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New Series 159: … 4 of 7 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish including the Chair, Ben Bernanke, and the Vice Chair Janet Yellen. (Plus Raskin and Stein) 8 of the 12 Regional Federal Reserve Banks are headed by Jews. [Hatonn: Whether or not it is VISIBLE—ALL ARE HEADED BY JEWS. This goes for all motion picture studios, television stations, radio stations, cable outlets, music companies, and anything that transmits FCC signals to the public—PERIOD!]

3/19/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns159)

Good morning, Hatonn present to continue our topic of Zionist Power in America.  I come always in the Presence of Aton.  Amen.



… 4 of 7 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish including the Chair, Ben Bernanke, and the Vice Chair Janet Yellen. (Plus Raskin and Stein) 8 of the 12 Regional Federal Reserve Banks are headed by Jews.  [Hatonn:  Whether or not it is VISIBLE—ALL ARE HEADED BY JEWS.  This goes for all motion picture studios, television stations, radio stations, cable outlets, music companies, and anything that transmits FCC signals to the public—PERIOD!]

In Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, San Francisco.
Foreign Policy, Especially on the Middle East, is mainly under Jewish Control.

“I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews…. terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen… I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don’t approve of.  [H:  That is because at least 65% of your Congress is bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby groups.  Many others are black mailed by them.  We have told you the ones who are of God and nation, if you have been paying attention, and we will continue to lead you who care about your country to those individuals.  As Always—DO YOUR SPECIAL WORK QUIETLY.  God is right in there with His ones, and you WILL make a difference!]  The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country.—Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in February, 1957 quoted on p. 99 of Fallen Pillars by Donald Neff [H:  He should know His brother, Alan Dulles, ran the CIA and, under orders by British-Israel, helped to murder, and then cover up, the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, Texas.  Who ELSE was involved?  And why the REAL REASON for the silly Watergate Hotel scandal?  President Nixon, future Presidents Ford and Bush (who secretly was DCI—Director of Central Intelligence—a lifetime appointment.  Like J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, and why headquarters is “The Hoover Building”.  If you’ll note, the CIA has been quietly renamed “The George Bush Center for Intelligence”.) pictures of them in Dallas on the day of the assassination were kept there to be used for future blackmail.  Continuing with the guilty list:  Kissinger; E. Howard Hunt, from the “grassy knoll” to the front; a man named White hit Kennedy with his bullet; the head of the Secret Service was next to the driver, Greer, and helped him to trigger a device from the steering wheel—while his boss took over the wheel!—The device, implanted BEHIND CONNELLY’S SEAT, WAS A CIA “shaped charge” similar to a large shotgun shell, with no metal slug or balls, but lethal jelly-fish-toxin.  The blast went off in his face and blew a hole in Kennedy’s head.  Greer even reached around and fired his 45 caliber pistol at the President!  Several more shots hit Kennedy and Connelly—just to make sure Connelly kept quiet, because he, too, knew the plot and screamed out, “They’re going to kill us all!”  Jackie Kennedy was spared because she thought Greer was shooting at a suspect.  Later, she was “offered” business tycoon Onassis as an incentive to keep quiet about what she “thought” she saw.  Lyndon Johnson ordered the limousine filled with bullet holes and blood and brain tissue to be IMMEDIATELY WASHED AND RE-BUILT!  This ILLEGAL move was to hide the evidence of the rigged vehicle, the brain matter and blood splatter directions, and the number of bullet holes.  And the reason that Oliver Stone’s movie, “JFK”, was not allowed to film any scenes from the 6th floor of the Book Depository, WAS BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE PROVEN, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, THAT THE SHOTS OSWALD WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE FIRED, WAS A PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY!  OSWALD DIDN’T SHOOT ANY BODY, AND NEVER WOULD HE HAVE USED SUCH A WORTHLESS, CHEAP RIFLE!  He was a CIA person—as well as a KGB person.  ALL films of the assassination are “doctored”; however, even in the Zap Router film used in Stone’s movie you can plainly see Greer shoot Kennedy.  You can see the blast from the shaped-charge coming from behind Connelly’s seat—that frame of the film was “cropped” or made into a close-up, so they could cut out the seat.  The reason for the tampering, and a 3mm frame or two removed, become crystal clear upon reviewing “JFK”, or any documentary, with this new knowledge in mind.  Actually, it isn’t “new”; however, many have not been privy to our   Phoenix JOURNALS, so it bears repeating as often as necessary.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR PAST, AMERICA, YOU ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!!!]

