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New Series 43: The Age of Character: The Awakening of Man – Journal #1 (or #230) ; CHARLIE SHEEN AND HIS BATTLE AGAINST THE JEWS!

The Age of Character: The Awakening of Man – Journal #1 (or #230)

4/03/11 from HATONN/jonur (ns43)

Good day; Hatonn present to commune.  Let us continue, please, where we left off.  May God in His Holy Radiance see you through what is planned by your evil adversary.



Mr. Sheen began a United States concert tour/stage presentation in Detroit yesterday, and those Zionist Jews countered with their usual CONTROL OF YOUR NEWS MEDIA by having their agents say bad things about him in their “reviews” of his gig.

That was all you at home were allowed to see.  No one on Sheen’s side got a chance to even be seen, much less tell you their comments!  The Jews—who also control your tiny local news stations—made sure that the newscaster talking heads acted right on cue in trying to smear his name.  Adding to his “unstable” character image, and being VERY, VERY careful not to let you hear any more on “The Jewish Question”.

Well, it is out now.  Snoop Dogg; Kid Rock, who is from Detroit and is well aware of the Zionist Jew’s control of the entertainment industry; Emenem, the top White rapper in the music business, also from Detroit, all see the battle lines being drawn up and have already sided with Sheen.  These Black and White public figures have their problems like every other EARTH MAN; however, they DO represent non-Jewish success in a Jew-dominated CARTEL!  Make no mistake about it, chelas; the Khazar Zionist false “Jew” IS THE ANTI-CHRIST FROM YOUR HOLY BIBLE!  THE DISGUISE IS GOOD AND THEY POSE AS THE NICE “JEWISH” BOY, or the “innocent” law family that promises to fight for your rights “you deserve”.

What hog swill!  This is the Luciferian way, my friends, and as long as no one stands up to the evil that has engulfed your nation and world, the wars in the Middle Eastern and North African world—and North Korea and CHINA—will march your planet straight into the Armageddon script right out of the Bible!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE ROAD THE ZIONISTS PAVED FOR YOU!  JEWS WROTE THAT SO YOU THINK GOD HAS IT IN FOR YOU.  Nay!  Man has it in for man!  Learn the difference so you realize the truth.  “Jews”, pretending to be Hebrew Judeans, stole the heritage of Judean people and plotted out, very meticulously, the enslavement of the Christians (Christ Ideal Followers—Christians, Hebrews, Muslims, Buddhists, Native Spiritual beliefs, etc.) and the murder of more than 6 BILLION human beings.

They have all your gold and OWN all your property and farms—if you can lose your house because of a dollar in unpaid taxes—YOU DO NOT OWN IT!!!  This is what the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the Founding Fathers were trying to protect its citizens from.  TAXES AND INTEREST ARE THE JEWS’ CREATION—OUTLAWED IN THE BIBLE AND THE KORAN: THOU SHALT NOT CHARGE THY BROTHER “USURY”—WHICH MEANS INTEREST!

Understanding who Satan/Lucifer really is and the Godly ways to RECLAIM that which is of God’s will ultimately lead to man’s Awakening.  The Age of Character means the awakening of God WITHIN MAN.  After all, is that not the inheritance everyone seeks?

Then let us continue with the outlay of THE EVIL PLAN in the Khazar “Jews” own words.


… Since then we have carried the masses from one disappointment to another, so that they will renounce even us in favor of a DESPOT SOVEREIGN OF ZIONIST BLOOD, WHOM WE ARE PREPARING FOR THE WORLD.

At present, as an international force, WE ARE INVULNERABLE ….

Of course, they are not told that this unification will be achieved only under our rule.  Thus, the people condemn the just and acquit the unjust, MORE AND MORE CONVINCED THAT THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY PLEASE.  Owing to this, the people destroy all stability and create disorder on every occasion.

