Friday, April 12, 2013

New Series 161: BLESSINGS UNTO A MOTHER Yesterday was our scribe’s Mother Birthday (“Anniversary” as we designate it), and such is the joy of all mothers when honored by family, loved ones and friends. Mothers are most important to humanity and the “tribes” of God’s peoples. They give nurturing and nourishment to the family structure, and the social graces to which a society functions in total balance and harmony.

3/3013 from HATONN/jonur (ns161)

May we always dwell in the KNOWINGNESS OF Aton (God) in that our senses and thinking point always toward the reunion with the Father.  Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn to continue, please.


Yesterday was our scribe’s Mother Birthday (“Anniversary” as we designate it), and such is the joy of all mothers when honored by family, loved ones and friends.  Mothers are most important to humanity and the “tribes” of God’s peoples.  They give nurturing and nourishment to the family structure, and the social graces to which a society functions in total balance and harmony.

It is the mother who allows the physical experience of ones waiting to come, yet once more, unto the physical plane of existence.  And when a son or daughter is lost and comes home to the Father again, Valerie, this is for you, too, it is the mother who feels the physical separation most.

Blessed Mothers, thy garment hem is the first the babe reaches out to for balance and sturdiness, as those first shaky steps are taken.  And in the battle field the mother is whose name the son cries unto when dying of horrific wounds alone in the mud.

The nucleus of Husband, Wife, and Children, however many they be, or from different fractured tribes (families), it is always the Mother that centers all.  The hand of God is most apparent in the delicate rendering of the gentle (or stern, as is appropriate to the situation) spirit, and comforting voice of a Mother; always beauty personified to both man and child.

In the end, it will be seen that the Mother is what the face of God looks like, not only to the newly birthed infant, squinting upon your Radiance, but as the reason man fights the forever fight to ensure Good/God triumphs over evil and evil intent.

Blessings to ALL MOTHERS, particularly so, this Good Friday/Easter weekend.  May man and womb-man/woman know that Mother Nature and Mother Earth IS God made manifest in order that Creation might be.  Amen.

In Georgia, two young boys barely into their teens tried to rob a mother pushing her baby in a stroller.  She pleaded with them that she had no money, so they shot and killed her child and ran off.  They were apprehended a short time later and arrested; obviously making the headlines as the “worst thing” anybody can imagine another human doing to a mother and child in a “stick-up”.

These are the times you live in now, dear ones, Satan was said to rule in these Last Days, and you will agree with me in seeing that it is so.  The Anti-Christ/Anti-God was nurtured and bred in your media “music” of suicidal and homicidal lyrics, fostered by the Khazars who have taken over your nation and world.  “Evil” is not of Mother Nature, animals are not “evil”, only MAN creates evil.  Evil has to be taught, for God only manifests Love.

The school massacres, the various little infants shot and killed in the past days and weeks—AND THE CONSTANT GUN CONTROL DEBATE—raging on Capitol Hill, is as intricately connected as a mosaic tapestry weaving.  Whether or not these teens are killing these little babies with guns, or if sinister hit men working very closely—behind the scenes—are actually pulling the trigger, you-the-people are not given to know.

But the Israeli Mossad practices ROUTINELY in exactly this kind of intelligence operation.  They set up rival gangs in confrontations, and then, a military sniper kills a baby during the “rumble”.  In the confusion the gang violence gets the blame.  The riots in Los Angeles and Detroit and elsewhere, were practice run throughs to incite violence—under the guise of QUIETLY bringing in United Nations “SOVIET” (not Russians, who are Christians like you) mercenary troops to “restore order”.
The Mossad, Israel’s terrorist secret service, is the worst group of murderous killers on the face of your Earth today.  They train ALL THE SO-CALLED “DEATH SQUADS” WHO SLAUGHTER THEIR OWN NATIONAL CITIZENS of WHAT EVER COUNTRY THEY OPERATE IN.  How else do you think Arabs, Latin Americans, Cambodians, Slavic countries, and the like, suddenly have “Ethnic Cleansing”, and “Genocide Programs” spring up literally over night, after hundreds of years, some even thousands of years of relatively peaceful co-existence?

The Jewish Mossad motto is:  “Thou Shalt Make War By Way Of Deception”, entails precisely this underhanded and evil manner of “covert warfare”.  And since you people of God are the Anti-Christ Jews’ most hated enemy, do you not see that these military Khazars, or Bolshevik Jews, are having a field-day causing the deaths—and themselves killing MILLIONS of Christians?!  As long as they can have you shooting at each other, or make you THINK you are shooting at each other, while they pick you off with bullets and “suicide bombs” (which mostly are MISSILES fired from miles away that you never see coming), then the Biblical Prophecy of “Wars and Rumors of Wars” will come to pass exactly as THEY (the Jews) wrote.

I HAVE MANY TIMES TOLD YOU THE SO CALLED “Anti-Christ” is coming out of Rome through Algeria, however, there is not just “one” being who is to claim that title.  There are about 6.5 – 7 Billion “Anti-Christs” among you this day!  All who do not follow the Laws of God and the Laws of the Creation are, by definition, “Anti-Christ”.  But there will be one groomed by the Zionist Elite to fit that role.  He is not an Arab, nor is he African American.  This entity will be “Jewish” and Khazarian, in that this is a Zionist Israel/British Israel New World Order under Satan.  Watch the clues because evil must always wear a clue.  Ye who turns from evil in intent are of God, all others have chosen—BY DEFAULT—to be of Satan.  There is no sitting on the fence this go ‘round, chelas (students), you are either for God or against.  So be it.


The scribe/receiver’s mother passes on this article from the Detroit Free Press:  Meteor brings out the jokes as recovery effort begins”, by Laura Mills, Associated Press.


CHELYABINSK, Russia—As a small army of  people worked to replace acres of windows shattered by the enormous explosion from a meteor, many joked on Saturday about what had happened [Hatonn:  I assure you, no one on the ground thought it was a joke as their world appeared to be coming to an end!  The Zionists will try to make everything dealing with UFOs and space aliens seem like a joke, until they are ready to terrify the masses of the planet with a sudden, full-scale invasion from space!] in this troubled pocket of Russia.  [H:  remember, the CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS now control space with those Electro-gravitic COSMOSPHERES that used to belong to the evil “Soviet” Khazars.  And it will be from these Russians—not Soviets—that help will come in the final hour!  Cosmospheres are Russia’s “Space Shuttles”; they look like “white Tesla’s Charged Particle Beam or Neutron Beam weapon.  Particle Beams “look like” lightning but are way more destructive.  Do not mistake man’s “UFOs” from God’s HOSTS from afar, for the Zionist/Bolshevik PLAN is to have you shooting at God on that day!]
One of the most popular jests:  Residents of the meteor were terrified to see Chelyabinsk approaching.

