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New Series 125: THE ENEMY WITHIN … (CONTINUED) Resume false flag article from “UNCENSORED” magazine, please

9/01/12 from HATONN/jonur (ns125)

Good morning, Jonur; let us continue.  Hatonn present in Aton’s Holy Light.  Amen.

                            CHAPTER 15


Resume false flag article from “UNCENSORED” magazine, please; thank you for your service, scribe.  We will get there; just do that which is thy commission, and the rest will take care of itself.  First serve the Lord, and all else will be freely added unto you.


And the whole time the king is actually naked!  Those who want to climb the various food chains controlled by the ruling super-elites inside and outside of government (i.e., members of the shadow government) must pay homage to the king in order to climb that food chain of choice and must keep telling the king symbolically how great his new clothes are.  For someone who is climbing the food chain to attain success, wealth, and prominence, public or common private expression of dissent, disagreement, or concern about criminal deviance of the government is paramount to telling the king he is naked, and the result is that one quickly finds himself knocked out of the food chain or worse, depending on the seriousness of the “infraction”.  In almost all areas of government, any such infraction usually results in ones being fired, demoted, or worse, and is surely an end to any career in government.  SEE:  “The War On Democracy”, by John Pilger.

Principle 7:  The Government works hard according to well developed plans to destroy basic American values which hold the country together, to generate chaos, and to make strategic moves to cause the populace to lose all respect for the government in general and its bureaucrats, thereby making it much easier for the populace to later accept a newly emergent New World Order (NOW) that the government is actually building in secret.  Government super elites work hard to turn every institution of society “upside down”, works to instill systems to label good as evil and label evil as good at every level, and appoints doofuses in the highest positions, i.e., truly absurd cartoon characters who are deeply impaired and morally compromised and/or perverted to assist in this mission.  The government also goes to extreme limits to abuse its power to bring in immigrants faster than they can be merged into the society and culture.  In brief, it works hard to erode the culture, language, and borders of the USA, thereby destroying the common values, culture, and language that have held the country together and maintained the prominence of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as a basis of government as was set up by the Founding Fathers.  When an absurd doofus is appointed to a high position such as head of Homeland Insecurity, this is obvious to most normal citizens who feel confused as to how such an unqualified, cartoon character could ever be appointed. It seems to make no sense at all, especially when the doofus makes decisions which are contrary to normally expected practice and smack of immorality and perversion.  This includes making statements which trash the Constitution and refusing to enforce pre-existing laws, while pushing to pass overly restrictive freedom-robbing laws.  J. Edgar Mary [Hatonn:  Hoover of the FBI and member of the Committee of 300/Club of Rome world controllers], head of the American Secret Police for many, many years, was one of these legendary doofuses, and yet his ability to blackmail compromised politicians and use of death squads kept most politicians and many groups in society terrorized, especially with his highly illegal use of cointelpro.  And the former Attorney General [H:  Janet “Butch” Reno, an evil, satanic lesbian who was “cloned” and pressed into service.  It was a very bad replication/downloading process, as any pictures of her were of a slurring, babbling idiot!] who blatantly murdered so many innocent women and children at Waco [H:  Look it up!], another truly absurd individual who was completely unqualified for office.  Other absurd doofuses have included attorney generals who have given legal opinions that “extraordinary renditions” to black prison sites and torture were legal and Constitutional.  Often the public feels as if the appointment of these truly absurd cartoon characters was just somehow a mistake, a slight aberration.  Not so; these appointments are always carefully planned at the highest level of government to help turn everything upside down, destroy the society and the nations, and to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And for over 50 years, it is clear the government has done almost everything it can to undermine American industry and destroy the middle class and pass freedom-robbing laws which require the citizen to get a permit for almost everything which used to be legal.  The government works hard to generate chaos at every level.  This is of course no coincidence.  The super-elites are all participants in the esoteric occult secret societies which share the common belief and motto, “ordo ab chaos”, or order arises from chaos.  Thus these super-elites that control the shadow government truly believe that by generating chaos they are working hard to bring in a New World Order, i.e., a new one world government they will run.


Break now, Jonur, and resume promptly.  The struggle is great from your end, and personal funding is even worse because of a lack of privacy.  However, that, too, will sort itself out, God hears all prayers made in sincere petition.  We know that living like a soldier-in-the-field 24 hours a day is beyond the capability of most all others, Jonur; however, you have not been forsaken!  Sew up your socks, boots, gloves, T-shirt, etc., etc., etc., and thy burden and CONSTANT MISERY will come to an end soon.

Hatonn clearing transmission frequency.  Salu.   

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