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3/03/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns37)

Hatonn present to continue; may the light of God illuminate thy path through that which is now upon you.  Amen!



What’s going on in the Middle East?  Government after government is being overthrown literally overnight!  Is it possible that these massive protests could be managed and manipulated by OUTSIDE forces?  Indeed, yes!

What is it that your CIA does these days, do you suppose?  The so-called “Cold War” is over (You lost that one, too, though the public is told differently.  The Cold War between you and the then “Soviets” was a SPACE WAR that cost the lives of many astronauts you were not aware were even in space!  Also, a major second front in the REAL Cold War was the clash of Biological Replicas versus Synthetic Robotoids—CLONES, as you erroneously refer to them.  Even the weapons used in this cold war were and still are ABOVE TOP SECRET!  Directed Energy Weapons, or DEWs, are now the space and battlefield weapons of choice.  You don’t need armies or fighter jets any more, and all this was developed—PERFECTED—and kept from the masses during these cold war years.  So what might be the New Front in Central Intelligence in their war against enemy combatants???); what do all those secret agents plot and scheme about under the covers now?

For starters, your CIA is a nothing organization; there are more ENEMY SPIES IN THE AGENCY THAN AMERICANS!  The sole purpose of Central Intelligence is to bring about the Zionist Jew’s New World Order/ Global Government.  And the way the CIA does this is through financing revolutions.  When you witness sudden, massive protests out of the blue like that, you must realize that these are well planned events.  Secret planners of the James Bond villain type sit down and work out all the details of what they wish to accomplish.  Then, by setting up the sides of who will do the fighting—pitting brother against brother—the Jewish planners covertly light the fuse and fan the flames of war.

The goal is for the Jews to set fire TO ALL OF THE ARAB WORLD—not just Iraq or Saudi Arabia.  Remember, chelas, old Babylon is MODERN DAY IRAQ!  The “Jew” who pretends to be Hebrew Judean/Judaist wants to ignite the Unholy Armageddon NUCLEAR WAR so the “Fire and Brimstone” scenario will come to pass!  Because if most of the citizens of your world are vaporized and burned to death in an atomic holocaust, then the crafty Jewish serpent will crawl out of his hole in the ground and rule over what remains.  Pretty interesting plot twists, don’t you think?!




When the Lockerbie crash of a 747 Jumbo Jet exploded over Scotland, killing all aboard during a Christmas holiday, it was an Israeli “Briefcase Bomb” that brought the plane down.  It was a mistake that the plane crashed on land; the Jews wanted no chance of any evidence pointing back to Israel, so it was timed to explode over the Atlantic Ocean.  However, the plane was late leaving Germany and it did not quite make it out over the ocean.  Libya was cleared of any part in the bombing; however, PUBLICLY the nation was found financially liable.  That is why Muammar Kadafi was not touched.  The so-called Libyan Strongman did very well by his own people, particularly the Black portion of Libya’s population.  He more than once said he admired the Blacks more than his own people.  This was a situation the Jews were determined to “fix”!

Kadafi had much success with race relations, public services and the general well-being of ALL THE PEOPLE of his country.  It was not until Jewish Khazarian infiltration and dirty tricks that social unrest reared its ugly head.  You will find, precious friends, that Israel is behind all the trouble spots throughout the Middle East—and the rest of the world through their network of spies.

The “Jews” of Khazarian lineage are masters of deception.  Their spy agency, the Israeli MOSSAD, has never done anything but created mistrust, suspicion, assassination, and sponsorship of all manner of revolution throughout the world.  You ones must come to realize that Satan’s “Jews” know what THEY are here for.  They know that Christ and His children/followers ARE THEIR ENEMY!

