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10/21/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns191)

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“UNCENSORED” magazine, September-December 2013


Diana had a profound effect on millions of people as we saw after her death and they did not know the half of what she had to suffer after the Windsors sank their fangs.  In many ways Diana was a mirror of Marilyn Monroe, used by the establishment and then cast aside and murdered.  Marilyn had affairs with President Kennedy and, it seems, his brother, Bobby, and when she became dangerous and surplus to requirements she was killed because of what she knew.

In another of those remarkable examples of synchronicity there are many “coincidences’ that connect her life and Diana’s.  They were both born on the first of the month and died of the age of 36 in August.  They both married on the 29th of the month to men twelve years older.  Marilyn called herself the Queen of Diamonds and Diana the Queen of Hearts.  And both were the subject of the Elton John song, Candle in the Wind, which he sang at Diana’s funeral.  Since Christine Fitzgerald first spoke to me the threat to destroy her business has been implemented.  Suddenly the phone stopped ringing and when I met her again she was seeing as many clients in a week as she had been in a day.  This is unexplainable when you consider she is one of Britain’s most gifted and effective healers working in the center of London.  Unexplainable, that is, unless you know the story.  But she told me she is determined the truth shall be known, whatever the authorities seek to do to her:

“I don’t want a war, I just want an end to the bullshit”, as she puts it.  Looking back on Diana’s life and their conversations together, she says:

“Poor cow, she was in a house where no one gave a damn and it’s a terrible state of affairs.  She was all alone in a nest of vipers.  I used to just patch her up.  She just found me and just came to me.  I made her wait for a fortnight until I checked it out.  They used to say that I was giving her anger therapy.  I didn’t.  I used to just listen to her, take it all in, and think Jesus Christ!  But I didn’t think they would kill her.  I can’t believe that this information is so close to home and yet they are still managing to keep it at bay.  My room is the truth room and it’s a real place of safety and I don’t judge anyone on their s…, and that’s why I haven’t spoken about any of this in the past.  She was as screwed up as anyone, you know, and if you are going to tell the truth, you have to tell the whole truth.  She wasn’t crazy, she was mentally and physically abused, I feel, from a little girl.  Her father was a nasty piece of work and her stepmother (Raine), too.”

“The Royal Family were very afraid.  She would have taken the public away from them; she would have taken the world from them gradually.  They recognized her worth and fed off her in a psychic vampire way for a long time.  All she wanted was to get married and have children you know, bless her heart.  She wanted to live out what she had never had.  The world would have come to rights with Diana because, as f…. up as she was, she was a light being and wherever she went she manifested love.  It was amazing.  The sad thing was that she didn’t know she was doing that and she needed proof of her worth and she was looking in the wrong quarters for that.  But when she tried to break away, we went out and did normal things.  She did Kung Fu with my husband for five years.  She wanted to be normal, to link arms and walk down the street.  She knew where her heart lay.  She really and truly did amazing things.”

Diana said she could not believe how cold the Windsors were and the public had a graphic example of this in the days after her death.  They stayed out of sight at Balmoral in Scotland while the people mourned Diana in their tens of millions with an unprecedented explosion of grief.  Only pressure from the public through the media forced the Queen, kicking and screaming, to make a cold, emotionless and pathetic tribute to Diana on television the night before the funeral.  (Hatonn:  You can KNOW it was an assassination, or “coup”, by the fact that, instead of Diana’s family flag and coat of arms draped over the casket, it was the Queen’s flag.  The murder was done in ceremony, right down to time and location in that tunnel.  The history of that spot goes back CENTURIES in the power struggle of those monarchies, with England, France, Prussia, and the rest of Europe.  Only you-the-public, who sleeps on are kept out of “the loop”.  Now you know of these evil reptilian conspirators among you, those who kidnap and sacrifice your babies and youth from the streets AND “DAYCARE” CENTERS of the world!  Awaken, and reclaim the planet (“mansion”) God gave to His people!  Evil MUST REMAIN HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS—do you see why!?!  When man realizes that he has been “had”, he will not sit still for a moment longer.  “How did we let this happen, when we didn’t even know?”  Now you do, so let’s fix it!]

