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New Series 133: Military librarian DD interview continued

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Continued …

Third Reich Physics and Computing

[ … ] the same year that Konrad Zuse developed the original working computer, a man named Dr Subrahmanyan  Chandrasekhar—a Hindu national from India, which at that time was under the command of the British Raj—approached the British Royal Astronomical Society with his astrophysics equations.  He had proven that stars within a certain level of mass, about 1.4 times the mass of our Sun, at the end of their lives will collapse infinitely.  He was able to ascertain mathematically the existence of black holes.  Some of the cliquish British scientists laughed at him and even went so far as to call him a “yellow nigger”, but the Germans and the Japanese viewed his science to be Aryan science.

The Japanese viewed themselves as Aryan people descended from northern India through maritime migration.  The Germans viewed themselves under the Nazi ideology as Aryans descended from northern India and Iran through land migrations into northern Europe.  Both Japan and Germany had a racial ideology that united them in the Axis that was centered on Asian India.

The Germans in particular, using computer technology, were able to take Chandrasekhar’s equations and put them into their computer systems.  They calculated them to the logical conclusion, and they concluded that our entire galaxy and indeed the centre of every galaxy is held together by a supermassive black hole—the mother of all black suns.  This may sound very obtuse.

People may ask, “Why would theoretical physics have such an impact on the war effort?”  It is because the Third Reich was able to take a half-century leap in physics, thanks to taking the Chandrasekhar equations to their logical conclusion using computer technology.  This is how they got into the concept of anti-gravitation and the higher-level physics.  The problem was that this was still in a developmental stage.

However, the Third Reich’s conflict simulations demonstrated that the war could not be won in a conventional sense.  The entire Second World War in the Atlantic and continental Europe was considered to be one massive series of holding actions until relocation of the Thousand Year Reich could take place.  This is why so many German people disappeared.  Before the Second World War, the population of Germanic peoples in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and the German Diaspora (dispersion) throughout Europe was 180 million—close to 200 million people when you count those in various places in Russia and the Americas.  Today, there are around 80 million Germans in United Germany.

TK:  So 120 million Germans disappeared, but I am saying that out of most of those Germans who disappeared there were thousands who were relocated.  Himmler was obsessed with this.

Many people do not understand the purpose of the SS.  The Wehrmacht fought for the nation, for Germany, and the SS fought for the Aryan race.  The purpose of the SS was not only to fight for the continuity of the Aryan race; it was also a multinational army.  It inspired the model for both Warsaw Pact forces and NATO forces in terms of supranational command.

Himmler was intent on relocating what he considered to be genetically pure Nordic Aryans to Neuschwabenland, but he realised that he needed enough genetic diversity to prevent morbid inbreeding in what would begin as a limited population base.

As an aside, Himmler made a point of emphasising that his SS troops had perfect teeth.  Allied intelligence interpreted this as some mania for aesthetics.  The reality was that he needed men who could operate in the sub-zero conditions of Antarctica, where metal dental fillings would contract to excruciating effect.

Antarctic Operations

DD:  To put it into perspective about the military operations that took place in Antarctica, as I explained with Operation Seawolf and Courland, World War II was a nuclear war.  The Axis powers were using nuclear weapons just as much as the Americans were, but at a more effective level because they were using them operationally as line breakers.

In January and February 1939, there were several expeditions to Antarctica, where the Germans had already established a base by World War I.  There was a Kaiser Wilhelm II Land that you can find on maps produced before the Second World War.

Then what happened was that between 1943 and 1945, the British Royal Navy, commanded by Keith Allen John Pitt, had various ships deployed down there, and there was a secret wartime operation codenamed Tabarin—a failed occupation attempt in the winter of 1944.  Men from an SAS regiment were involved, and they went to war not only with the Germans but the Argentinians.

To explain, in January and February 1942, Comandante Alberto Oddera aboard the Primero de Mayo had landed at Deception Island in the South Shetlands and fought off the British.  This is why Argentina never joined the Allied war effort.  If you ever see the Allied zone of patrols that stretches all across the western hemisphere on the map, it stops at the northern quarter of Argentina.  The British never forgave the Argentinians.

The 1946-47 US invasion became a massacre for the Americans due to the German Fluegelrad rotary disc units.  The rotary blades were built around the body of the craft, as opposed to being over the airframe.  They were like the Third Reich’s version of the SR-71 Blackbird [The CIA/Air Force’s incredibly fast super sonic spy plane] in that they were meant for reconnaissance in depth of enemy territory as opposed to speed through enemy airspace.  The Fluegelrad was meant for aerial photography, and could operate at a greater speed than a helicopter because of its aerodynamic frame, sans the durability.  Because the Fluegelrads could be mounted with rockets, they were able to wipe out the American invasion force during Operation Highjump.

