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New Series 160: … Media and Technology Companies: Both the three major television networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all of Hollywood’s movie studios were founded by Jewish Americans. [Hatonn: There are actually SOVIET BOLSHEVIKS—CALLED “COMMUNISTS”—WHO CAME TO THE UNITED STATES SPECIFICALLY TO USE “PROPAGANDA” IN THE NEW MEDIA OF “MOVIE PICTURES”, TO TAKE OVER THE MINDS OF THE MASSES “AND SHAPE THE CHILDREN’S BRAINS” TO SUIT JEWISH INTERRESTS.

3/20/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns160)

Hatonn present to continue.  May the Light of Aton keep you in protection and wisdom.  Amen.


… Media and Technology Companies:
Both the three major television networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all of Hollywood’s movie studios were founded by Jewish Americans.  [Hatonn:  There are actually SOVIET BOLSHEVIKS—CALLED “COMMUNISTS”—WHO CAME TO THE UNITED STATES SPECIFICALLY TO USE “PROPAGANDA” IN THE NEW MEDIA OF “MOVIE PICTURES”, TO TAKE OVER THE MINDS OF THE MASSES “AND SHAPE THE CHILDREN’S BRAINS” TO SUIT JEWISH INTERRESTS.  As the generations passed, the Jewish Khazar has replaced strong family values, and RESPECT FOR ELDERS, into the sexual and moral decay that has all but destroyed you.  Rap, rock, “metal”, etc., etc., is the cultivation of Jewish music producers to poison the children that will be the next generations of Americans.  Television and motion pictures COLLECTIVELY program your citizenry in the direction the Bolsheviks want for you to fight in the wars THE JEWS CREATE for you to fight!  Remember, in the Jew’s words:  “War Is the Jewish Harvest.”  That is how the “Serpent People” (another label they call themselves) got rich in the first place!  Jews were not born with all the silver and gold and Jew-lery that belonged to you Christians—they stole it from you by causing war, and SECRETLY playing one side against the other.  Since you THINK they are God’s “chosen people”, no one looked to see what they were doing behind the closed doors of the synagogue and the tiny little “Ghettos” (a Jewish term, just like “Nigger” is a Jewish term, meaning “stingy” or “niggardly” Jews who like to stick together, off to themselves—WITHIN THEIR HOST NATION—to plot how to destroy it and make off with the peoples’ loot!), but now you know!  Evil hides in the dark.  The LIGHT of God’s TRUTH will expose the Devil and his children.  Again, “Jews” are not Judeans, Judaists, nor are they Hebrew.  You have been lied to all the time, and “the media” is the tool they used to take the planet!  You, too, now can do likewise, and reclaim that which is Gods.  Your Holy Bible says to be as wise as serpents but peaceful as doves.  Get going!]  Today all the major media and all of Hollywood’s movie studios are still owned or run by Jews.  [H:  Make your own movies and real “reality shows”.  Movies don’t cost 300 million dollars to make.  You don’t need Warner Brothers’ music to produce YOUR SONG.  That was just so non-Jews did not get out there and make their own films, entertainment—AND ABOVE ALL—NEWS REELS!  Can you not imagine ones producing THE PHOENIX JOURNALS with words, pictures, and music ONLINE???  Are not those cell phones and computer pads MULTI-MEDIA CAPABLE???  Let God’s message go “viral” on the internet, and watch TRUTH capture the world!  Man innately recognizes the truth, and he will not stand still once he knows he has been deceived and made a fool of.  The Jews (Khazars) stole your nation from you and created diseases and wars to murder Christianity—which means murdering Christians in great numbers.  It is time to defend selves in the name of Christ, chelas; here are your tools, use this information in whatever manner God directs, and reclaim your nation.]

These two industries, along with the enormity of Jewish wealth in the U.S. and abroad, are the most powerful institutions in American society impacting everything from who wins or loses elections to what opinions and attitudes people have toward other ethnic groups, races, nations, or religions, as in the case of Islamophia inflamed by a few Jewish Zionists.

