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New Series 129: Where is Unterland?

9/05/12-a from HATONN/jonur (ns129)

Hatonn present this morning to speak on current events.  Salu.

                            CHAPTER 19

Jonur, pick up where we left off yesterday.  We will catch up with the news later.  “NEXUS magazine”, August-September 2012.


TK:  Where is Unterland?

DD:  Unterland requires some explaining.  This is something that most of the world is unfamiliar with.  During the last year when I worked as a Department of Defense research librarian, in 1992, that was when Alan B. Thompson a geophysicist, had an article published entitled “Water in the Earth’s Upper Mantle” [Nature 1992 Jul 23; 358:295-302].  He said that the mantle of the Earth, the deep layers of the rock structures, contain lodes of water, like mineral lodes, that dwarf the existing oceans.  In other words, there is more water underneath the lower mantle of planet Earth than there is in all the Earth’s oceans—and all of [the] world’s oceans are 75 per cent of our planetary surface.  Then, two American scientists found evidence using seismic waves of an entire ocean in the porous rocks deep beneath Beijing.
[New Scientist, no. 2594, 10 March 2007].

The reason I bring this up is because the military knew all this years and years ago. The Nazi government knew of it well before them.  Churchill used to get a big laugh out of the Third Reich’s sending mountain divisions or mountain hunters, who would normally operate in the Caucasus Mountains, to Tibet.  At that time Churchill did not understand it, but entries were found into this part of the Earth that had been bored out by these massive flows of water.

Water is corrosive, and given millennia or millions of years, it carves huge holes and caverns through solid rock.  All of this underwater liquid had bored massive tunnels all over beneath the Earth’s surface.  Underneath our Earth’s surface, there is not a hollow Earth but an inner Earth.  There are caverns a mile high that have their own weather because at that height the water begins to condense and this produces rain, so they have a sunless environment of oceans and rivers that circulate throughout the inner Earth from Antarctica to the North Pole.  This began to be referred to as Unterland.

TK:  Do these caverns have dry enough spaces in which to live?

DD:  Yes, because they’re like the Grand Canyon.  In that sense, there are caverns where the water has dried up, but mostly there are caverns that still have a body of water going through them.  The fertile sediment that has settled in the cavern terraces above the water system is exploited for agriculture.

TK:  So the Nazis found these caverns during wartime and they went there and hid there?

DD:  Most certainly.  As a matter of fact, they were found well before the active period of hostilities in the war.  People might ask, for instance, who was the one person who was so important, so critical to this. Almost nobody knows about him.  He was Martin Bormann.  Everybody knows that Göbbels was in charge of the propaganda, Himmler was in charge of the SS, and basically people are familiar with everyone’s position in the Third Reich, but almost nobody knows about Martin Bormann and what he was doing.  Nobody asks what he was responsible for.  [To be continued ….]

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