The word “Liberty” brings all societies into conflict with all authority, be it
that of God or Nature.  This [is] why, at the moment of our enthronement, WE SHALL STRIKE THIS WORD FROM THE DICTIONARY ….


WHO AND WHAT CAN OVERTHROW AN UNSEEN POWER?  For such is the character of our power.  External Free Masonry acts as a screen for it and its aims, but the plan of action of this power, and its very headquarters, will always remain unknown to the people.

It is for this reason that we must UNDERMINE FAITH, tearing from the minds of the Goys the very principle of God and Soul, and SUBSTITUTING MATHEMATICAL FORMULAS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.

In order that the minds of the Goys may HAVE NO TIME TO THINK AND NOTICE THINGS, it is necessary to divert them in the direction of industry and commerce.  Thus all nations will seek their own profit, and while engaged in the struggle, THEY WILL NOT NOTICE THEIR COMMON ENEMY.

The intense struggle for supremacy, the shocks to economic life, will create, moreover have already created, disappointed disgust for high politics and religion.  Their only guide will be calculation, i.e. gold, for which they will have a real cult because of the material delights which it can supply.  It will be at that stage that the lower classes of the Goys, not for the sake of doing good, nor even for the sake of wealth, but solely BECAUSE OF THEIR HATRED TOWARDS THE PRIVILEGED, WILL FOLLOW US AGAINST OUR COMPETITORS FOR POWER, THE INTELLIGENT GOYS.


What form of government can be given to societies in which bribery has penetrated everywhere, where riches are obtained only by clever trick and semi-fraudulent means, where corruption reigns, where morality is sustained by punitive measures, and where cosmopolitan convictions have eliminated patriotic feelings and religion?  WHAT FORM OF GOVERNMENT CAN BE GIVEN TO SUCH SOCIETIES OTHER THAN A DESPOTISM SUCH AS I SHALL DESCRIBE?

We will mechanically regulate all the functions of political life of our subjects BY NEW LAWS.  These laws will gradually ELIMINATE ALL THE CONCESSIONS AND LIBERTIES PERMITTED BY THE GOYS.  Our kingdom will be crowned by such a majestic despotism that it will be able, at all times and in all places, to crush both antagonistic and discontented Goys.

At the time when people considered rulers as an incarnation of the will of God, they subjected themselves without murmur to the autocracy of the sovereigns … when we deprived them of their belief in God, then authority was thrown into the street, all; is it not the same to the world who will be its master—whether it be the head of Catholicism or our despot of Zionist blood?  To us, however, the Chosen People, it is by no means a matter of indifference.  TEMPORARILY, A WORLD COALITION OF THE GOYS WOULD BE ABLE TO HOLD US IN CHECK, BUT WE ARE INSURED AGAINST THIS BY ROOTS OF DISSENSION SO DEEP AMONG THEM THAT THEY CANNOT NOW BE EXTRACTED.  We have set at variance the personal and national interests of the Goys; we have incited religious and race hatred, nurtured by us in their hearts for twenty centuries.  Owing to all this, no state will obtain the help it asks for from any side because each of them shall think that a coalition against us will be disadvantageous to it.  We are too powerful—we must be taken into consideration.  No country can reach even an insignificant private understanding without our being a secret party to it.

THE PROPHETS HAVE TOLD US THAT WE WERE CHOSEN BY GOD HIMSELF TO REIGN OVER THE WORLD.  God endowed us with genius to enable us to cope with the problem.  Were there a genius in the opposing camp, he would struggle against us, but a newcomer is not equal to an old inhabitant.  The struggle between us would be of such a merciless nature as the world has never seen before; moreover, their genius would be too late.

All the wheels of government mechanism move by the action of the motor which is in our hands, and THAT MOTOR IS GOLD.

The most important problem of our government is to weaken the popular mind by criticism; to disaccustom it to thought, which creates opposition; TO DEFLECT THE POWER OF THOUGHT into mere empty eloquence.

At all times both people and individuals have mistaken words for deeds ….