TK:  Operation Highjump is an historical fact, is it?
DD:  Absolutely.  In the southern summer of 1946-47, the US Navy operation was led by Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, Jr.  It was actually organised by men who were above him, but he became the scapegoat who was blamed for its failure.  It was an ad hoc force, hastily put together by Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.

On 26 August 1946, basically what happened was that they had 3,500 Marines and all of them died, but nobody speaks of it.  They talk about the naval part of the operation because most people survived that.  This concerned the aircraft carrier USS Philippine Sea, with 100 aircraft, and it was not assigned to any of the groups because it was the fighter-base flagship—an Essex-class carrier, 900 feet long, 3,500 men as crew, and six ski-fitted Douglas C-47 sky train transport planes equipped with JATO [jet-assisted take-off] “bottle rockets”.  There were also foreign vessels participating.

TK:  So there must have been around 10,000 men?

DD:  Yes.  There were 4,700 men in Task Force 68; 3,500 Marines were flown in from New Zealand.  It’s primary mission was to establish an American base to counteract the Nazi base in Antarctica.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether or not you or I believe, or whether or not any American or United German believes, that the Nazis had established a government in exile in Antarctica.  All that matters is that the United States government was convinced that the Third Reich had re-established itself in Antarctica.  This is why the Americans got together Task Force 68.

It was enormous, and had at least 13 American ships—a central battle group commanded by Rear Admiral Byrd.  The USS Mount Olympus was his flagship, not the aircraft carrier because that had crewmen as well as squadrons of fighters, torpedo planes and Helldiver dive bombers, and these craft were all crowded onto the deck.  None of these things could take off from that carrier.  This is how hastily they were put together, and these aircraft were going to be disembarked onto landing strips created on the Antarctic ice and then be used to fight an air war from these artificial landing strips on the ice.  That is why they brought so many icebreakers, all kinds of submarines, and seaplane tenders for all those seaplanes that I have spoken about.  They didn’t even need a landing strip.  They could deploy troops on the ground by taking off from the water.

TK:  And just a fraction of that task force came back?

DD:  Certainly all the Marines that were flown in on the transport planes died on the Antarctic ice.  They were massacred by the rockets launched by the Fluegelrads.  [Hatonn:  Could these and other German craft be mistaken for “UFOs”?  You’d better believe it!]  A few of the planes were shot down with the naval element, but, after what happened to the Marines, their operation had to end and they pulled out.

Rear Admiral Byrd was so disgraced that when he gave a goodbye speech to a newspaper at the time, it was published only in Chile and never in the United States.  Byrd had warned of an imminent attack on the United States and the necessity to maintain a state of alert, to take defensive precautions against the possibility of an invasion by hostile aircraft proceeding from the polar regions.  He said:  “I don’t want to scare anybody, but the bitter reality is that, in the event of a new war, the United States would be attacked by aircraft flying in from one or both of the poles.”

Byrd was suddenly recalled, and so was the entire expeditionary force.  One of the last things he said, one of the most important observations he made, was about the existing situation:  “I can do no more than warn my countrymen that the time has passed when we could take refuge in complete isolation and rest in confidence in the guarantee of security which distance, the oceans and the posed provided.”  He finished by stating:  “We are abandoning the region.”

No official explanation was ever disseminated.  Byrd was hospitalised, and that is how it ended.  That is how badly that expedition turned out.  [H:  At all costs, the “UFO Question” must be kept secret!  You-the-people are being set up for the worst orchestrated staging of a hoax, in the history of the Earth Human species.  Open thine eyes and see the TRUTH!]

At that point, everything that Byrd had warned about came true.  Between 1951 and 1956, there took place what the American documents that I was dealing with called “a massacre of the skies”, or “the disc war” [H:  Hitler’s “Flying Saucers”].

Basically, the Third Reich retaliated and the Fluegelrads and the other planes that they’d developed, which were concept aircraft that they’d brought down to Antarctica, attacked and shot down many US fighter aircraft.

The end result was Operation Argus, in which the Americans deployed nuclear weapons in 1958 after a decade of failed Antarctic invasions following Operation Highjump.  The New York Times reported that there were 204 destroyed or missing fighter aircraft in that period.  By the 1950s, what was known as “the aerospace war” was finally accounted for in the documents that I had been ordered to incinerate, and it was calculated that 2,000 pilots had died from between the mid-1940s and the mid-1950s in the disc war.

