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New Series 190: “WHAT PRINCESS DIANA KNEW” Continued

10/16/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns190)

Hatonn present in service and light.  Let us continue straight away, Jonur, I want to catch up on the current document before going on to the day’s news watch and review.  Salu.


“UNCENSORED” magazine, September-December 2013.


She told me about her affair with the detective (Barry Mannakee) and how he was decapitated on a motorbike and how she thought it was a terrible accident.  But now she knows the Royal Family killed him because Prince Charles’ senior detective had just told her that if she didn’t cool it with Hewitt, the same would happen to him.  He told her she should not think that she was indispensable, either.”

Officially, Barry Mannakee died in a “road crash”.  How dangerous the roads seem to be if the royals don’t like you.  Christine said that Diana was very much in love with Mannakee and she had visited his grave regularly.  Diana had apparently been unaware of his death at the time until she was being driven with Prince Charles to the airport to fly to the Cannes Film Festival.  He waited until she was about to get out of the car in front of waiting photographers and he said:  “Oh, by the way, I got word from the Protection Unit yesterday that poor Barry Mannakee was killed.  Some sort of motorcycle accident.  Terrible shame, isn’t it?”

Diana burst into tears, but Charles said sarcastically:  “Let’s go darling, your press awaits you.”  I would emphasize again that the confirmation that Mannakee was murdered, and the personal threat to Diana, came from Prince Charles’ senior detective, according to the Princess.  Would he be making statements and threats to her like that without the approval of Prince Charles?  Of course not.  In 1998 in the Independent Television documentary, Diana—Secrets of the Crash, James Hewitt said that he too had been warned to stop seeing Diana or the consequences would not be pleasant.

He said:  “The telephone calls were anonymous, but left me in no doubt that they knew what the situation was. They were threatening.  They said it was not conducive to my health to continue the relationship.”  He said that other warnings came from Diana’s personal police protection officers, the Royal Household, and a member of the Royal Family, whom he would not name:

“The (member of the Royal Family) said: “Your relationship is known about.  It is not supported, we cannot be responsible for your safety and security, and suggest that you curtail it forthwith.”

James Hewitt was further quoted in the London Times about these threats and his comments supported completely the story Diana had told Christine Fitzgerald.  Hewitt said that his clearest warning came when he was told that he would suffer the same fate as Barry Mannakee.  Does anyone still believe that the Windsors and their networks were not involved in the murder of Princess Diana?  Or that they had prior knowledge and played an active role in the decision to assassinate the mother of William and Harry?

According to reports in the United States, Susan Barrantes, the mother of Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, had been telling friends that she thought Diana had been murdered in the weeks before she was decapitated in a mysterious car crash in Argentina on September 19th, 1998.  [Hatonn:  U.S. Generals, “Princess” Grace Kelly, (T.E.) Laurence of Arabia, “Q” the actor who was the gadget man in the James Bond films (he put out a book on what things he found out real spies use), an American Astronaut on his motorcycle on a lonely road (just like Laurence and Diana’s friend Mannakee), and ask Morgan Freeman—who survived his “accident”.  He was fully awake and conscious one moment, the next thing he remembers is the car rolling over off the road.  This was the same week in which several Black Stars were murdered, one right after another.  It was not a coincidence that Whitney Houston died a few hours BEFORE she was going to wow the Grammy Awards with a most Grammy ever award.  But with her conveniently “out of the way”, the British groups like the drugged out Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney plus Amstel, another Brit, whose top song was written by none other than British Intelligence!  So was all the early Beetles’ music.  Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, in London, is the Social Scientist “Think Tank”, that programs and trains ALL American and European newscasters and commentaries.  This is why they all sound the same.  No matter what their nationality is, their mannerisms and the way they “comment” on the stories they read to you, is the same.  You do not yet realize the extent to which you are manipulated and controlled by your satanic adversary.  However, once you DO BEGIN TO OPEN YOUR EYES you can reverse this evil come upon you.  This is why you are being given all this background information on the many, many, criminal activities of those who have assumed power over you-the-people of Earth.  The British-Israel Organization IS your Anti-Christ/Anti-God!]  Confidential mail for Diana was delivered to Christine Fitzgerald and this included packages from a former member of the elite SAS [Special Air Service—Britain’s Airborne Unit] who was concerned for Diana’s safety.  He was warning her of what was going on behind her back.”