You ones on God’s team have been taught by the “Jews” to now disregard your own Savior!  They have split your “religion” into so many splinter “faiths” that you war over and murder each other for believing differently.  Can you not see that this separation of Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, etc., etc., etc., all initially stemming from ONE GOD and ONE BELIEF, has been divided into sects so you war against each other?  You see, “Divide And Conquer” is well known in the Black and African community as to the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  By purposely separating the various aspects of Black people, Jewish slave merchants (By the way, Black slavery is the business of the Jew—lock, stock, and barrel!  The Jew himself will tell you that they wished slavery never went away!  This was how they amassed all their great wealth in the textile industry.  The raw material, such as cotton for clothing and thousands of other wares that the Jew then shipped to Europe, was the foundation to their Zionist empire.) kept the African Blacks under control by pitting the men against the women, the old ones against the young, the darker skin Blacks against the fair skin Blacks, the coarse hair against the fine hair—any and all differences were used, and no opportunity was missed to exploit the practices of separating the African Blacks from finding unity in each other.  After all, separated from their homes across an entire ocean, their only hope of freedom was in reorganizing themselves en masse in this new land of great isolation.

Well, this is exactly the same way the evil “Jew” is taking over your ENTIRE WORLD this day!  Only now White People are the target for a Global Slave Society.


Even the Jew’s own private army, the United Nations—full of murderous mercenaries (who honed and practiced their mass killings on the various tribes and nations of Black Africa) and godless soldiers of fortune—even they were forced to issue an official UN statement:  ISRAELI ZIONISM IS RACISM!

You see, it is recognized that the satanic Serpent People from your Holy Bible—and from other religious scriptures—ARE THESE IMPOSTER HEBREWS WHO ARE PASSING THEMSELVES OFF AS “J-E-W-S”.  The true Judean/Judaist KNOWS the “Jew” is a counterfeit entity, for the “Jew” (actually a Khazarian, who is really of Turkish stock) believes in totally non-Judean practices.

For instance—Real Jews do not believe in conquering the land of the Palestinian Arabs and then calling the STOLEN PROPERTY “ISRAEL”.  The true followers of Juda, and the real children of David, await their Messiah to return to give them “a promised land”.  It is against their Bible, the Torah, for real Jews to use force and violence to TAKE what their god has promised to his wayward children.  However, the false Jew does not follow the old teachings of the Torah.  He utilizes a new set of rules written by men to control other men called the TALMUD.  Real Jews do not know what is in this new “bible” because it is written in a very secretive language called YIDDISH.  Do not confuse Yiddish with Hebrew—they are not the same!  The imposter Jew uses this secret tongue AND SCRIPT to give their instructions to their fellow co-conspirators around the world.  This is how their plans for global control stay secret, not just from the non-“Jew” or Khazars; BUT EVEN MANY JUDEAN HEBREWS DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR KNOW WHAT IS IN THE INFAMOUS AND HEINOUS TALMUD.  The Jews themselves are not allowed to read it; only the Zionist “Elders” may study the Talmud’s secret instructions, which is a blueprint for taking over the entire planet!

Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Nazism—all come directly from the Zionist Elders’ TALMUD.  This bible, as I have stated before, is not even inferred to come from God.  It is specifically for the capture of men’s souls.  Now who do you suppose truly inspired this work of evil conquest?  Most befitting the aspirations of the Fallen One himself, is it not?!

This is why our world is like this.  This is why good business practices have gone out the window—along with all your industries out of the country.  Crime is a product of TV programming now.  Every child dreams of pulling off the perfect heist of gold and jewels—or “die trying”.  The women are pitted against their men and vice versa.  Teen girls are trained to hate their bodies, and as they overeat in the process, TV images of the perfect “Top Model” makes the situation seem like a hopeless disaster of self character assassination.  Women are supposed to be soft and round, not skeleton-thin and boyish.  Boys are to aspire to be like their fathers—strong, hard working and faithful, not afraid of or uncomfortable with the opposite sex to the point of homosexual behavior!  So-called “reality TV” like Jerry Springer is as vile a teaching tool as anything the Hollywood Jews have yet put on the air!

Jonur, pause here, please.  Hatonn to clear.  SALU.

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  1. Thank you. This is exactly the info I've been seeking to understand some differences and reasons for some of the questions I have. Blessings!