Think about what I am saying.  It is for this reason that the Allies were still at war with the Third Reich, that Churchill was brought back into office in 1951.

Stalin’s International Communist Agenda

DD:  People don’t realize how advantageous it was for the Third Reich at the end of the war.  President Roosevelt had died mysteriously, and essentially, by the documents I was dealing with, it was suggested very strongly that he had been assassinated by Axis agents.  [H:  Being a relative to England’s Queen Elizabeth, does not mean you are not expendable if you get in the way of the adversary’s plans of Global Domination!]  Truman [H:  Good Khazarian “Jewish” name.]  took over in April 1945, and then, in July, Churchill was voted out of office.

The reality is that in 1945, Stalin, who had enormous influence on both the United States and the United Kingdom, gave the order to the Labor Party union bosses to oust Churchill.  I the US, we would refer to the Laborites as what Britain called “Communists”.  [H:  Lenin and Stalin were two Khazar Jews who ruled “SOVIET” Russia, after killing a hundred million Christian RUSSIANS, and then calling the “new nation” “Soviet Union”.  The Christian Russians have since taken back their Mother Russia from the Bolshevik (militaristic) Jews, however, those same “Soviet Jewish Khazars” still control the MEDIA—NOT JUST IN THE KREMLIN, BUT ALL THE WORLD!  So THEY are telling you only that which THEY want you to believe!  That is why you are known as “the people of the lie”.  You must come up out of the false history the evil Jew gives you, and on up into the TRUTH that God Aton, and His HOSTS bring back unto mankind.  The “Messengers”, or “Angels” as the Greeks labeled them, are the Prophets from your Biblical stories.  The UFOs in the Holy Bible ARE THE CRAFT THAT LED THE PEOPLE THROUGH THE DESERT WILDERNESS, AND PROTECTED THEM FROM THEIR ENEMIES AND THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE.  So, why do we of God not just show up tomorrow and save the day once more??  BECAUSE MAN NOW HAS CAUGHT UP WITH SOME VERY SOPHISTICATED AND DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY; YOU ARE BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY THE ANTI-CHRIST/ANTI-GOD JEWS (CLAIMING TO BE THE HEBREW JUDEAN BROTHER FROM THE BOOK, AND THEY WILL BLOW THIS WORLD AWAY, CLAIMING “SPACE INVADERS” DID IT!  Man must come into understanding of WHO IS WHO, and at this moment, the adversary is telling you falsely about God and His HOSTS from afar.  Now that the truth is in front of you, expose the satanic evil lie for that which it is!  Join with your President of the People and put a stop to the plan of destroying your  nation and people, in favor of a “Soviet” Israel New World Order.  The British Crown is the seat of the beast, still, do not forget that!  They are still mad at you from breaking away from their Monarchy and daring to be a free people, with liberties and rights for ALL your citizens.]  These were hard-core unionists.

To show you the kind of influence that Stalin had, I will give you an example.  When Stalin invaded Finland in 1939, that was one of the things that started World War II, and the Swedish Nazi Party sent air force pilots to fight the Soviets in Finland.  There were Swedish Nazi Party volunteers who flew the swastika [German flag] in Finland.  The Germans sent units, and it was an international war to fight the Soviet Bolshevik invasion.  One of the most effective weapons was the Brewster Buffalo, a US-built aircraft which the Finns purchased from the Americans.  The Brewster Buffalo took down so many Soviet planes that Stalin gave the order to the US unions, which were very sympathetic to the Soviet communist cause [H:  Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and the other international banksters, sold you out to Soviet spies and operatives—and when the four Rockefeller brothers were betrayed by Kissinger and his Rothschild Overlords—THE UNITED STATES LOST THE REAL SPACE WAR WITH RUSSIA!  CIA, FBI, AND NOW “Homeland Security” are full of SOVIET MERCENARY TROOPS ready to stage a massive “9/11” disaster on the whole of America—and the world!  F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency MANAGEMENT agency) is a dictatorship waiting to be used AGAINST American citizens.  Black people understand what that means, White people had best come to the realization that the Romney “clones” are manipulated by the Jew.  Jews do not like Christ, Christians, nor God of Holy Light.  The uniting of Black America with White America, is the coalition of God Aton’s children waking to their plight against the ultimate evil force in the universe!  The ballot-fixers, opinion MAKING polls, and false media speculation, can not hide for one second the truth of Obama’s Presidency.  The robotoid duplicates of the so-called “Tea Party” politicians, and the elite money conspirators, cannot hide or lessen the tremendous support of AMERICA UNDER GOD for a President under God.  Jewish Khazars are the Anti-Christ, and their “Soviet” goal remains the same:  Destroy American Christianity by destroying American Christians!  Be it by more and continuing wars (World War III/Nuclear War One—but with particle beam or PRANA LIFE FORCE ENERGY weapons this time.  And when that gets out of control you can atomize—turn to vapor—the entire planet in MINUTES!, and/or incredible manmade diseases, etc.—do you understand, chelas?  This is not playing jacks or marbles, the end of a planetary cycle is upon you, which way it “ends” is strictly up to you.  Prayer followed by action gets God’s work done, but you have to “act”, you have to do YOUR PART.  God’s part is automatic in assisting His people.], to sabotage all the Brewster Buffalos on the assembly line.  Over a year after Stalin had given this order, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 and then went on to attack Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.  Everywhere the Japanese attacked, the American Brewster Buffalos were falling out of the sky because they had been sabotaged back home on their own assembly lines.  That is how much influence Stalin had on other nations [H:  MONEY is what the Jew uses to control and manipulate the world.  Every nation has its price—AND CERTAINLY EVERY MAN HAS HIS PRICE!  Therefore, God has to be first and foremost in all things worth having—for the nation or the individual.] because of this international communist insurgency.          