“Half of MI-6 were on Diana’s side too you know,” Christine said.  One day a client, who had involvement with the security agencies, saw some of these packages being delivered.  Christine described what followed.  She said, “I’m really worried for you, you don’t know what you’re getting involved in here.  Diana’s basically mad, she’ll drop you in it, she will hang you out to dry, you’ll end up dead, your kids will end up dead, your cats, your business will be ruined.”  I couldn’t believe how she was carrying on.  She was so full of hate.  Diana came in the next day and I gave her the mail.  I said not everyone who bows to you has your best interests at heart.  I told her what happened and she went purple with rage.  When she died, everybody came in and said:  “They bumped her off didn’t they?”  But that client was the only one who was outraged at the suggestion.  I was checked out by MI-6, my phones were tapped, my house was burgled, the royal family kept a big check on me while I was dealing with Diana.”

Christine and her contacts have no doubt about what happened in Paris.  “She was bumped off; she was left to die at the roadside.  [H:  She had a little help from a brownish-white colored liquid, that was injected into her heart (just like Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith, among many others), in the ambulance.  She was forced into restrains against her will and killed on the way to the hospital.  A less than 15 minute ride took 45 minutes, where she was FINALLY dead on arrival.  This CIA poison kills without a trace, and is “off—the—shelf” stock for these types of murder.  Dodi and the driver of Diana’s car were killed instantly by THE LASER FLASH GUN fired at them from the front.  Since the two men were seated one in front of the other, one shot was sufficient to take them out.  The body guard was left alive to “give witness” to the events AS PRESENTED, and under penalty of death of the Official Secrets Act, dare not utter a contradictory word.  The “bright photographer’s flash” was NOT from any camera men trying to get pictures as they raced through the tunnel.  Witnesses at the tunnel entrance said it was much more brilliant than any camera flash, and so it was!]  “Those responsible were above the elite of the army”, she said.  “It was not the ‘secret squirrels’ (British Intelligence)”, she understands, “it was above that”.

She said that “Mohamed Al Fayed” in his tortured little sense wants to be part of the reptilian power because ‘he likes all that’.”  Christine believes that Diana’s romance with Dodi was engineered. She said:

“Diana fell in love quite easily and he’s a master of the smile.  She was unfortunate in her love affairs because she rescued others in her own distress.  So the men she went for were all emotional cripples because she was a healer, too.  Most people who went with Diana used her and I think Dodi did also.  He would have had used her for his ego, the contacts, and his dad.  The Royal Family killed her for her light energy, especially when she was pregnant.  I don’t believe she was as badly injured as they say.  If they checked her body they would see that the scar the surgeons made starts at her pubis and goes right up to her throat.

“They’ve even taken her thymus gland, the way we make inter-stellar communication.  I know from the best sources that she was pregnant and they took the baby.  Pieces of that fetus will have been delivered everywhere.  They can make babies from the cells.  Parts of her body will have been used in their rituals as well.  Diana was always having Kensington Palace swept for bugs [electronic surveillance], but they had Dodi bugged and they knew exactly what was going on.  This was not the first time she thought she was pregnant and this nearly happened before, but she wasn’t pregnant.  That was with Hewitt.”  [H:  Take another GOOD LOOK at Prince Harry; he is the son of one of those security personnel.  That is common knowledge among “the royals”, too!]
Christine Fitzgerald shared the most intimate details of Diana’s life and knew her in ways, and at levels, that very few others did.  The incredible revelations of the Windsor’s treatment of Diana over so many years, the threats made to her by Prince Charles’ personal detective, the ritual sacrifices and the confirmation that they were responsible for the murder of Barry Mannakee, cannot be allowed to pass by.  There must be a campaign to press the Windsors to face these matters and for Al Fayed, Trevor Rees-Jones [the bodyguard], Earl Spencer, and the others I have named, to answer the questions that have to be addressed.  Power must be stripped from the Windsors, their royal dynasty dismantled, and their crimes against humanity publicly exposed.  [H:  Indeed!  And we are exposing the crimes of the adversary to humanity as quickly as “humanly” possible!  Spread the Truth!  “My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of Knowledge”].  More than that, however, those in the political security and medical professions who are also involved must be equally exposed.  [H:  That most certainly includes your own American Medical Association—that is Jewish Khazarian staffed and controlled—their crimes against your nation are unparalleled!  The systematic poisoning of the American population, through the use of fake “vaccines”, is a crime against humanity AND GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE—YOU!  Alzheimer’s, Autism, AIDS, terrible and deadly Flu outbreaks, Cancers—MAN is giving you these afflictions—not A GOD OF LIGHT!  Ponder that most carefully.]