The fireball that streaked into the sky over this industrial city at about sunrise Friday was undeniably traumatic.  [H:  You think!!!??]  Nearly 1,200 people were reported injured by the shock wave from the explosion [H:  And these are the Zionist media establishment’s version of what happened—keep that in mind!] estimated to be as strong as 20 Hiroshima atomic bombs.
Because the explosion happened miles above Earth, the damage was not as severe.  [H:  Don’t bet on it!]  The Hiroshima blast happened about 2,000 feet above ground.

Large numbers of volunteers came forward to help fix the damage caused by the explosion and many residents came together on the Internet—first to find out what happened and soon to make jokes.  [H:  If it was over Edwards Air Force Base in California, or Selfridge Air Base in Michigan, would the populous REALLY be laughing???]

Chelyabinsk, nicknamed Tankograd because it produced the famed Soviet T34 tanks [H:  Among other things, the parts for Russia’s Cosmospheres, and their Cosmos Interceptors—the Kremlin’s Manned Killer Satellites.] can be as grim as its backbone heavy industries.  [H:  By the way, Russia’s giant Cosmospheres, the largest version, is nicknamed “Super Heavies”, and these are now thousands upon thousands of Cosmosphere “UFOs” of varying sizes!]

Long winters where temperatures routinely hit 22 below add to a general dour mien, as do worries about dangerous facilities in the region.

In 1957, a waste tank at the Mayak nuclear weapons plant exploded, contaminating 9,200 square miles and prompting authorities to evacuate 10,000 residents.  It is now Russia’s main nuclear waste disposal facility.

“The city is a place where people always seem bitter with each other,” said music teacher Ilya Shibanov.  But the meteor “was one of the rare times when people started to live together through one event.”  [H:  I would venture to guess that their “bitterness” comes from the knowledge that the Space War between the Zionist Bolsheviks in the U.S. and Britain, and you Goodly Christians is heating up on a global scale, and they feel no one is paying attention to what the Jewish Khazars are trying to do.  Wake up, world, and see that which the Zionists are staging for their pre-planned Armageddon!]

For many it’s been a reason to get to work repairing the more than 4,000 buildings in the city and region where windows were shattered or to provide other services.  [H:  Emphasis added.]
[H:  And at the same time…]


Residents in California reported seeing an unusual flash of light over the San Francisco Bay area that left many startled and thrilled.  [H:  Just “startled”, might be a better description.]

Based on reports late Friday [Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013] the light streaking in the northern California sky was a sporadic meteor, or fireball [H:  Or a space station or crafts shot down.] and not a major event, said Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society at Pennsylvania State University.  The group recorded at least 35 reports of the event, he said.  [H:  And yet, it hardly makes your Evening News broadcasts.]

Experts say smaller meteorites hit Earth five to 10 times a year.  But large meteors, such as the one that streaked over Chelyabinsk, Russia, are much rarer.

While Friday night’s fireball received a lot of attention in the San Francisco Bay area, experts point out that about 15,000 tons of debris from asteroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere every year.

[Photo of a giant round hole through the ice.  CHELYABINSK REGION POLICE DEPARTMENT VIA AFP/TETTY IMAGES.  Caption reads:  A big chunk of the meteor is believed to have fallen into Chebarkul Lake, breaking the thick ice.  Divers were searching for fragments.]

When man comes into the realization that he lives in a reality that is manufactured by the Jews of Khazaria for his ultimate demise, he will again move back into desiring to be ONE with God to find balance, peace, and joy, as Aton meant for His people to find in HIM.

Jonur, let us end this chapter here and take up with our current subject of the power of the few “Jews”, who control your very existence in these final hours of this cycle closing.

Thank you for your attention, world, and thank you scribe for your service.  Your Christ was crucified on an Easter weekend such as this.  Let not this be thine own crucifixion as the Jew formulates his plans to finish off Jesus’ own peoples and Divine Followers.

Hatonn moving to standby frequency.  Salu and good morning.

New Series 160: … Media and Technology Companies: Both the three major television networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all of Hollywood’s movie studios were founded by Jewish Americans. [Hatonn: There are actually SOVIET BOLSHEVIKS—CALLED “COMMUNISTS”—WHO CAME TO THE UNITED STATES SPECIFICALLY TO USE “PROPAGANDA” IN THE NEW MEDIA OF “MOVIE PICTURES”, TO TAKE OVER THE MINDS OF THE MASSES “AND SHAPE THE CHILDREN’S BRAINS” TO SUIT JEWISH INTERRESTS.

3/20/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns160)

Hatonn present to continue.  May the Light of Aton keep you in protection and wisdom.  Amen.


… Media and Technology Companies:
Both the three major television networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and all of Hollywood’s movie studios were founded by Jewish Americans.  [Hatonn:  There are actually SOVIET BOLSHEVIKS—CALLED “COMMUNISTS”—WHO CAME TO THE UNITED STATES SPECIFICALLY TO USE “PROPAGANDA” IN THE NEW MEDIA OF “MOVIE PICTURES”, TO TAKE OVER THE MINDS OF THE MASSES “AND SHAPE THE CHILDREN’S BRAINS” TO SUIT JEWISH INTERRESTS.  As the generations passed, the Jewish Khazar has replaced strong family values, and RESPECT FOR ELDERS, into the sexual and moral decay that has all but destroyed you.  Rap, rock, “metal”, etc., etc., is the cultivation of Jewish music producers to poison the children that will be the next generations of Americans.  Television and motion pictures COLLECTIVELY program your citizenry in the direction the Bolsheviks want for you to fight in the wars THE JEWS CREATE for you to fight!  Remember, in the Jew’s words:  “War Is the Jewish Harvest.”  That is how the “Serpent People” (another label they call themselves) got rich in the first place!  Jews were not born with all the silver and gold and Jew-lery that belonged to you Christians—they stole it from you by causing war, and SECRETLY playing one side against the other.  Since you THINK they are God’s “chosen people”, no one looked to see what they were doing behind the closed doors of the synagogue and the tiny little “Ghettos” (a Jewish term, just like “Nigger” is a Jewish term, meaning “stingy” or “niggardly” Jews who like to stick together, off to themselves—WITHIN THEIR HOST NATION—to plot how to destroy it and make off with the peoples’ loot!), but now you know!  Evil hides in the dark.  The LIGHT of God’s TRUTH will expose the Devil and his children.  Again, “Jews” are not Judeans, Judaists, nor are they Hebrew.  You have been lied to all the time, and “the media” is the tool they used to take the planet!  You, too, now can do likewise, and reclaim that which is Gods.  Your Holy Bible says to be as wise as serpents but peaceful as doves.  Get going!]  Today all the major media and all of Hollywood’s movie studios are still owned or run by Jews.  [H:  Make your own movies and real “reality shows”.  Movies don’t cost 300 million dollars to make.  You don’t need Warner Brothers’ music to produce YOUR SONG.  That was just so non-Jews did not get out there and make their own films, entertainment—AND ABOVE ALL—NEWS REELS!  Can you not imagine ones producing THE PHOENIX JOURNALS with words, pictures, and music ONLINE???  Are not those cell phones and computer pads MULTI-MEDIA CAPABLE???  Let God’s message go “viral” on the internet, and watch TRUTH capture the world!  Man innately recognizes the truth, and he will not stand still once he knows he has been deceived and made a fool of.  The Jews (Khazars) stole your nation from you and created diseases and wars to murder Christianity—which means murdering Christians in great numbers.  It is time to defend selves in the name of Christ, chelas; here are your tools, use this information in whatever manner God directs, and reclaim your nation.]

