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New Series 124: THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED) Jonur, continue with yesterday’s article from “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2012, about false flag “terrorist” attacks.

8/30/12 HATONN/jonur (ns124)

Hatonn present to commune; let us jump right in!  The water isn’t fine, but you have little time left, so we must proceed with haste and bravery.  Salu!

                          CHAPTER 14


Jonur, continue with yesterday’s article from “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2012, about false flag “terrorist” attacks.  Thank you for your service this morning.


It has been reported that William Casey once wrote into a letter to Ronald Reagan while he was president in response to a question of whether the US Government actually brings illegal drugs into the country.  The letter answered that, yes, of course your government brings in illegal drugs, and mentioned the “trick and treat” model, noting that no one forces a person to buy drugs, that it is of their own free will, and thus when the government provides the trick after the treat, it is the buyer’s sole responsibility.  So it is clear that the government is in the business of providing the illegal treat followed by trick too (in this case arrest) in mass as a means of “dirtying up society” and making it easier for the government to erode the rule of law, bypass the Constitution, and grow in size, all the while Nazifying itself.

The New American Century is a film that exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud, with video of insiders themselves admitting it.

Principle 3:  The Government commits to massive efforts to control any and all opposition by either starting it or infiltrating any that already exists.  This is done by infiltrating and taking over any existing opposition that emerges or by setting up and controlling new opposition before it can occur naturally.  So you have the Ku Klux Klan being supported and populated by a near majority of undercover agent provocateurs.  And the same goes for the neo Nazi group, Elohim City, and some militia groups.  Certainly this was done with the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground during the Vietnam War.  Sometimes this principle results in the super-elites in government allowing and even approving of the emergence of patriotic anti-corruption private researchers who work hard to expose and publicize this government corruption, which is now endemic at all levels.  In some cases these “worthy opponents” are left alone or even given “leaked” documents to help them attain prominence.  In this way, the ruling super-elites at the highest echelons provide entertainment for themselves, all the while enjoying a good contest or battle as a sport that they believe they will win due to their full-spectrum superiority.  Lower level elites and cutouts that do their dirty work are not always so convinced and fear the peasants with the pitchforks, if the masses become too informed.  The super-elite big boys at the top have no such fears and relish the contest, just like the Greeks loved their Olympic sporting events.  And if they succeed in their planned complete one world takeover (New World Order, Order of the Ages, or NWO), they plan on disposing of these cutouts and lower level bureaucrats in operations like the “Night of the Long Knives” (Operation Hummingbird) and the Stalin and Mao [Hatonn:  This is important, dear ones; Stalin was the Soviet Khazar in Russia, and Mao of the communist Chinese; BOTH are Jewish creations!  Over 100 Million Christians were executed in Russia alone!  This is what the Jews are planning for the United States.  That is why Israel is so bent on war with ANYBODY!  I also repeat:  There was no “Jewish Holocaust”!  350,000 German POWs and innocent civilians, including JUDEAN HEBREWS (followers of Judah or from the Tribe of Judah), were killed.  The murderers (Ashkenazi Jews of Khazar/Turk lineage) made up the 6-14 million number—and then claimed to be the victims.  They called themselves “Jews” so you would confuse them with Judeans.  Get it?] purges (which murdered about 60 million humans), and during their planned world-wide eugenics plan to reduce the world’s population by up to 80%.  One part of their plan may be to foment mass civil wars all over the world, including the US and Europe, to break down the existing order and help reduce the population before they begin the serious eugenics programs worldwide.

Principle 4:  The Government invokes “national security” as a false cover for every type of government crime, misfeasance, malfeasance, and mischief.  This too frequent claim—that it is necessary to impose secrecy and make any matter “off limits” in order to preserve the security of the nation—is “the big lie”, and at present there is no direct means to appeal any such actions.  Even the President of the United States does not have the top security clearance required for access to the highest secrets of the Shadow Government.  This practice is nothing short of mob-style thuggery, the stuff of tyrants, including the Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the Nazi-style dictators of petty banana republics in the western hemisphere.  And yet the public has been conditioned to accept this.  And there have been numerous upstanding, honest citizen witnesses who talked anyway that were convicted and jailed on trumped up charges, murdered and labeled a suicide, or “disappeared” South American death-squad style.