At the end of the pro-active hostilities on the continental mainland in 1945, Stalin gave the order to the Laborites in Britain:  “I don’t need Churchill in power any more and I consider him a threat.”  [H:  When the Allied (Britain + U.S.) powers in the name of Churchill said, “We killed the wrong pig for the roasting” … we should have teamed with Germany instead of “Soviet” Russia.  Now look at the mess unleashed on the God-revering people of the world!  The Jew always fights his enemies by using subversion, trickery, and POISON.  When he has infiltrated, any nation, and secretly gained control through his skillful, and insidiously from within, like a terrible cancer.  All the while, the Jew pretends he is your caring and trusting doctor; or the lawyer who has your best interests in mind, while stealing your assets and estate from your family; or advising your leaders to sacrifice your sons’ blood for the killing and robbing of other nations (like Lybia, for one of many examples) oil and gold resources.  Why do you think God “has indignation forever” against these imposter “Jews” from Revelation 2:9, 3:9???]  He was convinced that Churchill had poisoned Roosevelt, and the end result was that he said:  “Get Churchill out of office.”

Churchill was voted out of office by an overwhelming majority, a landslide.  This was following the general European cease-fire in May 1945, just as Britain was turning its resources towards invading Hong Kong and Singapore.

America’s Unwinnable World War

DD:  At that time, the Japanese were advancing on the mainland with such success that the British actually buried a bunch of British Spitfires, entire air squadrons, in Thailand and Burma.  They just buried them to prevent the Japanese from capturing them.  That is how desperate the situation was in 1945.  People don’t understand the perspective of this.

Put this into perspective for how bad it was for the Americans.  They were so racist [H:  Keep in mind, the Khazar Jew is the true “racist” of your planet.  They have gotten ALL other races of peoples fighting against brothers—like you were sworn enemies for life!  You all, Germans, Americans, Poles, Swedes, Russians, Irish, the French, Italians—are you not all “White” children of God????  You Africans in America and various parts of the world—are  you not “Brothers and Sisters”—who do you suppose got  you arguing, fighting and killing of thy brethren????  Satan DIVIDES THE PEOPLE so they can be ripe for the conquering.  You are made in God’s own image:  “ELECTRICITY”—LIGHT WAVES!  You are a being of LIGHT operating a physical body, to express and experience in a PHYSICAL WORLD of matter in seeming motion.  Just like the still pictures of a movie projector, give seeming motion to the ILLUSION of a cinema, you, and your light wave pulsing universe, are doing the same thing.  Satan and his children, the “Jewish” Khazars, have gotten you to forget about “spirit” (electricity/lightwaves), and moved you into a reality based on the physical.  YOU ARE NOT THAT PHYSICAL BODY OF BLOOD, BONE, AND TISSUE; YOU ARE THE SPIRITUAL FREQUENCIED SOUL ESSENCE WITHIN THE FLESH.  God is light (electricity), man is also light (electricity, but of course, since you are made in His image.  Your physical body IS THE BODY OF MAN—NOT THE MAN HIMSELF!  Just as when you drive your car—you are not the machine (anymore than you are not the “machine” of your body)—you are within guiding and controlling through right action, and following the just laws laid down for ALL TO FOLLOW.  Or you have “crashes”, clashes, and a terrible mess, don’t you?  Be it cars or people!  Stop living according to the Satanic Jew’s plan of “Hell on Earth”!  Don’t you think God’s PLAN is better than that of His (and yours) adversary?!], they had concentrated most of their resources against the Germans because they said:  “Oh, they are white.  They are a bigger threat.”  The Americans allocated only 15 per cent of all their resources during the war to fighting the Japanese in the Pacific.