Cold is a word constantly used about the Queen, Philip, and Charles, and that’s the mental and emotional profile of the Brotherhood and its networks.

Bill Cooper [H:  Author of “Behold A Pale Horse”, a book that borrowed heavily from our writings (which is fine, I told all of you to do that) about the bad “E.T.s” within your own government, of which Cooper’s conclusions were wrong.  In it he concluded that aliens were “holding your government hostage”.  Perish the thought!  It is the human conspirators behind the scenes who are holding YOU hostage.  That is why we, of Space Command (God’s HOSTS from Afar), don’t just show up on CNN, and land on the 40-yard-line at the Super Bowl!  All telecommunications and electronic wireless transmission from the site would be INSTANTLY NEUTRALIZED, and Para-military forces would move in and take over.  And believe me, no one would find out what was happening.  The entire stadium—or city for that matter—would be shut down.  Everyone would be hauled away in trucks, never to be seen or heard from again!  You think that can’t happen?!  It happens all the time in your wars, and you-the-people back home are simply shown and told lies and PREFABRICATIONS, waiting to roll—just in case of something like this!  The Space Shuttles were all staged “plays” that were filmed and edited “Hollywood-style”, long before any “missions” took off.  Nearly ALL your shuttles were shot down, or blown up in orbit, in the SECRET SPACE WAR YOU HAVE BEEN HAVING AGAINST THE RUSSIANS.  The Zionist BOLSHEVIK (military Khazar “Jews”) “SOVIETS”—SUCH AS KISSINGER, BRZEZINSKI, ETC.—HAVE BEEN TRYING TO LAUNCH A FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR ATTACK AGAINST RUSSIA, SINCE THE LATE 1970s.  Christian Russia controls space, now, my friends, and those “Soviets”, who are really “Jewish” Khazarian “Communists” (a term created by and for JEWS!), have been seeking revenge, ever since they got kicked out of Russia.  Guess what, they (the Bolshevik Jews) flocked to YOUR country, and took up housekeeping in your government and Pentagon and NASA; AND—California to create Hollywood and (the “land” part fell off the sign during an earthquake), the biggest propaganda machine on the planet!  With the news reels and media firmly in Jewish control, the Bolsheviks could do whatever they wanted, and hide the TRUTH by simply making up a story—AND PRESENTING IT AS FACT!  Since you think of “Jews” (Khazar Zionists) as regular “White People”, you do not think that such a bitter enemy could be among you, and so entrenched in your American society and politics.  But that IS the trick, “wolves in sheep’s clothing”????  After all, you’d have to be pretty slick, indeed, to kill off the Christian God, and now, slowly poison and murder Christ’s people without them knowing it—and right under their noses!  VACCINES ARE GIVING YOU ALZHEIMER’S AND AUTISM!  PROSTATE AND BREAST “SCREENINGS” ARE GIVING YOU PROSTATE CANCER AND BREAST CANCER!  JEWISH “DOCTORS” HAVE MADE A “VOW” (KOL NIDRE) TO MURDER GOYS—NON-KHAZAR JEWS—ANY AND EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!  There are ways to make the body whole again—but first stop willfully taking the poisons!  It is a gradual process of extermination, that way you don’t catch on.  And also, the numbers of the sick and dying are never told to the public.  Remember media control?  And the films your young adults (and even the little children now) are bombarded with portray sexual behavior for them to imitate.  THAT ENSURES THE SPREAD OF DEADLY MAN-MADE DISEASES!  AIDS is, by far, more rampant than your nation or world could possibly fathom!  Firstly, it is NOT a “sexually” transmitted disease—it is a SOCIALLY transmitted disease—even worse than the “common cold”!  And second, they have not told you what the “new classification” of the virus is!   They are working their way up to it, however, and soon it will be “announced”, and EVERYONE will be REQUIRED to get the shot.  And you can bet the farm, that what will be in THAT “vaccine” won’t be sugar water!  Stay with us as we expose the “Quiet Weapons For Quiet Wars”, and “Murder By Injection”, programs now deployed to kill off the human race.  As bleak as all this sounds, chelas, God and HIS PEOPLE do win in the end.  Just make damn sure, you know WHICH SIDE you’re on!  If you are reading these JOURNALS and ask for protection, it is given—instantly.  Do thy own part, too, in thy salvation, for God Aton will not do your part and His part in saving your assets!  And REMEMBER, NOTHING CAN HARM YOU with the Christed Light securely around your being.  If you are not sure—ASK GOD IMMEDIATELY, EVEN AS YOU READ THESE WORDS.  You will be heard. That is why the Khazarian Jewish adversary bombards you with so much confusion THAT YOU FORGET TO ASK FOR ASSISTANCE.  Until it becomes a fixed “habit”, ask moment-by-moment continually.  God never leaves His people—man tries to walk away from God.  Let us not forget that.  Dear ones, there are only a tiny handful of these elite conspirators.  You CAN turn it all around, back unto the Light, if you really want to.] said that the initiates that he met in his work for U.S. Naval Intelligence had “No conscience, no morals, no regrets, no feelings, no emotion”.  This is precisely the same character profile as the Windsors and, according to all the people I have met who have encountered them, the character profile of the reptilians of the lower fourth dimension [Invisible or “spirit” worlds, not normally perceived by humans].  There is a reason for that, of course.

