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Good morning, Hatonn present to resume in communion.  Amen and Salu.


“UNCENSORED” magazine, September-December 2013.


The recovered mind-slave Brice Taylor tells in her book, Thanks for the Memories, how she was forced to have sex with Philip and Charles.  It is not without reason that the former British Intelligence officer, Peter Wright, said in his controversial book Spycatcher that “The palace had enjoyed several centuries of scandal burying.”

Christine said that another controversial book The Royals, by the American author Kitty Kelly, was true but “she left out a lot of stuff, she’s been quite kind”.  She’s not kidding as you will soon appreciate.  Christine told me about other members of the royal clan including Prince Philip’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, another satanist.

She said:

“Lord Mountbatten was a big s…., too.  It was him who f…. up Charles and got him on the nasty road.”  So this is the family which hooked an unsuspecting 19 year-old and used her, in Diana’s words, as a “brood more” to produce Windsor heirs with Spencer genes.  [Hatonn:  This is how the Elite Conspirators “keep it all in the family”.  Do you REALLY think the Clintons, the Bushes, Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell (Federal Reserve Board and NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent), Rockefeller unions, and Rothschild heirs—are merely happenstance love marriages???  Perish the thought!  The adversary is joined in UNHOLY matrimonies with but one thing in mind:  the solidifying of power into the hands of 13 families, by blood AND MONEY—NOTHING ELSE!  Only you-the-people believe the made up stories of high school sweethearts, or college romances that end up as law partnerships and big Clinton-type matching political careers, seemingly destined by the stars.  The things you are witnessing in these “royal” (whether Britain or American “kings”) get-togethers, is the biggest fake “reality show” ever produced.  Nothing you have been presented with is real.  These are distractions to rob you of your material possessions.  The evil Zionist affiliated false Judean Hebrew—called “JEW”—is still the bitter enemy of Christianity!  Don’t forget it for one instant!]  But it was more than that.  Much more.  Only a few weeks before this book went to press, and months after Christine gave me her information in England, I was contacted by a friend in the United States who was deprogramming a very high level mind controlled slave from Project Monarch.  [H:  This is one of the CIAs mind control programs.]  He believes her to be the highest ranked women in the satanic hierarchy in the United States and she was one of only three “Mother Goddesses” in the world.  This is Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene.