These two industries, along with the enormity of Jewish wealth in the U.S. and abroad, are the most powerful institutions in American society impacting everything from who wins or loses elections to what opinions and attitudes people have toward other ethnic groups, races, nations, or religions, as in the case of Islamophia inflamed by a few Jewish Zionists.

These few media conglomerates account for the far majority that reaches the American public.
All of these conglomerates have global media outlets and each one owns many television stations, radios, entertainment-businesses, movie studios, publishing companies, and cable stations.

Sumner Redstone—Major owner of Viacom which owns CBS Television.

Robert Iger—Chair/CEO of Walt Disney Company, owns ABC Television Network.
Jeffrey L. Bewkes—Time Warner Inc. which owns CNN and Time Magazine.
Brian L. Roberts—Chair/CEO Comcast Corporations which owns NBC Universal and is the largest cable company in America.  [H:  First they had to get Don Barton of Detroit out of the way.  There couldn’t be any African Americans with that kind of power.  Murders disguised as “sudden illnesses”, are a favorite method of the Khazar Jews to get rid of their enemies.  That is WHY Jews are “doctors” in the first place.  Their Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion instructs Jews to do just that, so they can kill off you Christians as fast as possible.  At least before you find out their heinous plans!  Spread The Word and open thine eyes to the truth, because it only works of you ones are ignorant and kept in the dark.  Immanuel (“Jesus” Esu SANANDA) said, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge!”  So be it!]

Rupert Murdoch—Chair/CEO News Corporation [H:  The MI-6 (Military Intelligence-Division Six/British Intelligence) / Israeli Mossad operative, charged with gathering INTELLIGENCE on the entire civilian population of Europe, the United States, and elsewhere, through electronic spying from his vast media empire.  This is also a COMMUNIST/KHAZAR network in total cooperation with RED CHINA! A very dangerous outfit to say the least!  Pay attention to the fallout from the scandal of the News Corporation lawsuits in Britain, particularly as it spills over into America.] ,which owns the very right wing Pro Israel Television Company:  FOX Network plus The Wall Street Journal (Not Jewish, but a rabid Zionist) [H:  And yes, he IS Jewish, by way of Australia, which is nothing more than a British Colony.  Don’t laugh, because your nation, also, has come back under the Crown of England!] (See Worldwide Newspaper Empire)
Michael Bloomberg—Bloomberg L.P., a mass media corporation, with broadcasting, radio, and publishing interests.
Mortimer Zuckerman—Chairman of Boston Properties; Editor-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report, owner of the New York Daily News.
Technology Companies:
It’s a plausible concern that these companies with their world-wide hold on computers, laptops, tablets, chips, and software can potentially monitor and have access to all or any government’s discussions, intelligence, industrial and military secrets, as well as of individuals either at a government’s request or on their own.  [H:  Indeed!  “Technology” comes with a hefty price tag in the Khazar Kingdom of a Global Government!  This New World Order is a socialistic-fascist oligarchy, with Jews ruling the planet through murder and fear.  Since you out number them Billions to One, all you have to do is wake up!  The trap is set, however, so haste is the order of the day!]  What is the relationship, if any, between these wealthy Jewish Americans and Israel?  Something to contemplate.
They are natural allies for the ever expanding cyber-attacks against any government.
Dell, Inc.:  Michael Dell.
Google/YouTube:  Larry Page.
Microsoft:  Steve Ballmer.
Facebook:  Mark Zuckerberg.
Yahoo!  Marissa Mayer.
Oracle Corporation:  Larry Ellison.
Cisco Corporation:  Leonard Bosack.
Sun Microsystems:  Jonathan I. Schwartz.
Other Internet Entrepreneurs:
Jimmy Wales—Founder of Wikipedia
Jeffrey Skoll—Founder of eBay
Major Newspaper Owners:
All of these companies own many other newspapers, television and radio stations as well.
New York Times:  Arthur Ocks Sulzberger.
Washington Post Company:  Donald Graham.
Tribune Company:  Sam Zell (Includes Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times)
The Newsweek Daily Beast Company:  Two Jewish owners; Barry Diller and Sydney Harman’s family (Newsweek Magazine and online Daily Beast)
Reuters International News Agency:  founded by Paul Julius Reuters [H:  An MI- 6 flag ship company.]
Jewish Wealth and Jewish Power:
“.. When we (Jews) rise, there arises also our terrible power of the purse.”  - Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State, 1896
Wall Street’s banks, financial companies, investment groups, hedge funds, the New York Stock Exchange, and Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow Jones Company was founded by three Jews) are for all practical purposes Jewish-owned or run.  [H:  Both!  Just like the Federal Reserve Act, set the things up so the BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (S) IS OWNED AND CONROLLED BY JEWISH KHAZARS.  And it is a secret, worse still; it isn’t a U.S. government anything!!  It is a private corporation that has nothing to do with government!  You have been had, precious ones, they only NAMED IT “Federal” Reserve, so you-the-people would simply assume it was of your Federal government.  Pretty slick and slippery of that old serpent/snake, don’t you think?!  This one corporation stole all America’s money (GOLD) and put you into massive DEBT with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the biggie, the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS IN BASEL, SWITZERLAND!  Are the lights beginning to really come on as to why Jesus chased the Pharisee Khazar “Jews” –not Hebrews—HE was a Hebrew—out of the temple with a donkey’s whip!  HE was actually Sumerian, not to be confused with “Good Samaritan” but, so were all of you!  The Sumerian Texts, found in southern Iraq, told you the history of “ancient aliens” and astronauts who came here 6,000 years ago, and created your “modern” human race.  The Khazars had Iraq bombed so you would not find out the truth of man’s beginnings.  Makes more sense WHY Saddam and Bagdad was destroyed—particularly the museums where the texts were kept???  The Dead Sea Scrolls also told of the Nephilim and the Elohim who came to Earth, and with God.  However, the Jews in Israel have kept those scrolls from you for more than 50 YEARS NOW.  Any “translations” they show the world will not have any reference to God’s HOSTS, or Jesus, coming from space in SILVER CLOUDS and CHARIOTS OF FIRE.  This would PROVE THAT SPACE CRAFT FROM “HEAVEN”—WHICH ONLY MEANS “SKY” IN THE BIBLES BEFORE KING JAMES CHANGED IT (or had it changed—for he would not even read it!)—PARTED THE RED SEA.  Those mysterious “Stars” that did all those wonderful miracles, would not be mysterious if you were given un-tampered Biblical texts and scrolls.  As you can see, all is connected to ALL, as we unravel the lies from your ancient past, and present TRUTH to the world, the Jews will have no place to hide.  This is what Jesus meant when he said, “I am about my Father’s business…”  And so are you.]

