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                          CHAPTER 17



Jonur, let us move right into this document for there is little time this day.  Thank you for your service.


A former US Department of Defense military librarian exposes secrets of World War II and beyond, including the Third Reich’s relocation to its Antarctic base and failed British and American attempts to destroy it.

Part 2

An Interview with Douglas Dietrich, 29 April, 2012, by Thomas Kirschner, Publisher of the German edition of NEXUS Magazine, August-September 2012.

As we continue to separate the wheat from the chaff, you will see that the evil aspect of man orchestrated all your wars YOU THOUGHT you were fighting with “just cause”.


The Truth about the Little Boy Bomb

Douglas Dietrich (DD):  When Harry S. Truman took over, his first act as President was to recall the aviator Charles Lindbergh from the Pacific immediately and send him to Europe.  Charles Augustus Lindbergh spoke German, and had been awarded a very-high-level civilian medal by Adolf Hitler for his sympathy with Germany before and during World War II.  Truman sent Lindbergh to Europe to deal with as many Nazi scientists and technicians as he could, to bring back the atomic bomb from the Germans.

Thomas Kirschner (TK):  Oh, he sent him over as a spy, so to speak?

DD:  No, as that they would call a “goodwill ambassador”.  During the time before Roosevelt died, his insane proclamation of unconditional surrender said:  “We declare that the Emperor Hirohito and the Nazi government are war criminals.  These are people whom we will not contend with.  We will not deal with them in any way, shape or form.  We simply want them dead.”  That is the result of Roosevelt’s saying that the war could never end.  That is why Eisenhower, in the field, was so desperate that he actually brought in a musician—Glenn Miller, who spoke German and was famous in Germany—to conduct peace negotiations secretly with the Third Reich.  That is how desperate the Americans were.  Since they couldn’t communicate with the Third Reich government, all they could do was to take cease-fires in the field.  Even the entire end of the war was signed by General Alfred Jodl and Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz as a surrender of military forces, a cease-fire.

TK:  A surrender of the Allied forces to the Germans?

DD:  Well, no.  The German forces in the field surrendered to the Allies, but the government was not spoken to and was simply allowed to leave.  The people who were in the dock at the Nuremberg Trials were all military men.  Even Albert Speer was considered military because he was in charge of military production.

TK:  So, to where did the government leave?

DD:  The government reasserted itself in many, many places:  mainly in Argentina, but also in Antarctica and eventually in Unterland.  But just to finish off with Charles Lindbergh, the Little Boy bomb was never tested by the Americans.  Remember Trinity:  It was the test of the Fat Man-type bomb, the plutonium bomb.  The Americans had plutonium, but the Germans and the Japanese had no plutonium.  What they had was uranium, so all the German and Japanese bombs had a standardised Axis shell meant to fit into the fuselage of a medium-range bomber.  That was a uranium bomb that the Americans called Little Boy.  By producing a number of these, the Germans and Japanese could threaten the Americans with medium-range delivery—a medium-range interballistic missile delivery system, or a rocket system launched from a U-boat or, in the Japanese case, by a kamikaze plane.  Because of this, they were able to force multiple concessions from the Americans.

When Charles Lindbergh went to continental Europe, he could do what Glenn Miller didn’t do.  Glenn Miller died very mysteriously, and the Americans organized this entire cover story that he was killed in an aircraft crash.  That is not what happened.  But Charles Lindbergh was able to succeed in talking the German scientists into giving over the Little Boy bomb as part of the concessions that they were dealing with in terms of the Third Reich’s government.  When this Little Boy bomb was delivered to the United States, it was never tested because the Americans already knew that it worked.  They already knew that the Germans had deployed it.

[Hatonn:  THE FOLLOWING IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!  THIS IS PROOF THAT MAN KNOWS ABOUT “UFOs”, AND GOD HAD THE FIRST UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS.  REMEMBER “EZEKIEL’S WHEEL”?  REMEMBER THE “ANGEL OF THE LORD” WHO LED THE PEOPLE OUT OF EGYPT, AND THE PILLAR OF FIRE/PILLAR OF CLOUD (FIRE BY NIGHT, THEN CLOUD BY DAY) THAT FOLLOWED IT?  The New World Order is a man-made manipulation of the so-called Second Coming, and you had better pay attention to these cues we are presenting to you, so you will not be fooled by the “Hollywood Jews’” light show-N-tell show.  The “Jews” do not like Christians, remember???  Now, let’s review the “UFO question” which began during your World War II.  The missing equation is going to be the actual beings or entities themselves.  Because if God or His “HOSTS from afar” got out of these Biblical “Chariots of fire”, or “Silver Clouds”, you would label them Extraterrestrial—BY DEFINITION.]

The Extraterrestrial Propaganda Victory

DD:  Why would the Americans have separate bomb development systems, one uranium and one plutonium?  It did not make any sense, but everybody accepted it after the war as part of the propaganda.  That was one of the ways that the Germans were able to get concessions.


Break here, please, and allow respite.  Return promptly and thank you for your service.  Salu.       

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