The super-elites at the upper echelons of government hold the belief that, if their most closely guarded secrets were shared with the sheeple, society would collapse because the sheeple could not handle the truth.  This is a gross rationalization and always has been.  The fact of the matter is that, if the sheeple ever rose up and became “we the people” of the US Constitution once again, the extreme criminal acts of the super-elite government controllers would be fully exposed and they would be brought to justice one way or another by the citizens, even if they resorted to “pitchforks”.

The invocation of the false cloak of national security is used by government to stifle all serious investigation of government crimes and wrongdoings.  This one practice alone has allowed the government to operate as a criminal state with no oversight, and this practice must be changed if rule of law can ever be established again.  Is there ever a need for keeping state secrets?  Only rarely is such justified, such as for government passkey codes for tax receipt bank accounts and launch codes for nuclear weapons, and that is about it.  As Professor Marshall McCluhen once stated, national security is needed only for the small secrets; the big ones are protected by the public’s incredulity.  What would normally be a serious criminal act is defined as necessary in order to protect the nation’s security, and this big lie is used as a rationalization to have special ops commit murder at the government’s direction, labeling it as protecting national security and therefore not a crime, but a necessary act of state.  Often these murders are reported as suicide, due to the power that Intel has to control investigations and major mass media.

Principle 5:  The Government allows some of the sheeple to discover and “believe” that it commits horrible covert crimes at times, but it prevents this documentation from getting into the major mass media as complete confirmation so that the sheeple can never “know” this for sure, which creates mass cognitive dissonance in the sheeple and causes them to go away in “quiet desperation”.  This means that typically, even if some members of the public discover that the government has or is committing horrendous crimes, unless it was reported in the major mass media most sheeple would never be capable of fitting it into their heads because these crimes are so horrible they seem incredible.

The government allows some of the sheeple who sometimes discover and believe that it does these horrendous criminal acts, like murdering one of their own presidents or staging major terror events, but it never lets most of [the] sheeple “know” it for sure because the major mass media are [an] extension of the super-elites that run the government and they will always support this practice.  Thus the government purposely generates a state of mass cognitive dissonance in the sheeple which causes them to go away in “quiet desperation”, thereby rendering them ineffective in getting involved in correcting the abuses of government.  And the government and the major mass media specialize in using casuistry, sophistry, and speciousness in their propaganda to keep the sheeple convinced of their “official version” of the truth in most major news matters.  And this isn’t usually too difficult because deep down inside, when push comes to shove, most folks know that to reject the social reality imposed by the “system” carries a multitude of various kinds of sanctions such as denied opportunities, rejection from others in the community, and the like.  The sheeple are motivated to accept the ruling super-elites’ defined reality of the “king’s new clothes” because there is substantial motivation to do so such as avoiding sanctions, rejection, and loss that can come with such a rejection.  It is usually in their interest to do so, even though long term it will likely take the nation into complete tyranny, destroy the middle class and unions, and bring in two tiered oligarchy, based on upper class ruling super-elites and serfs.

Principle 6:  The Government provides inducements for the sheeple to play the game “the king’s new clothes” and sanctions for refusing to play it, thereby fostering a cognitive split between an artificial socially constructed reality necessary to climb the king’s food chain and what is actually occurring.  Eventually this fantasyland “faux reality” takes on the characteristics of a “true reality” due to mass concurrence alone.


That should tell it all, chelas; the National Security Agency is “above” the U.S. CONSTITUTION!  Let us break here, Jonur, and return promptly, for there is much to do this day.

The workload is great, I know; however, after this week is over, ones must realize that God comes first—then, man’s celebrations and plans.  It matters not whether or not your family understands and accepts your commitment in total; you KNOW, so it is your responsibility!  You cannot serve two Gods.  You will hate and despise one, as the saying goes.  So be it!

Hatonn moving to standby.  Salu 

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