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New Series 1: Controlling your world

8/06/10 from HATONN/jonur

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“Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler” by Anthony C. Sutton, excerpt (Chapter 12) from the book by Anthony C. Sutton, published in 1976.  “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quoting:]  In this three-volume series we have identified for three historical events the seat of political power in the United States—the power behind the scenes, the hidden influence on Washington—as that of the financial establishment in New York:  the private international bankers, more specifically the financial houses of J.P. Morgan, the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank, and in earlier days, before amalgamation of their Manhattan Bank with the former Chase, the Warburgs.

The United States has, in spite of the Constitution and its supposed constraints, become a quasi-totalitarian state.  While we do not (yet) have the overt trappings of dictatorship, the concentration camps and the knock on the door at midnight, we most certainly do have threats and actions aimed at the survival of non-Establishment critics, use of the Internal Revenue Service to bring dissidents in line, and manipulation of the Constitution by a court system that is politically subservient to the Establishment.

It is in the pecuniary interests of the international bankers to centralise political power—and this centralisation can best be achieved within a collectivist society, such as socialist Russia, national socialist Germany, or a Fabian socialist United States.

There can be no full understanding and appreciation of twentieth-century American politics and foreign policy without the realisation that this financial elite effectively monopolises Washington policy.

In case after case, newly released documentation implicates this elite and confirms this hypothesis.  The revisionist versions of the entry of the United States into World Wars I and II, Korea, and Vietnam reveal the influence and objectives of this elite. 

For most of the twentieth century the Federal Reserve System, particularly the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which is outside the control of congress, unaudited and uncontrolled, with the power to print money and create credit at will), has exercised a virtual monopoly over the direction of the American economy.  In foreign affairs the Council on Foreign Relations [Hatonn:  Pay attention, chelas; the Federal Reserve IS A PRIVATE JEWISH CENTRAL BANK!  This is illegal and unlawful under your U.S. CONSTITUTION.  Europe’s “Central Banks”—Rothschild AND SONS—bankrupted all of OLD WORLD EUROPE; this put all of the citizenry’s gold in their hands.  And with it, the Jewish Princes were able to pit each of your neighboring countries against one another.  With the ALLOWANCE OF THE “DISCOVERY” OF AMERICA—BY US (SPACE COMMAND)!—Europeans fleeing the Jewish “Old World Order” could come over to this new land (new to these civilized White races), and were destined to found a God respecting/revering nation.  This why America is the “Hope” of this world.  You broke out of the Jewish moneychanger’s trap of the ages!  And ever since, the traitors who sold out all your inheritance for greed, blackmail, or simply evil intent, have seen to it that America came right back under the control of the British Crown.  However, since you DO have a CONSTITUTION, and you ARE a republic—not a democracy—these treasonist treaties (the most powerful document you have is the “treaty”) are overturned.  Learn of what is falsely used by the Jewish lawyers, and you stand on CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AS LAID DOWN BY YOUR FOUNDING FATHERS!  THESE WERE GODLY AND SPIRITUAL MEN; THEY KNEW OF THE JEWISH FREE MASONRY EVIL THAT HAD DESTROYED THE “OLD WORLD”.  The united STATES In America, “THE NEW WORLD”, is from where God chooses to make the last stand—for:  So goes the United States, so goes the rest of the world!  So be it!], superficially an innocent forum for academics, businessmen, and politicians, contains within its shell, perhaps unknown to many of its members, a power centre that unilaterally determines U.S. foreign policy.  The major objective of this submerged—and obviously subversive—foreign policy is the acquisition of markets and economic power (profits, if you will), for a small group of giant multi-nationals under the virtual control of a few banking investment houses and controlling families.

Through foundations controlled by this elite, research by compliant and spineless academics, “conservatives” as well as “liberals” [H:  Keep in mind that republicans, democrats, “conservatives”, “liberals” are all the same side of the Zionist Jew’s coin—all variations of your “political parties” have been subverted to suit the Global 2000 World Domination AND DEPOPULATION PROGRAM!], has been directed into channels useful for the objectives of the elite essentially to maintain this subversive and unconstitutional power apparatus.

Through publishing houses controlled by this same financial elite unwelcome books have been squashed and useful [to them] books promoted; fortunately publishing has few barriers to entry and is almost atomistically competitive.  Through control of a dozen or so major newspapers, run by editors who think alike, public information can be almost orchestrated at will.  Yesterday, the space program; today, an energy crisis or a campaign for ecology; tomorrow, a war in the Middle East or some other manufactured “crisis”.

