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New Series 9: The richest woman in the world: Elizabeth II

9/16/10a from HATONN/jonur  (ns9)

Good afternoon, Hatonn present to continue.  I come in the Radiance of God of Holy Light.  Amen.  The Queen of England sits at the head of the table of this elite bunch of hoodlums; being the satanist that she is, a closer look at where America is secretly governed from will give much insight.

Elizabeth may not go around killing babies; however, I assure you all that the Royal Crown does, indeed, control your future in both subtle and direct ways.  In reality, it is British SOCIALISM that has your nation around the throat!  And MI-6 (The British Secret Service, or Military Intelligence Division Six) knows all the tricks to capture the various countries under her belt!  The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, is her “purse”, if you will, and this is ultimately where U.S. wealth ended up.  The draining of your work resources, and the direct assault on the American Middle Class, was ordered by this Monarchy of Evil.  Hidden behind pomp and ceremony, the royal families of Europe are the leaders of The OLD WORLD ORDER.  The NEW WORLD ORDER WAS ESTABLISHED TO GET AT YOU AMERICANS, WHO BROKE OUT OF THE TRAP OF SOCIALIST CONQUEST.  This is why the rest of the world is looking to The Land of The Free—what America still represents because of your U.S. CONSTITUTION—to be the beacon of light that leads God Aton’s people out of Global Slavery and PLANNED GENOCIDE OF A SPECIES OF MAN.  When a government controls the food, water and money, you are through.  The ownership of guns—weapons of self defense against tyranny and invading armies—is the last item removed from the people before the troops march and the tank roll over the rights of a free citizenry.

The Canadian Long-gun Registry Bill is exactly the tool that is used to “Getcha”!  That is why the National Rifle Association (NRA) jumped in the Canadian struggle of the Queen’s desire to confiscate guns.  The Baltimore hospital drama played nicely to the backdrop of Canadian politicians trying to pull the wool over the citizens by saying:  See the terrible things that happen when people are allowed to have firearms?  Without weapons for self-defense AND NATIONAL DEFENSE AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE BEING PAID, LIKE MERCENARIES (BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL BE UP AGAINST—UNITED NATIONS THUGS WHO WANT WHAT YOU HAVE, AND THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY AN AWFUL LOT OF SOLDIERS TO GO DOOR TO DOOR SEIZING REGISTERED WEAPONS.  ENGLAND FOOTS THE BILL, MY FRIENDS, MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!), YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF HE WHO HAS THE GUN.  And you all should know the “golden rule”:  He who has the gold, makes the rules—BUT HE WHO HAS THE GUN CAN JUST TAKE THE GOLD (… YOUR PROPERTY, HOMES, LIBERTY, AND YOUR VERY LIVES!).  CIA mind controlled shooters are set up to participate in situations like the hospital standoff; that way, more of U.S. citizens’ guns end up ON “THE LIST”.

The subtle maneuvers are what has slowly brought America to her knees over the decades.  Now that you have a President of The People, let the people take a stand and return to American NATIONALISM—PRIDE FOR A PEOPLE WHO HOLD GOD AND HIS COMMANDMENTS ABOVE ALL.  Never forget that your Founding Fathers were VERY SPIRITUAL MEN who had nothing but the highest reverence for God and Creation.  George Washington—“THE PRAYING GENERAL”, as he was called—led America to victory over the British Red Coats, remember?  This has become your enemy again today.  However, by framing with the Rothschild Jews, who also sit at the table, Elizabeth II and the British Zionists have used subversion and illegal treaties to undermine your CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC of The People.  Since, however, your CONSTITUTION remains (though badly battered), a complete reversal of the damage can be accomplished.  Allow no “conventions” to re-do The Bill of Rights and the rest of that precious document.  It is all that saves you from the beast.




