Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Series 31: God of Holy Light IS The WORD, and if you do not know the Word, there is no hope for salvation

12/20/10 from HATONN/jonur (ns31)

Jonur, Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance.  Thank you for the efforts and the sacrifice, chela; we will get through this for God always hears your prayers.  We are a few days behind with the writing and current news, so we will organize a bit to make it easier and more manageable to our readers.  Bruce suggested the JOURNAL format-books; perhaps it would be simple to distribute these instructions in a manner that is convenient to “read-on-the-go”.  Keeping to 200 pages or less, and allowing for specific topics to be discussed in greater detail, may appeal better to the new text-and-go younger audience.  With the death knell tolling for thy newspaper PRESS, and your United States CONSTITUTION under full “communist” (JEWISH) military assault, any manner available to present The WORD of God Aton and His Hosts from Heaven (space) is viable.

Daily now, man can see what is come upon him.  Nuclear war and economic catastrophe are PLANNED EVENTS, and the Zionist Bolshevik imposter “Jew” is at the center of it all.  God of Holy Light IS The WORD, and if you do not know the Word, there is no hope for salvation.

The format label and wording for such journals will be in the handling of the ground crew who edit these instructions that go out to the masses.  However, a continuation of that which has come before is also most suitable.  Ours is to bring forth God’s teachings; it is up to man to do with it as he will.  Sananda, whom you label “Jesus”, and your other Cohans (Masters, Teachers) will each present JOURNALS that will focus upon different topics and areas of their expertise.  As customary, I will continue to comment on that particular day’s news and current events.  In that way, you might have a better handle on the constant stream of lies the Zionist/Khazarian Jewish media cartel are feeding you.

At the present moment, the numerical “order” for these journals is 001.  Whether or not this is JOURNAL #231 will be left to “the crew”.  If there is a resurrection of the PRESS for newspaper printing in your nation, and it becomes viable once more, then so be it.  Your Founding Fathers were guided by God, precious ones; that is why you have a FIRST AMENDMENT ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND OF THE PRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Remember, so-called “communism” outlaws this most basic of human rights.   In other nations you are jailed and put to death for speaking about the Luciferian Jew and his plan to wipe out Christianity.  Do you not think this affects our scribes????  They care nothing for their own lives in God’s service—HOWEVER, THEY DO CARE FOR NATION AND ALL WHO SEEK SPIRITUAL TRUTH AND HISTORICAL ENLIGHTENMENT!  Their daily moment-by-moment prayer is that those whom they love, and the goodly citizens of their Christian Nation, be not harmed nor led astray.  The Master Teacher Jesus Himself felt this way, and so do all who follow in His footsteps.  However, as Wayne Dyer always reminds his listeners, readers, and audience:  “Let go and let God ….”  When you do this, God takes over and HE becomes the author or speaker of that which is worthy.  And your loved ones and neighbors and friends are protected—the petition is heard.  Therefore, heed the lighted presence with you as you go about thy daily routines.  Pay attention to your surrounds as you find yourself alone or facing difficulties or potential illnesses or injuries.  God and His Hosts are there for you, too, simply for the asking.  So ask!

This is the INTRODUCTION to this journal or JOURNAL, and it will be called:  “THE AGE OF CHARACTER, THE AWAKENING OF HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN”.

Jonur, thank you for this commitment, for I understand what is required as translator/receiver or “scribe” during these terrible days come upon your nation and world.  But it is through the daring "ONE” that God does appear.  Place this in the OUT TRAY and nourish the body; health must not fail or become lacking now, for the “adversary” does not waste or miss ANY OPPORTUNITY to destroy the Truth Bringer.  Hatonn moving to standby frequency.  Salu  

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