Jewish “Experts” on the Middle East are found across the Government Spectrum, from the National Security Council to the State and Defense Departments.
James B. Steinberg—Former Deputy Secretary of State
Lee Feinstein—Foreign Policy Advisor
Eric Lynn—Middle East Policy Advisor
Dennis Ross—Special Advisor on the Middle East; Iran
Dan Shapiro—Former NSC Advisor on the Middle East, Currently Ambassador to Israel.
Richard Hass—President of the CFR and Ambassador at large.
Sharon E. Burke—Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs.  Like many other Jews who take high government jobs, she joined the Pentagon from a Pro Israel Think Tank, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).  [H:  It should now be most obvious that all Jewish agencies, “Think Tanks”, and SYNAGOGUES, plan and plot the demise of Christianity.  Since your nation was birthed Under God you represent Christ-ness to the world; therefore, you are the number one target of the Anti-Christ Khazar Jews.  Do not further close thine eyes and ears to the call to serve.  It is time to “earn” thy place among God’s Promised Land, chelas, and the hour is here.  What are you waiting for?  The missiles to fly?  The Earth to split in two beneath thy feet?  The plague to wipe out an entire planet?  Or, are you waiting for the Jews to take every last thing you own, and herd you—cold, hungry, broke, and shivering miserably—into concentration camps that you paid for?  The picture is not pretty, precious hearts, but will this cause you to speak up?  When you KNOW Lucifer is coming for your family and friends and loved ones, will you not prepare in that you may survive at the very least?  And those of you who are military Patriots, is this not the hour you have been trained for?  The defending against all enemies to thy dear Republic, foreign and domestic?  In this final battle between good and evil, the Khazar Zionist, Bolshevik Jews are BOTH foreign and domestic evil, attempting to destroy Christianity AND CHRISTIANS once and for all.  Is it not wise to stop the adversary to God now while there is time?  Just as in Prayer, do not wait until the car is going over the cliff, or you have a terrible disease, or your business goes under, or you get robbed, before you ask “Special Prayers” from God.  Why not Commune with God continually, so your car goes down another street which is safe?  And, while you have health and are disease-free to maintain that gift.  That prosperity continues from that which you ALREADY HAVE been blessed with.  Then, dear ones, there is no need for “special” requests at the last moment, when it is all but too late to fix.  Turn your nation around now.  As you can see, with your new President, once again God IS listening to His children.  Have you forgotten who your Father is?  And let us be in the remembering of Who wins in the end… every time.  AHO!]

Two Jewish officials, Daniel Benjamin, Coordinator for Counter Terrorism in the State Department and Stuart Levey, Under Secretary in the Treasury Department for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, have made starving the Palestinians their main priority under the guise of fighting terrorism.  They push the lie that every dollar sent to the Gaza Strip, a concentration camp of a besieged population, goes to Hamas.  They have also undertaken to prosecute the Arab Bank which was the main conduit of funds sent to the impoverished Palestinians as well as Arab and Muslim charities in the U.S.

President Obama knows that if he wants to win re-election he must pander and grovel to wealthy Jewish Americans.  [H:  This President is the first one who does not “grovel” at the feet of the evil Jewish money-changers.  God, nation, and FAMILY are what this man of integrity is all about.  When fighting in the middle of the “pit of vipers”—as Jesus, Himself, called the Pharisee Khazar Jews—one miss-step can be fatal to your U.S. Republic.  The Zionists now have to confront God and His people head on, and this is for all the marbles now, my friends.  There is no compromise.  However, God will allow “negotiation” for “time” to strategically place assets.  For America will require MONEY to operate regardless of what the Khazars plan for your future.  That is what you are holding to.  The Debit/Credit Card scam is the means the adversary is using to get you through USERY/INTEREST.  Your Lord said to not charge thy brother “usury” for money lent to him!  And you can see where your world has gone in the 2000 years since Christ confronted these same Jews in the temple.]  Hence, according to Haaretz, June 6, 2012, during a meeting in the White House between an Orthodox Jewish delegation and Chief of Staff Jack Lew, Obama comforted the delegation by saying:  “My Administration is decidedly more attentive to Israel than it is to the Palestinians.”

