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New Series 186: WHAT PRINCESS DIANA KNEW - - Continued

10/02/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns186)

Hatonn present to commune in the Radiance of Aton!


“UNCENSORED” magazine, September-December 2013.


“The Queen Mother:  She’s cold, cold, cold, a nasty person.  None of her cohorts even trust her.  They have named an altar (mind control program) after her.  [Hatonn:  In the United States, your CIA Mind Control Programs have cute sounding names like MK-Ultra, MK-Delta, Project Monarch, Project Blue Beam, Project Phoenix (the elite love using God’s labels and claiming them for selves, what better way to fool God’s people than to come bearing goodly sounding names!) “Lucifer” means “Bearer of Light”!]  They call it the Black Queen.  [H:  Remember the Queen of Hearts in Frank Sinatra’s black and white film, “The Manchurian Candidate”?]  I have seen her sacrifice people.  I remember her pushing a knife into someone’s rectum the night that two boys were sacrificed.  One was 13 and the other 18.  You need to forget that the Queen Mother appears to be a frail old woman.  When she shape shifts into a reptilian she becomes very tall and strong.  Some of them are so strong they can rip out a heart and they all grow by several feet when they shape-shift.”  (Exactly what the lady who saw Edward Heath said, among many others.)

The Queen:  “I have seen her sacrifice people and eat their flesh and drink their blood.  One time she got so excited with blood lust that she didn’t cut the victim’s throat from left to right in the normal ritual, she just went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh after she’d shape-shift into a reptilian.  When she shape-shifts she has a long reptile face, almost like a beak, and she’s an off white color.  [H:  Like the Secret Service Agent.  He, too, began to take on the “off-white color”, and the unusual shape of his head does resemble “a beak” in the Infrared image.  Also in the “live” Infrared video the ears turned into long slits, as did the nose holes.  Exactly like “Lord Voldemort” in the “Harry Potter” films.  These are NOT COINCIDENCES, chelas; these are very important clues about your so-called “Anti-Christ”.]  The Queen Mother looks basically the same, but there are differences.  (This description fits many depictions of the gods and ‘bird gods’ [H:  Not “Bird Tribes”, or the Native Americans who wore feathers, signifying the silver space craft of God’s HOSTS from afar of which I, Hatonn, am The leader of and in which the Christ Being travels with me.  He is MY COMMANDER.  The depictions on Egyptian buildings, and elsewhere upon the planet, of half-god half-man, or a man with a vulture’s head, or a bull’s head, THESE ARE NOT THE THINGS GOD PLAYS AT, CHELAS (STUDENTS).  THESE ARE THE “FALLEN ONES” AT PLAY of ancient Egypt and elsewhere.]  She also has like bumps on her head and her eyes are very frightening.  She’s very aggressive.”

Prince Charles:  “I’ve seen him shape-shift into a reptilian and do all the things the Queen does.  I have seen him sacrifice children.  There is a lot of rivalry between them for who gets to eat what part of the body and who gets to absorb the victim’s last breath and steal their soul.  I have also seen Andrew participate and I have seen Price Philip and Charles’ sister (Anne) at the rituals, but they didn’t participate when I was there.  When Andrew shape-shifts he looks more like one of the lizards.  The royals are some of the worst as far as enjoying the killing, enjoying the sacrifice, and eating the flesh.  They’re some of the worst of all of them.  They don’t care who sees them at the rituals, they are what they are, and they show it outright.  They don’t care if you see it.  Who are you going to tell, who is going to believe you?  They feel that it is their birth-right and they love it.  They love it.”