We will appropriate to ourselves … all shades of opinion, and we will provide our orators with the same aspect, and they will talk so much that they will EXHAUST THE PEOPLE by their speeches and cause them to turn away from orators in disgust.

To control public opinion it is necessary to perplex it by the expression of numerous contradictory opinions UNTIL THE GOYS GET LOST IN THE LABYRINTH, AND COME TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS BEST TO HAVE NO OPINION ON POLITICAL QUESTIONS.

Such questions are not intended to be understood by the people, since only he who rules knows them.  This is the first secret.

The second secret necessary for the success of governing consists in so multiplying popular failings, habits, passions, and conventional laws that no one will be able to disentangle himself in the chaos, and consequently, PEOPLE WILL CEASE TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.  This measure would help us to sow dissension within all parties, TO DISINTEGRATE ALL THOSE COLLECTIVE FORCES WHICH STILL DO NOT WISH TO SUBJUGATE THEMSELVES TO US; TO DISCOURAGE ALL INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE WHICH MIGHT IN ANY DEGREE HAMPER OUR WORK.

THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE.  IF IT HAS A TOUCH OF GENIUS, IT CAN ACCOMPLISH MORE THAN A MILLION PEOPLE AMONG WHOM WE HAVE SOWN DISSENSIONS.  We must direct the education of the Goy societies so that their arms will drop hopelessly when they face every task where initiative is required.

We will so tire the Goys by all this that we will force them to offer us an international power, which by its position will enable us conveniently to absorb, without destroying, all governmental forces of the world and thus to form a MONSTER WHICH WILL BE CALLED THE SUPER-GOVERNMENTAL ADMINISTRATION.  Its hands will be stretched out like pincers in every direction so that this colossal organization cannot fail to conquer all the peoples.


We will soon begin to ESTABLISH GREAT MONOPOLIES—reservoirs of huge wealth, upon which even the large fortunes of the Goys will depend to such an extent that they will be drowned, together with the governmental credits, on the day following the political catastrophe.

The aristocracy of the Goys as a political force is dead.  We do not need to take it into consideration; BUT AS LANDOWNERS THEY ARE HARMFUL TO US BECAUSE THEY CAN BE INDEPENDENT IN THEIR RESOURCES OF LIFE.  FOR THIS REASON WE MUST DEPRIVE THEM OF THEIR LAND AT ANY COST.

It is necessary that industry should suck out of the land both labor and capital and through speculation deliver into our hands all the money of the world, thus throwing all the Goys into the ranks of the proletarians.  THEN THE GOYS WILL BOW BEFORE US IN ORDER TO OBTAIN THE MERE RIGHT OF EXISTENCE.

To destroy Goy industry we will create among the Goys, as an aid to speculation, the STRONG DEMAND FOR BOUNDLESS LUXURY, which we have already developed.

Let us raise wages, which, however, will be of no benefit to the workers, for we will simultaneously cause the rise in prices of first necessity under the pretext that this is due to the decadence of agriculture, and of the cattle industry.


That the true situation SHOULD NOT BE NOTICED BY THE GOYS UNTIL THE PROPER TIME, we will mask it by a pretended desire to help the working classes and great economic principles, an active propaganda of which principles is being carried on through the dissemination of our economic theories.

Take a break Jonur.  Keep in mind that “Goy” and “Goyim” is the slanderous Khazar label for NON-JEWS, or what is termed “Gentiles”.  When you see the word Goy, know that the evil Jew is referring to you Christians (and all) as “inhuman beasts” and “sacrificial cows or sheep”, unworthy of even life itself!  This is why they have no problem creating diseases like AIDS, or blowing up the World Trade Center with BUILT-IN explosive charges, OR TRYING TO START A NUCLEAR WORLD WAR.

Satan is THEIR god, chelas; don’t forget it!  We will continue with the Jewish Protocols in a moment.

Hatonn moving to standby.


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