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New Series 156: Let us continue with Minister Farrakhan, and then cover some interesting news items—such as your space war and giant objects falling out of the sky over Russia! Much about extraterrestrials and terrestrials is never told to you the people of Earth Shan; however, a staged presentation of hostile aliens attacking and destroying some of your cities is most certainly PART OF THE JEWISH ZIONIST BOLSHEVIK PLAN! It will not be space invaders, dear hearts, but a secret international cabal OF HUMANS WHO WILL BE THE PERPETRATORS. Therefore, it is essential that the WORD go out as quickly as possible! Satan cannot operate in the light of truth exposed! So be it.

2/27/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns156)

Hatonn present to commune in the Radiance of God.

Let us continue with Minister Farrakhan, and then cover some interesting news items—such as your space war and giant objects falling out of the sky over Russia!  Much about extraterrestrials and terrestrials is never told to you the people of Earth Shan; however, a staged presentation of hostile aliens attacking and destroying some of your cities is most certainly PART OF THE JEWISH ZIONIST BOLSHEVIK PLAN!  It will not be space invaders, dear hearts, but a secret international cabal OF HUMANS WHO WILL BE THE PERPETRATORS.  Therefore, it is essential that the WORD go out as quickly as possible!  Satan cannot operate in the light of truth exposed!  So be it.


“The Final Call” newspaper, July 31, 2012, Promoting           Peace.


Taking hundreds of men to Atlanta’s streets was a flashback to 1988 when as the Fruit of Islam captain in Washington, D.C., Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad led what became known around the world as “The Dope-busters” to clean up two drug-ridden apartment complexes.

“This brought back so many memories,” said Mr. Muhammad, who is now Nation of Islam Southern regional representative and student minister for the Atlanta mosque.

The Dope busters received awards and recognition for halting drug dealing and reducing crime in one of D.C.’s worst crime centers.  Their activities spawned similar initiatives and security companies across the country.

After contracting Atlanta’s chief of police, Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad headed to a bad neighborhood.  The area in most need of help was “Zone 4” which the police chief said had the highest crime rate in the city.

The F.O.I. from Muhammad Mosque No. 15 loaded up in a 45-seat bus, vans and cars.  When they arrived, they knocked on doors in Zone 4 and let residents know the Muslims had come as servants.

“We talked to the senior citizens; sisters came out of their homes and started crying.  We gave them The Final Call newspaper.  People were so appreciative.  Everyone was overjoyed.  We greeted them with love and unity,” he said.

When the Muslims pulled up to one location a makeshift memorial was arranged next to a fence, residents said a 30-something year old woman had been killed.  There were different rumors about the cause of her death and whether it was related to prostitution or stealing from someone.  Whatever the cause, the people at the apartment complex embraced the Muslims, their newspapers and information.  Some snapped pictures of the F.O.I. with cell phones before the men loaded up to leave.

When the F.O.I. returned to the mosque, they were served with a feast prepared by Muslim women, who had cheered as their husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and cousins went to minister to a suffering people.  “We had the support of sisters who want to see their communities free from violence,” said Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad.

Abdul Khadir Muhammad, the Mid-Atlantic and West Coast regional representative of the Nation of Islam based in Muhammad Mosque No. 4 in Washington, D.C., also felt it was important for the Muslim men to be in unity and solidarity with their Fruit of Islam brothers across the country.

Ninety-seven members of the F.O.I. from Washington, D.C., famed out in the early evening.  Student Minister Abdul Khadir Muhammad, Fruit of Islam regional student Captain Aaron Muhammad and regional student Secretary Dirickson Muhammad walked and talked as the men embraced residents of the Parkland Housing Projects, a large housing complex, in South East D.C.

“This unity had an effect that also nourished us, fed us and uplifted the brotherhood’s love for each other as we soldiered together in this location not too far from the mosque,” Abdul Khadir Muhammad added.

Similar sentiments were felt in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Just an hour or so north of Chicago, Milwaukee has had its share of gang related crime.  The F.O.I. hit one of the city’s highest crime areas, from Center Street to North Avenue between 35th and 40th streets.