The total result of this manipulation of society by the Establishment elite has been four major wars in sixty years, a crippling national debt, abandonment of the Constitution, suppression of freedom and opportunity, and creation of a vast credibility gulf between the man in the street and Washington, D.C.  While the transparent device of two major parties trumpeting artificial differences, circus-like conventions, and the cliché of “bipartisan foreign policy” no longer carries credibility, and the financial elite itself recognises that its policies lack public acceptance, it is obviously prepared to go it alone without even nominal public support.

In brief, we now have to consider and debate whether this New York-based elitist Establishment is a subversive force operating with deliberation and knowledge to suppress the Constitution and a free society.  That will be the task ahead in the next decade.

The arena for this debate and the basis for our charges of subversion is the evidence provided by the revisionist historian.  Slowly, over decades, book by book, almost line by line, the truth of recent history has emerged as documents are released, probed, analysed, and set within a more valid historical framework.

Let us consider a few examples.  American entry into World War II was supposedly precipitated, according to the Establishment version, by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Revisionists have established that Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Marshall knew of the impending Japanese attack and did nothing to warn the Pearl Harbor military authorities.  The Establishment wanted war with Japan.  Subsequently, the Establishment made certain that Congressional investigation of Pearl Harbor would fit the Roosevelt whitewash.  In the words of Percy Greaves, chief research expert for the Republican minority on the Joint Congressional Committee investigation [of] Pearl Harbor:

“The complete facts will never be known.  Most of the so-called investigations have been attempts to suppress, mislead, or confuse those who seek the truth.  From the beginning to the end, facts and files have been withheld so as to reveal only those items of information which benefit the administration under investigation.  Those seeking the truth are told that other facts or documents cannot be revealed because they are intermingled in personal diaries, pertain to our relations with foreign countries, or are sworn to contain no information of value.”

But this was not the first attempt to bring the United States into war, nor the last.  The Morgan interests, in concert with Winston Churchill, tried to bring the U.S. into World War I as early as 1915 and succeeded in doing so in 1917.  Colin Thompson’s Lusitania implicates President Woodrow Wilson in the sinking of the Lusitania—a horror device to generate a public backlash to draw the United States into war with Germany.  Thompson demonstrates that Woodrow Wilson knew four days beforehand that the Lusitania was carrying six million rounds of ammunition plus explosives, and therefore, “passengers who proposed to sail on that vessel were sailing in violation of statutes of this country.”

The British Board of Inquiry under Lord Mersey was instructed by the British Government “that it is considered politically expedient that Captain Turner, the master of the Lusitania, be most prominently blamed for the disaster.”  In retrospect, given Colin Thompson’s evidence, the blame is more fairly to be attributed to President Wilson, “Colonel” House [H:  “Colonel” Mandel House, not a real colonel, was the Henry Kissinger of his day!  This Rothschild agent did great damage to the structure of your government, and ran the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day activities of the various traitors, and blackmailed U.S. politicians.  Evil creatures like these are WHY your nation is the way it is today.  House’s book, “Philip Dru:  Administrator”, outlined the method and means of Zionist infiltration (COMMUNISM) into the American way of life.  This is your true history, chelas; you must know what went wrong, and who set you up in thy current circumstances!], J.P. Morgan, and Winston Churchill [H:  This man was one of your worst war criminals!  After the “official” close of World War II, Churchill orchestrated—along with Soviet leader, Stalin, and American President Eisenhower—the deliberate massacre of hundreds of thousands of GERMAN PRISONERS OF WAR/P.O.W.s!  The Germans, including German civilians, were tortured, shot and STARVED TO DEATH in concentration camps UNDER SOVIET JEWISH CONTROL!  The American liberators were not allowed to go into these areas, even under the protest of your famous commanding generals (several of whom were assassinated in ways to look like “accidents” to you-the-people).  “Hollywood Jews” created photographic evidence and “newsreels” making it seem that you were looking at millions of dead Jews.  This is the lie of the so-called “Holocaust”-Khazar “Jews”, OR ASHKENAZI “JEWS”, ARE THE NAZIS!  Hitler was not a tall blonde, blue-eyed Arian, was he??  And neither is Heinz STERN, aka Henry Kissinger!]; this conspiratorial elite should have been brought to trial for willful negligence, if not treason.  It is to Lord Mersey’s eternal credit that, after performing his “duty” under instructions from His Majesty’s government, and placing the blame on Captain Turner, he resigned, rejected his fee, and from that date on refused to handle British government commissions.  To his friends Lord Mersey would only say about the Lusitania case that it was a “dirty business”.

Then in 1933-4 came the attempt by the Morgan firm to install a fascist dictatorship in the United States.  In the words of Jules Archer, it was planned to be a Fascist putsch to take over the government and “run it under a dictator on behalf of America’s bankers and industrialists”.  Darlington Butler blew the whistle on the Wall Street conspiracy.  And once again Congress stands out, particularly Congressmen Dickstein and MacCormack, by this gutless refusal to do no more than conduct a token whitewash investigation.

