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New Series 128: Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels [Goebbels]. He conducted a brilliant propaganda operation in which he claimed that the Third Reich had made contact with extraterrestrials and that they recognized the Third Reich as the legitimate government of planet Earth

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Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/ATON, here to commune.

                           CHAPTER 18

Another was through the Reich’s Propaganda Minister, Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels [Goebbels].  He conducted a brilliant propaganda operation in which he claimed that the Third Reich had made contact with extraterrestrials and that they recognized the Third Reich as the legitimate government of planet Earth.  [Hatonn:  Your own government also has a treaty with “ETs”, but man needs no treaties to meet with God, dear ones.  And there are other beings in your Cosmos who do not look like you; these are the ones they have replicated (“cloned”) to scare the masses into a “new world order”, where the Zionist Jews are secretly in charge.  However, all your top nations keep the secret for their own benefit, and because Kissinger told them to keep their mouths shut!]  The extraterrestrials could only recognise one government over the planet; and because the Third Reich was the first one to make contact, they were the ones that were recognised.

At the end of the war, the Third Reich was an example of a polycracy, a government of different internal departmental empires.  Göbbels had his empire, Himmler had his, Speer had his, Göring had his.  To give you an example of how powerful these empires could be, the SS had its own army, its own panzer units, and its own paratroops.  It also had its own air force.  What was the SS air force?  It was the Hitler-Jugend, the Hitler Youth, who had been trained to fly what were basically ram rockets that could go up into the sky vertically and fire off a number of shells very close to American bombers, and then they would parachute out of them.  The Luftwaffe [German air force] had its own paratroops, all the anti-aircraft batteries, 20 field divisions, and an armored unit, all controlled by Reichsmarschall Herman Göring.

Then there were what the Germans called the Feuerballs—the fireballs.  These fell under the control of the Reich’s Propaganda Ministry, under Göbbels.  These were highly maneuverable, radio-remote-controlled magnesium flares with super-elongated coils to provide extensive duration of the flare’s burning.  It was the aerial equivalent of a nautical mine, with all the spikes sticking out in every direction in flight.

The Germans claimed that, because they were the first government to use television broadcasting of ceremonial events, they were able to have these signals intercepted by the extaterrestrials that had been flying in the vicinity of our solar system, which got them recognized as the government.  That is why, at the end of the war, suddenly these fireballs appeared and they were buzzing bombers everywhere in Europe.

TK:  The Germans used these “foo fighters” [H:  What U.S. and Allied fighter pilots called UFOs they saw during World War II.] in connection with their claim that they had made contact with the alien races?

DD:  Absolutely, and it was through this that the Reich’s Propaganda Minister, Dr. Göbbels, was able to force the British and the Americans into standing back.  The American records I was looking at claimed that the British were more susceptible to this propaganda because of their nervous strain from years of warfare.  The Americans claimed that they were much more skeptical.  Personally, I think that the Americans were just trying to push it off onto the British, but they were just as afraid.  Nobody had seen Feuerballs before, and they were very afraid that these were actual extraterrestrial craft.  It was a propaganda victory of enormous proportions.  Dr. Göbbels was able to convince the western Allies that aliens were on the Nazis’ side and recognized their government, and therefore the Allies had to allow the entire important elements of the Third Reich government to escape, except for cases of suicide.  Now, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann escaped.  I can guarantee through the records that I have dealt with that Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels escaped.

The Third Reich Relocates

TK:  So Göbbels escaped, Hitler escaped, Bormann escaped.  Who else do you think from the leadership?

DD:  Certainly SS officer Hans Kammler, as well as many other important technicians vital to the Third Reich. This became known as the Thousand Year Reich, and as a result it was dealt with as a third force in the Cold War.

TK:  Did they all escape to the same place, or did they spread into different locations?

DD:  Very different locations.  There were secret bases that were still maintained in Norway, Greenland, the Canary Islands, Antarctica, and South America, but mostly it was Argentina, and then Antarctica, and then Unterland.


“Unterland” is what the Germans called the “Inner Earth”.  There is a vast expanse within your planet where life exists that you are totally unaware of.  There are beings and craft and “bases”, from which extraterrestrial entities make their travels to and from space.  Your governments utilize some of these caverns for survival and planning of the anticipated “Earth Changes” that are coming.  “Mermaids” and “Nephilim” can exist in the great pressures of the deep ocean trenches and elsewhere.  We will get into this subject in depth another time, but let us continue with the current topic and allow things to unfold in continuity.

Jonur, stop here and take care of the family gathering tasks.  Hatonn moving to standby.


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