“We wanted the city of Milwaukee, as well as our comrades around the country to know that there was no hesitation on our part in answering the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s call,” said Shawn Muhammad, a member of the student ministry of Muhammad Mosque No. 3.  The mosque is under the direction of N.O.I.  Wisconsin student representative William Muhammad.

An elderly man in the neighborhood showed Shawn Muhammad bullet holes in the siding of his home, mailbox, and porch.  [Hatonn:  Indeed, these seem like disastrous times!  However, it is only a tiny portion of the Jewish Khazarian plan to take the United States and then your world.  Since the elite cartel CREATED THE PROBLEM of inner city crime in the first place—over the last five decades and three or four generations—they will then offer a solution to the problem, which will be a million times worse!  The Zionist Bolshevik (militaristic “Soviet” Jews) war planners call it “Ordo ob Chaos”, or ORDER OUT OF A CHAOS WHICH THEY THEMSELVES ORCHESTRATED.  Remember the television situation comedy “Get Smart”, with its two factions of spies forever fighting each other, but at heart they were really two sides of the same coin?  Do you remember one was called “Chaos” and the other was named “Control”?  The Israeli Mossad created the show to make fun of how stupid the Goys (Christians and other non-Jews—including Judean Hebrews—remember, they are not Khazar “Jews” either!) are, and it illustrates how by creating terror, mayhem, and global threats, a form of greater FORCE thus becomes necessary to check the  forces of “evil”.  “Get Smart” means get illuminated.  It is a British Israel, Freemasonic term.  To enlighten one about what is REALLY going on.  This is the “ILLUMINATI”, the controlling Jewish faction at the top.  The lower members do not know.  
When masons go through the secret rituals of the Scottish and York Rites of the masonic order, they are “illuminated” in each degree as they progress upward.  When you get to the 33rd level you “Got Smart” and you see that you have joined a Luciferian cult that literally and figuratively worships Satan.  Those who want out, or tell the secret, are simply killed or locked away and the key tossed!  Many ones have found themselves in that unhappy situation—ask O.J. Simpson!  But back to inner city crime and street gangs.  They even are MASONIC CREATIONS, even though the kids in the streets know it not.  Red and blue are masonic symbols of Ordo ob Chaos.  That is why not only “Crips” and “Bloods” use those two colors, but ALSO THE POLICE.  When the brain sees the flashing red and blue the mind immediately goes into panic, doesn’t it?  Look at gang signs and markings on the wall, those, too, are FREEMASONIC SYMBOLS.  Remember the “Jack the Ripper” killings in London? Those writings were MASONIC CODES, the Royal family tried to cover it all up but the newspapers of the day wrote about it!  There is an institute or “think tank” in England that has what is called “Social Scientists”, who sit around and PLAN how best to control the people of their British Empire—AMERICA INCLUDED!  It is called Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.  You see, they still look at you as a colony under English rule—you just didn’t know it!  IT IS THE BRITISH “RED COATS” AFTER YOUR GUNS, CHELAS, NOT YOUR PRESIDENT!  Do you not remember that your Constitution was written to keep the British from “coming”—to get you?!!?  Well, they gotcha!  Those security cameras that are EVERYWHERE are the gross national product (GNP) of Great Britain!!  Israel’s GNP is GUNS!!  If you give up all of yours—guess who will be the only ones armed???  Your real enemies!  Not the Black kid selling drugs (the British East India Company imports to the U.S.—look up that FIRST corporation and see what THEIR GNP was and still is—OPIUM!), or the Michigan Militias—BUT THE “COMMUNIST” (WHICH MEANS “BOLSHEVIK”—look it up!)  CHINESE AND THE “COMMUNIST” SOVIETS!  Who do you think those United Nations Blue Helmets actually ARE any way????!!  And it is they who the Khazars, BRITISH-ISRAEL will send in to “clean up your streets”—for good!  Don’t let it happen now that you know.] 
The older man used to try to talk to Black youth in the neighborhood and encourage peacemaking but was not successful, said Shawn Muhammad. The man lives in fear and doesn’t even leave through the front door of his home if a lot of young Black males are outside, he continued.