These few media conglomerates account for the far majority that reaches the American public.
All of these conglomerates have global media outlets and each one owns many television stations, radios, entertainment-businesses, movie studios, publishing companies, and cable stations.

Sumner Redstone—Major owner of Viacom which owns CBS Television.

Robert Iger—Chair/CEO of Walt Disney Company, owns ABC Television Network.
Jeffrey L. Bewkes—Time Warner Inc. which owns CNN and Time Magazine.
Brian L. Roberts—Chair/CEO Comcast Corporations which owns NBC Universal and is the largest cable company in America.  [H:  First they had to get Don Barton of Detroit out of the way.  There couldn’t be any African Americans with that kind of power.  Murders disguised as “sudden illnesses”, are a favorite method of the Khazar Jews to get rid of their enemies.  That is WHY Jews are “doctors” in the first place.  Their Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion instructs Jews to do just that, so they can kill off you Christians as fast as possible.  At least before you find out their heinous plans!  Spread The Word and open thine eyes to the truth, because it only works of you ones are ignorant and kept in the dark.  Immanuel (“Jesus” Esu SANANDA) said, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge!”  So be it!]

Rupert Murdoch—Chair/CEO News Corporation [H:  The MI-6 (Military Intelligence-Division Six/British Intelligence) / Israeli Mossad operative, charged with gathering INTELLIGENCE on the entire civilian population of Europe, the United States, and elsewhere, through electronic spying from his vast media empire.  This is also a COMMUNIST/KHAZAR network in total cooperation with RED CHINA! A very dangerous outfit to say the least!  Pay attention to the fallout from the scandal of the News Corporation lawsuits in Britain, particularly as it spills over into America.] ,which owns the very right wing Pro Israel Television Company:  FOX Network plus The Wall Street Journal (Not Jewish, but a rabid Zionist) [H:  And yes, he IS Jewish, by way of Australia, which is nothing more than a British Colony.  Don’t laugh, because your nation, also, has come back under the Crown of England!] (See Worldwide Newspaper Empire)
Michael Bloomberg—Bloomberg L.P., a mass media corporation, with broadcasting, radio, and publishing interests.
Mortimer Zuckerman—Chairman of Boston Properties; Editor-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report, owner of the New York Daily News.
Technology Companies:
It’s a plausible concern that these companies with their world-wide hold on computers, laptops, tablets, chips, and software can potentially monitor and have access to all or any government’s discussions, intelligence, industrial and military secrets, as well as of individuals either at a government’s request or on their own.  [H:  Indeed!  “Technology” comes with a hefty price tag in the Khazar Kingdom of a Global Government!  This New World Order is a socialistic-fascist oligarchy, with Jews ruling the planet through murder and fear.  Since you out number them Billions to One, all you have to do is wake up!  The trap is set, however, so haste is the order of the day!]  What is the relationship, if any, between these wealthy Jewish Americans and Israel?  Something to contemplate.
They are natural allies for the ever expanding cyber-attacks against any government.
Dell, Inc.:  Michael Dell.
Google/YouTube:  Larry Page.
Microsoft:  Steve Ballmer.
