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New Series 161: BLESSINGS UNTO A MOTHER Yesterday was our scribe’s Mother Birthday (“Anniversary” as we designate it), and such is the joy of all mothers when honored by family, loved ones and friends. Mothers are most important to humanity and the “tribes” of God’s peoples. They give nurturing and nourishment to the family structure, and the social graces to which a society functions in total balance and harmony.

3/3013 from HATONN/jonur (ns161)

May we always dwell in the KNOWINGNESS OF Aton (God) in that our senses and thinking point always toward the reunion with the Father.  Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn to continue, please.


Yesterday was our scribe’s Mother Birthday (“Anniversary” as we designate it), and such is the joy of all mothers when honored by family, loved ones and friends.  Mothers are most important to humanity and the “tribes” of God’s peoples.  They give nurturing and nourishment to the family structure, and the social graces to which a society functions in total balance and harmony.

It is the mother who allows the physical experience of ones waiting to come, yet once more, unto the physical plane of existence.  And when a son or daughter is lost and comes home to the Father again, Valerie, this is for you, too, it is the mother who feels the physical separation most.

Blessed Mothers, thy garment hem is the first the babe reaches out to for balance and sturdiness, as those first shaky steps are taken.  And in the battle field the mother is whose name the son cries unto when dying of horrific wounds alone in the mud.

The nucleus of Husband, Wife, and Children, however many they be, or from different fractured tribes (families), it is always the Mother that centers all.  The hand of God is most apparent in the delicate rendering of the gentle (or stern, as is appropriate to the situation) spirit, and comforting voice of a Mother; always beauty personified to both man and child.

In the end, it will be seen that the Mother is what the face of God looks like, not only to the newly birthed infant, squinting upon your Radiance, but as the reason man fights the forever fight to ensure Good/God triumphs over evil and evil intent.

Blessings to ALL MOTHERS, particularly so, this Good Friday/Easter weekend.  May man and womb-man/woman know that Mother Nature and Mother Earth IS God made manifest in order that Creation might be.  Amen.

In Georgia, two young boys barely into their teens tried to rob a mother pushing her baby in a stroller.  She pleaded with them that she had no money, so they shot and killed her child and ran off.  They were apprehended a short time later and arrested; obviously making the headlines as the “worst thing” anybody can imagine another human doing to a mother and child in a “stick-up”.

These are the times you live in now, dear ones, Satan was said to rule in these Last Days, and you will agree with me in seeing that it is so.  The Anti-Christ/Anti-God was nurtured and bred in your media “music” of suicidal and homicidal lyrics, fostered by the Khazars who have taken over your nation and world.  “Evil” is not of Mother Nature, animals are not “evil”, only MAN creates evil.  Evil has to be taught, for God only manifests Love.

The school massacres, the various little infants shot and killed in the past days and weeks—AND THE CONSTANT GUN CONTROL DEBATE—raging on Capitol Hill, is as intricately connected as a mosaic tapestry weaving.  Whether or not these teens are killing these little babies with guns, or if sinister hit men working very closely—behind the scenes—are actually pulling the trigger, you-the-people are not given to know.

But the Israeli Mossad practices ROUTINELY in exactly this kind of intelligence operation.  They set up rival gangs in confrontations, and then, a military sniper kills a baby during the “rumble”.  In the confusion the gang violence gets the blame.  The riots in Los Angeles and Detroit and elsewhere, were practice run throughs to incite violence—under the guise of QUIETLY bringing in United Nations “SOVIET” (not Russians, who are Christians like you) mercenary troops to “restore order”.
The Mossad, Israel’s terrorist secret service, is the worst group of murderous killers on the face of your Earth today.  They train ALL THE SO-CALLED “DEATH SQUADS” WHO SLAUGHTER THEIR OWN NATIONAL CITIZENS of WHAT EVER COUNTRY THEY OPERATE IN.  How else do you think Arabs, Latin Americans, Cambodians, Slavic countries, and the like, suddenly have “Ethnic Cleansing”, and “Genocide Programs” spring up literally over night, after hundreds of years, some even thousands of years of relatively peaceful co-existence?

The Jewish Mossad motto is:  “Thou Shalt Make War By Way Of Deception”, entails precisely this underhanded and evil manner of “covert warfare”.  And since you people of God are the Anti-Christ Jews’ most hated enemy, do you not see that these military Khazars, or Bolshevik Jews, are having a field-day causing the deaths—and themselves killing MILLIONS of Christians?!  As long as they can have you shooting at each other, or make you THINK you are shooting at each other, while they pick you off with bullets and “suicide bombs” (which mostly are MISSILES fired from miles away that you never see coming), then the Biblical Prophecy of “Wars and Rumors of Wars” will come to pass exactly as THEY (the Jews) wrote.

I HAVE MANY TIMES TOLD YOU THE SO CALLED “Anti-Christ” is coming out of Rome through Algeria, however, there is not just “one” being who is to claim that title.  There are about 6.5 – 7 Billion “Anti-Christs” among you this day!  All who do not follow the Laws of God and the Laws of the Creation are, by definition, “Anti-Christ”.  But there will be one groomed by the Zionist Elite to fit that role.  He is not an Arab, nor is he African American.  This entity will be “Jewish” and Khazarian, in that this is a Zionist Israel/British Israel New World Order under Satan.  Watch the clues because evil must always wear a clue.  Ye who turns from evil in intent are of God, all others have chosen—BY DEFAULT—to be of Satan.  There is no sitting on the fence this go ‘round, chelas (students), you are either for God or against.  So be it.