Since World War II we have seen the Korean War and the Vietnamese War—meaningless, meandering no-win wars, costly in dollars and lives, with no other major purpose but to generate multibillion-dollar armaments contracts.  Certainly these wars were not fought to restrain communism, because for fifty years the Establishment has been nurturing and subsidising the Soviet Union which supplied armaments to the other sides in both wars—Korea and Vietnam.  So our revisionist history will show that the United States directly or indirectly armed both sides in at least Korea and Vietnam.

In the assassination of President Kennedy [H:  This man was killed because he tried to get your nation out of the trap of the Federal Reserve scam.  The Federal Reserve is not of the Federal Government!  IT IS A PRIVATE JEWISH BANK—MERELY NAMED “FEDERAL” SO YOU WILL BELIEVE IT IS OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!  This is how the Zionist Jews brought about the Dark Ages of Old World Europe.  Your Founding Fathers set up your nation with a CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS TO PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM A CENTRAL BANK.  The Federal Reserve “CENTRAL BANK” is illegal, and it is through this system that the Jewish Khazars bankrupted your nation and world!  Kennedy also became aware of the little grey aliens and mock flying saucers running around in the underground military bases.  THE UNITED NATIONS AND YOUR SECRET, BOLSHEVIK “COMMUNIST” OCCUPATIONAL GOVERNMENT IS READY TO SPRING AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASION ON YOU UNSUSPECTING PEOPLE.  President John F. Kennedy ordered that the public be told of the existence of Space Brothers; this scared your behind-the-scenes rulers, and it was decided that Kennedy must be silenced once and for all.  This is what you are forced to deal with, dear ones, and only by keeping the light of God tightly about thy being can you hope to prevail against the Beast.], to take a domestic example, it is difficult to find anyone who today accepts the finding of the Warren Commission—except perhaps the members of that Commission.  Yet key evidence is still hidden from public eyes for 50 to 75 years.  The Watergate affair demonstrated even to the man in the street that the White House can be a vicious nest of intrigue and deception. 

Of all recent history the story of Operation Keelhaul is perhaps the most disgusting.  Operation Keelhaul was the forced repatriation of millions of Russians at the orders of President (then General) Dwight D. Eisenhower, in direct violation of the Geneva Convention of 1929 and the long-standing American tradition of political refuge.  Operation Keelhaul, which contravenes all our ideas of elementary decency and individual freedom, was undertaken at the direct orders of General Eisenhower and, we may now presume, was a part of a long-range program of nurturing collectivism, whether it be Soviet communism, Hitler’s Nazism, or FDR’s New Deal.  [H:  Since Roosevelt is a close cousin of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, I’d say those pesky “Red Coats” from your War Of Independence are still at it!  British Rule is also ZIONISM, my friends, the U.S. is the thorn in the side of the Satanists, and, like I said before:  YOU ARE THE HOPE OF THE WORLD!]  Yet until recent publication of documentary evidence by Julius Epstein, anyone who dared to suggest Eisenhower would betray millions of innocent individuals for political purposes was viciously and mercilessly attacked.

What this revisionist history really teaches us is that our willingness as individual citizens to surrender political power to an elite has cost the world approximately two-hundred-million persons killed from 1820 to 1975.  Add to that untold misery the concentration camps, the political prisoners, the suppression and oppression of those who try to bring the truth to light.

When will it all stop?  It will not stop until we act upon one simple axiom:  that the power system continues only so long as individuals want it to continue, and it will continue only so long as individuals try to get something for nothing.  […] the day when a majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from government, declares it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that date power elites are doomed.  The attraction to “go along” with power elites is the attraction of something for nothing.  That is the bait.  The Establishment always offers something for nothing, but the something is taken from someone else, as taxes or plunder, and awarded elsewhere in exchange for political support.

Periodic crises and wars are used to whip up support for other plunder-reward cycles which in effect tighten the noose around our individual liberties.  And of course we have hordes of academic sponges, amoral businessmen, and just plain hangers-on to act as nonproductive recipients for the plunder.  Stop the circle of plunder and immoral reward and elitist structures collapse.  But not until a majority finds the moral courage and the internal fortitude to reject the something-for-nothing con game and replace it by voluntary association, voluntary communes, or local rule and decentralised societies, will the killing and the plunder cease.

AUTHOR:  Sutton, Antony C.
TITLE:  Wall Street and the rise of Hitler
PLACE:  Seal Beach, California
PUBLISHER:  ’76 Press
ISBN/ISSN:  0892450045
See also Wall Street/SS connections
See also the book:  Trading with the enemy—an exposé of the Nazi-American money plot, 1933-1949—Charles Higham  [End quoting.]

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