There is a vast corrupt incestuous relationship between Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) which regulates Wall Street.  There is a self-enriching revolving door between Wall Street and the Government.
Cases in Point:  Four Jewish Americans
Arthur Levitt, Jr.:  Was the longest serving chairman of the U.S. Security Exchange Commission.  After leaving the SEC he began working for Goldman Sachs, a Jewish company, the very company he once regulated.

Paul Volcker:  A Wall Street insider tapped by President Carter to be the Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank.  After leaving the Federal Reserve in 1987, he became chairman of the prominent New York investment banking firm, Wolfensohn & Co., a corporate advisory and investment firm run by James D. Wolfensohn (Jewish who later became president of the World Bank) [H:  Dear friends, you have to come into the realization that your nation and your CONSTITUTION, are built upon the foundation that ECONOMIC WARFARE IS THE REAL ENEMHY OF YOU-THE-PEOPLE.  The “Money Changers” had Jesus SANANDA crucified.  They are the Pharisees and Sadducees written of in your Holy Bible.  TODAY—TWO THOUSAND YEARS LATER-THEY CALL THEMSELVES “JEWS” AND “ZIONISTS”. THEY ARE NOT HEBREWS NOR DO THEY COME FROM HEBER’S TRIBE, WHO WAS SEM/SHEM’S NEPHEW.  THEY ARE NOT JUDAISTS, THEY DO NOT COME FROM JUDA’S TRIBE, NOR DO THEY FOLLOW THE JUDAIC RELIGION, OR “TORAH”.  They are not the people of The Book.  “J-E-W” is an INVENTED WORD, along with the word “Israel” with a capital “I”.  “israel”, with a lower case “i” was simply a phrase meaning, “Godly people”, “follower of God”, “God’s people”, etc.  It NEVER was a proper noun with a capital “I”—UNTIL THE 1700’s, it never was “a place”, nor was it “a people”, as such.  No more than the word “friends” can be designated a race of chosen people by changing it to “Friends”, and making the label a proper noun by capitalizing the first letter.  Just as the “Jews” played a word game with “Federal” reserve, so you might assume Federal Government (which, like I repeatedly point out is NOT), they played the same trick with the Hebrew Judean Judaists.  A “JEW” is not a Judean.  A “Jew” is not a Hebrew like Charlton Heston from “The Ten Commandments”.  A “Jew” is not a follower of the Judaist’s religion, which is based on the “Torah”, from which your Holy Bible is based (and the Torah comes from the Sumerian Texts, which the Judeans stole from the Sumerians!  Nobody is completely innocent, chelas, so let us get on with telling it like it IS).  The POINT is, dear hearts, your CONSTITUTION explicitly states that the United States In America/United States of America, shall NOT enter in any treaty giving up your right to coin and mint your own money!  Your wealth as a nation is all that protects you from tyrants trying to conquer and destroy you.  And your Right to Keep and Bear Arms!  Foreign UN troops are waiting for you to be disarmed.  It is illegal to owe DEBT to an outside OR FOREIGN ENTITY—PERIOD!!!  Therefore, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland—ARE CRIMINAL AND TOTALLY HOSTILE ORGANIZATIONS, SET UPON THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA—AND HER CITIZENS OF YOUR GODLY REPUBLIC!!!!  Black’s Law Dictionary provides the Tool to reclaim your stolen gold, and thus your stolen nation:  “REBUS SIC STANTIBUS”—You look up the correct wording and spelling—but it is a Latin phrase dealing with treaties, which are the most powerful documents/instruments in government:  “The Situation Has Changed”.  If you found out you were tricked into signing something YOU THOUGHT AND WERE TOLD was one thing, but later turns out to be something totally against what you believed to be true—THE TREATY BECOMES NULL AND VOID OF POWER TO BIND IN ANY AGREEMENT.  Would any American today, Black, White, Native, Hispanic, Asian, Judean, Catholic, Protestant, etc., etc., knowingly sign away the land from under their feet???!!!  Would they give up ALL their natural resources—FRESH WATER, GROWING FIELDS, MINERAL RIGHTS, AND SHIP ALL THEIR FT. KNOX GOLD OUT OF THE U.S. TO BANK VAULTS IN SWITZERLAND????!!!!  And worse, sign away your childrens’ right to exist on the soil you sowed for your families’ future??? !!!  Only Khazar “Jews”, in the employ of Lucifer himself, dear ones, would be so bold as to try to pull such a massive and heinous scam on Jesus’ Children, wouldn’t you say?!  Who among you is on God’s side?]  Volcker returned to government to serve on Obama’s economic team.  He then returned to Wall Street.

Robert Rubin:  Worked for Goldman Sachs for 26 years becoming Co-Chair of the Bank prior to joining President Clinton’s team as Secretary of the Treasury.  He returned to Wall Street to work for Citigroup.

Peter Orszag:  Served as Director of the Congressional Budget Office then was tapped by Obama to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the White House.  Upon leaving government he joined the Citicorp Bank.

There are many such examples.  This incestuous relationship has served Wall Street extremely well.  When three Jewish banks collapsed due to fraud and greed in the housing market [H:  The overall REASON for the housing market “crash”, and related DEPRESSION, is the Khazarian takeover of our nation.  All is orchestrated for that purpose, no matter who or what gets the “public blame”.]  (Lehman Brothers, Bear and Stearns, Goldman Sachs, and others), it was their former officers in government who bailed them out {H:  What do you expect when the Jewish foxes run the hen house!] with close to one trillion dollars at a time when the American middle class was suffering the most.


Jonur, break here, please for the next Chapter.  Hatonn to clear. 

New Series 159: … 4 of 7 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish including the Chair, Ben Bernanke, and the Vice Chair Janet Yellen. (Plus Raskin and Stein) 8 of the 12 Regional Federal Reserve Banks are headed by Jews. [Hatonn: Whether or not it is VISIBLE—ALL ARE HEADED BY JEWS. This goes for all motion picture studios, television stations, radio stations, cable outlets, music companies, and anything that transmits FCC signals to the public—PERIOD!]

