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New Series 187: Good evening, Hatonn present in the Radiance of Aton. Jonur, pick up where you left off with the last document and continue, please. There is a great deal to cover and we must not get behind, for there is STILL a world worth saving—no matter how strong the opposition (adversary) may seem to be at the moment

10/05/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns187)

Good evening, Hatonn present in the Radiance of Aton.  Jonur, pick up where you left off with the last document and continue, please.  There is a great deal to cover and we must not get behind, for there is STILL a world worth saving—no matter how strong the opposition (adversary) may seem to be at the moment.



Dr. Barrett has, grasped, not in any way disputing his assumptions which border on the “axiomatic”, there may be a second level of Mr. Netanyahu’s gamesmanship.

I have always stressed that 9/11 be looked at as a crime, “means, motive and opportunity” as the operative methodology for finding the “bad guys” and bringing them to justice.

With the world’s largest buildings simply disappearing like a trick of a stage magician and endless discussions of “how” or “means”, discussions that all lead down a predictable path, one where any potential call for furthering an investigation would be immediately derailed by unchallengeable denials.

As long as things continued this way, there was never a threat of exposure, despite the highly qualified analyses of those such as Dr. Sabrosky, who places responsibility with Israel.

After all, nobody was arrested flying a plane into a building or with a van full of explosives, right?

Funny thing about that statement as, in actuality, it really isn’t right at all.

Back during the 1920’s, America was in a period when organized crime very visibly ran the nation.  [Hatonn:  Now “organized crime totally RUNS THE PLANET!  You were told that in “The End Times/Days”, that evil would rule your world for a time BEFORE the Lord’s return.  Well, you are there now.  The Anti-Christ Elite Banksters own everything and are waiting to pull your nation and world down.  This was prophesied in your Holy Bible and other Biblical Scriptures.  However, it does not have to be the way your enemy wrote.  Remember, the Khazar false Hebrew Judeans, who labeled themselves “JEW” in the 1700’s, wrote your Bible so you would fall into the trap as written.  Only knowing truth will turn it all around, chelas, therefore The Word as given forth by Holy God of Light is thy salvation!  My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of KNOWLEDGE.”]  The “Osama bin Laden” of that period was a Chicago gangster named Al Capone.  [H:  In actuality, Capone represented a “Robin Hood” of sorts, because he knew that the REAL CRIMINALS were not the Italians, but the Jewish mafia, the Mishpuka.  These were and are a godless and satanic bunch who had no morality whatsoever.  It was the big Jewish mobsters who essentially taught and, subsequently ran, La Cosa Nostra (“Our Thing”) and let them be the “fall guys” for the Jewish taking of the world governments.  Al Capone, if he was such a hotshot criminal overlord, would he, indeed, have allowed such as a “tax evasion” penalty, end his control of his criminal empire?  What really signed his death warrant (he was murdered in jail by the same Zionists who killed such as the Kennedys and others who threatened to expose the “Jews”) was his pointing out what a complete sham and swindle the Wall Street Stock Market is to the American people!  Italian AMERICANS love America!  Remember Columbus?  The Italians considered America as a wondrous new nation “they founded”.  Just as, half Jewish/half Aryan White, Hitler loved his beloved Germany, and didn’t want to see it destroyed like the rest of Europe by the Jewish banksters, so too did Capone not want to see “his” America ruined by the Zionists!  “Jews” have no nation and, therefore, believe since they are “scattered all over the world” (the “Diaspora”) the whole world ought to belong to them.  In a moment, we will answer a dear and patient old friend who asked me to comment on a document concerning the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS OF NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND and the PROOF that the Holocaust is a trillion-dollar lie perpetrated on the whole world!  And, that the top “gangsters” of all are a race of Khazarian EXTRATERRESTRIALS—who are now land-locked—IMPRISONED—on your Earth!  Keep in mind that the so-called “Fallen Ones” were “cast out” and “down” somewhere, weren’t they?  And the Lord said these evil creatures would rule in total the physical world in the last days.  Where do you think all the talk of “Demons” and “Devils” and “Dragons” and “Snake People” and “REPTILIANS” depicted for thousands of years really came from???  Why all the half-man half-serpent carvings, sculptures, and head dresses that adorn your ancient world???  Perhaps, would you suppose there might, indeed, be true mix up in there somewhere???!]

No matter how hard the government tried to arrest him for violent crimes, he managed to escape.  Then the government arrested him for income tax evasion.  In 1931 he went to prison for 11 years, never to reassume his public persona.  In reality, of course, he never ran America’s organized crime network which is alive and well and now running the world from Washington, New York, Zurich and Tel Aviv [H:  ISRAEL—and let us not leave out ENGLAND!]

You see, on 9/11, there were arrests.  Two men were arrested by New Jersey State Troopers after fleeing a van filled with explosives on the George Washington Bridge, a major artery in and out of New York City.  The officers who made the arrests did so while in constant monitored communications, outlining every move from finding the explosives, to watching the van explode to chasing down the armed suspects and arresting them.

Copies of this audio recording have been widely distributed, recordings which end with the suspects alive and hand cuffed in the back of a patrol car, waiting to be delivered to justice.

This was the last anyone ever heard of them.

The arrests were reported by CNN and CBS and the video is also widely distributed but has remained “unexamined” for 11 years—not by accident, I assure you.  [H:  The Khazar Zionist “Jews” own and control ALL THE MAJOR MEDIA—only that which they want you to see, hear, and read, reaches the American people!  MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!]