At the time my friend and Arizona had no idea what Christine Fitzgerald had said.  Arizona had been programmed and trained since childhood to become a “Mother Goddess” who conducted satanic rituals at the highest levels of the Brotherhood all over the world.  [H:  The 33rd degree Mason is fully aware of just WHO you are really worshipping to when you finally get to the top in pecking order.  Lucifer is the “bearer of light” who initiates you into how the world functions under the Anti-Christ/Anti-God!  The secret satanic orders and semi-secret societies, operate right along in step with your establishment structure, which is designed just to keep the innocent Goys pre-occupied with trivial pursuits, and STAGED “INCIDENTS”, so you do not see what your adversary is really up to!  There was an episode of the 1960s television show, “The Munsters”, when Herman Munster needed a special “doctor” to help him break a curse on an emerald ring that was stuck on his finger, and causing him all sorts of bad luck.  Finally, grandpa managed to track down a very unassuming doctor who had a modest office practice in town somewhere.  When cornered by grandpa Lilly and Herman, who knew his old Transylvania ties to “their world”, the doctor dismissed his secretary and let the Munsters into a secret room through a sliding wall panel.  Once they were all inside the room was very similar to grandpa’s dungeon laboratory at home.  The doctor then became ANOTHER PERSONALITY ALTOGETHER!  He put on a warlock’s robe, and pointy wizard’s ceremonial hat, and then proceeded to work his magical charms with ritualistic chants, smoke and flying sparks, etc.  Grandpa was himself in awe!  The curse of the emerald “Forgoesy” ring was broken, and the ring fell to the floor with a clatter.  Now, this was a serious bit of revelation about what some of your unassuming “family doctors” might be up to behind closed and locked secret doors.  However, the Zionists are taught that “through jest and ridicule” they will get the better of the “stupid Goy”.  “We will get the consideration afforded to the cloth (church) and the state (politics).”  Herman paused when it was all over and said, “Can you make me a hot fudge sundae?”  Which puts everyone back to sleep—“Oh, these are just jokes!”  Indeed, they ARE, but while you snicker and laugh at our brother being made fun of by Khazars, such as David Letterman, etc., etc., etc., YOU AMERICA HAVE BECOME THE “BUTT” OF THE MOST CRUEL JOKE OF ALL—THE WIPING OUT OF GOD AND CHRISTIANITY AND YOUR NATION!  I repeat:  The Jews have NEVER lost sight of THEIR goals—you have!  Let us remember together, in that you may reclaim that which was given to you by your Creator, by Grace.]  She described to my friend the inside of many secret and underground facilities that he has personally seen.  What she described was accurate every time.  [H:  The secret underground facilities are all over your nation, as well, and the alien beings working within your world’s governments are most certainly stashed there.  Remember the portions of our Holy Books that talk of “demons coming up out of the Earth”?  Keep in mind that their craft look like UFOs, too, so they CAN fool you if you do not learn the difference in Satan’s little bunch.  The Russian (Christian Russia, not “Soviet” Khazar “Communists”) Cosmosphere “UFOs” and God’s HOSTS.  The twinkling, strobing—RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW—“stars” situated about your horizon, and strategically stationed around your planet—ARE OF GOD.  THEY WILL BE YOUR FIRST CLUE WHEN THE HOUR OF CONFRONTATION ARRIVES.  WATCH THE SKIES, CHELAS, FOR YOUR ELECTRONICS WILL FAIL.  THERE WILL BE NO RADIO, TELEVISION, OR INTERNET—NOT EVEN BATTERIES WILL FUNCTION FOR A TIME.  Your human and the adversary craft cannot “strobe” the colors of the spectrum.  Nor can they appear as “Cloud Ships” you see hovering over mountains, or sitting motionless while other clouds float on past.  “Silver Clouds” relates to this capability of our Fleet, however, mostly we remain “shielded” visibly from your eyes as well as your electronic tracking systems.]  He also checked her story with other contacts and the truth of her memories was continually confirmed.  What she told my friend, and later told me on audio and video tape supports the information supplied by other slaves and by Christine Fitzgerald about the Windsors and their true nature.  Arizona said that she officiated at satanic rituals at Glamis Castle in Tayside, Scotland, the childhood home of the Queen Mother who still owns the property, and also at Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish residence.  [H:  You can bet the royals won’t lose THEIR homes because of “property” taxes!  If you can lose your house because you owe a dollar or two in PORPERTY TAXES—YOU DO NOT OWN IT!  You have again been fooled by the clever but stupid Jew, U.S. citizens are not supposed to pay taxes on their land.  Nor are you supposed to give away all your hard earned earnings in Federal Income Tax!  Your CONSTITUTION FORBIDS THAT “Highway Robbery” here in “The New World”!  This was WHY you ran from England and Europe in the first place!  The Jews stealing every ones gold!  Remember, “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA was murdered 3 DAYS AFTER DRIVING THE JEWISH MONEY CHANGERS OUT OF THE TEMPLE/CHURCH!  The Anti-Christ is the one who charges man INTERREST/USURY, HEAVY TAXATION, and the use of GOLD AND SILVER FOR WARS AND THE MANIPULATION OF KINGS AND EMPERORS!  Jewish Khazar “Turks” have stolen and gathered the world’s gold supplies to themselves.  The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, are the ancestors of the money-changers who were Christ’s enemy.  They are also YOUR ENEMY—TODAY.  Who DO you as a nation “owe” all this “debt” to, anyway???  England’s Jews—the same ones you went to war with in 1812 (and before and since, just under different guises)!  England owns more of America THAN ANY OTHER NATION.  They have never forgiven you for breaking away from their tyrannical monarchy!]  The Brotherhood obsession with Scotland, she said, was because there are many entrances there into the inner-Earth where the physical reptilians live.  [H:  You also have Hitler’s “Unterland” within the gigantic caverns inside the Earth.  Both Arctic and Antarctic openings exist, and when you THOUGHT Hitler committed suicide and Germany lost World War II—“the Last Battalion” of Hitler’s “UFO” (He called it his “Wonder Weapon”, or “UFO Battalion”—Flying Disc-shaped craft, developed with the help of extraterrestrials he made a treaty with) fleet went to the Antarctic and re-located the Third Reich to this area and inside the Earth.  So, you are seeing many different craft in your skies.   However, as you are being made aware, these are mock craft your elite and various government groups are testing and flying about.  The final hope, however, is that these various factions of the elite conspirators UNITE, and come together to take part in the most cruel hoax ever to be played on the citizens of the world.  An “Alien Invasion” with replicated and “cloned” creatures waiting and set to scare a world into unimaginable PANIC!  It will not work, however, if the people KNOW WHAT IS AFOOT.]