TK:  And by that they totally underestimated them.

DD:  Yes, the Japanese had invaded the Alaskan islands to prevent the Americans from bombing Japan from Alaska.  Of that 15 percent resource total, the Americans were forced to dedicate one-third to trying to remove the Japanese from Alaskan territory.

Not only was over 90 percent of the Imperial Japanese Army in China at the time of the Hiroshima bombing on 6 August 1945, but on that very day a special war department analysis of the new Japanese divisions being mobilised reached US Army Chief of Staff George Catlett Marshall—the same Marshall who was forced to instigate the Marshall Plan as reparations for the reconstruction of Europe.

It was revealed to Marshall that, from 1937 to 1943, the Imperial Japanese Army had mobilised an average of eight divisions a year, but in 1944 alone it had formed 30 to secure the Chinese mainland.  In the first seven months of 1945, the Japanese activated at least 42—of these, 23 inside Japan itself—and had the manpower to generate even more:  as many as 65 infantry and five armored divisions by October 1945—the intended beginning of Operation Downfall, the scheduled American invasion of the Japanese home islands.


Jonur, pause here, please, and begin a new document.  Thank you.  Hatonn to stand-by.


Japan had only just begun to fight, and this monumental mass mobilization was the very reason why so few, if any, able bodied Japanese men ever died in strategic bombing, either conventional or nuclear, during the entire war.  They were all in the field.

At this point, the Americans realized that they had lost the war.  It did not matter that they could mobilize all this manpower.  The vast majority of their personnel were across the sea in the Atlantic; and if they were to bring them all over to the Pacific to fight the Japanese, they would probably leave Europe open to re-conquest by Nazi insurgents.

So they either faced a series of something like the Napoleonic Wars where they had battles continuing again and again, or they could sue for peace.  The Americans chose to sue for peace because Roosevelt was dead and Churchill was gone.

TK:  They sued for peace?  Towards whom?

DD:  Towards the Axis, both Germany and Japan.

TK:  And that was in ’45?

DD:  In 1945

TK:  The public never learned about that.

Editor’s Note:

Part three in our next issue covers Nazi rocket scientists and advanced technologies, the Suez crisis, nuclear detonations over Antarctica, space weapons, the Third Reich’s alleged Moon bases, and much more.

About the Interviewer:

Douglas Dietrich is the son of a decorated US Navy sailor.  He worked for 10 years as a US Department of Defense military librarian at the Presidio military base in San Francisco, where one of his major duties was document destruction.  He was responsible for incinerating highly classified materials on critical historical topics.  Each night, he made entries from memory in a personal notebook of all of the top-secret documents he had destroyed.

Dietrich experienced the Kuwaiti campaigns of operations Desert Shield (1990) and Desert Storm (1991) as a US Marine, during which time he was exposed to cyclosarin nerve gas which resulted I collapsed lungs and radical experimental surgery.  After mustering out of the USMC in late 1991, he began a career as a private security agent which continued until he became a full-time carer for his dying parents.  He now channels his energies into media production, conference presentations and radio interviews covering a wide range of hidden history topics.  His DVD Roswell and the Rising Sun was reviewed in NEXUS 19/04.

For more information, visit Douglas Dietrich’s website [online].


As you ones come into realization of exactly what your world is REALLY LIKE—and not through the rose-colored-glasses the Zionist Jews of Satan’s bunch present onto you—then you can begin to take back your nation in the presence of God.


So what IS the big deal any way?  Is this just another 2012 “dooms day” prophecy, conjured by man to scare and take advantage of his brother?  Or is it REVELATIONS FROM THE ANCIENTS (THE ARCHANGELS OF MAN’S PAST AND PRESENT HISTORICAL AND BIBLICAL BEGINNINGS) NOW COME FULL CIRCLE IN FULL INTEGRATION OF THY EVOLUTION?

Come now, chelas, if you believe ANYTHING AT ALL IN YOUR HOLY BOOKS AND BIBLES—YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH OF “HEAVENLY” HOSTS SENT OF “A” GOD.  You cannot longer pretend that the future revelations and ancient prophecies do not apply to your lives—TODAY!  Can you not see that every one of the warnings, visions, and plagues are happening as we write?  Look at the state of every nation upon your globe.  Is that not almost word-for-word right out of your Holy Bible??  “Wars and Rumors of Wars”, “Ezekial’s Wheel” descending from the sky to talk to the select few, are these not happening world-wide for all to take note???

