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New Series 93: GET THE WORD TO THE PEOPLE! This is your job, you who understand what we are all about. The masses have been “brainwashed” into a stupor; they do not know what to do, so they do nothing at all. Your determination against all odds is exactly what the Master did two-thousand years ago. Considering what “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA went through to show you the way, is it not fitting for those of His followers to take the responsibility in the same spirit?

1/30/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns93)

Hatonn present in service and light unto Holy God Aton of our SOURCE.  The Radiance of The Creator is your heritage—reclaim the Grace of Knowledge in truth.  Amen.


The fiery disaster in Florida along a mile stretch of highway killing ten people, and the NUCLEAR REACTOR DISASTER in Chicago, are tit-for-tat retaliatory strikes by the secret operatives playing off against each other.  The fire was deliberately set and timed by agents on the ground and in the air to hit during the Florida Primaries.  And the sudden shutdown of the reactor in Illinois, likewise, was aimed at the sitting administration.  The undercover controllers are having their own war behind the scenes, and it is you ones not in the know who are paying the price!

They are telling you that irradiated steam is not harmful!!??!!  Chelas, it is most deadly, indeed, and your world is committing Atomic Suicide with these spy versus spy maneuvers!  Put a stop to this madness at once.  Nuclear power plants and above and below ground detonations are killing all organic (oxygen-dependent) life on the planet!  You have the capability to use banks of lenses and artificial “sun light” in the form of arc welding flame to focus heating for generating safe, clean electricity to power your homes and energy.  However, the greedy Jewish bankster cartel keeps these and other wondrous inventions off the market for financial control purposes.  And the ever-present “terror threat” is always a useful tool.  Again, we will make this technology available to the new readers shortly.  Tesla was ruined and poisoned by agents of none other than John Pierpont (good ol’ “J.P.”) Morgan, who prevented FREE ENERGY APPARATUS from being utilized by the United States because he saw no way to put a meter on the power usage by you the people!

The evil of the Rothschild clan and their American operatives like Morgan is more than I can stomach at times.  A world is moving into radiation sickness and death because of money.  Is that not how Satan and his Jews operate?  Assets and material gain over all else is how men make slaves of their brothers and, yet again, one more beautiful planet for you to experience upon is laid to waste.  By the way—NUCLEAR RADIATION IS NOT ONE OF YOUR ILLUSIONS.  IT IS OF THE VERY BUILDING BLOCKS OF CREATION ITSELF!  More science unknown by the masses who are continually lied to.



Loved ones who have made their “transition” are able to communicate with those seemingly left behind.  When they need to tell you something, they know how to communicate with you.  This method of “receiving”, which I repeat is not “channeling”, also allows those discarnate beings to utilize this scribe’s pen to write messages from “the other side” of the veil.  It is not magic nor hocus-pocus parlor tricks and games.  This is how the Prophets and Seers of old put the teachings to print on those sacred scrolls and whatnot.  It is your connection to the so-called “afterlife” of the invisible.

We have several who are now waiting to give input to your current circumstances from their new higher vantage point of perception.  Namely Doris and EJ Ekker.  This is their game, dear ones, and you have been allowed to play in it!  You claim you want to “save the world”?  Well, the method in use is right here with these JOURNALS of truth.  Until the very last moment, The WORD is going to go out.  The writings FIND those whom they are to reach.  Each has his or her own mission within the play of Creation, and this is how it is to be done.  Prepare yourself for that which is coming from them and others from Mine HOSTS of Aton!

And no, I have not forgotten the letters of correspondence from those left behind.  The decks have been cleared now and ample space is made ready to handle the increased workload.  God’s work must come first before all Earthly pursuits, so the messages and instructions will come forth.



This is your job, you who understand what we are all about.  The masses have been “brainwashed” into a stupor; they do not know what to do, so they do nothing at all.  Your determination against all odds is exactly what the Master did two-thousand years ago.  Considering what “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA went through to show you the way, is it not fitting for those of His followers to take the responsibility in the same spirit?  No one is asking you to jump onto a cross and be nailed to it and spit upon and be beaten, and have a wreath of thorns forced on top of your head.  That’s been done already.  What, now, are you doing in return for Him having come for you sent by God?  And when he shows up, what will you tell Him and show Him YOU have been doing???  Particularly since these words came into your attention and study????

