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New Series 6: The Anniversary of "9/11" A planned zionist war plot

9/11/10 from HATONN/jonur  (ns6)

Good afternoon, Commander Hatonn present to commune in the Holy Light of God.  I come, once again, as leader of The HOSTS, here to assist Earth man as you go through these so-called “last days”.


Just as the staged terrorist attack in New York, nine years ago today, was a Khazarian (Jewish—not Hebrew Judean—two distinct and separate peoples:  one Godly and the other satanic in origin) Zionist plot to get America to go to war in the Arab world, so too is the current 9/11 bickering about mosques and the Koran.

The Israeli Mossad, their terror intelligence organization, plans these little incidents to further fan the flames of separation so that you citizens will willingly go to war against thy brethren.  “Thou Shalt Make War By Way Of Deception” is the motto of the Mossad.  That should tell it all, chelas; Satan’s “Jewish” helpers do, indeed, keep you ones busy, do they not?!



The sudden rash of oil spills and a California town bursting into flames, the mosque’s proposed building site a couple of blocks from ground zero (“9/11”), the called-for burning of the Muslim Holy Koran, these are PLANNED EVENTS that are part of an overall war strategy.  Nuclear War I (or, if you prefer, World War III) has been part of the Jewish Global 2000 Plan for a long time.  You are going to have to come to the realization that there really is a group of “aliens” among you who do want death and destruction on a massive—WORLD-WIDE SCALE.

Jews of Khazar lineage and ZIONIST AFFILIATION have no allegiance to any nation—especially that dusty little place in Palestine that was stolen from the Palestinians and called “Israel”!  Jews would not want to be caught dead there!  Perhaps that is why they all live in New York City, Florida, Beverly Hills, etc., and other prime United States locations.  They just want you to believe Israel is the home of the Jews—which it never was!  Khazars were never in bondage in Egypt (as they keep drumming the story of Moses into your heads annually), neither had they EVER been to Palestine—UNTIL THE BRITISH MANDATED AND U.S. BACKED—BALFOUR DECLARATION IN 1947!  Doesn’t sound like ancient history, the way the Khazar Jews claim, does it?

That is why their agents can go around, infiltrating all the OTHER nations, starting tit-for-tat incidents and conflicts, so that everyone is at war with everyone else.  The Jews want to dismantle ALL NATIONAL BOUNDARIES and establish a global government in which “the global Jew” is absolute master.

And yes, they will sacrifice their own to achieve this long sought after goal.  Yet, for every Jew who is of their elect, they intend to have 2,000 goyim (non-Jewish / also referred to as “sacrificial cow”—Jews do not regard you Christ followers, or anyone else who is not of them, to be human.  To them you are but mindless beasts fit only for the slaughter!)  slaves.  By the way, no Blacks are to survive this final purge.  The myth of Blacks and “Jews” being buddies is simply that, a myth!

The global plan of world genocide includes the murder of 6½ BILLION out of almost 7 BILLION—550 MILLION TOPS are slated to live!  Does not leave too many other races, I’m afraid.  That means this is a global threat, my friends.  AIDS, cancers, diabetes, autism, Alzheimers, these are man-made and man-enhanced diseases created by Jewish doctors and scientists to wipe out their Christian (and other non-Jewish) enemies.  Only knowledge of your plight will turn this around.  Again, I repeat:  “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  So be it!

Jonur, let us continue straight away with that “other” planet in your solar system you ones didn’t know you had.



The Coming of Nibiru, Interview with Col. Robert Dean, “UNCENSORED” magazine, March-June 2010.  [Resume quote:] … BD:  Oh, yes.  It’s bigger than that.  It’s much bigger.

KC:  OK.  But when I raised up Richard Hoagland’s information and the stuff that he’s been bringing forward about von Braun, the Nazis, you know, Paperclip … and you’re saying it’s much beyond that.  [Hatonn:  Operation Paperclip was the capture and transfer of the German UFO scientists to the U.S.  San Luis Obispo, California, is where your own secret government was headquartered after World War II.  Still, you did not capture the UFO scientists themselves, nor any Nazi flying discs.  Hitler, and his so-called UFO Battalion, escaped to (rather, retreated to) the Antarctica region in German U-Boats (“subs”).  All your top elite nations have, and maintain, “research stations” there.  The war did not end with Hitler killing himself in a bunker.  It was proven NOT to be his blood type, and many, many eyewitnesses testified that Hitler made it to Norway and boarded one of the U-Boats—including his personal pilot who dropped him off!  He only changed the story when he heard of the “suicide” version, then he immediately backed it.]

BD:  It is.

KC:  So where are we going with that?

BD:  Our original space program was all a product of the Nazi party.  Without von Braun and his crew and the Paperclip program, I don’t think we would have gotten to the Moon when we did, or we certainly wouldn’t have beaten the Russians.  Because the Russians grabbed their crowd … they also went into Germany and grabbed a bunch of scientists.  [H:  Many of you, to this day, still do not know that—when your President Kennedy announced to you-the-people that a “man will be sent to the Moon and returned safely to earth”—THERE ALREADY WAS A JOINT RUSSIAN, AMERICAN AND ALIEN BASE THERE!  Kennedy did not know because he was not a member of your secret fraternity of elitists.  His elder brother was to have that presidential slot, but was killed during the war.  When JFK finally did learn of UFOs and aliens AND THE JEWISH GLOBAL MONEY SCAM, SET UP THROUGH THE JEWISH FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM—WHICH IS NOT A “FEDERAL” ANYTHING—IT IS A PRIVATE ROTHSCHILD BANK, AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE—he was assassinated.  Kennedy ordered a plan to both begin to tell people the truth about extraterrestrials AND implement the closing of the CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANK.  Your financial troubles stem directly from the “Fed” stealing all your Fort Knox gold, of which you have none.  It was illegally shipped out decades ago through Annapolis and Naval Intelligence!  British Intelligence controls Naval Intelligence, and it is this Naval alliance (Office of Naval Intelligence / ONI) that controls and finances those cute secret alien and human underground facilities such as Area-51 in Nevada.]

And the Russians have a tremendous scientific program of their own.  You know, they didn’t need Nazi scientists.  They would have eventually done it on their own anyhow.  [Pause quote.]

Yes, indeed; however, the Russians listened to Nikola Tesla; plus, with Nelson and David Rockefeller’s secret Soviet ties, you gave them all your top technology anyway!

Jonur, break here, please, and when you return let us discuss the Rockefeller-Soviet partnership that caused your nation to lose the SPACE WAR.  That was fought with secretly developed and SECRETLY DEPLOYED “Star Wars” weapons.

Hatonn moving to stand-by


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