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New Series 123: THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED) And of course this allows the government to declare a “war on drugs” and greatly increases their budget and power to rule over the citizens

8/29/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns123)

Hatonn present in service and light.  Let us continue, please.

                           CHAPTER 13


Pick up right where we left off; thank you for your service, Jonur.


And of course this allows the government to declare a “war on drugs” and greatly increases their budget and power to rule over the citizens.  This “provoke and punish” orientation is used to process the group mind to support the growth of government, government power, and the reduction of the rights of the citizens in order to provide safety at any cost to the “dumbed down” psyop-ed citizenry.

That is why many researchers now expect the US Government to once again institute another or more major 9/11 type false-flag attacks this year because the US economy is still failing.  And some researchers have pointed out that the August 30, 2007 incident with the nuke warheads of advanced cruise missiles fitted to a B52 [Hatonn:  A “B-52” is a bomber used in Vietnam and later; it can be outfitted with internal storage “magazines” of cruise missiles.  These “fire-and-forget” weapons systems can also deliver nuclear ordnances to their target!] and illegally transported from Minot, ND, to Barksdale AFB [Air Force Base] in Louisiana.  Allegedly, six of the AF military whistle blowers were murdered by intel as a part of a cover-up.  Is one of these warheads missing and now perhaps under control of the US military and “off the books”?  Could the US military use this to institute the mother of all false-flag attacks upon a major US city this year?  God forbid, but these people have a very bad track record and the economy is not improving substantially.  So, expect anything.  It just could happen.

Big government operates according to several important principles:

Principle 1.  The Government gets into the big business of providing so-called large solutions to the very large seemingly-unresolvable mass social problems that they covertly created.  In the rural Gemeinschaft type society, with its singular moral codes which were directly enforced, justice was immediately administered and an individual’s trouble was everyone’s trouble.  As urbanization occurred, the Gesellschaft type society emerged, and this has been characterized by industrialization, mass production, and delayed, indirect remunerative justice and a heterogeneous society.  In the Gesellschaft type society there is a different economic model operating where many new businesses arise from providing solutions to other people’s trouble.  In this type of society, trouble becomes business, and in many cases big business, with health insurance and other types of insurance examples of this.

The super-elitists running the government realized that they can increase the size of government by using the government’s power to create societal problems so large that only the government has the means to solve them.  Thus the government debarked on a new line of action where their first priority was creating large, seemingly insoluble problems which only could be solved with the passing of new laws giving the government more money and authority.  So we have the government creating the “war on poverty”, the “war on drugs”, and the “war on terror”, each of which occurred as a result of the government instituting covert programs to create more poverty, to bring in drugs to ruin communities, and to institute false-flag terror attacks.

Principle 2:  The Government specializes in massive efforts to Provoke and Punish. One of the main tasks the US government has focused on since WW2 [World War II] has been to provoke the public to break any existing laws and then punishing those who do so.  Typically this is accomplished by using entrapments and by controlling the providing of illegal vices for consumption by the public, then arresting those consumers of such vices.  The law breakers then are “dirtied up” or compromised, and deals can be made to entice them to do undercover work, to serve as informants, or to plea bargain a lesser offense.  When this is done in mass, with many victimless crimes or crimes caused by the government’s importation and distribution of illegal drugs, huge numbers of citizens can be jailed, which has helped create a huge privatized corporate prison business.  [H:  You’d better believe it!  How else can they lock up God’s people, while your CRIMINALS TO SOCIETY AND STATE (NATION) GO FREE!?!]

The Government realized soon after the end of WW2 that it is much easier to violate the US Constitution and behave in illegal ways when the populace has been “dirtied up” in this fashion.  So the result has been that, instead of working to help citizens improve themselves and become good citizens who follow the rule of law and live by the US Constitution, one of the government’s main goals has been to provoke the populace to violate the laws by making the temptations illegal and then providing them.  This is actually a horrendous perversion of the “trick or treat” practice which typically occurs on Halloween when kids go to their neighbors to get a treat, with the symbolic threat that, if no treat, they will do a trick on the neighbor such as throwing toilet paper into his trees, etc.  Trick or Treat to the government, however, is the practice of “providing the illegal treat”  followed by also providing a government “trick”, i.e., arrest!


Break here, Jonur; we will catch up with “current events” and correspondence, etc., very shortly.  Also, the Chapters will be at 10 pages; the “Today’s Watch” and other subtitles will be included daily also.

Hatonn moving to standby; let us keep the pace going through the Labor Day gatherings.  This is also a recognition and celebration for our scribe’s brother.  The Hero survived several major crashes in his CH-47 Chinook Special Operations Helicopter, one of which killed his best friend; another friend, the pilot, died the next day from his mortal injuries; and the woman they were trying to teach to fly sustained severe injuries and left the military.  Blessings be on to him (who walked away “with a scratch”) and his beloved wife (a retired Military Police Woman), who served AND CONTINUES TO SERVE America and family.


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