The elite conspirators do not mind that Queen Elizabeth thinks she owns the world.  The Khazars have an understanding with monarchies and empathize with their idea of control over “commoners”.  Socialism, as practiced by the Zionists, is their choice for a perfect form of government.  It has only two classes of people:  The super wealthy, who are lifetime rulers, and the miserable, working poor, who exist only to serve the elite.  That’s it!  No middle anything!  The automotive industry in Detroit and Henry Ford gave Americans the world-admired MIDDLE CLASS.  That is you, my friends; this is YOUR lives and continued existence we speak of!  The war is against you and your house, your car, your spacious parks, and freedom of movement and ability to peacefully assemble.  Do not forget, other people are arrested or shot for doing what Americans take as a given luxury.

However, the sights of the enemy are trained on you, individually and collectively; stand up for your Canadian cousins in their battle with thy common enemy.  The Military Bolsheviks control the Royal Crown, and through the agents in the Canadian government, they control Canada as well.  North America IS Canada and the U.S., so hold their hand as they effort to shake off those who would destroy them.  Your two nations enjoy an intimate and special relationship; do not let the dragon devour your brothers north of your border.  For that is just a stone’s-throw across the river—and you will be next.

Queen Elizabeth II is the “Largest Landowner On Earth”, “UNCENSORED” magazine, June-September 2010.  [Quoting:]  Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non-ocean surface.

She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory.  This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made—Norway, Belgium, Denmark, etc.

The value of her land holding:   £17,600,000,000,000 (approx.).

This makes her the richest individual on earth.  [Hatonn:  She is the “richest woman” on your earth; however, the Prince of Evil among the Zionist Elite still rests with the associates and relations of that Rothschild Clan.  There are only about five (5) men who make up this entire Global CRIMINAL CARTEL!  These ones, you can be damn sure, get their marching orders from the “Big Boy” of evil, himself.]  However, there is no way easily to value her real estate.  There is no current market in the land of entire countries.  At a rough estimate of $5,000 an acre, and based on the sale of Alaska to the USA by the Tsar [of Russia], and of Louisiana to the USA by France, the Queen’s land holding is worth a notional $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty-three trillion dollars or about £17,600,000,000,000).  Her holding is based on the laws of the countries she owns and her land title is valid in all the countries she owns.  Her main holdings are Canada, the 2nd largest country on earth, with 2,467 million acres; Australia, the 7th largest country on earth with 1,900 million acres; Papua New Guinea with 114 million acres; New Zealand with 6.6 million acres; and the UK with 60 million acres.

She is the world’s largest landowner by significant margin.  The next largest landowner is the Russian state, with an overall ownership of 4,219 million acres, and a direct ownership comparable with the Queen’s land holding of 2,447 million acres.  The 3rd largest landowner is the Chinese state, which claims all of Chinese land, about 2,365 million acres.  The 4th largest landowner on earth is the Federal Government of the United States, which owns about one third of the land of the USA, 760 million acres.  The fifth largest landowner on earth is the King of Saudi Arabia with 553 million acres.

The top five personal land owners on Earth

·        Queen Elizabeth II—6,600 million acres

·        King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia—553 million acres

·        King Bhumibol of Thailand—126 million acres

·        King Mohammed IV of Morocco—113 million acres

·        Sultan Quaboos of Oman—76 million acres  [End quote.]

Missing is a list of where individual land and homeowners stand in your world.  Americans should top the list; however, the Zionists have got you thinking that you pay taxes on something THAT IS YOURS!  If the house or property can be taken and sold because you owe ONE DOLLAR in PROPERTY TAX???!!!—THEN YOU DO NOT REALLY OWN IT, DO YOU?  Can you not see?  This is the trap your Founding Fathers tried to warn you about.  “… If you do not fight the Freemason Jews, your children are going to wake up slaves in the land their forefathers founded.”  A rough but accurate quote from Washington’s farewell address.

The Jews are able to trick the Christ-people, so far, at every turn; now, however, you can reclaim that which is YOUR HERITAGE:  A FREE NATION THAT HAS LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL!  The new export must come from what we are bringing you, and have already presented some of your elect with—a new energy and new teachings.  The world is ready now, you are in The Age Of Character; man must follow God and the returned Christ—called Jesus, Esu SANANDA—and then, he must teach the rest of the world by EXAMPLE of living and sharing.  There is no other way to achieve balance and harmony upon the planet in wholeness.  You must stand together against the evil that has washed over your place.