You have no idea how many ones in dire need receive of these instructions.  Each effort, each penny, causes The WORD to come to that ONE who is searching for exactly what you hold in your hands or have on your computer screen.  The piece of the puzzle THEY NEED to accomplish that which can help save a species of man and perhaps a planet.



Until the skies open up and the Final Trumpet sounds, man must receive God’s WORD in this manner.  How many will not know or, worse, misunderstand during all the chaos and confusion?  All are not going to make it in the physical form because they have already chosen sides and have sided with Lucifer, who will become Satan.  However, many are looking for these words and are presently gaining the opportunity through the Internet and handheld devices capable of pulling the documents down to read.  And when THAT plug is pulled, you will have nothing left; your newspapers are closed down, and what is left is totally in the hands of the Jews.

Each individual must take up the banner and then join with other individuals of like mind, and then you have a body that can do something.  Make God proud of what YOU do in getting His Word to the four corners of the Earth.  You have a duty to thine own self, and that must be based on helping your fellow man find the Divine in him.  Is that not emulating “a” Christ?


As presenters of truth, you have to speak the truth.  You use FACTS and NAMES and PLACES so ones can plainly see what it is you are talking about.  Once the guilty parties are revealed, they can no longer hide in anonymity and be obscure among the crowd.  The focus shifts to the real culprits, the real problem, and the solution appears plain as day.  For nothing can be fixed if you do not know what is wrong.  Blind action only makes the problem worse, not better.

Secrecy is all your Satanic adversary has going for it, since they make up a tiny fraction of people—300 individuals—13 families—5 elites calling the shots.  Against more than 6½ billion!??!  The odds overwhelmingly favor you-the-people—you just didn’t know any of this.  Well, now you do.



For centuries upon centuries, the ancient Khazar tribes in the area of southern Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (the Khazar Sea) have been KNOWN as the evil plague that has poisoned the world.  Their incredible barbarity is still legendary in the lands and nations of that region.  Attila The Hun of the Hungarian peoples, Genghis Khan of the Mongolians, the terrible “Turks”, and even the Nordic Viking mixtured races.  The Khazars are a dirty blood mixture of the barbarians of Europe who, after many decades of interbreeding, became the Medieval “Jews” of the so-called “Dark Ages”—which refers to the destruction they wrought on the Old World.

These SELF-STYLED “JEWS” WHO ARE NOT had usurped and taken over the religion of the ancient Judean people of your Holy Bible.  They created A NEW JUDEAN “BIBLE” and called it the “Talmud”.  This IS NOT the Judean or Hebrew Torah, from which the Christian Bible came, but a book written by man that was not even intended to have been given by God.  So you know right there WHO this book pays homage and worship to.

The Khazars, Turkish people by origin, converted to the religion of the Hebrews in 740 AD, and created their own priesthood, the Pharisees, who were phallic (male reproductive organ) worshippers. These are the original “Satan worshippers”, obviously!  They then called themselves—not “Judeans” or “Judaists” or “Hebrews”—but took the label:  “JEW”.  This is where the confusion began, which ultimately became their very best weapon.  For you see, it allowed their true Luciferian identity to be buried all these many, many years—IN THE CONFUSION OF “JEWS” VERSUS “SEMITES”/”SHEMITES”, JUDEAN AND HEBREW.  Jews do not come from the Tribes of Juda nor Shem/”Sem”.

There were ONLY 12 Tribes of the Judean Hebrews; the Khazar “Jews” decided they would be THE 13th TRIBE.  And there you have the beginning of the historical lineage of who the British Crown and the Bauer House (WHICH BECAME THE HOUSE OF THE RED—“COMMUNIST” RED, BY THE WAY—SHIELD) descended from.  In order to distance himself from his family’s past deeds in human history, the Bauer House became The House of The Red Shield of Germany:  ROTHSCHILD.  The first “Banksters” who would make a grab of the gold on the planet!

The power thus gained would put the House of Rothschild (keep in mind the long ancestral history of these NEW “JEWS”) in total control of all the monarchies of Europe—and finally Russia—THROUGH THE GOLD.  Because, as the saying goes:  “Every man has his price,” and every nation too, so goes the Rothschild belief.  And let us not leave out:  “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”  I would like to modify this a bit, because “money” itself is not good or evil; however, the fanatic preoccupation with it where you will cut your brother’s throat to get the dollar out of his pocket is!  Just as with guns, which also are not good or evil.  Keeping and bearing arms, as your United States CONSTITUTION states, FOR DEFENSE OF FAMILY AND NATION IS OF GOD; BUT ROBBERY AND MURDER OF INDIVIDUALS OR NATIONS IS NOT!