The people have been hood winked for thousands of years.  Hoodwinked about their history, hoodwinked about who they really are and the true nature of life.  [H:  All Masons know about being “Hoodwinked”.  In the ritual of joining, your life is threatened and you have a hood placed over your head.  “A brother mason” will kill you if you tell the secrets.  33 stab wounds and your tongue will be cut out.  Your throat will be cut from left to right … and so on, and so forth … BUT THE REAL OOPS, IS THAT WHEN YOU BECOME “ILLUMINATED” INTO THE “REAL POWER STRUCTURE”, AND THE “REAL RELIGION”, AND THE HOOD IS REMOVED FROM YOUR EYES, YOU FIND THAT IT IS LUCIFER YOU MUST WORSHIP, AND NOT GOD.  Those who think it is just a mannish prank and good fun, like Fred Flintstone’s “Grand Pooh Bah”, find out differently when they get past the 32nd + 33rd levels, or “Degrees”, of the free and accepted Brotherhood of the Masonic Order.  And this goes for both the Scottish Rite and the (“New”) York Rite of the Satanic and Luciferian fraternity.  Again, the regular Mason on the corner does not know that the Anti-Christ is at the top, and directs from the “All-Seeing-Eye” atop the pyramid.  Your One Dollar Bill is filled with masonic symbols and codes.  That is Lucifer’s eye in the “cap-stone”, and “Novus Ordo Seclorum” is Latin for “New Order of the World (New World Order), and “Annuit Coeptis” means “Our Enterprise is Crowned with Success”.  What enterprise?  The New World Order/Global Government, of course!  Even the little stars on the dollar bill actually form the Jewish  6-pointed-star!  So, there is much you are not privy to that is right in front of your face.  However, once thine eyes have opened, you will ALWAYS see the truth behind Satan’s illusion.]  Hoodwinked about the true background and agenda of those they have allowed to rule them.  How apt, therefore, that this word should also derive from Freemasonry.  Dr. Albert Mackey, the 33rd degree Freemason and foremost Freemason historian of the 19th century, defined the term ‘hoodwinked’ in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry as:  “A symbol of secrecy, silence and darkness, in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane.”  The human race has indeed been hoodwinked.


Yes, my friend, the article IS true.  Jonur, have a chapter break, please, and continue.  Allow the energy to flow and question not the worthiness of thy works.  That is for ALL reading this document.  Each has his or her own special gift.  Seize the moment, for the time is come!

Hatonn moving to stand-by.  Salu

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