Prominent in the local hip hop scene and known for community outreach, especially among the so-called gangs, Shawn Muhammad admitted “mixed feelings” about Minister Farrakhan leading the men out to the streets.  It signaled collectively the F.O.I. had not been diligent in efforts to reach and resurrect spiritually and mentally dead Black people, he said. 

“One side of me was exhilarated, while another part of me was ashamed.  It is always a boost for me in my spirit when I am a witness to yet another example of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s love and compassion for our people,” said Shawn Muhammad.  “Though I am glad to be a witness, I feel that it is something that he shouldn’t have to do.  Our Minister has taught us well and been exemplary in his service.  We already know what to do, and we should be found doing it.”

In Houston, two groups went out into the city.  One went to the Southwest side of Houston and the Forum Park neighborhood and another went to the South Lawn neighborhood close to Muhammad Mosque No. 45.

Across the entire Southwestern region, Muslim men were out in the streets.  In Harlem, the men covered one of many large housing projects, the St. Nicholas Houses, and in Brooklyn, Muslims went to Cypress Hill Houses.

A month ago, Muhammad Mosque No. 7 held a “Stop the Killing” rally and have been in the streets trying to bring peace and lessen conflict.  Student Minister Muhammad said the Muslims were received with high spirits and excitement as well-dressed and disciplined men and youth stepped into their neighborhoods.

“It was important for the men of Muhammad Mosque No. 7, New York City, to be in unity with our fellow members of our brotherhood first because we all received an instruction from our leader, teacher, and guide the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Secondly to follow him and his example of going to our people where they are and speak to them about this senseless and rampant violence and how we can eradicate it.  Lastly as we have been taught:  “In our unity is our strength.  [H: And so too, must Blacks and Whites present equal strength to the Zionist Jews who have stolen your nation and all your Ft. Knox GOLD!  There are only a handful of Khazars, my friends; they hold the power because YOU AS A UNITED PEOPLE do not know of them.  The Jewish Khazarian media makes jokes about you BOTH in their “cartoons” (which they say are not for kids—but look around you—the children watch EVERYTHING on television!  The Jews knew that when they caused both parents to have to work in order to make ends meet!) and “family” situation comedies.  But you will note “Jews” are NEVER talked about and portrayed as to “THEIR” dirty laundry!  For they ARE the evil manipulators pulling everyone else’s strings!  Jewish satanic world domination would collapse OVER NIGHT, if the so-called “reality shows”—which are not (they are totally scripted)—showed stereo types of what the Zionist Khazar Jews do behind closed doors, and in their family and synagogue circles!  Any who so much as mention the slightest reference to what Hitler called, “The Jewish Question”, is immediately attacked in the controlled Jewish media.  Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen—case in point!  So, what the Black Muslim movement is doing in America is what ALL AMERICANS should be doing!  Reclaim that which is YOURS under God, and cause the Jews to be exposed for what they are!  These parasitic entities are no less lethal than an unchecked cancer that destroys from within.  Knowledge and Truth is the surgeon’s knife!  Demand that the world be told what the Jewish PLAN is for Christianity!  It is no different than what the Money-Changer Jews did to Christianity—and to Christ Himself—in Jesus’ day!]  Our unity is more powerful than a nuclear weapon and our unity will solve 95 percent of our problems.”

He also thanked Muslim women for their spirit and support.

Tony Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s Western Regional Representative, is no stranger to the streets.  He’s led many door-to-door campaigns, peace rallies and marches on behalf of young victims of violence.  Previously, he and the F.O.I. focused on three major housing projects that experienced gang activity and police raids—Nickerson Gardens, Jordan Downs and Imperial Courts.  But July 16, a notorious south side Compton, California neighborhood was saturated by 110 eager men.

The area is a stronghold of the South Side Crips, according to Tony Muhammad.  The unity push was important because the men were backing their general, Minister Farrakhan, in something that gave them life, he said.  The evening push represented a turning point in the Nation of Islam returning to the first work, the work of salvation, he said.

“The Qur’an says it like this, ‘Respond to Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life,’ and we responded and we got life from it, and our people got life from it.  It was a trade-off.  We needed to do this work as much as our people needed to see us,” said Tony Muhammad.


Pause here, Jonur, and begin the next Chapter, please.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.  Salu!

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