Well, you are in it, dear ones, and only knowledge of what is happening, and what HAS happened in the very distant past, is going to see you through.  Forget, for a moment, that your evil adversary is planning to “pull a fast one” during a time of world take over.  Let us look at this same period of human evolvement from the point of view of simply The Sequence of Events of “Time”, as you recognize such.  And we will utilize Earthman calendars long established on your placement.

Jour, utilize Belinda Doyle’s compilation on the subject of the Mayan Calendar, from the August-September 2012 issue of “NEXUS” magazine.  We have brought this information to you many times in the PHOENIX JOURNALS, however, our readers need a quick and concise “intro”, for you are all but out of time.



Arise, all arise, not one nor two groups be left behind; together we will see once again the place from where we have come.

                         - Mayan prophecy

The end of the fifth Great Cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar coincides with the solstice of 21 December 2012 at 11:11 am Universal Time and with the end point of philosopher Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero.  Is humanity on the verge of a new evolutionary cycle?

[Hatonn:  No one, not even “Jesus” Immanuel Esu SANANDA “The Christ”, knows the hour of the coming of God again to your place.  Only Aton (God) knows that moment, however, it gets closer!  Suffice it to say, the second decade after your new millennium is a good starting point!  You are in year two, nearing three of that second decade, precious friends!  Do not wait for more “precise” timing estimates, you may find that you put things off just one week to late, to save your bacon from burning to a crisp!  God has given you the clues, YOU have to act on what you see around you unfolding.  Therefore:  “The handwriting is indeed all over the walls”!

Type “Mayan calendar” into an Internet search engine and you’ll find millions of references to this ancient device.  It has been the subject of countless media reports, a Hollywood blockbuster and much conjecture.  So, why all the attention?  This article explores the history of the calendar, the significance of its 2012 end date, and its connection to the 111:11 phenomenon and the Chinese “I Ching”.  [H:  Beings from Pleiades gave “The Yellow Emperor” of ancient China much knowledge and advise, which helped the framework of “Modern Civilization” as you enjoy it today.  He said he received it from councils with “Star Beings”, so be it!  Keep in mind, your races, our race, comes from that cluster of young, hot suns (stars), shaped like a tiny “dipper” or “kite”, called the “Seven Sisters”, or Pleiades constellation.  It can be viewed in the Northern Hemisphere in the winter months, particularly November at midnight, it is directly over head.  All of  your Earth culture had its beginning “texts” with mention of the blue-white stars being the “Home of God”; and to “where the soul goes when it leaves Earth”.]

The End of the World or A New Beginning?

The ancient Maya people dominated Mesoamerica, the narrow landmass that lies between North and South America, from around 2000 BC to 900 AD.  It was during their classic period, from 250 AD to 900 AD, that they constructed an extensive empire of cities.  They built impressive palaces, religious temples and stepped pyramids.  The Maya created magnificent carvings and ceramics as well as sophisticated mathematical systems, and they devised the only known fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas.  The Maya people were also keen astronomers.  They were particularly interested in the planet Venus.  Without the use of telescopes and with only the naked eye to guide them, the Maya were able to measure the lunar month, predict eclipses and determine the revolutions of Venus.  They made incredibly accurate records of the stars and Sun, and they aligned many of their ceremonial pyramids accordingly.  Even today, thousands of people gather at El Castillo pyramid at Chichen Itza on the days of the spring and autumn equinoxes to watch the Sun cast a shadow over the edge of the pyramid.  For a few moments, the shadow creates the illusion of a snake slithering down to Earth.  It was the ancient Mayan fascination with astronomy that also led to the development of their now-famous calendars.

While the Gregorian solar calendar that we use today was primarily created for agricultural purposes, the calendars of the Maya were based on a very different set of principles.  The Maya believed that the solar system cycles are connected to our collective consciousness, and they included spiritual elements in many of their calendars.

The most important Mayan calendar is the sacred Tzolk’in (or “count of days”), a 260-day calendar that combines a cycle of 20 day-names with a cycle of 13 numbers to create 260 days, each with its own set of characteristics.  It was said that an individual’s personality could be predetermined according to the Tzolk’in day on which they were born.