Glamis Castle is built on the site of an 11th century royal hunting lodge and the present building dates from around 1687.  It is mentioned in the Shakespearean play Macbeth.  Arizona said that the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne are present at the rituals and so is Charles’ girlfriend, Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Doesn’t it all now start to make sense?

She said that during the sacrificial rituals the Queen wears a cloak of gold fabric inlaid with rubies and black onyx.  The Queen and Charles have their own ritual goblets, inlaid with precious stones signifying their Illuminati-Brotherhood rank.  The “Mother Goddess” says that the Queen makes cruel remarks about lesser initiates, but is afraid of the man code-named ‘Pindar’ (the Marquis de Libeaux) who is higher than her in the satanic hierarchy.  [H:  You are going to find that this is a Rothschild “Lord”, and that men run the show.  They will let the royal queens play tea party and open PUBLIC ceremonies, however, know that the “Big Boy” himself sits at the very top.  You only have about 5 elite pulling the strings of the 13 families of “lesser puppets”.  The 300 families they represent are always the same ones.  They sit on all the director “boards”, all the big international banks, all the pharmaceutical drug houses, the chemical houses, the “defense” contractors, the munitions makers, the big 3 or 4 top television stations, the movie studios, etc., etc., etc.  Only the public is made to believe these are all non-connecting individual businesses and concerns.  The Jew has his octopus tentacle arms (only he has 8x8x8x8x8!) in all things, so as to keep God’s Christians in chains and blinded to truth, as to Lucifer’s final plans.  Just as Christ was crucified for bringing you TRUTH, in that you might come up out of the trap, and untangle yourselves from Revelation’s Beast; so now are His children—YOU—being crucified and murdered by the same Pharisee Khazar Jews!  There is only a tiny handful of them, dear hearts, don’t you think it is time GOD’S PEOPLE WIN ONE?!!?]  This also supports a claim made to me by another recovered slave who said she had seen the Queen physically beaten by someone above her in satanic rank.

Pindar apparently bears a resemblance to Prince Charles and Arizona says that Pindar is Charles’ real father.  She said that the sacrificial victims used in the rituals at Glamis Castle are mostly under five years of age [H:  Keep a very close physical look out for your children and your pets—especially around Halloween!  The satanic element among you in society kidnapping children during these days and nights in honor of Lucifer, dear friends.  And the victims are mercilessly killed in great suffering and anguish.  Go back, now, to the unexplainable babies found dead in burning beds or garages.  Little girls found in the deep woods burned beyond any recognition, or those never heard of or spoken of again.  It is time to look at evil for that which it truly is—and not that which they make more palatable in “Harry Potter”, and the Vampire Teen movies and “after school” entertainment.  Jewish Khazars are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They are pretending to be Hebrews in robes—teaching YOU CHRISTIANS about YOUR God!  And they have lied to you—you have been deceived mightily!] and the ceremonies are guarded by members of Scotland’s Black Watch.  [H:  “Fat Bastard”, a character in the “Austin Powers” British spy comedy films, is a special “Black Watch” guard, who is a double agent, and this Mike Myers character eats babies!  However, it is glossed over, once again, because of the “jest and ridicule”, so expertly practiced by Jews to throw you Christians off balance.] 