The scribe/receiver’s mother passes on this article from the Detroit Free Press:  Meteor brings out the jokes as recovery effort begins”, by Laura Mills, Associated Press.


CHELYABINSK, Russia—As a small army of  people worked to replace acres of windows shattered by the enormous explosion from a meteor, many joked on Saturday about what had happened [Hatonn:  I assure you, no one on the ground thought it was a joke as their world appeared to be coming to an end!  The Zionists will try to make everything dealing with UFOs and space aliens seem like a joke, until they are ready to terrify the masses of the planet with a sudden, full-scale invasion from space!] in this troubled pocket of Russia.  [H:  remember, the CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS now control space with those Electro-gravitic COSMOSPHERES that used to belong to the evil “Soviet” Khazars.  And it will be from these Russians—not Soviets—that help will come in the final hour!  Cosmospheres are Russia’s “Space Shuttles”; they look like “white Tesla’s Charged Particle Beam or Neutron Beam weapon.  Particle Beams “look like” lightning but are way more destructive.  Do not mistake man’s “UFOs” from God’s HOSTS from afar, for the Zionist/Bolshevik PLAN is to have you shooting at God on that day!]
One of the most popular jests:  Residents of the meteor were terrified to see Chelyabinsk approaching.

The fireball that streaked into the sky over this industrial city at about sunrise Friday was undeniably traumatic.  [H:  You think!!!??]  Nearly 1,200 people were reported injured by the shock wave from the explosion [H:  And these are the Zionist media establishment’s version of what happened—keep that in mind!] estimated to be as strong as 20 Hiroshima atomic bombs.
Because the explosion happened miles above Earth, the damage was not as severe.  [H:  Don’t bet on it!]  The Hiroshima blast happened about 2,000 feet above ground.

Large numbers of volunteers came forward to help fix the damage caused by the explosion and many residents came together on the Internet—first to find out what happened and soon to make jokes.  [H:  If it was over Edwards Air Force Base in California, or Selfridge Air Base in Michigan, would the populous REALLY be laughing???]

Chelyabinsk, nicknamed Tankograd because it produced the famed Soviet T34 tanks [H:  Among other things, the parts for Russia’s Cosmospheres, and their Cosmos Interceptors—the Kremlin’s Manned Killer Satellites.] can be as grim as its backbone heavy industries.  [H:  By the way, Russia’s giant Cosmospheres, the largest version, is nicknamed “Super Heavies”, and these are now thousands upon thousands of Cosmosphere “UFOs” of varying sizes!]

Long winters where temperatures routinely hit 22 below add to a general dour mien, as do worries about dangerous facilities in the region.

In 1957, a waste tank at the Mayak nuclear weapons plant exploded, contaminating 9,200 square miles and prompting authorities to evacuate 10,000 residents.  It is now Russia’s main nuclear waste disposal facility.

“The city is a place where people always seem bitter with each other,” said music teacher Ilya Shibanov.  But the meteor “was one of the rare times when people started to live together through one event.”  [H:  I would venture to guess that their “bitterness” comes from the knowledge that the Space War between the Zionist Bolsheviks in the U.S. and Britain, and you Goodly Christians is heating up on a global scale, and they feel no one is paying attention to what the Jewish Khazars are trying to do.  Wake up, world, and see that which the Zionists are staging for their pre-planned Armageddon!]

For many it’s been a reason to get to work repairing the more than 4,000 buildings in the city and region where windows were shattered or to provide other services.  [H:  Emphasis added.]
[H:  And at the same time…]


Residents in California reported seeing an unusual flash of light over the San Francisco Bay area that left many startled and thrilled.  [H:  Just “startled”, might be a better description.]

Based on reports late Friday [Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013] the light streaking in the northern California sky was a sporadic meteor, or fireball [H:  Or a space station or crafts shot down.] and not a major event, said Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society at Pennsylvania State University.  The group recorded at least 35 reports of the event, he said.  [H:  And yet, it hardly makes your Evening News broadcasts.]

Experts say smaller meteorites hit Earth five to 10 times a year.  But large meteors, such as the one that streaked over Chelyabinsk, Russia, are much rarer.

While Friday night’s fireball received a lot of attention in the San Francisco Bay area, experts point out that about 15,000 tons of debris from asteroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere every year.

[Photo of a giant round hole through the ice.  CHELYABINSK REGION POLICE DEPARTMENT VIA AFP/TETTY IMAGES.  Caption reads:  A big chunk of the meteor is believed to have fallen into Chebarkul Lake, breaking the thick ice.  Divers were searching for fragments.]

When man comes into the realization that he lives in a reality that is manufactured by the Jews of Khazaria for his ultimate demise, he will again move back into desiring to be ONE with God to find balance, peace, and joy, as Aton meant for His people to find in HIM.

Jonur, let us end this chapter here and take up with our current subject of the power of the few “Jews”, who control your very existence in these final hours of this cycle closing.

Thank you for your attention, world, and thank you scribe for your service.  Your Christ was crucified on an Easter weekend such as this.  Let not this be thine own crucifixion as the Jew formulates his plans to finish off Jesus’ own peoples and Divine Followers.

Hatonn moving to standby frequency.  Salu and good morning.

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