This latter use of money (gold) is where we are today.  The International Bankster Rothschild, and the Royal Crown(s) of Europe, HAVE SET UP, FINANCED, AND STAGED EVERY WAR CIVILIZED PEOPLES HAVE FOUGHT IN THESE, YOUR SO-CALLED “MODERN TIMES”.  And each war—by secretly funding BOTH SIDES—moves unimagined sums into the Rothschild banking house!  You have to tell your brothers and sisters how the Devil “did it”.


A silent one to be sure—you are too big now for the “Red Coats”, musket rifles, and a few wooden sailing ships.  But make no mistake about the facts, chelas (students); the British ARE coming and, in truth, have already taken you back.

“The Beatles” rock group brought LSD and OPIUM to your nation through their “music”.  They were not the writers in the beginning; the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations in England and their evil “social scientists” wrote them.  And later John Lennon wanted to “spill the beans”, as it were, and so he was killed by British Intelligence.  And again, the “lone gunman” scenario came in handy.

The Beatles also created a word, “teenager”, for use as a weapon to separate parents from their children.  Afterwards, kids no longer wanted to “be like their parents”.  The setting up of INCOME TAXES was why you really got away from England, and that too was put back on your shoulders—SO YOU CAN PAY HOMAGE TO THE THRONE ONCE MORE!  War caused Federal Income Taxation so YOU could pay for it!  These were not American wars, you had no enemies, and everyone wanted to be like you in the U.S. and live a better life in freedom and liberty for ALL its citizens!

So let us put the blame squarely where it belongs.

The Rothschilds

The City of London 

Who The “Crown” REALLY Is, “UNCENSORED” magazine, December 2011-March 2012.  By Henry Makow, Ph. D.

In which we learn the unsuspected and very important difference between “The Crown Empire” and “The British Empire”—but not the name of the current ruling Lord Mayor of The City … which is a well kept secret.


The “Jewish” Conspiracy is British Imperialism

Conspiracy theorists like myself [Hatonn:  Let me interrupt, the term “Conspiracy Theorist” is a catch phrase the Jews coined so that anyone who tries to point out their control of your world will be labeled a “nut” or trouble-maker.  Yes, indeed—trouble for the Jewish conspirators!  They cannot carry out their heinous plans of war and genocide IF somebody tells on them.  Hold it in your hearts!] believe modern history reflects a long-term conspiracy by an international financial elite to enslave humanity.

Like blind men examining an elephant, we attribute this conspiracy to Jews, Illuminati, Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasons, Black Nobility [H:  “Black” as in evil deeds and rituals], and Bilderbergs [H:  The executive policy-making arm of politicians who control, as spies and operatives, for this elite bunch of criminals], etc.

The real villains are at the heart of our economic and cultural life.  They are the dynastic families who own the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve [H:  Which is not U.S.], and associated cartels.  They also control the World Bank and IMF and most of the world’s Intelligence agencies.  [H:  All of the world’s intelligence agencies!  However, you DO have “good guys” who fight against all odds against the beast that has consumed their home countries.  This goes for the U.S. as well.]  Their identity is secret, but Rothschild is certainly one of them.  The Bank of England was “nationalized” in 1946, but the power to create money remained in the same hands.

England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the “Crown” which refers to the “City of London”, not the Queen.  The City of London is run by the Bank of England, a private corporation.  The square mile-large City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London.  As the “Vatican of the financial world”, the City is not subject to British law.

On the contrary, the bankers dictate to the British Parliament.  In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, “six or seven men can plunge the nation into war without consulting Parliament at all." Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919, blamed the City for the wars of the world.  (Economic Tribulation [1940] cited in Knuth, The Empire of the City, 1943, p. 60)

The British Empire was an extension of bankers’ financial interests.  Indeed, all the non-white colonies (India, Hong Kong, Gibraltar) were “Crown Colonies”.  They belonged to the City and were not subject to British law, although Englishmen were expected to conquer and pay for them.

The Bank of England assumed control of the U.S. during the T.R. Roosevelt administration (1901-1909) when its agent J.P. Morgan took over 25% of American business.  (Anton Chaitkin, Treason in America, 1964)

According to the American Almanac, the bankers are part of a network called the “Club of the Isles” [H:  More precisely, The Club of Rome], which is an informal association of predominantly European-based royal households including the Queen.  The Club of the Isles commands an estimated $10 trillion in assets.  It lords it over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers.  [H:  Diamonds, not beer!]  It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials, and deploys these assets at the disposal of its geopolitical agenda.