 She also confirmed that Lord Mountbatten was a pedophile and that the Windsors are reptilians in human form.  [H:  Pedophiles are a REQUIREMENT for the upper-levels of your elite conspirators government BEHIND-THE-SCENES.  That is one of the top secrets of the Luciferians who secretly control your puppet rulers.  And Bush, Sr. and Mr. Clinton, are not exempt.  Remember, the little Jewess, Lowinsky, I believe she was called, who the Israeli Mossad (Israel’s secret service, a murderous bunch of God-less terrorists) got to try and bring down the first “Black President” before Obama.  It was no major sting operation to get ol’ Billy Boy to seduce a young intern!!  There are a very limited few, who are chosen by God to help see His Republic come to fruition.  President Obama and “Majority Whip” James E. Clyburn are two of them!  Regain that which God Aton gave to HIS people!]  Her interview with me was taped, as were the ones with Christine Fitzgerald, and copies are now at various addresses.  [H:  This is what you all must learn to do.  The electronic “Beast from Revelation” is a COMPUTER.  “You cannot buy, sell, or trade (barter) without the ‘Mark of the Beast’ on your forehead, on your hand”… where ever (Laser printed Bar-Codes, of which a computer reads only the lines—the MARK.  If you’ve ever been to any Federal building or hospital—you are marked of the Beast!)  With the laser and holographic equipment you now possess, it is done painlessly, and in a matter of seconds!]

The video interview with Arizona is available and details are at the back of the book.  I stress that this “Mother Goddess” had no idea what Christine Fitzgerald had told me and yet their statements match again and again.  Arizona says that Diana definitely knew that the Windsors were shape-shifting reptilians. 

[H:  A “Reptilian” secret service agent was video-taped from two different angles at a presidential speech given at the Jewish AIPAC (American and Israeli Political Action Committee)]

Is This Man an Alien or just a Normal Bald Guy?

By Glenn Canady [online] 

March 28, 2013

This is one of the strangest things I’ve seen.  At an AIPAC meeting in 2012 there is a man in the secret service that doesn’t look human guarding Obama!

A massive number of trolls came out of the woodwork on YouTube and these trolls that immediately cried FAKE.  These trolls didn’t have any history on YouTube, no views, no subscribers but they were REALLY interested in saying this man was just a normal human bald guy!  [H:  Oops!  The cat is out of the bag!  There is proof of Extraterrestrial Presence on your place.  However, they will not allow ANY presentation of Space People or “Angels”, who look like you!  The Biblical “Jesus”, “E.T.s”—are not allowed reproduction in your media outlets.  They are the ones Kissinger Assoc. orders your world’s governments to kill on contact. 

 Remember, a SECOND COMING OF GOD is planned by your Luciferian adversary.  And if you cannot tell the difference between God’s HOSTS in “Chariots of Fire”, and the satanic bunch’s mock “UFOs” then you are in grave trouble-- for you will be shooting at God’s people on that day!]  There’s something strange here that I feel needs to be investigated further.  I’m not saying that this man is definitely an alien but due to the number of trolls attacking and the high quality nature of the footage I feel it is worth further investigation.

If you agree that this man does look strange [H:  If you have access to the Internet, you will notice from his quick, reptile-like movements, this man is not human.  But, as you start seeing these other beings in thy midst you will recognize that you are ruled by a ROBOTOID (“CLONED”) ARMY!!!  Politicians, World Leaders, and members of your own various governments, are REPLICAS OF LONG DEAD MURDERED HUMANS.  It is impossible to make a Robotoid of a truly godly man.  You’ll have to just take that one out, and that will be the end of that one!  I repeat, Obama and Clyburn ARE NOT REPLICAS.]  then give it thumbs up on YouTube.  If you think he looks perfectly human then give the video a thumbs down.  Post your comments either way.  It’s very interesting looking to me anyway.  We’ll see what most people think within a month.

[An Image of a “Secret Service Agent” standing in front of a Jewish agent looking on.  In the foreground is another “Bald Guy” alien from the back, in front row.  An infrared image is over lane of the reptilian agent.  The overall shape and poise of the head is not human.  In the “live” videos the “shape-shifting” is seen.  Also, the constant shifting of a supposedly disciplined Secret Service Agent is “odd”.  Caption reads:  Obama’s Reptilian Secret Service Spotted AIPAC Conference 3 Angels (HD).]

Diana’s comments to Christine Fitzgerald support this.  Apparently, reptilians have been seen to shape-shift during sleep.


Break here for a Chapter break, Jonur.  Thank you for your service.  Salu!    


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