3/19/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns159)

Good morning, Hatonn present to continue our topic of Zionist Power in America.  I come always in the Presence of Aton.  Amen.



… 4 of 7 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish including the Chair, Ben Bernanke, and the Vice Chair Janet Yellen. (Plus Raskin and Stein) 8 of the 12 Regional Federal Reserve Banks are headed by Jews.  [Hatonn:  Whether or not it is VISIBLE—ALL ARE HEADED BY JEWS.  This goes for all motion picture studios, television stations, radio stations, cable outlets, music companies, and anything that transmits FCC signals to the public—PERIOD!]

In Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, San Francisco.
Foreign Policy, Especially on the Middle East, is mainly under Jewish Control.

“I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews…. terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen… I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don’t approve of.  [H:  That is because at least 65% of your Congress is bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby groups.  Many others are black mailed by them.  We have told you the ones who are of God and nation, if you have been paying attention, and we will continue to lead you who care about your country to those individuals.  As Always—DO YOUR SPECIAL WORK QUIETLY.  God is right in there with His ones, and you WILL make a difference!]  The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country.—Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in February, 1957 quoted on p. 99 of Fallen Pillars by Donald Neff [H:  He should know His brother, Alan Dulles, ran the CIA and, under orders by British-Israel, helped to murder, and then cover up, the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, Texas.  Who ELSE was involved?  And why the REAL REASON for the silly Watergate Hotel scandal?  President Nixon, future Presidents Ford and Bush (who secretly was DCI—Director of Central Intelligence—a lifetime appointment.  Like J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, and why headquarters is “The Hoover Building”.  If you’ll note, the CIA has been quietly renamed “The George Bush Center for Intelligence”.) pictures of them in Dallas on the day of the assassination were kept there to be used for future blackmail.  Continuing with the guilty list:  Kissinger; E. Howard Hunt, from the “grassy knoll” to the front; a man named White hit Kennedy with his bullet; the head of the Secret Service was next to the driver, Greer, and helped him to trigger a device from the steering wheel—while his boss took over the wheel!—The device, implanted BEHIND CONNELLY’S SEAT, WAS A CIA “shaped charge” similar to a large shotgun shell, with no metal slug or balls, but lethal jelly-fish-toxin.  The blast went off in his face and blew a hole in Kennedy’s head.  Greer even reached around and fired his 45 caliber pistol at the President!  Several more shots hit Kennedy and Connelly—just to make sure Connelly kept quiet, because he, too, knew the plot and screamed out, “They’re going to kill us all!”  Jackie Kennedy was spared because she thought Greer was shooting at a suspect.  Later, she was “offered” business tycoon Onassis as an incentive to keep quiet about what she “thought” she saw.  Lyndon Johnson ordered the limousine filled with bullet holes and blood and brain tissue to be IMMEDIATELY WASHED AND RE-BUILT!  This ILLEGAL move was to hide the evidence of the rigged vehicle, the brain matter and blood splatter directions, and the number of bullet holes.  And the reason that Oliver Stone’s movie, “JFK”, was not allowed to film any scenes from the 6th floor of the Book Depository, WAS BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE PROVEN, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, THAT THE SHOTS OSWALD WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE FIRED, WAS A PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY!  OSWALD DIDN’T SHOOT ANY BODY, AND NEVER WOULD HE HAVE USED SUCH A WORTHLESS, CHEAP RIFLE!  He was a CIA person—as well as a KGB person.  ALL films of the assassination are “doctored”; however, even in the Zap Router film used in Stone’s movie you can plainly see Greer shoot Kennedy.  You can see the blast from the shaped-charge coming from behind Connelly’s seat—that frame of the film was “cropped” or made into a close-up, so they could cut out the seat.  The reason for the tampering, and a 3mm frame or two removed, become crystal clear upon reviewing “JFK”, or any documentary, with this new knowledge in mind.  Actually, it isn’t “new”; however, many have not been privy to our   Phoenix JOURNALS, so it bears repeating as often as necessary.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR PAST, AMERICA, YOU ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!!!]

Jewish “Experts” on the Middle East are found across the Government Spectrum, from the National Security Council to the State and Defense Departments.
James B. Steinberg—Former Deputy Secretary of State
Lee Feinstein—Foreign Policy Advisor
Eric Lynn—Middle East Policy Advisor
Dennis Ross—Special Advisor on the Middle East; Iran
Dan Shapiro—Former NSC Advisor on the Middle East, Currently Ambassador to Israel.
Richard Hass—President of the CFR and Ambassador at large.
Sharon E. Burke—Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs.  Like many other Jews who take high government jobs, she joined the Pentagon from a Pro Israel Think Tank, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).  [H:  It should now be most obvious that all Jewish agencies, “Think Tanks”, and SYNAGOGUES, plan and plot the demise of Christianity.  Since your nation was birthed Under God you represent Christ-ness to the world; therefore, you are the number one target of the Anti-Christ Khazar Jews.  Do not further close thine eyes and ears to the call to serve.  It is time to “earn” thy place among God’s Promised Land, chelas, and the hour is here.  What are you waiting for?  The missiles to fly?  The Earth to split in two beneath thy feet?  The plague to wipe out an entire planet?  Or, are you waiting for the Jews to take every last thing you own, and herd you—cold, hungry, broke, and shivering miserably—into concentration camps that you paid for?  The picture is not pretty, precious hearts, but will this cause you to speak up?  When you KNOW Lucifer is coming for your family and friends and loved ones, will you not prepare in that you may survive at the very least?  And those of you who are military Patriots, is this not the hour you have been trained for?  The defending against all enemies to thy dear Republic, foreign and domestic?  In this final battle between good and evil, the Khazar Zionist, Bolshevik Jews are BOTH foreign and domestic evil, attempting to destroy Christianity AND CHRISTIANS once and for all.  Is it not wise to stop the adversary to God now while there is time?  Just as in Prayer, do not wait until the car is going over the cliff, or you have a terrible disease, or your business goes under, or you get robbed, before you ask “Special Prayers” from God.  Why not Commune with God continually, so your car goes down another street which is safe?  And, while you have health and are disease-free to maintain that gift.  That prosperity continues from that which you ALREADY HAVE been blessed with.  Then, dear ones, there is no need for “special” requests at the last moment, when it is all but too late to fix.  Turn your nation around now.  As you can see, with your new President, once again God IS listening to His children.  Have you forgotten who your Father is?  And let us be in the remembering of Who wins in the end… every time.  AHO!]