Given the evidence I have presented in thus chapter about the background to Diana’s murder, I was not surprised to hear this “Mother Goddess” recall the following about Mohamed Al Fayed:  “I saw Mohamed Al Fayed at a ritual at the Mothers of Darkness castle in Belgium [H:  Brussels, Belgium is the seat or home of “The Beast” Super-computer.  It is the system, hooked up through your STAR WARS—SDI (STRATEGIC DEFENSE INITIATIVE) satellites, etc., to monitor and track every single person on the globe.  Through the “Bar-Code” Mark of the Beast, you are electronically tracked everywhere you go, by what you purchase, etc., etc., and when the time comes, you can be totally controlled by the push of a button.  Assets instantly frozen and credit destroyed—if you do not cooperate.  However, in the end, the goal is to get rid of you all together, so we are talking about a very short period of time, and then, you will simply be killed.  Be it disease, “terror attack”, or ELECTRONIC WARFARE AND MAN-MADE DISASTER CONTROL—the “useless eaters”, as Kissinger refers to the masses of the world—including the U.S., will simply be “culled” (killed).] in the 1980s.  The Queen and the Queen Mother were also there.  The Queen Mother was talking to him and he was looking around as if he didn’t believe this sort of thing went on.  It was on December 24th [H:  Lucifer’s favorite “holiday”!  Please to not miss-understand.  The spirit of giving, sharing with family and friends, and even gift-giving, these are the things of God.  However, the big sales, the going into debt at the end of the year, feasting while those outside are starving to death and freezing, the children believing that you get “something for nothing”, and the mean-spirited manner in which the Jews “stick-it-to-ya”, on a birthday YOU THINK was Jesus’—all so you can be more enslaved to the very same banker/money-changers who crucified your Lord.] at the ritual of the old king and the new king.  They didn’t let him in to see the worst of it.  It was kind of like, ‘let’s introduce him into this’.”

“But he would have seen a baby being born and introduced as the new king and the sacrifice of an old man.  [H:  Now, the rites and ritual of the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University where several Presidents and judges, and other politicians, were proud members.  George Bush, Sr., his father Prescott Bush, and the son of Herbert Walker Bush “W” were prominent members of this secret Luciferian society.  So is Senator John Kerry, the new Secretary of State!  They take a human cadaver (dead body) from the university morgue, and bring it into “The Crypt” (as “the Bonesmen” called their windowless, tomb-like, secret “clubhouse”).  They then dress the body up like Jesus—AND THEN THEY EACH TAKE TURNS STANDING AROUND IT, STABBING IT, WHILE THEY CALL IT “JESUS CHRIST”!  NOW THAT IS EVIL!  I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT.  That is evil!]  The Queen Mother was there, the Queen, Pindar, Rothschilds, and a lot of people.  I don’t know and a guy named Tony Blair, [The former Prime Minister, or “president” of Britain].  He was being groomed because my understanding of it was that people are picked out and groomed for certain positions.”  [H:  What?  You didn’t think it all happened by accident did you?  Ah, but God also picks His “special people”, or translators to fill certain roles as well!  The adversary is always “balanced” by a soldier of God—for DEFENSE.  Remember, “Defense is of God”, war isn’t.]

“And to be considered for those positions you have to accept the reality and the necessity and the sovereignty of the Illuminati, and that the reptilians run the show.  [H:  We could have kept them out, but your leaders of the past signed some nasty little Treaties with them, and now you are reaping what you sowed.  “Hope” is not lost, however, and God and Hatonn are on YOUR SIDE!]  Tony Blair’s attitude was like ‘I belong here’.  Dodi Fayed’s father seemed bothered by it, but not Tony Blair.  I remember seeing him talking to the royals about something.  I have seen Blair, Al Fayed and the Royal Family at rituals at Balmoral as well.”

Once you know this astonishing background, the why, who and how of Diana’s murder become crystal clear.  They were all in it together and still are.  Diana’s murder had been planned for a long time, probably from birth [H:  Indeed, remember the Virgin Sacrifice made to appease the Volcano god!], and it was in the 1980s, around the time Al Fayed was at the Mother of Darkness castle with the royal family and Tony Blair, that the flaming torch symbol was placed on top of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

Arizona said that Diana was a product of the multiple personality disorder program which she said would have started before she was five.  She said Diana was also three months pregnant when she died.  Diana would probably not have known this [H:  Don’t be too sure!  The minute she found out, she and Dodi were “outa there”!  Remember the “news that would rock the royals”?  Mohamed’s blood mixed with the Anti-Christ “Jews”!??!  Jesus told you this when he was beaten in front of the Pharisee High Priest Kaiphas.  The Jews hate the Moslems because they KNOW.  The Master Jesus prophesied that Mohammed would come centuries later and make the Khazars “ATONE” (as Farrakhan said, at the 2 MILLION PLUS MAN MARCH IN WASHINGTON) for what they have done to God’s people.] she said, because the techniques the Brotherhood use often mean that the women continue to menstruate for some months before they are officially confirmed to be pregnant.