Facebook:  Mark Zuckerberg.
Yahoo!  Marissa Mayer.
Oracle Corporation:  Larry Ellison.
Cisco Corporation:  Leonard Bosack.
Sun Microsystems:  Jonathan I. Schwartz.
Other Internet Entrepreneurs:
Jimmy Wales—Founder of Wikipedia
Jeffrey Skoll—Founder of eBay
Major Newspaper Owners:
All of these companies own many other newspapers, television and radio stations as well.
New York Times:  Arthur Ocks Sulzberger.
Washington Post Company:  Donald Graham.
Tribune Company:  Sam Zell (Includes Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times)
The Newsweek Daily Beast Company:  Two Jewish owners; Barry Diller and Sydney Harman’s family (Newsweek Magazine and online Daily Beast)
Reuters International News Agency:  founded by Paul Julius Reuters [H:  An MI- 6 flag ship company.]
Jewish Wealth and Jewish Power:
“.. When we (Jews) rise, there arises also our terrible power of the purse.”  - Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State, 1896
Wall Street’s banks, financial companies, investment groups, hedge funds, the New York Stock Exchange, and Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow Jones Company was founded by three Jews) are for all practical purposes Jewish-owned or run.  [H:  Both!  Just like the Federal Reserve Act, set the things up so the BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (S) IS OWNED AND CONROLLED BY JEWISH KHAZARS.  And it is a secret, worse still; it isn’t a U.S. government anything!!  It is a private corporation that has nothing to do with government!  You have been had, precious ones, they only NAMED IT “Federal” Reserve, so you-the-people would simply assume it was of your Federal government.  Pretty slick and slippery of that old serpent/snake, don’t you think?!  This one corporation stole all America’s money (GOLD) and put you into massive DEBT with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the biggie, the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS IN BASEL, SWITZERLAND!  Are the lights beginning to really come on as to why Jesus chased the Pharisee Khazar “Jews” –not Hebrews—HE was a Hebrew—out of the temple with a donkey’s whip!  HE was actually Sumerian, not to be confused with “Good Samaritan” but, so were all of you!  The Sumerian Texts, found in southern Iraq, told you the history of “ancient aliens” and astronauts who came here 6,000 years ago, and created your “modern” human race.  The Khazars had Iraq bombed so you would not find out the truth of man’s beginnings.  Makes more sense WHY Saddam and Bagdad was destroyed—particularly the museums where the texts were kept???  The Dead Sea Scrolls also told of the Nephilim and the Elohim who came to Earth, and with God.  However, the Jews in Israel have kept those scrolls from you for more than 50 YEARS NOW.  Any “translations” they show the world will not have any reference to God’s HOSTS, or Jesus, coming from space in SILVER CLOUDS and CHARIOTS OF FIRE.  This would PROVE THAT SPACE CRAFT FROM “HEAVEN”—WHICH ONLY MEANS “SKY” IN THE BIBLES BEFORE KING JAMES CHANGED IT (or had it changed—for he would not even read it!)—PARTED THE RED SEA.  Those mysterious “Stars” that did all those wonderful miracles, would not be mysterious if you were given un-tampered Biblical texts and scrolls.  As you can see, all is connected to ALL, as we unravel the lies from your ancient past, and present TRUTH to the world, the Jews will have no place to hide.  This is what Jesus meant when he said, “I am about my Father’s business…”  And so are you.]