Two Jewish officials, Daniel Benjamin, Coordinator for Counter Terrorism in the State Department and Stuart Levey, Under Secretary in the Treasury Department for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, have made starving the Palestinians their main priority under the guise of fighting terrorism.  They push the lie that every dollar sent to the Gaza Strip, a concentration camp of a besieged population, goes to Hamas.  They have also undertaken to prosecute the Arab Bank which was the main conduit of funds sent to the impoverished Palestinians as well as Arab and Muslim charities in the U.S.

President Obama knows that if he wants to win re-election he must pander and grovel to wealthy Jewish Americans.  [H:  This President is the first one who does not “grovel” at the feet of the evil Jewish money-changers.  God, nation, and FAMILY are what this man of integrity is all about.  When fighting in the middle of the “pit of vipers”—as Jesus, Himself, called the Pharisee Khazar Jews—one miss-step can be fatal to your U.S. Republic.  The Zionists now have to confront God and His people head on, and this is for all the marbles now, my friends.  There is no compromise.  However, God will allow “negotiation” for “time” to strategically place assets.  For America will require MONEY to operate regardless of what the Khazars plan for your future.  That is what you are holding to.  The Debit/Credit Card scam is the means the adversary is using to get you through USERY/INTEREST.  Your Lord said to not charge thy brother “usury” for money lent to him!  And you can see where your world has gone in the 2000 years since Christ confronted these same Jews in the temple.]  Hence, according to Haaretz, June 6, 2012, during a meeting in the White House between an Orthodox Jewish delegation and Chief of Staff Jack Lew, Obama comforted the delegation by saying:  “My Administration is decidedly more attentive to Israel than it is to the Palestinians.”

Congress:  Powerful Jewish Members—Question of Dual Loyalty?

Upon leaving office in 2004, Senator Ernest Hollings, a Democratic Senator from South Carolina, said what every member of Congress knows to be true but is afraid to say:  “You can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here.”

Congress has 13 Jewish Senators, and 27 Representatives (But not ONE African American Senator in Congress).

Chairs of the three most important national security committees are headed by Jews.  One can only wonder if vital national security intelligence and military secrets are passed along to Israel, perhaps via AIPAC or the Israeli Embassy.

Senator Diane Feinstein—Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Senator Joe Lieberman—Chair of the Homeland Security Committee.
Senator Carl Levin—Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  [H:  Michigan]
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen—Chair House Committee on Foreign Affairs.  This Committee is usually headed by Jews:  Previous Chairs—Howard Berman and the late Tom Lantos.  In an interview with the Forward (a Jewish daily) Berman said:  “that an interest in the Jewish state was one of the main reasons he first sought a seat on the (Foreign Affairs) Committee.  Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist.” 
Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, along with other Jewish Representatives, has turned her Committee, in fact, the entire House of Representatives, into Israeli Lobby whose sole purpose is to defend and support Israel, to constantly push for more and more billions of tax dollars to Israel, and to push the U.S. to pay and die for Israel’s wars.  A constant barrage of resolutions and bills come out of her committee bashing the Palestinians, Arabs, and Iran, while praising Israel for its patience, restraint, and desire for peace with the Palestinians.

Congress, like the President, consists of shackled enslaved prisoners of Israel unable to even whisper the word “no” to anything Israel demands.  They need Jewish money and media support to win elections.  {H:  This time, the Khazar Jew has bitten off way more than he can chew.  The Republic of America, and a President of ALL the people, see through the Anti-Christ’s game of deceit and death.  Black and White citizens of your nation now know there is an evil beast waiting to devour your citizens as a WHOLE.  The massive momentum is giving the Jews a hot foot!  Now go with the INERTIA of change and “Hope”, and reclaim that which God gave to His people of the United States!  After all, does not the Lord stand with those in whom God we trust is their motto?!!!  So be it!]

In Britain, Tom Dalyell, a veteran member of the House of Commons candidly declared in May 2003 that pro-Israel Jews had taken control of America’s foreign policy, and had succeeded in pushing the US and Britain into war in Iraq.  He is known as “Father of the House” because he is the longest serving Member of Parliament.  He said:  “A Jewish cabal has taken over the government in the United States and formed an unholy alliance with fundamentalist Christians… There is far too much Jewish influence in the United States.”

Former Secretary of State James Baker called Congress, “The Little Knesset” [Israel’s congress] while Pat Buchanan, former White House official and Presidential Candidate called it:  “Israel Occupied Territory”.  [H:  These two should know!  They helped the Khazars get to where they are by being “inside men”.  But they left out my favorite:  “ZOG”—the Zionist Occupational Government!]

No greater demonstration of total submission, surrender of America’s interests, and total capitulation and kowtowing to Israel exists than the most shameful and embarrassing display of the entire Congress, without exception, giving the lying murderous Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, 29 standing ovations a day after he met with President Obama in the oval office dressing him down in public on his statement regarding freezing illegal settlement construction.

Jews hold similar powerful positions in governments around the world.  [H:  That is WHY the world looks to you America to break free of Satan’s trap (see Revelation in your Holy Bible).  So goes the U.S., so goes the rest of the world!]


Break here for the next Chapter, please.  Hatonn to standby.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Series 158: Hatonn: Indeed, you have been an Israeli puppet since before the “creation” of “Israel” in 1947. President Obama has halted several attempts by the false Jews, who took over Palestine and called it “Israel”, who want to start a NUCLEAR war with the Arabs in Iran. Your world would have long ago erupted in a nuclear fire-storm, if Obama was not your sitting President.Since he represents Godly people, affording to reclaim their country, the world waits and watches and prays for you, America, to make a stand against Jewish Zionist power in your foreign policy. And you are doing so, the Word is going out that Israel is the Anti-Christ / Anti-God element, and Jewish (Wall Street) money changers are trying to destroy America and her citizens. Do not let that momentum die down, continue to push for a return to CONSTITUTIONAL CONTROL, and not UN and NATO directorates, set up by un-Constitutional, treasonous treaties drafted by Jewish lawyers

3/18/13 from HATONN/jonur (ns158)

Hatonn present in the Radiance of God.  May TRUTH serve as your sword and buckler!  Now let us arm the people!

Just continue where we left off with the article on “Zionist Power:  Myth or Reality?”


That Israel’s interests are the “litmus test” for U.S. domestic and foreign policy was made abundantly clear by the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, in remarks he made to the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) on September 6, 2011:  (See Article:  “Speech removed from U.S. Embassy in Israel Website”)

“There are two implications that flow from the President (Obama) identifying this core interest (absolute commitment to Israel) that I would like to discuss.

The first is this—the test of every policy the Administration (Obama’s) develops in the Middle East is whether it is consistent with the goal of ensuring Israel’s future as a secure, Jewish, democratic state.  That is a commitment that runs as a common thread through our entire government, even while approaching the U.S.-Israel relationship and regional challenges from a variety of perspectives.