Its goal:  to reduce the human population from its current level of over 6 billion people to below 1 billion people within the next two to three generations [H:  How about the next two to three years!  That means a LOT of stuff has to happen very quickly.  Do you see why world events and toppling regimes (governments) are happening one right after another?  Oil and nuclear “accidents”; talk of North Korea and China; rumors of striking Iran; NEAR MISSES BY A HOST OF GIANT ASTEROIDS … Pandemic WORLD-WIDE disease scares ….  Come on, people, put the puzzle pieces together!]; to literally “cull the human herd” in the interest of retaining their own global power and the feudal (slave) system upon which that power is based.

Historian Jeffrey Steinberg could be referring to the US, Canada and Australia when he writes, “England, Scotland, Wales, and especially Northern Ireland are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of … the City of London ….

“These families constitute a financier oligarchy [H:  Power in a few hands of “royals”]; they are the power behind the Windsor throne.  They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and subverted England from the period 1509-1715 and established a new, more virulent, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain of the oligarchic system of imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium.”

The City of London dominates the world’s speculative market.  A tightly interlocking group of corporations involved in raw materials extraction, finance, insurance, transportation, and food production controls the lion’s share of the world market and exerts virtual “choke point” control over world industry.  [H:  This is exactly what the old Khazar Empire did in Khazaria in what is now southern Russia, Georgia, and Armenia.  The Caucasus Mountain range to the south, flanked by the Black Sea on one side and the Caspian Sea on the other, with the Volga Riverway to the north—CREATED THE PERFECT AMBUSH POINT FOR MERCHANTS, CARAVANS, AND SHIPS SAILING DOWN THE VOLGA.  THIS WAS THE GATEWAY OF TRADE FOR THE “OLD WORLD”. Travelers East and West and North and South had to go through this “CHOKE POINT” to buy and sell their wares.  The China silk routes, Muslim passages, Christian trade routes, and the Norsemen down from the north—ALL HAD TO GO THROUGH THE TERRIBLE “LAND OF THE JEWS”!  THE JEWS—AT THAT TIME WERE NEITHER JUDEANS, CHRISTIANS, NOR FOLLOWERS OF ISLAM—THEY WERE TURKISH KHAZARS.  THEY HAD NO “TRADES” AS SUCH, LIKE THE REST OF OLD WORLD EUROPE AND ASIA; HOWEVER, THEY WERE GOLD AND SILVER SMITHS AND THEY BRUTALLY TAXED EVERY NATION AND PEOPLES THAT CAME THROUGH!  AND IF YOU REFUSED, YOU WERE IMMEDIATELY ATTACKED AND KILLED!  MANY TIMES YOU WERE ROBBED AND KILLED ANYWAY!  THE SAME TAKING OF TRIBUTE—MASSIVE TAXATION—IS WHAT THOSE KHAZARS ARE DOING TO THE ENTIRE WORLD—TODAY!!!  Finally, the Roman Christians to the west of Khazaria, the Islamic Muslims to their south, and the followers of the Buddha to the east had had enough of these evil and dirty “barbarians”.  For 600 years they had to put up with these God-less peoples; they gave them (the Khazars) a choice of religions, for they hoped it would help them become “civilized” like each of their nations.  Guess what obscure, little religion of outcasts the Khazars chose?  To the amazement and curiosity of all—they chose the religion of the Judaists!  Suddenly the Khazar king and the ruling family and all their people became Jews.  This did not change their warring ways (because secretly they had no wish to be “conquered” by the faith of Christ or Mohammed—if they joined a faith of “outcasts and wanderers”, they could remain independent in their hearts), and finally the Khazar Empire was crushed by the combined forces of all those whom they had terrorized for so long.  AND YET, THE KHAZAR PEOPLE—STILL PRETENDING TO BE FOLLOWERS OF THE JUDEAN HEBREW FAITH (YOU HAVE COME TO THINK IS SYNONYMOUS OR THE SAME AS “JEW”)—HAVE MORE POWER THAN THEY EVER DID BEFORE!]

Steinberg belongs to a group of historians associated with economist Lyndon Larouche.  They have traced this scourge to the migration of the Venetian mercantile oligarchy to England more than 300 years ago.


Take a break, Jonur, and summon when ready to resume.  Hatonn to clear frequency.


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