wrote these things in your Holy Bible, not God.

1/29/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns92)

In the beauty of the afternoon, the reflection of that which you are is really what is most important, that which shines from within.  The light of God is all there is, chelas, the only reality in Aton’s Creation.  All other things are but a wondrous illusion of moving lights (lightwaves or what you call “electricity”) in motion.  Man must begin to seek his inner nature, for that is where salvation ultimately lies, with you.

The Sun flares, beached dolphins on your eastern shores, and tampering with light energy devices in your atmosphere are but some of the reasons for the focus of “The 2012 Prophecies”.  The planet Earth and all your other planets and moons are entering the Photon Belt of light particles, which happens at regular cycles.  This also corresponds with each of your Ice Ages, of which you know of at least five.  These correspond with the Biblical times and the coming of the Hosts as well.  Man was never left alone to experience without help.  The Angels and their chariots of fire make themselves visible, and this gathering of the eagles is always well recorded in your ancient writings and cave drawings.  It is a great “family reunion” and many of your brothers attend.

The Master Teacher Himself, “Jesus”, also returns as He promised.  However, those who are in charge now, the British royal family and the Rothschild clan, plan to make their move to take the world for themselves.  So it is going to be interesting, indeed!

But that is what it’s all about, dear ones, the final confrontation between good and evil on THIS planet.  The Pleiades star cluster is the Home of God Aton, if you will, and your solar system is the seventh orbiting system from that beautiful grouping of blue-white stars.  It is visible in your Northern Hemisphere now and it looks like a tiny Big Dipper or “kite”, high overhead in the Winter nighttime sky.  Also known as “The Seven Sisters”, it is this constellation that the Photon Belt or Band of light (which is invisible to your eyes BUT NOT YOUR SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION AND PROBES) is centered.  All objects in the Pleiades—including your world—pass through this energy light field.  And this is where the Two-thousand Years of Light comes from in your stories of Earth history.

Your governments of the world are aware of this and have made plans accordingly.  Of course, this has nothing to do with you the people except secrecy—as usual.



The plans for Iran and the rest of the Arab world are timed for THIS phenomenon so the “Armageddon” script can be played out, just as your enemy wrote them.  Remember, man wrote these things in your Holy Bible, not God.

The ones in the know have set up every possible aspect of your life, and they know what these “Earth Changes” are going to do.  Since you are in the dark about all this, they can tell you ANYTHING and you will believe it as gospel!  Their control over your media and publishing houses omit any reference to these matters.  The Internet right now offers the word to go out to the four corners of your world, but “a solar flare” or whatever they are going to tell you can wipe out all data on your hard drives and computer disks.  When you hear something like that is coming from space, unplug your equipment because they will blow everything out!

The infiltrators are now EVERYWHERE; the Occupy Wall Street movement has well-placed instigators to turn the peaceful protests violent.  This was to call for UNITED NATIONS BLUE HELMETS to then appear from nowhere and crush your remaining few liberties and freedoms (you thought you had); however, President Obama’s order to bring the troops home by Christmas made a problem of those plans.  U.S. soldiers are not willing to fire on their own people.  They still believe America is a beautiful nation under God and will fight for her to the last man.

This means more subtle methods will be used to stage the takeover.  Any and all reasons to “secure” the populace under the guise of “terrorism” fits the bill.  So do not let your guard down for even a moment!  Aliens from space are a foe you are not prepared for!



What do you imagine has been going on since the first captured or “crashed” flying disc (“flying saucer” or “UFO”) was recovered in your 1940s?  And how about all those secret underground bases, with interconnecting tunnels everywhere, where the secrets are hushed up and quietly worked on?  Do you suppose the technological advances might ALSO be out of this world as well?

The stealth craft that went down in Israel, as well as all the UFO activity in Mexico and the other countries of your planet, gets little if no reporting in the United States.  Americans are not even sure they believe in aliens and flying saucers.  This makes you ripe pickings for any story the Jews have conjured up. And believe me, they have many!  Just look at the decades of monster movies terrorizing humans, and outrageous War of The Worlds scenarios you have been bombarded with.  Someone wants to scare the living daylights out of you, don’t they?

And if you have no knowledge of what is possible in the sciences regarding DNA/RNA cellular replication, or electro-gravitic drive systems, or microwave “phasers” used as weapons, then it becomes easy to make one of those alien movie scripts truly come to life. Since your news and documentary presentations already have created a false reality in which you go about your daily lives, all the conspirators have to do is substitute a new version in its place.  “The Panic Project” is real, my friends, and it is a government plan formulated in the 1950s to scare mankind into accepting a global dictatorship.

You see, no longer is it the “communists” are coming … they’ve got you now.  You thought they would come in airplanes and tanks, but they have long since “upgraded” their weapons of warfare.  So much so that it is going to LOOK LIKE MAGIC!  THEY HAVE ADVANCED TO THE POINT NOW OF BEING ABLE TO FAKE A “SECOND COMING” OF A MESSIAH.  Only he will not be the one you have been waiting for!

The entire world is witnessing your duly elected President of the people turn the tide against the “Jewish” Zionist Wall Street criminals.  The goodly citizens are beginning to see just WHO it is who has stolen all your Ft. Knox gold and closed your schools.  They see that the Jew really is trying to destroy your souls and take your property from you.  The poison being fed your minds, in the form of television programming, is now obvious, and it is a well known FACT that Jews ARE Hollywood.  Even the British Israelite role can be easily seen in the number of British announcers and "pitchmen" who dominate the airways.  YOU HAVE COME BACK UNDER THE CONTROL OF ENGLAND AND THEY NEVER FORGAVE YOU FOR BREAKING AWAY FROM THEIR PRECIOUS MONARCHY.  The power behind the throne is the Khazar, and their goal is to own and control the world you live in.  By destroying your nations in a global war of wars, no one will be able to ever challenge them again.

Do not go back to sleep on this one, dear hearts; the plan MUST unfold rapidly from here on out, for the people are seeing through the veil.  Jonur, pause here, please.  Hatonn at stand-by.

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