“The test of our policy—that it advances Israel’s status as a secure, Jewish, democratic state—also explains our commitment to vigorously battle against those who would attempt to isolate or delegitimize Israel in the international community.”

This is an outrageous and incredible admission by an Obama official that America’s foreign policy is developed and implemented with Israel’s interests in mind, not those of the United States.[Hatonn:  Indeed, you have been an Israeli puppet since before the “creation” of “Israel” in 1947.  President Obama has halted several attempts by the false Jews, who took over Palestine and called it “Israel”, who want to start a NUCLEAR war with the Arabs in Iran.  Your world would have long ago erupted in a nuclear fire-storm, if Obama was not your sitting President.  Since he represents Godly people, affording to reclaim their country, the world waits and watches and prays for you, America, to make a stand against Jewish Zionist power in your foreign policy.  And you are doing so, the Word is going out that Israel is the Anti-Christ / Anti-God element, and Jewish (Wall Street) money changers are trying to destroy America and her citizens.  Do not let that momentum die down, continue to push for a return to CONSTITUTIONAL CONTROL, and not UN and NATO directorates, set up by un-Constitutional, treasonous treaties drafted by Jewish lawyers.]

Naturally, the media would never report this and expose to the American people whom the President and Congress truly serve.  As long as Americans are kept distracted and busy following the calendar of holiday sales and corporate indoctrination that feeds the epidemic disease of consumerism, chasing the latest toy, Americans will continue to pay and die for Israel’s wars.  Remember Iraq.  Next stop is Iran.

How Can Israel so Forcefully Dominate the World’s Sole Superpower?

[H:  America is not the sole superpower nation, chelas, and Israel is armed to the teeth in preparation to use atomic weapons to trigger a war!  The Russians and the Chinese have vast nuclear AND SPACE capabilities, you ones are not informed of, and yet, the Zionists are pushing head-long into a confrontation that will involve everyone.]

Simple:  It’s the wealth and power of America’s daunting “Jewish Oligarchy”.

While constituting only <1.7% of the American population Jewish Americans dominate and pepper every important American institution thereby ensuring that Israel and Jewish concerns are of paramount concerns in all domestic and foreign policy.

From the Executive Branch, to Congress, to Wall Street banking and financial institutions, from corporate ownership and leadership of American industry to the media and Hollywood, from Academic Institutions to “think tanks” whose only agenda is Israel’s interests, from advertising and public relations firms to consultants who package politicians and toilet paper, the “Jewish Oligarchy” is dominant.

Jews in Obama’s Administration:

Jews pepper the Executive Branch including holding the most powerful positions in the Executive Branch as Chiefs of Staff for the President and Vice President thus controlling the agenda and flow of information that reaches them to deciding which persons or groups meet them.  [H:  The Zionist Khazars (fake Hebrew Judeans, who call themselves “Jews”, to confuse the world into thinking the two groups are the same.  THEY ARE NOT!) have controlled your nation this way after they got rid of Lincoln.  The Rothschild spies slowly infiltrated those government key positions, so they could then get laws passed that would undermine the very things your Founding Fathers put in your CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS.  From the Khazar Eisenhower, through Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, the Bush’s, and Clinton, the same “advisors” have been running your country.  If you’ll look back, you will notice that America has always followed British-Israel leadership—that led to all your disastrous wars and conflicts.  Your own Constitution forbids getting entangled in foreign wars!  But the Jews have tricked you into weakening and alienating your dear America, by fighting everybody, everywhere!  You were THE model nation until Israeli “Jewish” Khazarian foreign policy advisors and bankers, maneuvered you into endless “wars and rumors of wars”.  This is when you became known as “the Great Satan”, and “Little Israel”.  Only now, with your President of the People of the Republic, have you regained the respect of a war-weary world.  The Hope of species of man lies in the balance.  Pick up the banner of God and Christ—the two enemies of the Luciferian Jew—and demand that the evil depart your nation and world!  They will devour themselves and fall to the wayside when you unite as ONE under Aton (God).  Remember… evil cannot stand in the Light.]

Between African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, Arabs and Muslims, Women’s groups, and members of AIPAC [An Israeli “Lobby” group]—whom do you think these Chiefs of Staff will choose to meet the President?

Jews are always present at the National Security Council either as Chairs (Bill Clinton’s Samuel Berger) or as members.  The position on the NSC [National Security Council] that deals with the Middle East is always held by a Jewish American.  Additionally, advisors to the President on the Middle East are usually Zionist Jews.

The two Cabinet Departments that Jews covet and ensure their presence either as Secretaries, Under Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, or as Assistant Secretaries, are the State and Defense Departments.  Thus they have the power and oversight to formulate and implement a pro-Israel foreign policy.  The invasion and destruction of Iraq was formulated and pushed by Jewish Neocons in the Bush Administration, in the media, think tanks, and academia.

Ari Shavit, a respected Israeli Journalist, wrote an op-ed piece in Haaretz, April 3, 2002, titled “White Man’s Burden” in which he discusses the lead up to the Iraq War.  He writes:
“The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.”

For laying waste to Iraq no one has been held accountable, especially not the war criminals Bush and Blair [British Prime Minister] and not the Jewish Neocons [or Christian Zionists] in the Bush Administration.
Jewish Americans in the White House [there are others]:

Jack Lew—Obama’s Chief of Staff (first chief war Rahm Emanuel)

[H:  Let me point out that this is not a “Witch Hunt”, pointing fingers at Jews.  HOWEVER, IF ALL THE TOP IMPORTANT ECONOMY, DEFENSE, SPACE, EDUCATION, AND FOREIGN POLICY, POSITIONS OF THE WHOLE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT WERE CHINESE NATIONALISTS, OR SOVIET “HARDLINERS”, OR PAKISTANI MILITANTS—WOULD YOU NOT BE JUST A LITTLE BIT CONCERNED ABOUT IT???!!!  And most importantly—WHY THE “MINORITY GROUP” PULLING YOUR STRINGS, KEEPS SENDING YOUR YOUNG FIGHTING MEN TO WAR TO DIE AND KILL FOR A FOREIGN NATION WHO HATES AND DISPISES YOU!  You, America, are fighting all of Israel’s battles, and it so happens Israel is the one causing all the trouble in the world!  Even the Hebrew Judean Judaists are shouting to the top of their lungs:  “Israel is a false nation created in 1947 by false Judeans, who call themselves ‘Jews’!  Why are you letting these barbarians take control of your country without so much as a peep from your citizens—WHO CLAIM TO BE OF GOD??!!”  It is because you have been fooled into believing that the Nomadic (Wanderer) Khazar warriors of Biblical days are God’s people from your Holy Bible.  Revelation said there would be “false ones claiming to be Jews“, and the world would be deceived in the “Last Days”!  And here they are!  Wonderful!  If the situation were not so serious it would be laughable, that a handful of Khazar “Jews” have robbed an entire world!  Well, let us point some fingers and reclaim that which God Aton gave to YOU, His chosen people of America:  The Nation Founded Under God, and whose money says:  “In God We Trust”!]