The Royal Family, Earl Spencer, and the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, have all dismissed claims that Diana was murdered and called for such suggestions to cease “for the sake of the boys”.  The question must not be allowed to be ignored or another Brotherhood assassination will have been achieved while those responsible go free.  Earl Spencer went to the extent of issuing a statement on behalf of the Spencer family in February 1998 in which he asked:  “Is there any good in all this speculation?  I ask that because there is clearly a lot of harm in it.  All we, her family, ask is that Diana’s memory be respected, and that sensational speculation be left out of the public arena, where it undermines our aims to come to terms with her loss.”  [H:  Ah, but if they make it ILLEGAL to speak of such things, because it undermines the elite conspirators, then you WILL BE SILENCED!  That is why you are not going to hear the TRUTH ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST.  IT IS ILLEGAL TO SPEAK OF, OR EVEN QUESTION THE NUMBERS OF THE SO-CALLED “JEWS” KILLED IN THOSE “DETENTION” (NOT “CONCENTRATION” OR “DEATH”) CAMPS!  I repeat, no more than 350,000 people died there—and they were GERMAN P.O.W.’s and GERMAN CIVILIANS—who were starved to death in Khazarian President Eisenhower’s “Death Camps”.  The next subject in our friend’s letter, and the following document from “UNCENSORED” magazine, will PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT, THAT THE EXTERMINATION OF “JEWS” WAS NOT BLAMED, NOR ATTEMPTED, BY HITLER OR NAZI GERMANY.  Interestingly enough, Khazar Zionists (“Turks” who “converted” to Judaism—not spelled “Jew”) in 740 A.D. (hardly goes back to biblical times, does it?!) TRIED TO KILL OFF THE POPULATION OF THE GOODLY JUDAISTS OF “ORTHODOXED” HEBREWS.  However, many were protected by Hitler’s staff, and the neighboring countries who knew “these Jews were alright”.  Many were, however, killed IN THE “SOVIET” CONTROLLED SECTORS.  Your Generals were ordered not to “win the war”, but LET the Soviet army move in and catch up, and they were GIVEN the eastern half of Germany, where a great “Iron Wall” was put up.  The top General, as you might recall, was also killed in a “strange automobile crash”.   He was going to protest the treasonous action of giving Germany to the communists (which means birth of “Soviet” Jews—look it up!), and tell the American people.  If you lose your CONSTITUTION—YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK OF THE JEWISH LIE THAT IS THE “HOLOCAUST”, EITHER!  IT WILL BE A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY PRISON!  In Canada it is already ILLEGAL to talk of such things.  You, America, are the last “hope” for a dying world, set to self-destruct at any moment!  Only getting the Truth out will bring this to a halt.  So let us ALL get on with it!]

When you see the evidence presented in this chapter while people like Earl Spencer and Tony Blair say there is no evidence of conspiracy, what does that make you think?  If Diana had been your sister would you not be determined to find out what happened?  If you were Prime Minister when such a famous and much loved Princess had been killed [H:  Princess Grace Kelly was killed in a staged car crash to keep that Prince of the elite in line.  He was getting cold feet, and they wanted to remind him of WHO was in charge!], would you not insist that the truth be established?  So why don’t they?  Diana’s relationship with her brother was less than harmonious to say the least.  When you know the background, Earl Spencer’s famous speech at her funeral can be seen as a diatribe of hypocrisy.  So was his bitter condemnation of the media, in a statement after her death outside his home in Cape Town, a statement which, like Al Fayed’s, fueled the belief that the paparazzi were to blame for the crash.  Christine Fitzgerald said of him:

“Charles Spencer is a shit, major shit.  He’s quite a spiteful little s…, too.  When Diana was going through the trauma and really needed a new home, he said to her:  “You’re not bringing your s…. down to me and mine.”  He wouldn’t even give her one of the houses.  He’s not a powerful man at all. He knows he’s sniffing around something dangerous and powerful, and so he’s attracted to it.  Satanism goes on, on the Spencer estate.  Diana knew about it.”

Jonur, break here for Chapter, please, and begin the next.  Hatonn at stand-by.

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