The Maya then combined two cycles of the Tzolk’in calendar with a third cycle, known as the Haab’, to produce a longer cycle of time.  Each Haab’ cycle is made up of 365 days and consists of 18 months of 20 days each as well as one “unlucky” month of five days.  When combined with the Tzolk’in calendar, one full cycle or calendar round would take 52 years or 18,980 days.  [H:  This also coincides with Native American calculations with the Midnight culmination of Pleiades.  So, keep in mind that there are “calendars” that are all synchronized to COSMIC EVENTS, which go way beyond your Earth civilizations.  Your elite conspirators know what is coming, and they will use these “events” to herd you people into your destruction of panic and terror of the unknown.  Prepare and tell thy neighbor, like Noah was trying to do, for the messengers have come before, and WE are telling you as much!  Who—this time—will heed the warning??!]

However, the Maya needed more than 52 years to record historical events and so they invented the Long Count calendar.  It is the Long Count system that has gained notoriety in recent times and has come to be known simply as the “Mayan calendar”.  The Maya developed their Long Count calendar around 355 BC; however, the calendar’s starting date did not begin in 355 BC.  For reasons unknown, the Maya backdated their Long Count by more than 3,000 years.  Maya researchers generally agree that its start date corresponds with the Gregorian date of 11 August 3114 BC.  The Long Count Mayan calendar is made up of the following units:

1 day                                   =  1 k’in
20 days (20 k’ins)               =  1 uinal  
360 days (18 uinals)           =  1 tun
7,200 days (20 tuns)           =  1 k’atun
144,000 days (20 k’atuns)  =  1 b’ak’tun
13 b’ak’tuns                        =  1 Great Cycle

The duration of each Great Cycle (or 13 b’ak’tuns) is approximately 5,126 years. Maya experts have calculated that the current Great Cycle, which began at or 11 August 3144 BC, will end on or 21 December 2012 AD.

Australian science expert Dr Karl S. Kruszelnicki has said that to read the scholarly notation for the Long Count calendar , you need look no further than your car’s odometer.  As you drive, the extreme right slot of the odometer rolls over from 0 to 9 kilometres; that slot then rolls back over to 0 when it reaches 10 and the number 1 rolls into the slot next to it to represent 10 kilometres.  Dates recorded by the Long Count calendar are read in a similar fashion.

The calendar counts through the days (or k’ins), and when it reaches 19 ( it then rolls over to 0, and the slot to the left (the uinal) rolls over to 1 (  When the uinal slot reaches 17 (, it then rolls over to 0 because 18 uinal = 1 tun (  So, 1 January 2009 would therefore be represented as is, 12 b’ak’tuns, 19 k’atuns, 15 tuns, 17 uinals and 10 k’ins.  On 21 December 2012, the date according to the Mayan Long Count calendar will read—that is, 13 b’ak’tuns.

What does it all mean?  On 21 December 2012, the current cycle of the Mayan calendar “ends”.  What the ending of the calendar means for modern-day humanity is unclear.  On 31 December each year, when our Gregorian calendar ends, we simply roll over to 1 January and begin a new year.  Other than a few million hangovers the world over, the ending of the Gregorian calendar does not equate to anything special.

However, the Mayan calendar is different.  According to the Popol Vuh, the creation story of the Maya, the completion of each Great Cycle is said to correspond with a cycle of creation and transformation on Earth.