Congress:  Powerful Jewish Members—Question of Dual Loyalty?

Upon leaving office in 2004, Senator Ernest Hollings, a Democratic Senator from South Carolina, said what every member of Congress knows to be true but is afraid to say:  “You can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here.”

Congress has 13 Jewish Senators, and 27 Representatives (But not ONE African American Senator in Congress).

Chairs of the three most important national security committees are headed by Jews.  One can only wonder if vital national security intelligence and military secrets are passed along to Israel, perhaps via AIPAC or the Israeli Embassy.

Senator Diane Feinstein—Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Senator Joe Lieberman—Chair of the Homeland Security Committee.
Senator Carl Levin—Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  [H:  Michigan]
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen—Chair House Committee on Foreign Affairs.  This Committee is usually headed by Jews:  Previous Chairs—Howard Berman and the late Tom Lantos.  In an interview with the Forward (a Jewish daily) Berman said:  “that an interest in the Jewish state was one of the main reasons he first sought a seat on the (Foreign Affairs) Committee.  Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist.” 
Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, along with other Jewish Representatives, has turned her Committee, in fact, the entire House of Representatives, into Israeli Lobby whose sole purpose is to defend and support Israel, to constantly push for more and more billions of tax dollars to Israel, and to push the U.S. to pay and die for Israel’s wars.  A constant barrage of resolutions and bills come out of her committee bashing the Palestinians, Arabs, and Iran, while praising Israel for its patience, restraint, and desire for peace with the Palestinians.

Congress, like the President, consists of shackled enslaved prisoners of Israel unable to even whisper the word “no” to anything Israel demands.  They need Jewish money and media support to win elections.  {H:  This time, the Khazar Jew has bitten off way more than he can chew.  The Republic of America, and a President of ALL the people, see through the Anti-Christ’s game of deceit and death.  Black and White citizens of your nation now know there is an evil beast waiting to devour your citizens as a WHOLE.  The massive momentum is giving the Jews a hot foot!  Now go with the INERTIA of change and “Hope”, and reclaim that which God gave to His people of the United States!  After all, does not the Lord stand with those in whom God we trust is their motto?!!!  So be it!]

In Britain, Tom Dalyell, a veteran member of the House of Commons candidly declared in May 2003 that pro-Israel Jews had taken control of America’s foreign policy, and had succeeded in pushing the US and Britain into war in Iraq.  He is known as “Father of the House” because he is the longest serving Member of Parliament.  He said:  “A Jewish cabal has taken over the government in the United States and formed an unholy alliance with fundamentalist Christians… There is far too much Jewish influence in the United States.”

Former Secretary of State James Baker called Congress, “The Little Knesset” [Israel’s congress] while Pat Buchanan, former White House official and Presidential Candidate called it:  “Israel Occupied Territory”.  [H:  These two should know!  They helped the Khazars get to where they are by being “inside men”.  But they left out my favorite:  “ZOG”—the Zionist Occupational Government!]

No greater demonstration of total submission, surrender of America’s interests, and total capitulation and kowtowing to Israel exists than the most shameful and embarrassing display of the entire Congress, without exception, giving the lying murderous Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, 29 standing ovations a day after he met with President Obama in the oval office dressing him down in public on his statement regarding freezing illegal settlement construction.

Jews hold similar powerful positions in governments around the world.  [H:  That is WHY the world looks to you America to break free of Satan’s trap (see Revelation in your Holy Bible).  So goes the U.S., so goes the rest of the world!]


Break here for the next Chapter, please.  Hatonn to standby.

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