There is a vast corrupt incestuous relationship between Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) which regulates Wall Street.  There is a self-enriching revolving door between Wall Street and the Government.
Cases in Point:  Four Jewish Americans
Arthur Levitt, Jr.:  Was the longest serving chairman of the U.S. Security Exchange Commission.  After leaving the SEC he began working for Goldman Sachs, a Jewish company, the very company he once regulated.

Paul Volcker:  A Wall Street insider tapped by President Carter to be the Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank.  After leaving the Federal Reserve in 1987, he became chairman of the prominent New York investment banking firm, Wolfensohn & Co., a corporate advisory and investment firm run by James D. Wolfensohn (Jewish who later became president of the World Bank) [H:  Dear friends, you have to come into the realization that your nation and your CONSTITUTION, are built upon the foundation that ECONOMIC WARFARE IS THE REAL ENEMHY OF YOU-THE-PEOPLE.  The “Money Changers” had Jesus SANANDA crucified.  They are the Pharisees and Sadducees written of in your Holy Bible.  TODAY—TWO THOUSAND YEARS LATER-THEY CALL THEMSELVES “JEWS” AND “ZIONISTS”. THEY ARE NOT HEBREWS NOR DO THEY COME FROM HEBER’S TRIBE, WHO WAS SEM/SHEM’S NEPHEW.  THEY ARE NOT JUDAISTS, THEY DO NOT COME FROM JUDA’S TRIBE, NOR DO THEY FOLLOW THE JUDAIC RELIGION, OR “TORAH”.  They are not the people of The Book.  “J-E-W” is an INVENTED WORD, along with the word “Israel” with a capital “I”.  “israel”, with a lower case “i” was simply a phrase meaning, “Godly people”, “follower of God”, “God’s people”, etc.  It NEVER was a proper noun with a capital “I”—UNTIL THE 1700’s, it never was “a place”, nor was it “a people”, as such.  No more than the word “friends” can be designated a race of chosen people by changing it to “Friends”, and making the label a proper noun by capitalizing the first letter.  Just as the “Jews” played a word game with “Federal” reserve, so you might assume Federal Government (which, like I repeatedly point out is NOT), they played the same trick with the Hebrew Judean Judaists.  A “JEW” is not a Judean.  A “Jew” is not a Hebrew like Charlton Heston from “The Ten Commandments”.  A “Jew” is not a follower of the Judaist’s religion, which is based on the “Torah”, from which your Holy Bible is based (and the Torah comes from the Sumerian Texts, which the Judeans stole from the Sumerians!  Nobody is completely innocent, chelas, so let us get on with telling it like it IS).  The POINT is, dear hearts, your CONSTITUTION explicitly states that the United States In America/United States of America, shall NOT enter in any treaty giving up your right to coin and mint your own money!  Your wealth as a nation is all that protects you from tyrants trying to conquer and destroy you.  And your Right to Keep and Bear Arms!  Foreign UN troops are waiting for you to be disarmed.  It is illegal to owe DEBT to an outside OR FOREIGN ENTITY—PERIOD!!!  Therefore, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland—ARE CRIMINAL AND TOTALLY HOSTILE ORGANIZATIONS, SET UPON THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA—AND HER CITIZENS OF YOUR GODLY REPUBLIC!!!!  Black’s Law Dictionary provides the Tool to reclaim your stolen gold, and thus your stolen nation:  “REBUS SIC STANTIBUS”—You look up the correct wording and spelling—but it is a Latin phrase dealing with treaties, which are the most powerful documents/instruments in government:  “The Situation Has Changed”.  If you found out you were tricked into signing something YOU THOUGHT AND WERE TOLD was one thing, but later turns out to be something totally against what you believed to be true—THE TREATY BECOMES NULL AND VOID OF POWER TO BIND IN ANY AGREEMENT.  Would any American today, Black, White, Native, Hispanic, Asian, Judean, Catholic, Protestant, etc., etc., knowingly sign away the land from under their feet???!!!  Would they give up ALL their natural resources—FRESH WATER, GROWING FIELDS, MINERAL RIGHTS, AND SHIP ALL THEIR FT. KNOX GOLD OUT OF THE U.S. TO BANK VAULTS IN SWITZERLAND????!!!!  And worse, sign away your childrens’ right to exist on the soil you sowed for your families’ future??? !!!  Only Khazar “Jews”, in the employ of Lucifer himself, dear ones, would be so bold as to try to pull such a massive and heinous scam on Jesus’ Children, wouldn’t you say?!  Who among you is on God’s side?]  Volcker returned to government to serve on Obama’s economic team.  He then returned to Wall Street.

Robert Rubin:  Worked for Goldman Sachs for 26 years becoming Co-Chair of the Bank prior to joining President Clinton’s team as Secretary of the Treasury.  He returned to Wall Street to work for Citigroup.

Peter Orszag:  Served as Director of the Congressional Budget Office then was tapped by Obama to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the White House.  Upon leaving government he joined the Citicorp Bank.

There are many such examples.  This incestuous relationship has served Wall Street extremely well.  When three Jewish banks collapsed due to fraud and greed in the housing market [H:  The overall REASON for the housing market “crash”, and related DEPRESSION, is the Khazarian takeover of our nation.  All is orchestrated for that purpose, no matter who or what gets the “public blame”.]  (Lehman Brothers, Bear and Stearns, Goldman Sachs, and others), it was their former officers in government who bailed them out {H:  What do you expect when the Jewish foxes run the hen house!] with close to one trillion dollars at a time when the American middle class was suffering the most.


Jonur, break here, please for the next Chapter.  Hatonn to clear. 

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