The Popol Vuh tells of four previous ages on Earth and suggests that we are currently living in the fifth.  [H:  Your own scientists said that you have had AT LEAST five Ice Ages.  These, also, correspond to not only these various ancient calendars, but to your Biblical stories as well!  And you are at the closing of The Great Cycle now, all the old calendars ended on AUGUST 17, 1987, the heading of these writings always start with THAT CLOSING DATE:  “ … YEAR 26, DAY …”, you are 26 years into what you think was your Year 2000.  So instead of it being 12 years past the year 2000, it is really going on 26 years—starting in 1987—that is when the year 2000 actually came in.  Get it?  If nothing else, man must prepare for the coming Earth Changes—especially in freezing climate conditions that will affect the growing of food in formerly fertile land masses.  The ice is expected to extend to about latitude 40’—from BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH POLES—and those not living near the Equator are going to be in trouble.  Man can prepare for these things if you demand your politicians stand with you-the-people!  Those Arctic “Survey Stations” and “Research Centers” are in reality—EMERGENCY RELOCATION FACILITIES FOR THE ELITE OF YOUR WORLD!  They will NOT help you ordinary citizens unless you demand that they do so!  Remember, they want to “cull”—WHICH MEANS KILL OFF LIKE CATTLE OR DEER—the human population from almost 7 Billion, down to 550 Million!  That is WHY Israel keeps pushing for nuclear war and FORCED VACCINES that will suddenly be “declared” a “spoiled batch”, resulting in millions of deaths!  And as they rush in more doses of a cure for that, the next wave will also result in many millions more culled human animals.  The Jewish Zionist plans to destroy you trusting Christians is not pretty, dear hearts, however, neither does Satan care for his own.  For in the ending all the entire species of human will perish if evil is left to its own devices.  So be it.]  The K’iche’ Maya predicted that the end of the fifth Great Cycle would involve movement, vibration and earthquakes, while the Tz’utujil Maya warned that man would need to undergo a conscious evolution if another creation, or sixth cycle, were to follow.  [H:  God has not forsaken His people, why think you “Jesus” and The HOSTS are here at THIS time of thy evolution???!  Therefore, do not let the “Hollywood Jews” create fear of Space Brothers, because these are your ancestors, and they come as the Angels and Archangels from Biblical days, which are upon you once again .  Also in the tellings of these so-called “Last Days”, are “… the stars falling from the sky.”  Well they cannot be “stars” truly, for where would they fall from, and where would they fall to???  THOSE ARE OUR CRAFT RETURNING THAT MAN DESCRIBES, AND IS PAST DOWN IN MYTH AND LEGEND, SO YOU CAN BE DECEIVED BY THE EVIL CONTROLLERS OF YOUR PRISON PLANET!  Satan’s game is to keep you from moving on into ONENESS with God, so that the adversary has plenty of “lost souls” to rule over on Earth.  But once you KNOW he can have no power over you. And if God Aton of the ONE LIGHTED SOURCE is in the equation, as the Lord thy Father, then evil falls by the wayside and devours itself—for no thing or being or energy form of evil intent can stand against the light!]  According to the Institute of Maya Studies in Florida, USA, the Zuni and Navajo peoples also believe that we are living in the fifth era and that the sixth is drawing near.

The Mayan calendar’s end date is also significant because it coincides with a solstice.  On 21 December 2012, the northern hemisphere experiences its winter solstice and the southern hemisphere experiences its summer solstice.  This is the day when the Sun is in its most southerly position—the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest day of the year in the southern hemisphere.  The December solstice of 2012 is scheduled to occur at 11:11 am UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on 21 December.  The actual day and time will vary, depending on where you are in the world, as per the following time conversion chart:

UTC Conversions for the December 2012 Solstice

Location                       Date             UTC 11.11 am

Los Angeles           Friday 21 Dec           3:11 am                 
Guatemala              Friday 21 Dec           5:11 am
New York              Friday 21 Dec           6:11 am
London                 Friday 21 Dec        11:11 am
Paris                      Friday 21 Dec          12:11 pm
Moscow                Friday 21 Dec           3:11 pm
Perth                     Friday 21 Dec           7:11 pm
Tokyo                   Friday 21 Dec           8:11 pm
Sydney                  Friday 21 Dec          10:11 pm
Auckland            Saturday 22 Dec        12:11 am                         

Independent researcher John Major Jenkins has dedicated much of his life to the study of the ancient Maya, their cosmology and philosophy.  He has written numerous books, including “Galactic Alignment and Maya Cosmogenesis 2012”.  According to Jenkins, the December solstice Sun in 2012 will conjunct with the galactic equator and the ecliptic in Sagittarius.  This would place the Sun at the centre of the Milky Way, a phenomenon that he refers to as the Galactic Alignment.  Jenkins also believes that the December solstice Sun of 2012 could reach the area of the Milky Way that astronomers refer to as the “nuclear bulge”.  [H:  Chelas, here it is for you in “Scientific terms”, the Coming Again of God and Christ!  Do you not think that Aton would not place the “signs” and “clues” that indicate that the HOSTS of Heaven are preparing “a place for you”????  Be not fooled by the Khazar Jew’s omissions and out right lies, that the time is at hand!  This is what you of God’s people have been waiting for lo these many eons of “perceived” time!  Seize the moment with both thy arms and hands, and hold tight to the coming of The Lord!]  It is the area of the Milky Way’s dark rift, which the K’iche’ Maya referred to as the Xibalba be—the road to the Underworld or the place of fear.  [H:  Yes indeed!  Fear and trepidation if you yourself are of evil intent, for God, dear ones, is THE ADVERSARY OF THE ADVERSARY!  In 2002, John Major Jenkins was a guest speaker of The Time of Global Shift seminar in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.  He told those present:

“Many of the Mayan monuments describe mundane historical events, but some of the Long Count monuments are dated with the date

[to be continued …]       


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