Arizona said that when she, herself, was artificially impregnated in a mind controlled state with Pindar’s sperm, she menstruated for three months before she was told by a doctor that she was more than three months pregnant.  It could have been Pindar’s child and not Dodi Fayed’s, Arizona suggested.

“That is really powerful sacrifice”, she said, “to sacrifice a pregnant woman”.  If Diana was, as appears highly likely, a product of the mind control program, those who plotted her murder could have ensured all that they required to play out their ritual to perfection.

She would have accepted the invitation from Al Fayed at the right time, fallen for Dodi Fayed, and agreed to go to Paris for the night and so on.  She could also have been, like Arizona, impregnated artificially and have no recollection of it.  Arizona says that she knows that Diana was impregnated with Pindar’s sperm in this way to conceive her son William, the blond-haired, blue-eyed baby born on the summer solstice.  And she is in no doubt that Diana was a “multiple”.  As she said:

“The things that she did with her eyes like the eye rolling, is very, very common in multiples.  Sometimes she’d be very shy and then suddenly she’s blossoming and she’s really social.  These are the different altars (programs) coming out, someone’s shy, someone’s not shy, someone’s angry, someone’s not angry.  Then there was the weight gain and the weight loss.  The bulimia and the cutting herself are all signs of a multiple.  Some are told that if you feel bad about yourself or you remember something, cut yourself.”
“To me it was real obvious with Diana.  Someone with this stuff just doesn’t announce to the world that something’s wrong.  They spend their lives trying to hide it.  ‘I was out grocery shopping’, or ‘I was out clothes shopping’, I was taking a walk’, whatever, but you weren’t.”

The recovered mind-slave Brice Taylor confirms that Diana was a ‘multiple’ in her book, Thanks for the Memories, and she says that William and Harry are also.  I think Dodi was another, thus making it child’s play to make him and Diana ‘fall in love’.  The symbolism of Osiris, Isis and Horus, in the Pont de Alma tunnel that night was also confirmed by Arizona.  “Diana was Isis, Dodi Fayed was Osiris, and the child was Horus.

“I don’t think it symbolized the birth of a child so much as the birth of an age.  The Age of Horus which begins by the year 2,000.  This means the New World Order, the Age of Horus, the terrible child.”  She said that the fetus would have been divided among certain high ranking leaders of the Brotherhood/Illuminati and consumed in ritual.”

She said that from her long experience of the rituals, she was sure that parts of Diana’s body would have been consumed also.  Again, I ask is her body even on the island at Althorp Park?  It makes you wonder what Tony Blair and the Royals were doing when they came together at Balmoral immediately after Diana’s death.  Another part of the ritual was that Diana was blond-haired and blue-eyed.  Cathy O’Brien is the same, so is Arizona although she had dyed her hair to break that spell when I met her.  She said that even when the elite sacrifice cats they are blond-haired and blue-eyed.  There is something about that genetic structure which is fundamental to them and this is the blood they need to survive in this dimension.  At least most of the Monarch slaves have blond hair and blue eyes.  “There were no blue eyes on this planet until the extraterrestrials came”, Arizona said.

Diana told Christine Fitzgerald in 1989 that they were going to kill her:  “It sounded outlandish at the time”, Christine said, “because she had the boys and they were little and I thought, no they need her to bring the boys up.”

But there were to be many indications that Diana was indeed in danger from the Windsors and the Brotherhood in general.  In the late 1980s with her marriage nothing more than a public show, Diana was having a relationship with her personal detective, Barry Mannakee, but he died in a motorcycle “accident” in 1988.  [H:  MI-6 and U.S. OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE (ONI), specialize in assassinations disguised as car crashes.  Go back through your history of important figures who suddenly die in crashes, you will find a common link in the “mysteriousness” or “strangeness” in which the person was killed; and it is invariably linked with some important happening of a political nature.  Today your adversary will not hesitate to “take out” a plane-load of people, to “bump off” one troublemaker.]

“She was crying hysterically and I said, “What’s the matter?”  You know it was dog’s died stuff, bottom lip out, full sob.  She came galloping through the door.  I gave her Rescue Remedy, clutched her, hugged her, calmed her down, and said: “Now tell me what’s going on.” “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, they killed him, they killed him”, she sobbed.  I said:  “Who did they kill?”


Jonur, break here for Chapter, please.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.  SALU.

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