A SECOND SIMILAR ARREST OCCURRED JUST OUTSIDE THE ENTRANCE TO THE Lincoln Tunnel.  These suspects were arrested by officers and detectives of the NYPD [H:  You must keep in mind that NEW YORK IS THE NEW “CAPITAL” OF ISRAEL.  EVEN NOSTRADAMUS TOLD YOU IN HIS QUATRAINS (PROPHECIES) “THAT NOTHING WILL KEEP THE CITY FROM BEING DESTROYED”, for it is the center of the Beast, and the head of the “BLUE TURBAN” (or flag)!  That, dear friends, is THE UNITED NATIONS BLUE HELMETS who are the ones who will “OPPRESS” THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH!  True psychics are 100 percent correct in all instances.  Only you ones do not know “when”.  Only God Aton knows when all these things will come about.  Even the Son does not know of the hour in which the Father will send Him to reclaim God’s Kingdom.  But, since the Master Teacher “Jesus” Sananda rides aboard my craft, which is the bright “golden” orb shining in your evening sky at 4 in the morning high over-head, I assure you, Hatonn will be with Him.  I am Leader of the Hosts, my friends, and you’d best be in the understanding of that fact.  These Writings ARE the Word of God brought to you, once again, that you might be in the finding of your way back home.  How think ye that your other Holy scrolls and texts were transmitted and received, and put to print???  YOU are my fingers and hands in this stage of your evolution.  Soon, however, we will make OUR PRESENCE KNOWN—BE PREPARED FOR IT!] armed suspects, a van filled with explosives ready to destroy the Lincoln Tunnel, a second major artery in and out of New York City.

A detective at the scene told me that NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, later nominated by President Bush to be Director of Homeland Security, took custody of the suspects.

Wikipedia has the following to say about the current status of Bernie Kerik:  “Kerik is currently incarcerated at a Federal prison camp, the Federal Correctional Institution, located in Cumberland, Maryland, serving a four-year sentence for “tax fraud and lying.”  [H:  That’s why Jews make up all your lawyers and—NOW—Judges!  Zimmerman’s (nice Khazarian name!) father is a Judge!  So you KNOW his “Kol Nidre” (“Vow of All Vows”) connections—ALL JEWISH LAWYERS AND JUDGES—did a little “firing” to get his boy—A FELLOW JEW—off the hook.  Remember, the whole African American world is also looking at this case, and praying earnestly to God for justice.  The truth is coming out.]

All four suspects disappeared.  There was no news released by the NYPD of the arrests unlike the national reports released by Jew Jersey.

All arrest records are gone, all forensic evidence is gone.

You have to understand, the very public arrest on the George Washington Bridge was done with nearly 200 people close at hand and hundreds more nearby in vehicles waiting in heavy traffic.  Not only that, none of the arresting officers or the dispatcher can be found though we have recordings of their voices.  All records of police scheduling assignments are missing.

In a similar issue, after the “explosion” in the first tower, those who reached the lobby in order to escape the World Trade Center tower found the lobby destroyed.

A massive explosion had occurred there prior to whatever happened above.  Thus, those who escaped, running downstairs past undamaged floor after floor found the lobby had been destroyed by a massive explosive device.

Those who reported this on network news, are now silent as are the first responders, who heard multiple explosions and reported that on the news—information that exists today on hundreds of YouTube accounts.

As Mr. Netanyahu sits in Tel Aviv and broods over the animosity the United States now openly expresses against him, he must feel nagging doubts, perhaps even vulnerability.

Like Al Capone, a man Netanyahu curiously resembles [H:  Keep in mind the merger of the Italian (Pope) crime family, and the Jewish (Meyer Lanksy, Kissinger, Bugsy, Seagal) Banker Families, like Rothschild and Brzezinski.] it may well be that “little thing” that brings him down.

Our friends at NYPD tell us that corrupt officials saw to it that facts were “contained” regarding the Lincoln Tunnel incident.

However, regarding the Washington Bridge—that is something else.  The proof there is solid, as are the witness statements of the destruction of the Tower lobby.

There is evidence of a conspiracy, one involving the release of armed suspects captured at the scene of an act of terrorism which, in itself, would, on any other day, have been world-wide news.

In fact, it was worldwide news; reported on every news agency but forgotten a day later, that “little thing”, the only real criminal case with actual suspects, real evidence and testimony that is not the tainted product of years of torture and coercion.

Suppressed from the 9/11 commission, this evidence holds the fate of many.  If there is a “small thing” that makes it all come crashing down around those who orchestrated a decade of death and deceit, this is it.


Jonur let us move right into the letter in point and respond to some very astounding re-revelations regarding this “mafia” of fallen angels.  With Lucifer as their god.  God of Light is not going to send those frightening things to His People.  The “Reptilian Beings” do exist.  These are the Khazarian lineage to THEIR space ancestors.  Just as yours come from the Pleiades, the star formation that is in your night-time sky at the same time as the PHOENIX, that radiant golden-orange star, which during Jesus’ day it was the Bethlehem Star!  Did you really think the Kings and Wise men were following a simple star or bright planet?  Or, perhaps, guided by higher intelligence?
The stories from your Holy Bible, Holy Koran, and Ancient Indian (Eastern and American)—why do you think all the feathers??  That is the Bird Tribe and Thunder People, who come from the sky (“heaven” as translated in the King James Bible) “in flying vehicles”.
The secret of UFO’s alien beings, and your planet NIBIRU, are the eternal secret that the dark forces are keeping from God’s People.  So to scare you into submission to a “New World Order”/”Global Government”, the Jewish (Not Hebrew Judaist Judean)—remember, two DIFFERENT tribes:  One is for God of Light, the other is classified in your understanding IN THE PHYSICAL as followers of Lucifer.]  In the highest dimension, evil does not exist.
Understand that you exist in and are an intricate part of a UNIVERSAL WHOLE.
Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu.


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