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New Series 126: THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED) It seems at times as if all is lost and everything is hopeless for the common citizen in America. However, this is not the case, thanks to the power of the internet (world wide web, WWW).

9/02/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns126)

Good morning; Hatonn present in the Holy Light of God.  Salu!

                          CHAPTER 16



It seems at times as if all is lost and everything is hopeless for the common citizen in America.  However, this is not the case, thanks to the power of the internet (world wide web, WWW).  It is rumored that the top experts at DARPA who designed the web [Hatonn:  Defense Advance Research Projects Agency] sold it to government and intel as the world’s biggest spy tool, but actually had a secret agenda, hoping that the web would be the means to expose and erode the Shadow Government whom they secretly despised.  It is rumored that many of these top scientists at DARPA understood that the Shadow Government is currently the true government running the USA and is covert, or “hidden in plain sight”, all the while simultaneously allowing the visible government in DC to do its dirty work, and present a visible decoy for public attention.  And this result has been occurring in spades, so much so that recently there have been anxious discussions among the super-elites of the necessity to drastically censor the web.  This would not be easily done and most likely the government would have to institute one or more 9/11 type “inside jobs” in order to declare martial law and clamp down on all free speech via the web.  And these super-elites realize there could be very significant blow back from staging such attacks since many citizens are catching on to this tactic, and a large proportion of the populace has become very attached to [the] idea of the internet, and to the degree that many have stopped using almost all of the regular mainstream network major mass media.  And that is why so many newspapers that refuse to publish the truth are near bankruptcy and so many TV networks are having serious financial difficulties.  The populace is getting very tired of the government distributed talking points that are dispensed in unison by all the major mass media.  The jig is about up for the major mass media.

It is important to realize that there are many very good, very honest, upstanding people-loving family-oriented folks in every part of the government, the military, intel, and all bureaucracies and police departments, who are sincerely committed to obeying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and protecting basic freedoms.  These folks are appalled by the criminal acts of the government and hope to see them come to an end.  At present most are stuck in a holding pattern, unwilling to speak up, which would be sure career suicide.  If however the government moves to institute martial law and imprison large groups of dissidents, patriots, gun owners, or attempts to confiscate all gun owners, many of these folks will turn on the government in a New York minute.  And many of these folks leak documents that provide useful information to various web hosts who are now exposing the truth about the criminal syndicate running the US Government, i.e., which expose the shadow government.  Many of these honest officials will not act until the public at large in mass starts demanding a broad based clean up in government at every level, which may be occurring if the economy continues to worsen.

CIA Mind Control
Operation MK-ULTRA

And be clear about this, the web has been a potent nexus of truth within many countries and cultures among freedom loving individuals who despise government tyranny in any form.  The internet has created the greatest exposure of the criminal acts of the super-elites running many different governments around the world and itself is becoming a great stimulus to clean out corruption at every level.  Only the increased vigilance and involvement of a very informed public can stop these kinds of evil operations instituted by the highest echelons of the super-elites who control the government, the military, Intel, privatized corporate Intel, defense contractors, the large international merchant banks, and mercenary groups (i.e. the shadow government).  And that is why it is so important that the public becomes informed of these deep secrets of governments that have gone black and evil to the core.

The Shadow Government is the actual controlling covert government which actually functions as a big, unelected RICO [racketeering, organized criminal conspiracy] crime syndicate that has invoked and used the false cloak of “national security” since WW2 to seize unrestricted power.  It actually evolved from the private Intel web surrounding United Fruit and the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell (called “the company” or “the octopus”), and finally morphed into the military industrial complex after WW2 that Eisenhower warned of in his last presidential speech.  JFK tried to make the country promote the interests of all the people, which is why he was taken out.  And successive presidents have known they are acting on borrowed time.

About the Author

“Preston James” is the pseudonym of a psyops expert who was trained as a social psychologist.


As we get into more and more confirmation from “Earthly sources”, the truth as to this Zionist Khazar plot to take your world—and kill off 6 BILLION PEOPLE—will become absolutely clear.  In order to put a stop to the insanity, you must know what is going on and who the perpetrators are!

Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu. 

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