Ronald Klain—V.P. Biden’s former Chief of Staff (also Al Gore’s Chief)  [H:  Gore is a Khazar “Jew”, too, in case you didn’t know.]

Alan Krueger—Chair of Council of Economic Advisers
Jeffrey Zients—Director of Office of Management and Budget
David Axelrod—Senior Advisor to President
Jarrod Bernstein—White House Jewish Liaison to Jewish Community
Susan Sher—Chief of Staff for First Lady Michelle Obama
President Obama appointed Representative Debra Wasserman Shultz (D-FL) as Chair of the Democratic National Committee

[H:  To President Obama, or any other White or Black “regular American” (especially Black people), Khazars appear to be “just White people”.  This is why they have been able to pull this off for so long.  For you see, by NOT wearing the traditional so-called Jewish dress, i.e., the little “beanie” cap or Yarmulke, the distinctive hair braid down each side of the head, etc., THEY CAN PASS FOR GENTILES.  Similar in kind, to Blacks who are very, very light- skinned, have straight or curly hair, thin lips, and who speak “the King’s English”, if you will, without Ebonics.  They sometimes can pass for White; in fact, they usually go around constantly telling people that they are, indeed, African American, and showing family history and pictures to prove it!  Well, Jewish Khazars do the opposite—they can better steal from and manipulate God’s Christians, BY BEING WHAT JESUS REFERRED TO THEM AS, “‘SPIES’ COME TO BETRAY US!”  That is why “Jews” are the most racially “mixed” of all peoples.  Each race is a doorway into another culture—NATION which they can plunder and ruin.  The TALMUD JEWISH KHAZARIAN BIBLE (NOT JUDEAN HEBREW TORAH) ORDERS THEM TO DO EXACTLY THAT!  Is Hatonn being “Anti-Semitic” for pointing this FACT out?  Particularly since this false tribe of imposters is plotting the genocide of Billions of God’s own children?  I think not!  Let us continue, please.]

(Note:  President Bill Clinton appointed Steven Grossman who was head of AIPAC [H:  American Israeli Political Action Committee, or something or other.]  (1992-1997), Israel’s most powerful lobby as Chair of the Democratic National Committee (1997-1999).  Only in America does a Lobbyist for a foreign nation become the head of a major political party.

Obama’s Jewish Economic Team:

The men and women who run the government’s budgetary and economic policy are primarily Jews.  These are current and past members of the economic team.

Timothy Geithner:  Secretary of the Treasury.  [H:  Remember the old synthetic robotoid (“clone”) Alan Greenspan?  Multiple copies did not do this entity any justice in the looks department!  He was the long sitting head of the Jewish-Owned, illegal, Federal Reserve Bank.  His wife is top political foreign NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell!  How’s that for “keeping it in the family”!]  Previously he served as President of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.  

[H:  Later we will again look at the “Fed” and the means by which your nation went bankrupt, and how the Jews plan to foreclose on all public and private property.  Where will you-the-people go?  How about those nice concentration camps springing up everywhere in your national parks, and isolated locations outside of your major cities and towns.  Oh, this ain’t China or the Soviet Union, it can’t happen here????  It is all but finished!  Because the PEOPLE don’t know about these plans, one big “National Emergency”, say a little nuclear war, or nation-wide super Flu or AIDS disaster, or even total financial collapse—followed by coast-to-coast rioting (which of course, the Jews themselves will secretly ignite), will enact FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (AGENCY).  The U.S. Constitution will be suspended—INDEFINATELY—and it will be over.  The last thing stopping them is that you, as A PEOPLE, are armed.  Hold to your weapons of defense and your right to free speech.  Or else, this WORD from God will be halted, and you will have no more instructions and early warnings.  And remember—HE WHO HAS THE GUN RULES!  If you let the Jews trick you into confiscating your own weapons, because of the STAGED Mossad/CIA mass shootings, they can do the same thing they (the Khazar “Jews”) did in the Soviet Union and Cambodia and China.]

Ben Bernanke:  Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank (Previously; Alan Greenspan)
Robert Zoelick:  Former President of the World Bank (Previous Presidents were Paul Wolfowitz and James Wolfensohn, both Jews)
Fred P. Hochberg:  Chairman of Export-Import Bank
Other Jewish Members of Obama’s Economic Team:  [some have left]
Paul Volcker, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Alan Binder, Jason Furman, Peter Orszag, Robert Reich, Jeffrey Zeints, Neal Barotsky, Jared Bernstein, and many others.
Almost all of Obama’s “Czars” on everything from Auto Bailout to Climate Change are Jewish [H:  Like I said, these Khazars did not just suddenly appear over night!  Every President going back to before Eisenhower (who was a Jew), had HANDPICKED Jews by none other than Lord Rothschild himself!  “Colonel House”, a Dutch Jew, was charged with handling these “American agents” of the Rothschild’s during Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency—before and after as well!  Many were British Freemasons sworn to take back America as a British-Israel “asset”, so understand that you are dealing with a very old, deep-seated network of evil Jewish scheming to destroy Christianity.  Your Holy Bible told you Even the very elect shall be deceived.  Therefore, all of America must join together and expose the beast, least you stick out like a sore thumb to be “taken out”, as has happened to many, many ones who get in the way of the Jewish Plan for global domination.]

Chairs of most Regulatory Agencies are all Jewish, like the SEC, FDIC, FDA, CDC, FTC, SBA, IRS, CFTC, NIDA (See below for names of these Agencies)
Alan Bersin:  Special Representative for Border Affairs.
The Federal Reserve Bank:
The Federal Reserve is America’s Central Bank, [H:  Same thing expressly forbidden by your Constitution.  That was what you were running away from in Europe—THE ROTHSCHILD “CENTRAL BANK”.] and is the most important and influential institution impacting the American economy.  It’s Board of Governors and Presidents of the Regional Banks are appointed by the President.  Whoever runs the Federal Reserve Banking system in effect runs the American economy.


And what did Rothschild so famously say:  “Permit me to control the money supply, and I care not what puppet sits on the throne.”  Do you see why “Jesus” Immanuel SANANDA was crucified, right after chasing the Pharisee Money Changers—Khazar Jews—out of the temple/church?  Because He saw this, that you are in now, come upon you 2,000 years later.  Yes, Jewish banksters are that dangerous!

Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu!