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New Series 7: British and Canadian soldiers and Afghan opium trade

9/13/10 from Hatonn/jonur  (ns7)

Hatonn present in light and service unto God.



As I have told you many times before, the British East India Company—the “first” corporation, if you will—made its fortune in the Opium Trade.  Those rubies and gold trinkets of the British crown, stolen from Africa and elsewhere, are not the source of imperial wealth.  DRUGS and their sale to you “commoners” and slaves (for control purposes) is where it’s at, chelas, and frankly, it has never been otherwise.  Only now it is “classified information”.

Just as George Herbert Walker Bush—lifetime Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (Re-named the George Bush Center For Intelligence)—achieved mega-wealth and status among the elite by using off-shore oil drilling rigs to secretly ferry in cocaine and other illegal substances on the supply boats to the rigs.  Crews and maintenance equipment, etc., do not go through customs, so that allows trafficking from south of the border, and elsewhere, to flow non-stop into the United States.

How about Clinton and his “popularity” among the elite?  When he was governor of Arkansas, he allowed National Guard heavy-lift transports to fly in tons of drugs to the Mena airstrip there.  By classifying the missions as “secret”, military personnel circumnavigated customs once again, thereby maintaining another uninterrupted flow of illegal drugs into the U.S. and unto the streets of your towns and cities.  Both men were “crowned” President for their services.  Bush was even thanked by the queen of England personally with a knighthood!

Remember the so-called “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia and Vietnam and the Heroin smuggling there?  That, like Afghanistan, was a drug war.  However, Vietnam also served as a mass mind control experiment on U.S. troops.  That is why there was so much insanity with that little war.  And ever since then, the drugs never stopped flowing into your nation.  Before Vietnam, drugs were not an issue to Americans; however, the 1960s, the war AND THE BEATLES SENT BY ENGLAND made damn sure your children got “hooked”!

Jonur, let us continue with THE SPACE ALIEN “WAR” your adversary is readying for you now.  This is the one the elite intend to use to usher in a “New World Order”.  So what happens if God and His HOSTS show up on that very same day?  Time to get informed and learn who the players in the game are!



Colonel Robert O. Dean began his research on active duty in the US Army where he served for 27 years.  He retired as Command Sergeant Major from the Army in 1976 as a highly decorated combat veteran after having served as an Infantry Unit Commander in combat in Korea and Vietnam.  He served in Intelligence Field Operations in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam.  From 1963 to 1967 he served at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and NATO as an intelligence analyst with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance.  Working in the Operations Division and as a member of the inner Command Staff, he worked with and saw the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) almost every day.  It was while he was stationed at SHAPE that Col. Dean’s interest in UFOs first started.  While on duty one night, he removed a file from SHAPE’s security vault called “The Assessment—An Evaluation of Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe”.  This file was given the highest security classification, COSMIC TOP SECRET.  It retains that security classification to this day.  The contents of this file opened Col. Dean’s eyes to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Coming of Nibiru, Interview:  Bob Dean, “UNCENSORED” Magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … But one of the biggest secrets of all is the Secret Space Program, the fact that NASA is … It’s like Blue Book used to be.  [Hatonn:  Project Blue Book was the U.S. Air Force’s “official” UFO investigation operation—for public consumption.]  I think it’s a public relations front.

KC:  Right.  Yes.

BD:  Blue Book never handled the real good stuff.  And everybody knew that, except the common folk out there who were diddled regularly and never told the truth about anything.

But the big secret seems to have been for so long, is:  Why are we keeping classified the enormous facilities on the Moon?  And they’re not ours.  [H:  Oh, but they were at one time!  As I said before, Americans and Russians were on the Moon when JFK spoke of sending a man there and returning him to earth in the 1960s.  Since then, the Russians won the real SECRET SPACE RACE AND SPACE WAR.  You have some Americans on the Moon; however, it is a Kremlin base now, and they do not trust you there.  Mars is also inhabited by the Russians and Americans are simply not welcome there.  The Rockefeller double-crosses and the Zionist Jews are the cause of all the “bad blood”.  And of course, real ETs are on both places!]

KC:  Whose are they?

BD:  Well, that’s a good question.  I can tell you flatly who they are.


BD:  Are you familiar with the term Anunnaki?

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  All right.  Well, you really have to understand Zecharia Sitchin’s work to really grasp where we stand today in relationship with this group of intelligences.  And, I’m not speaking of one.  There are several.  The last I heard, there were four different groups we were relating with.  The Anunnaki are one.  And there are others.

KC:  OK.  I mean, this is very interesting.  Can you describe the Anunnaki that you … First of all, have you had exposure to them face-to-face?

BD:  Yes, I have met some face-to-face.  Now, whether they were the Anunnaki, I don’t know.

KC:  OK, well ….

BD:  The ones I’ve met face-to-face were typically human.  [H:  This is why all the secrecy from the Luciferian Elite, precious ones:  THEY DO NOT WANT YOU-THE-PEOPLE OF THE EARTH TO KNOW THAT YOU ALSO COME FROM THE STARS!  Your Native Americans—whom God labeled “HU-mans”, which means Higher Universal-MAN—knew this.  That is why all the feathers, The Bird Tribes—because in your past only birds flew!  We of the Archangels ARE those tribes you are descended from!]

KC:  Typically human.

BD:  I mean, they put on a suit and tie, a dress, blue jeans, T-shirt …

KC:  OK.

BD:  … walk in our midst, and you would never know.  [H:  Now, this does not mean that the little “Greys” from Reticulum constellation do not exist, or that there are not tall beings such as myself (In my own form I stand some 9 ½ feet tall!  However, when I am with you, I can choose a more “compressed” stature and appearance to experience with you.  In such instances I am a little over 6 feet in height.); just as you have different appearances depending on where you live upon the Earth, so do beings from other stars, with their varying planets, have different appearances.  However, those whom you call brother look like you the most.  Your ancestral relations are ALL who come in the business of The Father, so let us not split too many hairs!  The Zionist Luciferians mean to have you go to war with SPACE—PERIOD!  And believe me, with genetic engineering and biological replication (“cloning” as you erroneously refer to it), you can manifest any scary creature you can conjure!!  This is why we must do our work of informing the masses of humanity—before the “Hollywood Jews” spring THEIR VERSION of aliens upon you.  All the invasion movies and children’s programming of little and big “green men”, come to eat you and perform horrible human experiments, IS THE LIE.  There are no monsters out here in space—but there are plenty right on your little planet killing you every single day!  Through wars, disease, famine, and electronic means, the Zionist Khazar “Jews” are the Anti-Christ / Anti-God from Revelation.]

KC:  And they weren’t nine feet tall, or higher?

BD:  No.  The ones I’ve met and the ones I‘ve seen aboard the ships are not that big at all.  They’re just like us.  [Pause quote.]

Break here, Jonur, and summon when you are ready to resume, please.

Hatonn moving to stand-by.



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