Jonur, let us continue with the arrival of Visitors From Afar; man is now going to meet himself as “The stars fall from the sky.”  For you are of those whom you seek among the Heavens.  Get ready for it!



Continuing with Colonel Robert O. Dean’s Interview:  The Coming Of Nibiru, “UNCENSORED” MAGAZINE, March-June 2010. [Resume quote:] … BD:  There is an intelligence on Mars that wants to limit our access to their reality.  And they’ve done a damn good job of it.  [Hatonn:  Keep in mind that you have Russians on Mars and they control U.S. access to the planet.  Most of what man is being led to believe is “alien intervention” is really no more than man trying to pull the wool over the eyes of other men so that they can have control.  Force or coercion is not of God; that is the key to learning who is who from the cosmos.]

KC:  Well, our witness, Henry Deacon … and I don’t know if you’re familiar with him.

BD:  I’m familiar with him.  I don’t know him well.

KC:  OK.  He has said that the Anunnaki are on Mars … in bases.

BD:  They are.  I agree with that.

KC:  So, are they the ones shooting down those objects:  You know, the various craft from JPL, and so on?

BD:  Probably … Look, Zecharia has said … And, I know this old man; I respect him tremendously.  Ah … he says they never left.  They withdrew overtly from their activities on the planet with us, but their activities have continued covertly both on Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

And from the knowledge I have and the limited amount of information I’ve been able to get, the primary focus, the primary intelligence behind all of this, are the Anunnaki, the same group that genetically engineered us so many thousands of years ago.

KC:  OK.  But you’ve got Enki and Enlil, right?  And these are warring brothers, and one is working for the positive side of humanity and the other ….

BD:  Well, you have this dysfunctional family.  They even went to war with each other, and man was in the middle, as he always has been.  You know, we were a product of their engineering.  They engineered us as a slave species.  They engineered us to work for them.

KC:  But aren’t they still at war?

BD:  Apparently, there is still … and some of our remote viewers [H:  “Remote Viewers” are simply government psychics.  The process is worthy in itself; however, the adversary uses it as a “recruitment” tool for their ranks, and all other connections to this CIA STARGATE JEDI KNIGHT WARRIOR PROGRAM will merely leave you confused and in a worse quandary than when you started!] … and I know a few of them … I’ve done a little of it myself, and believe me, it works.  I’ve been accused of being guilty of front-loading, so to speak, because when I want to look at something, I know what I want to look at.

The military originally trained their guys to not know what they were looking for, and then they would download, you know, compare and such.

KC:  Right.

BD:  But, when I want to look at something, I know exactly what I want to look at.  One of the greatest, of course, is Ingo Swann.

KC:  Lovely.  Yes.

BD:  But he is a rare man.  He’s a rare intellect.  Not only is he probably the best remote viewer we’ve ever had, perhaps, other than Pat Price, that … Ingo’s came up with stuff on the Moon that … You’d have to read his book.

KC:  Actually, I have.

BD:  Penetration.  It’s dynamite.

KC:  OK.  But let’s kinda move back to the question, because I want to get, sort of, drilled down to this answer.  So they’re still at war?

BD:  They still have a difference of opinion about us.  Now, whether Enlil and …

KC:  Enki

BD:  Ea … Enki … He goes by two names.  Whether they still are alive or not … With the genetic geniuses that they have been, that they are, they can genetically manipulate … You know, they ingeniously genetically manipulated their own chromosomes, DNA, till they literally have become practically immortal.

Now, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Enki and Enlil may still be alive.  Maybe they’re running around with a cane, like I do [Kerry laughs], grunting and groaning.  You know, they’ve got the great-great-grand kids doing the running and … I don’t know that, and I’m sure that no one else does.

But, apparently the factions are still divided, and the one side wants to use us as they always did.  And the other side wants to give us the opportunity to be our own species, to chart our own future, and to call … you know, to determine our own lives.  And there apparently has been this difference of opinion going on.  [Pause quote.]

Jonur, pause here, please.  Hatonn moving to stand-by.

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